Sonnet Insurance Review (June, 2024) – Services, Pricing, Pros & Cons

This Sonnet Insurance review examines all that is good and bad about this insurance company. Since 2016, it has been operating as a subsidiary of Economical Insurance.

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Last Updated: Jun 07, 2024

Sonnet Insurance

  • 150 years of insurance experience
  • 1600+ unedited reviews
  • 64,000+ hours helping customers

Get auto and home insurance quotes online with ease - Claim this offer

Providing personalized auto and home insurance policies is their specialization, among other services.

Sonnet Insurance is a digital-only insurance company in Canada that creates an online insurance experience that is reliable, easy, and quick.

Their mobile app and online website make it easy for clients to buy a policy, get a quote, and manage all of their coverages. They have customizable packages that allow you to add to an existing policy.

They have caught the attention of many customers because of their easy, fast, and efficient digital insurance purchases. Find out more about this fast-growing company in this Sonnet Insurance review.

What makes Sonnet a good option?

Sonnet Insurance provides different types, from home to auto. Each of these policies has standard options. For instance, in home insurance, there is coverage for belongings, liability, and detached structures. This insurance is customizable and allows you to add up to an existing coverage.

It is important that you look out for the details regarding coverage for extra insurance to know what you’re eligible for. For instance, you won’t be eligible for flooding coverage if you already live in a flooded area.

Sonnet also offers policies that align with each customer’s needs by taking certain factors into consideration. These factors include driving habits, location, weather, and so on. They’ve gained ground in the Canadian insurance market because of their transparency, technological level, and excellent reputation.

Features of Sonnet Insurance

This part of the Sonnet Insurance review will focus on the features of Sonnet Insurance.

Striking Web-Based Quoting Tool

Although many auto insurers in Canada provide online quotes, Sonnets’ online quoting tool stands out. It is fast, reliable, and organized. However, it requires more information than other tools, which helps it deliver the right coverage for you quickly.

Mobile App Available

Sonnet Insurance has created an app that helps its customers stay abreast of their coverage. As a customer, you have complete access to your account through this app. Just like the desktop site, the mobile app has many fascinating features.

Customized Insurance Plans

Sonnet makes it possible to provide insurance plans that are particularly fitted to your needs. More importantly, they offer three customizable plans. What this means is that apart from the coverage you need, you don’t get to pay for anything else.

Online Tools

Sonnet Insurance has one of the most attractive websites with a user-friendly interface. This website is fully responsive and has a section for high-quality blog posts. You can buy coverage or get online quotes easily via the website.

Accurate Insurance Premiums

Using data from customers helps Sonnet generate a more accurate insurance premium. For instance, they collect updated details on claim numbers, current claim amounts, and crime levels to create a more precise premium.

Easy Claims Handling

The process of Sonnnet’s insurance claims is quick and easy because of its over 600 team specialists that are always ready to lend a hand. If you’re looking to make repairs, consider visiting any of Sonnnet’s repair stores. You get body parts and paintwork if the vehicle has proof of ownership.

sonnet insurance review - comparewise

Pros and cons of Sonnet Insurance

As with other insurance, Sonnet has its strengths and weaknesses. This helps you weigh both and decide whether to consider it. We’ll now look at the pros and cons of this Sonnet Insurance review.

Pros of Sonnet Insurance

  • Provides an online experience that’s easy to understand: information regarding your auto insurance coverage will be displayed to you when you sign in to your account via the website. Sonnet will use the details of your driving habits to provide you with safety tips. The good news is that this information can help lessen your premiums.
  • Customized auto insurance packages: customers can now add extra coverage to their existing packages. This is because Sonnet has now customized the auto insurance process. The company has an update on its quotes that shows these changes. You can top up your already purchased insurance with any of these coverages. The additional coverages are rental extension, Vroom service bundle, accident forgiveness, and ticket forgiveness.
  • It is not costly: Sonnet doesn’t have a physical location like some other online insurance companies. This allows them to spend less and roll savings over to their customers. With Sonnet, you get discounts on your insurance premiums, insurance for multiple vehicles, and so much more.
  • Accurate and fast auto insurance quotes: they use certain information during the quotes process to equate the price of the premium you pay to what they quote. Your driving background and license number can provide the information they need about you as a driver. Information on neighbourhoods, such as the level of crime and recent claims, helps the company offer an accurate quote in no time. Plus, what they quote is what you pay; there are no hidden charges at all.

