Reliance Insurance Review (June, 2024) – Services, Pricing, Pros & Cons

This Reliance Insurance review is a brief rundown of the company to help you decide if it is the best option for you. If you’re a homeowner and also run a business, you’d find it easier to insure your home, cars, and business properties with a single company.

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Last Updated: Jun 14, 2024

Reliance Insurance

  • Speak to insurance advisors
  • Reduce exposure for your business
  • Located in BC

Protect your home, business, and more - Claim this offer

Fortunately, this is what Reliance offers. The company has built a remarkable reputation in risk management and insurance for homes, autos, and businesses since 1980.

In this piece, you’ll learn about the type of insurance you can get from the company, its pros and cons, and more.

Types of insurance at Reliance Insurance

The company offers three major types of insurance: commercial insurance, auto insurance, and home insurance. Each is subdivided, and this Reliance Insurance review would give you a breakdown for a better understanding.

Commercial Insurance

The subcategories of insurance offered under Reliance Business Insurance are:

Liability Insurance

This includes:

  • Aviation liability.
  • Contractual liability.
  • Commercial general liability.
  • Cyber insurance.
  • Environmental liability.
  • Directors and officers.
  • Product liability.
  • Non-owned auto.
  • Error and omission.

Special Coverage Insurance

The products of this insurance are as follows:

  • Runoff coverage.
  • Appraisals.
  • Risk audit.
  • Media.
  • Risis training.
  • Kidnap and ransom.
  • Reps and warranty.
  • Trust building workshop.
  • Intellectual property and patent.
  • Bonds and surety.
  • M and A due diligence.

Group Benefits

These are insurance coverages for groups within a business. The products are as follows:

  • Key person insurance coverage.
  • Corporate business travel insurance.
  • Employee benefits insurance.

Property Insurance

If you’ve got business properties, then getting them insured is a smart move. Luckily, Reliance Insurance Canada has this option. Here are the products of property insurance in this Reliance Insurance review.

  • Business interruption insurance.
  • Business risk and wrap-up coverage.
  • Crime coverage.
  • Building, equipment, and stock coverage.
  • Cargo and stock throughput coverage.
  • Marine insurance coverage.
  • Earthquake coverage.
  • Product recall coverage.
  • Coverage for Equipment Breakdown.
  • International commercial property coverage.

Auto Insurance

Whether it’s for personal use or business, you need vehicles to get through day-to-day activities smoothly. Therefore, getting your vehicle insured is important, and here are the auto insurance packages in the Reliance Insurance review.

  • Commercial garage insurance.
  • Private auto insurance.
  • Reliance car insurance.
  • Collector vehicle insurance.
  • Ride-hailing insurance.
  • Specialty vehicle coverage.
  • Commercial fleets coverage.

Reliance Home Insurance

This is another specialty of the insurance company that is highlighted in this Reliance Insurance review. If you’re a homeowner or a tenant, you will find some insurance coverage among these products that cater to your needs. They are:

  • Tenant insurance coverage.
  • Condo insurance.
  • Boat insurance.
  • Travel insurance.
  • Earthquake coverage.
  • Home-based business insurance coverage.
reliance insurance review - comparewise

Pros and cons of Reliance Insurance

Justice would only be done to this Reliance Insurance review by showing you the pros and cons of the insurance company.


  • Get coverage for disasters like earthquakes.
  • Get insurance for your specialty vehicles.
  • Key personal insurance coverage is available. That way, your business would continue to thrive without worrying about losing key personnel.
  • The quote and buy now option, which helps you decide on what’s needed for your business, is available on the site.
  • Insurance advisors that help educate clients on risk management and making informed insurance decisions are readily available.


  • Some customers have complained about poor customer service.

Is Reliance Insurance right for you?

Reliance Insurance is an amazing insurance company that has been serving individuals and businesses for over four decades. They offer unique services that might be great for your brand. However, some of its special products are available on their premium plans.

Perks of using Reliance Insurance

Here are some of the perks of using Reliance insurance.

  • Easy payments via electronic transfers, credit cards, or checks
  •   free quotations.
  • Access to an insurance advisor
  • access to Reliance from multiple countries because Reliance insurance locations aren’t limited to Canada alone.

Getting started with Reliance Insurance

Getting started with Reliance Insurance is relatively easy. First, you need to visit their website. Then request a quote or chat with an insurance advisor. Afterward, provide necessary documents such as IDs, proof of ownership documents for businesses or properties, etc. Lastly, purchase the insurance coverage of your choice.

Reliance Insurance review conclusion

Not all insurance products in this Reliance Insurance review are available on the general package. Some special coverages, like specialty vehicle coverage, are available on premium plans. You might want to learn more about the deductibles of your choice of package before buying.

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FAQs about our Reliance Insurance review

How to claim Reliance general insurance?

To claim Reliance general insurance, you need to call the company's customer support to relate the incident leading to a claim. A claim form might be emailed to you, which you'd have to fill out and send to your insurance company. Finally, wait for about 15 working days to receive a claim.

How to claim Reliance travel insurance?

To claim Reliance Travel Insurance, you need to contact the insurance agency within 24 hours of claim occurrence. Next, fill out the claim form and inform the cops. Then, submit all necessary documents to your insurer.

What types of insurance does Reliance Insurance offer?

Reliance insurance agency offers three major types of insurance. They are commercial insurance, Auto insurance, and home insurance. Each type is further broken down into subgroups to cover properties, travel, health, etc.


Reliance Insurance

May 13, 2023
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