Royal Canadian Mint Review (April, 2024) – Pros, Cons, Features & Pricing

This Royal Canadian Mint review is aimed at people who want to invest in gold and silver mints. The Royal Canadian Mint is a government-owned firm in Canada that deals in precious metals.

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Last Updated: Apr 13, 2024

Royal Canadian Mint

  • Free and easy returns
  • Large selection of products
  • Free shipping within Canada and the USA

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Because of the way it fuses tradition with cutting-edge technology, the Royal Canadian Mint is a one-of-a-kind institution. Their high-quality coins, bullion, and collectibles are a significant investment and a work of art.

The Mint’s commitment to sustainability and ethical sourcing is commendable. However, international customers may find shipping costs and potential customs fees a dealbreaker, making it less attractive for those outside of Canada.

This Royal Canadian Mint review talks about what makes their company unique, the pros and cons of the minting company’s products and services, and other alternative minting companies in the same industry.

What makes the Royal Canadian Mint a good option?

If you need a reliable provider of precious metal coins, look no further than Canada’s Royal Canadian Mint. In this Royal Canadian Mint review, here are reasons why you should choose them:


The Royal Canadian Mint is unrivalled in the coin production and preservation industry. They have the best personnel and equipment, which makes them the top minting firms in Canada.

Enhance Green Technology Research

The Royal Canadian Mint advocates for clean energy as the world moves toward a future without harmful gases.

In 2021, they launched two partnerships with two Canadian universities to help reduce emissions. This company collaborates on initiatives to help install electric car charging stations in Winnipeg and Ottawa.

Free Shipping Within Canada and the USA

The Royal Canadian Mint offers excellent shipping options to customers who reside in Canada and the USA. This Is done to ensure their customers enjoy their services easily.

However, the shipping mode is solely at their discretion, but you are assured of receiving your goods within 24 hours.

Storage Facilities in Many Locations

The Royal Canadian Mint has several warehouses scattered all over the country. They are available in Alberta, Ottawa, Ontario, and British Columbia. You can find their other branches outside the country in Cuba, Norway, Italy, the USA, and 75 other countries.

royal canadian mint review - comparewise

Pros and cons of the Royal Canadian Mint

In this Royal Canadian Mint review, we will look at this minting company’s benefits and drawbacks.

The pros of the Royal Canadian Mint

Easy and Free Returns

One of the advantages this government-owned company offers is that if there are problems with their products, they accept refunds. However, this offer is mainly for Canadians who reside within the country. Returns are made via Canada Post; if you want, you get a refund (30 days).

Large Selection of Products

Irrespective of the type of gold, steel, or silver mints you want, the Royal Canadian Mint offers numerous products. They sell:

  • Royal Canadian Mint Gold Bar
  • Royal Canadian Mint Silver Bar
  • Steel coins
  • Commemorative coins

You can use the search option to filter the products you wish to shop for.

Affordable Prices

Pricing is one of the factors that attract many investors. All products sold on the Royal Canadian Mint website are affordable. Unlike other coin and minting companies, their rates aren’t pricey. You can find good bargains for gold, steel, and silver.


The Royal Canadian Mint has existed for many years and remains a reputable company. There have been no formal complaints about their products, and they have served Canadians and other coin enthusiasts for years. Your peace of mind is guaranteed when doing business with them.


Shopping at the Royal Canadian Mint is easy once you have an Internet-enabled device. The user interface is sleek, and all sections can easily be navigated. The labelling of each product is detailed with no embellishments.

Smooth Online Payment

This mint provides an array of payment options for its customers. You could quickly pay with credit cards, online transfers, or PayPal.

Discounts and Loyalty Rewards

Several incentives are offered to their customers, especially when you register as a club member. These rewards include free access to Mint Tours, birthday gifts, early access to Royal Canadian Mint products, an annual renewal gift, and a Masters Club e-newsletter subscription.

These incentives are offered to their loyal customers to keep them close to the company.

The cons of the Royal Canadian Mint

Poor Customer Service

There has been some complaint that the Royal Canadian Mint’s support system isn’t reliable. Sometimes, they don’t answer calls early or reply to emails.


Although most of their products are affordable, many still consider them pricey for the average Canadian citizen. Many people who can’t afford premium products go for the cheaper alternative.

Delay in Shipping

Sometimes, goods expected within 24–48 hours take time to reach the address. This rarely happens for deliveries within the United States or Canada. However, orders to other countries do experience these delays.

Slow Payment

Several payment methods are accepted by the Royal Canadian Mint, but credit cards are occasionally declined. These might be linked to network failures or bank issues. Payment problems aren’t regular, but the company can do better.

Royal Canadian Mint - comparewise

Royal Canadian Mint products and services

In this Royal Canadian Mint review, we will be talking about some of the products and services offered by RCM:

International Minting

The RCM helps many countries by minting, producing, and distributing steel, gold, and silver coins. They’ve made investments in minting innovation, which has Canadian government support.

Storage and Refinery

The Royal Canadian Mint has one of the most advanced refineries for gold and silver. They can help keep your investment safe in their numerous secure vaults worldwide. They are certified by the London Bullion Market Association to deliver excellent security for all gold and silver mints.