Cons of Sonnet Insurance

  • Not available in all provinces: As of now, Sonnet doesn’t offer its services in all areas of Canada. They’re only available in Ontario, Alberta, Quebec, P.E.I., and Nova Scotia.
  • Poor review of customer service: Some people are unsatisfied with Sonnet’s services, which has prompted them to leave a critical review. Therefore, you can do your research before considering it.
  • They have no walk-in store: although Sonnet has email and chat support, it is strictly an online company. If you’re looking for a physical representative to help with your needs, then Sonnet isn’t for you. You can use a traditional insurance provider or an insurance broker if you want to deal physically with someone.
  • Increase in rates: Many people have complained about the sudden rise in the rate of Sonnnet’s services. This increase results from increased levels of crime and neighbourhood data. Therefore, without making any claims, your rate can increase.

Sonnet products and services

Sonnet deals with a variety of products that are in line with personal insurance. This Sonnet Insurance review will explain them in simple terms. They include:

  • Home insurance
  • Auto insurance
  • Tenant insurance
  • Pet insurance
  • Condo insurance
  • Travel insurance
  • Landlord insurance

Home Insurance

Sonnet home insurance covers hail coverage, full sewer backup, replacement expenses, liability, overland water coverage, and belongings. The following are the options for home insurance:

  • Replacement expenses are 100% guaranteed.
  • Claim settlement at replacement cost.
  • The use of construction methods and environmentally friendly materials for claim settlement.
  • First claim forgiveness.
  • For claims worth $10,000 and above, there’s a deductible waiver.
  • Optional coverage for home-sharing and earthquakes.

Auto Insurance

Some standard coverages in Sonnet auto insurance are accident forgiveness, liability, accident benefits and collision. It is safe to add that these coverages are customizable. Asides from the above, Sonnet also provides the following options:

  • Ticket forgiveness
  • Roadside assistance
  • Coverage for a rental vehicle
  • A deductible waiver for Hit-n-run.
  • Vehicle value replacement coverage.

Tenant Insurance

This insurance covers tenants and their belongings, also known as renter’s insurance. Just like property insurance, tenant insurance has similar standard coverage. These specials are:

  • Coverage of your rental unit upgrade
  • Coverage for accommodation during the repair of your rental unit.
  • Coverage for accommodation if forced to move out.
  • Coverage for water damage

Pet Insurance

If, at any point, your pet falls ill unexpectedly, this insurance policy will cover every veterinary expense. Dental care, accidents, and illnesses are all embedded in this coverage.

Condo Insurance

Although Sonnet’s condo and home insurance have some similarities to them, there are coverage options particular to condos, which are:

  • If condo owners rent their units to tenants for a portion of the year, they do not require a separate policy.
  • Condo special insurance safeguards your investment without relying on unit contingent insurance.

Travel Insurance

This is another insurance policy that Sonnet provides. They provide travel insurance that covers you while you take that trip. Their options include:

  • Stolen or lost baggage
  • Trip interruption/trip cancellation
  • Medical expenses

Landlord Insurance

For landlords looking to protect their properties from the unforeseen deeds of their tenants, Sonnet is the way to go. They have put up coverage options that give landlords that extra features. They include:

  • A 100% replacement cost for your property price.
  • Where your property is being repaired or replaced, the insurance covers the rent you might lose.
  • Coverage for short-term rent in the case of damage.

Sonnet Insurance discounts

Sonnet Insurance makes provision for various types of discounts when purchasing their policies. This discount saves you money on insurance premiums. In this Sonnet Insurance review, we’ll look at some discounts Sonnet offers.

  • Safety features discount: Sonnet will give a discount for cars with specific safety features. These features can include a backup camera or anti-lock brakes.
  • Multi-policy discount: there’s a discount of 15% for those that apply for insurance coverage with Sonnet on their houses or cars. This means you get to save up to 15% of the total coverage fee.
  • Discount for loyalty: According to the company’s requirements, you must have been a Sonnet Insurance customer in good standing for a number of years.
  • Home security discount: the eligibility requirement for this is straightforward. Just have home security installed in your apartment, and you automatically qualify for this.
  • Claims-free discount: to get this discount, ensure that in the last three years, you haven’t made any claims with Sonnet Insurance in the last three years.
  • Winter tire insurance: this goes for auto insurance; install winter tires on your vehicle during the winter and be eligible for this discount.
  • Safe driving discount: this is yet another discount that doesn’t require much from you. Just have a clean driving record, and you’re up for this discount.

How to get started with Sonnet

To go further in this Sonnet Insurance review, we’ll now look at the ways to contact Sonnet. There are different ways to reach out to Sonnet Insurance if you have any complaints or inquiries. We’ll look at them one after the other.

