SGI Canada Review (May, 2024) – Services, Pricing, Pros & Cons

An essential point from this SGI Canada review is that it offers friendlier insurance rates than its counterparts. That is because SGI also prioritizes customers who dwell in rural areas and are less prone to accidents than cosmopolitans.

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Last Updated: May 22, 2024

SGI Canada Insurance

  • Locally based
  • Claim and pay online
  • AB, BC, ON, MB, SK

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However, the rates differ for all locations and insurance types.

SGI Canada provides an affordable insurance policy for auto, homeowners, condo, tenant, farm, business, cargo, and oil & gas industry insurance. It also offers liability coverage for accidents, medical expenses, crop destruction, and damages to other riders’ vehicles and properties.

However, the legal liability expense doesn’t cover situations like deliberate actions, fraudulent claims, or damaged physical properties below $500.

Aside from being an SGI customer, you can partner with them as a broker or an ePayment partner. What is it about, and how does it work? This comprehensive review has that information and more about SGI Canada.

SGI Canada review: coverage options

SGI Canada is a property and casualty insurance company that operates across Canada. That means it offers insurance covering homes, cars, and businesses liable to be insured.

SGI Canada Car Insurance

SGI Canada provides auto insurance coverage for personal and commercial vehicles. The coverage options include liability coverage, accident benefits, comprehensive coverage, and collision coverage. Drivers can customize the extent of coverage for the three major parts of the insurance policy, which are:

  • hit and run
  • self-harm
  • liability protection.

Also, drivers can decide how much they want to pay out of pocket before insurance steps in. That payment is known as a deductible, which may be more significant if it’s an accident.

Features of SGI Canada Car Insurance

  • covers accidents that involve other cars or a one-driver crash
  • offers a wide range of liability coverage, such as theft or destruction by a natural disaster
  •  Accidents and liability protection are merged as a package in the insurance policy
  • Provision of two-week protection for new cars before opting for a permanent insurance policy
  • You and your family enjoy liability protection in the case of a crash with other drivers who may not be adequately insured
  • The liability protection extends from just your damaged possession to medical treatment and even death.

SGI Canada Home Insurance

SGI Canada offers home insurance coverage for houses, condos, and apartments. The coverage options include property damage, liability coverage, additional living expenses, and personal property coverage.

Under the home insurance, SGI Canada also offers Legal Expense Insurance to legally seek and protect your rights. It also provides discounts to help customers save on insurance costs.

Features of Home Insurance

  • Covers the cost of destruction as a result of a natural disaster.
  • Damages resulting from an emergency intervention
  • Missing rental fee for homeowners
  • Covers for the cost of evacuation in need arises
  • Covers visitor’s or domestic staff belongings
  • It provides coverage for identity fraud incidents
  • Offers $1000 000 in liability protection

SGI Canada Business Insurance

SGI Canada provides insurance solutions for businesses of all sizes. The coverage options include property insurance, liability coverage, commercial auto insurance, and workers’ compensation.

Features of SGI Canada Business Insurance

  • Offers property insurance covering loss or damage by weather events, destruction, theft or fire outbreak.
  • Provides liability protection against legal liability from bodily injuries or damages due to business operations
  • Features a business interruption insurance to cater for lost income or extra expenses that could interrupt business operations.
  • Covers criminal events such as staff dishonesty, fraud or stealing.
  • Cyber coverage from events like data breaches, network disruptions, and other cyber-related risks.
  • Auto insurance for commercial vehicles
  • Professional liability protection for professionals in case of issues arising from their professional services.

Farm Insurance

SGI Canada offers specialized insurance coverage for farm owners and operators. The coverage options include farm property, liability, and crop insurance.