Sell Bullion Coins

This company offers high-grade coins to different customers around the world. These coins are beautifully designed and show the ingenuity of the company. The purity of RCM bullion is known to top metal investors and dealers worldwide.

Provision of the Exchange-Traded Receipts

The RCM, in conjunction with the Canadian Silver Reserves, offers investors a convenient way to invest in silver and gold. If you are thinking of making profits from gold in the future, contacting the Royal Canadian Mint today is your best choice.

Royal Canadian Mint product and service quality

The RCM has an ISO 9001 certification, which indicates they meet the requirement for standardization. They are known for their excellent quality management systems on all their products and services.

Moreover, this company has innovative systems, and they apply a compliant quality management system.

They do this by:

  • Determining the sequence and interaction in their operations
  • Determining the criteria and methods needed for the control of minting
  • Make sure they have the data and tools they need to function.

This mint’s primary focus is on satisfying customer needs with premium coinage and related services. Also, they will continue to improve the effectiveness of their quality product to meet the ISO-set standards.

They have a duty as Canada’s top coin producers to support crucial causes in the country. You will also find them shining a light on historical figures and generating massive value for Canada. The RCM has made it a priority to lessen its adverse effects on the environment and promote using renewable energy sources.

Regarding company privacy, the Royal Canadian Mint takes customers’ privacy seriously. Customers are the centre of their business and will do anything to keep your information private.

They believe that by protecting their customers’ information, they are committed to fostering a culture of privacy. When you deal with them and purchase their products, know your privacy is secure.

How to get started with Royal Canadian Mint

This Royal Canadian Mint review section will deal with the registration process. To get started with the Royal Canadian Mint:

Open the Website

The first thing to do is visit the RCM website to choose the product you want. You can use Chrome, Safari, and Mozilla Web browsers.

Select the ”Create Account” Option

Before buying any RCM products, you will need to create an account. Press the icon at the top of their website and fill in the information:

  • Personal data
  • Shipping information
  • Enter payment information
  • Billing details

Choose the products to buy

Scroll through the company site and pick the products you want to purchase. There are several minting services to choose from. After selecting the one you want to buy, go to the checkout to complete payments.

Alternatives to the Royal Canadian Mint

This Royal Canadian Mint review section deals with other close alternatives to the company:

Silver Gold Bull vs Royal Canadian Mint

Silver Gold Bull is a minting company that offers investment services in precious metals to its customers. Investors on the company website can then choose from silver, steel, or gold. The Silver Gold Bull has an excellent track record of being reliable and reputable to all dealers.


  • Easy navigation features
  • Numerous payment options
  • Provide an array of products and services
  • Live market pricing
  • Free call for customers investing over $10,000


  • Rigid sales
  • Storage fees are high.

When compared with one another, the Silver Gold Bull offers similar products to the Royal Canadian Mint. They don’t mint coins, unlike the Royal Canadian Mint. Also, the storage fees collected by the Silver Gold Bull are higher than those collected by RCM.

Vaulted vs Royal Canadian Mint

Vaulted is a reputable business run by international collector associates. In 1972, they opened for business with the goal of being the go-to place for precious metals investors.

It is owned by the McAlvany Group, which wants to give customers a simple way of investing in silver and gold. The experts at Vaulted have helped millions of investors buy more than C$3 billion worth of precious metals.


  • Has a user-friendly app
  • Storage is safe.
  • Fees are minimal.


  • Limited to gold Sales

The Silver and Gold minted at the Royal Canadian Mint are of good quality. Vaulted also doesn’t mint metals like RCM. They both have highly secure facilities to secure their products. When it comes to the user interface, Vaulted is better.

Royal Canadian Mint review conclusion

The Royal Canadian Mint remains a government-owned company that offers the best services when it comes to the minting, distribution, and storage of metals (silver, gold, and steel).

This Royal Canadian Mint review has explained all you need to know about this company and the products they offer to its customers. The RCM is recommended for investors who want a reliable minting company.

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FAQs about our Royal Canadian Mint review

Is Royal Canadian Mint reputable?

Yes, the Royal Canadian Mint is a reputable company regarding precious metals. They provide pure coins that can stand the test of time. They are prevalent and one of the most responsible minting firms in Canada and the world. The coins provided by this firm have value over time.

What does Royal Canadian Mint do?

The Royal Canadian Mint is known as the Crown Corporation, which helps produce and distribute all Canadian coins. They are also known to mint foreign coins, numismatics, and various billions of coins for their foreign clients.

Are Royal Canadian Mint gold bars good?

The Royal Canadian Mint's gold bars are some of the best you can find. They offer gold and silver bars in their pure forms. If you want to protect your savings with Canada's best minting firm, order from them today.

How fast can the Royal Canadian Mint produce coins?

The Royal Canadian Mint can produce about 20 million coins daily. Since establishing their business in 1976, their offices in Winnipeg and Ottawa have developed more products.

Who owns the Royal Canadian Mint?

The Royal Canadian Mint is owned by the Canadian government. The Royal Canadian Mint Act allows the government to produce coins for profit.


Royal Canadian Mint

July 24, 2023
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