Spendee Review (June 2024) – Pros, Cons, Features, & Pricing

Have you been looking for a financial management app to help you gain control of your money and save more effortlessly? There are many budget tracking options out there on the internet today, and Spendee is one such fantastic app.

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Last Updated: Jun 18, 2024


  • Gain control of your money across all your accounts
  • Get a quick overview on Spendee's dashboard
  • Use smart budgets to stay on track

Get your money into shape with Spendee - Get started now

Why Spendee?

Founded in 2013, Spendee is a free to use budgeting platform that focuses on simplicity, flexibility and functionality.

With its headquarters in the Czech Republic, the company has served more than 3 million people worldwide, helping them manage their expenditure and create actionable budgets for their income.

Pros and Cons of Spendee

With Spendee, you can manage your finances yourself, monitor, and optimize your spending habits and track your expenses. Below are some benefits and drawbacks to using Spendee.


Free to use: Spendee has a free plan that provides limited functionality for users. The most useful tools, however, are reserved for the paid subscription plans.

Easy-to-use design: The Spendee app sports a simple design that optimizes the user experience. The beautiful interface allows for a smooth signup process, easy navigation and generally attractive displays and charts.

International availability: Spendee is available in Canada and countries in North America, South America, Asia, Europe and Africa. Whichever country you are in, you can set up a Spendee account, and gain access to more than 2,500 banks globally.

You can create your account with which currency you desire. You are also free to switch currencies depending on your immediate need.

Bank-level security: Spendee deploys tight security measures to ensure that customers’ data is securely protected.

All transactions and information exchange are encrypted such that only parties authorized by you have access to it. Spendee’s servers are currently hosted on Google Cloud, a trusted and tested security-oriented platform.

One-glance overview of your money: The Spendee app provides you with an opportunity to link all of your financial institutions with your Spendee account.

You can synchronize different banks, online financial platforms like PayPal, as well as cryptocurrency trading platforms such as Binance and Coinbase. This enables you to see all your important financial details in one place.

Monitor and regulate expenditure: Seeing all your money in one place gives you a feel of the bigger picture, and you can make more informed and well-rounded financial decisions.

With your financial information neatly displayed with insightful analytics, you can take steps to optimize your spendings and savings to reach your desired financial goal.

Gain valuable financial knowledge: Spendee maintains an online blog that contains relevant tips and information to increase your awareness. Useful financial insights are also regularly disseminated on the platform to help you make more educated decisions.


Best services are limited to paid plans: Spendee operates on a three-tiered basis, each with its own cost. However, the most advanced tools are restricted to the Spendee Premium, which is the highest of all three tiers.

Problems with app updates: Android and iOS users of the Spendee app complain of bugs that come with new updates. On many occasions, currencies fail to display, automatic synchronization breaks down and error messages interrupt transactions.

Does not support some banks: Despite being available in many countries of the world, Spendee does not support some Canadian banks such as HSBC, the Bank of Montreal, the Equitable Bank, among others.

How good are Spendee’s services?

Spendee seems to have a good standing among users, with many positive reviews on several review sites online.

This is not surprising at all, considering the intuitive app interface, smooth signup process and seamless functionalities. Some users have however complained of loss of data and problems with the app after updates.

What services does Spendee offer?

On downloading the Spendee app, you are free to choose from three plans: Spendee Basic, Spendee Plus and Spendee Premium.

Spendee Basic: This plan is offered for free, and it helps you to develop the discipline that will guide your finances to health. On signing up for this plan, you have access to one cash wallet, one budget and a detailed overview of your account.

With this account, you can also import and export your transactions. However, advanced features such as synchronization of multiple bank accounts and automatic categorizations are reserved for the paid plans. Thus, you have to manually enter your bank details for every transaction.

Spendee Plus: At $1.99 per month and $14.99 per year, this plan offers the benefits of the Spendee Basic, with certain augmentations.

For instance, users can own multiple cash wallets and share the wallets with other users. However, the synchronization of bank accounts and automatic categorization features are still missing.

Spendee Premium: This is the ultimate pinnacle of the Spendee tiers, with a yearly subscription at $22.99 and a monthly subscription at $2.99.