Features of SGI Canada Farm Insurance

  • covers the destruction of farm equipment and structures due to varied circumstances.
  • provides coverage for injuries sustained on the farm or caused to someone else’s property.
  • offers coverage for livestock in the event of illness or accidental death.
  • SGI Canada provides coverage for damaged crops.
  • Business interruption coverage for lost income or what could temporarily shut down farm activities
  • Accounts for equipment breakdown due to mechanical or electrical failure

Other Insurance Options

Based on the SGI Canada review, it offers additional optional insurance coverage aside from the standard one. They are:

  • Accident forgiveness: This insurance option has lower rates and favours drivers by reducing the higher rates of auto crashes.
  • Loss of Use Insurance: This option covers the cost of not using your vehicle. For example, it will cover taxi fares or car rentals.
  • Seasonality and specialty insurance: this covers cars you don’t use often. This vehicle coverage is usually an addition to an active insurance policy. However, you can seek specialty vehicle insurance for your occasional rides.
  • Waiver of Depreciation: this offers vehicle owners an opportunity to get coverage for the worth of their new vehicle. That is, drivers can get car replacements if an auto crash occurs. Also, it helps against the fast depreciation of new cars for thirty months.
sgi canada review - comparewise

What SGI legal expense insurance doesn’t cover

There are some legal situations that your SGI insurance doesn’t cover. These are:

  • Purposeful or deliberate actions
  • Reports later than 120 days from the incident date
  • Fabricated claims
  • Defamation of someone’s reputation through any medium
  • Homeowner versus tenant discord
  • investigation for official reasons
  • Fraudulent medical incidents
  • Agreement disputes below $500
  • destruction of tangible property less than $500
  • Farm exposure

How to get a discount on SGI Canada Insurance

Seeking discounts is a straightforward way to cut down on insurance costs. For instance, vehicle owners have several discount opportunities that could add up to a reasonable amount. Based on the SGI Canada review, here are some ways to get the discounts:

Vehicle Insurance and Home Bundling

This is an easy way to save 10% on vehicle insurance. Also, home insurance customers can earn money on their insurance.

Other SGI Discounts

  • Being an SGI Insurance customer for 3+ years
  • Owning multiple cars
  • Having fewer drivers than cars
  • If within the age range of 36 and 75

The pros and cons of SGI Canada

SGI Insurance Canada has excellent offerings for its customers. However, for a balanced SGI Canada review, you should know some pros and cons before deciding.

Pros of SGI Canada

  • SGI Canada is highly customer-centric
  • The Canadian government reviews SGI customer satisfaction yearly.
  • A broad range of product offerings
  • Discount options to help customers minimize cost
  • Strong passion for serving the community
  • Helpline is always available

Cons of SGI Canada

  • Not accessible to those outside the geographical scope of coverage
  • It doesn’t cover all damages and incidents

SGI Canada broker

SGI Canada has agreements with brokers to assist in marketing their products and services to potential customers. Also, these brokers are charged with providing services to SGI customers through the brokerage scheme. SGI Canada has been selling through independent brokers since the beginning of the company in 1945.

Essential Details about SGI Canada Broker

  • Motive: SGI believes that partnerships with brokers make them stronger.
  • Brokers status: SGI Canada brokers are qualified professionals
  • SGI portal Access: To access the SGI Canada Broker portal, input your designated SGI Canada login details. Afterwards, the operator will verify your identity before you’re granted access.
  • Contact details: For more information or concerns about the brokers’ program, you can mail them via
  • ePayment SGI Canada: Individuals and organizations that partner with SGI to service their customers use the ePay function. These ePay partners range from mechanic repair shops, medical personnel, vehicle rental agencies and others.
  • Brokers and ePayment partners must have a username and password to access the SGI Canada broker login portal.

Is SGI Canada good for me?

This verdict depends on what you’re looking for when insurance is in question. However, based on our extensive SGI Canada review, SGI is a good option for insurance coverage for vehicles, homes, farms and businesses.

SGI is a public service provider that possesses a solid sense of financial stability and a positive track record. It is reviewed yearly by the Canadian government; hence SGI adheres to struck rules which adds credibility to its service. Aside from the trustworthy approach to serving their customers, SGI offers competitive pricing models and discounts.