Using an online account

Customers can use their Sonnet Insurance login details to access their account to file claims and manage their policy. To do this, simply follow the steps below:

  • Log on to
  • At the homepage, you’ll see a “Get a Quote” button; click on it.
  • Next, input your postal code.
  • You will receive a series of questions to answer.
  • Go through your quote and make any adjustments.
  • Enter your personal details—name, contact details, and address.
  • Check your application to ensure there is no error.
  • Click on submit.
  • You’ll get a confirmation text from Sonnet Insurance.

Through Telephone call

Another means of contact is calling Sonnet Insurance phone number (1-855-676-9376), and they’ll be available to help you with whatever concern you have.

Via social media

As a customer with any challenges regarding your policy, you can reach Sonnet using any of their social media platforms. It could be via Twitter or Facebook, depending on which one you’re more comfortable with.

Through email

The company also provides client support via email. Just email them at, and they’ll respond to you in no time.

Alternatives to Sonnet

This section of the Sonnet Insurance Review will look at the different alternatives to Sonnet. While Sonnet Insurance is a wonderful insurance company, there are others you can choose from if you feel it wouldn’t be a good fit for you. They include:

  • Aviva Insurance
  • Intact Insurance
  • Economical Insurance

Sonnet vs Aviva Insurance

This insurance company caters to customers’ home, auto, travel, and health insurance needs. Both companies are similar and different in some ways.


  • They both offer home, auto, and travel insurance.
  • They offer timely responsiveness to their customers.


  • In addition to the standard options, Aviva offers more than Sonnet.
  • Their prices can differ because of location and coverage type.
  • While Sonnet provides personalized coverage options, Aviva provides wider coverage options.

Sonnet vs Intact Insurance

Intact is one of the leading insurance companies in Canada. They provide insurance options ranging from auto, property, and business insurance.


  • They’re both companies in Canada.
  • The market reputation of both companies is excellent.
  • They provide a variety of insurance services to their customers.


  • Their customer service delivery is different.
  • Coverage options are different for both companies, including deductibles and limits.
  • Both companies’ technology integration is not at the same level.
  • The pricing strategies for both companies are different because of location and coverage options.

Sonnet vs Economical Insurance

Established in 1871, Economical is a big name in Canada in terms of insurance products and services. They provide home, auto, landlord, business, and condo insurance.


  • They’re both operational in Ontario, Canada.
  • They provide the same insurance products.
  • Both companies have an excellent track record in insurance services.
  • They’re both subsidiaries of Definity Financial Corporation.


  • While Sonnet Insurance is a digital platform, Economical is not.

Sonnet Insurance review conclusion

This Sonnet Insurance review has broken down the details of everything you should know about this digital insurance platform.

Sonnet is an outstanding option with coverage on policies such as auto, home, condo, tenants, and others. If you know you’re not interested in meeting with an agent physically before purchasing your policy, then Sonnet is the right choice.

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FAQs about our Sonnet Insurance review

Is Sonnet Insurance good?

Sonnet is an excellent insurance company. It is financially strong and provides the best online tool. It is a good option for those who are tech-savvy. Although its customer service quality isn’t high, it has a user-friendly online experience. It’s not expensive and offers customized plans.

Who owns Sonnets?

Sonnet is owned by Economical Insurance, one of Canada’s big insurance companies. It was established in 2016, with its headquarters in Ontario. Sonnet provides different insurance plans tailored to your needs. It’s a simple insurance company, allowing you to shop directly from its website without a broker.

How do I contact Sonnet?

Contacting Sonnets is really easy, as there are various ways of reaching out to them. You can send them an email via their website or call their representative. Another way is to visit the support page on their website and select the “Need Help?” icon. Depending on your preference, you’ll be directed to a chat robot or a live agent.

Why is Sonnet Insurance so cheap?

The reason we can point out why Sonnet is cheap is the fact that it’s a digital-only platform. There’s no physical building or many employees, which helps them save more. Plus, policy application doesn’t take time because of the efficiency and swiftness of the Sonnet algorithm. Unlike some other banks, the company believes in transparency in pricing, so they try to avoid any last-minute extra fees.

Is Sonnet Insurance legit?

Sonnet has existed for six years and counting with no problems recorded; therefore, it is safe to say Sonnet Insurance is a legit company. The Canadian government insurance companies’ high standards regulate it. They use simple language in their interactions with the clients, so they’re aware of what they’re in for.


Sonnet Insurance

May 13, 2023
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