How to get an SGI Canada quote

  • Visit the SGI website and click the “Get a Quote” button.
  • Choose the type of insurance you want from the available options.
  • Provide the necessary details, such as your personal information and insurance coverage preference.
  • Once satisfied with the quote, proceed to buy or contact an SGI representative.
  • Start saving.

How to file a claim with SGI Canada

You can file a claim with SGI over the phone or email through the following steps:

  • Contact the SGI claims department at 1-877-435-1484 or 780-822-1228 within working hours on weekdays.
  • Provide necessary personal details for identity verification
  • Provide details of the incident you’re claiming, such as the date, time, location and witness details, if any.
  • Give deeper insight into the extent of damage or injury from the incident.
  • Wait for a representative or an adjuster to contact you to assess the damage and determine the following line of action.
  • For claims via email, send your documents containing the necessary details to
  • Alternatively, you can file a claim via the official website at

Alternatives to SGI Canada Insurance

To cut down on insurance costs, it’s essential to follow the first rule of savings: shopping around for the best price. This means comparing different insurance providers before making a final decision.

Based on our extensive and objective SGI Canada review, we recommended SGI as a good insurance option. However, here are a few alternatives to compare before deciding.

SGI Canada Insurance vs Belairdirect

Belairdirect is an insurance provider in Canada that offers comprehensive insurance policies to Canadian citizens and legal residents. They provide coverage for personal and commercial insurance needs, including liabilities and other types of coverage.


  • Provides ridesharing coverage
  • Friendly rates
  • Offers quality customer service
  • Provides customized coverage options
  • Easy accessibility through the Belairdirect mobile App with login details
  • Customer service is accessible 24/7
  • Gives discounts to minimize cost
  • Filing a claim is straightforward


  • Coverage is limited
  • Only available in Canada with significant operations in Alberta, Ontario, and Quebec
  • Higher rates for high-risk clients
  • Rates may be slightly higher compared to competitors

SGI Canada Insurance vs Scoop Insurance

This brokerage firm offers comprehensive insurance policies for automobiles, residences, and business establishments.

The brokers at Scoop Insurance are highly enthusiastic about guaranteeing that you receive top-notch coverage services at a reasonable cost. They are so assured of their service’s excellence that they allow you to compare their quotes with those of their associates.


  • It allows for comparing insurance quotes with other brokers, allowing for more informed decision-making.
  • Offers guidance throughout the insurance selection and registration process.


  • It is a brokerage firm and not a direct insurer.

SGI Canada review conclusion

The essence of a review is to provide a critical evaluation, and this SGI Canada review is no exemption. SGI Insurance Canada has all the necessary insurance perks and adequate home, car, farm or business coverage.

However, we recommend reading and comprehending the policy to decide if it’s genuinely what will satisfy your purpose.

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FAQs about our SGI Canada review

What is SGI Canada?

SGI Canada stands for Saskatchewan Government Insurance (SGI) in Canada. It began operation as a provincial corporation in 1945. It offers insurance coverage for vehicles, farms, businesses and homes. Additionally, they provide insurance products and services in Saskatchewan, Ontario, Alberta, British Columbia and Manitoba.

What is SGI Canada policy number?

The SGI CANADA policy number is given on terms and is usually provided upon the purchase or renewal of insurance. This number is generally needed to complete your SGI application process online. Each customer's policy number is in the policy cover document given to them when they buy or renew their policy.

Where can I find my SGI Canada policy number?

To access your SGI CANADA policy number, refer to the policy cover document you were given upon insurance purchase or renewal. If you cannot find this document or did not receive it, you can request your broker to provide you with a duplicate copy.

Can I create an online SGI account?

Yes, you can. However, the way to do so depends on which of the following groups you belong:

  • New personal account: you can register your SGI online if you have a customer number and an email address registered with SGI.
  • Existing customer account: regardless of the type of SGI insurance you've purchased, create your online account using your SGI customer number and the issued policy number.
  • The requirements may vary if it's for a company or group customer account.


SGI Canada Insurance

May 13, 2023
Fact Checked

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