All features of lower tiers are available, with all restrictions and limitations removed. You can sync accounts from supported banks and enjoy the automatic categorization functionality.

The two paid plans have a 7-day free trial period, allowing you to experience premium services at no cost. Some of the features offered by Spendee are discussed below.

Spendee Web App: On signing up to Spendee, you will have access to Spendee Web App. The app allows you to carry out functions like bulk editing of transactions, viewing detailed analysis and using additional filtering options. Data is automatically synchronized between the Web App and your mobile app.

Shared Wallets: This feature is available only to users with paid subscriptions. With it, a group of people can monitor a joint account, keep track of the amount spent by each member of the group and avoid unnecessary arguments.

Bank Synchronization: With Spendee Premium, you can add accounts from banks in more than 170 countries to your account. This allows you to have a broad overview of all your accounts with just a glance at your Spendee dashboard.

Multiple Currencies: In addition to supporting banks from several countries, Spendee also allows users to deposit and manage funds in different currencies.

Other exciting features of Spendee include Budgets, Schedules Transactions, Data Import and Export, Bulk Editing and many more.

Are there security and insurance for Spendee’s services?

There are no clear insurance policies for Spendee. However, the company takes customer security seriously, and this is evident in the several infrastructures put in place to ensure the fidelity of user data.

All of Spendee’s services are hosted on secure server platforms such as Google Cloud Platform. The information transferred between the app and the servers is encrypted to keep marauding third parties out.

In addition, the app requires a 4-digit PIN and biometric authentication information like fingerprint and FaceID..

Are there discounts and promotion offers?

PocketGuard has a ‘Give Plus, Get Plus’ referral program that can guarantee up to 12 months of free premium subscription. It is an avenue for old users and new users to use advanced services for free.

If you refer a friend who successfully signs up and links at least one financial account, you will get 1 free month of premium features. Promo codes are equally available on third-party websites.

How good is customer support?

Spendee maintains an adequately packed help section that is dedicated to useful information and support articles to help customers. The help section contains several articles on Spendee’s services, a setup guide and other relevant information.

In addition, Spendee also has a team of customer care service providers that are always on hand to render needed help to customers. The customer service team can be contacted via an email address that is available on the company’s website.

You can also submit a complaint on contact forms that can be accessed on the website. This setup ensures a speedy response to inquiries and complaints from customers.

Spendee also provides email addresses of executives, through which any customer can reach the company’s executives.

There are no phone numbers to call or send text messages, and there is no live chat customer support system. Despite these, Spendee demonstrates a level of transparency in handling complaints and providing guidance.

Spendee’s online platforms

Spendee runs its services on different digital platforms. You can log on to the company’s website at spendee.com or download the mobile applications compatible with your device. The Spendee app is available on AppleStore and the Google Playstore.

Getting started with Spendee

Getting started with Spendee is a simple process. Within a few minutes, you can create a Spendee account, link your bank accounts, and begin to organize your finances.

You can either create an account via the website or by downloading the mobile application.

To start, log on to the Spendee website and click the Login button in the upper right corner of the home page. On the login portal, click the ‘Sign Up Here’ button to switch to the signup page.

You will be required to input an email address and create your desired password. You can also sign up using your Facebook, Google or Apple account.

After creating your Spendee account, you will then be prompted to provide some information such as your name, sex, date of birth, and passport photograph.

After that, you will immediately gain access to your dashboard and be able to link accounts. The accuracy of your Spendee dashboard depends on the amount of information you provide and the number of accounts you link to it.

Alternatives to Spendee

Not sure if Spendee is the best solution for you? There are several other potential options that you can explore to access nearly the same services as offered by Spendee. Examples of alternatives to Spendee include MyMarble, Quicken and You Need a Budget [YNAB] Canada.

MyMarble, for example, has a much better customer review rating and helps you gain control over your finances by deploying powerful AI algorithms.

It also uses the information you provide during signup to generate personalized financial training recommendations for you. With MyMarble, you can also access your monthly Transunion credit score.

Unfortunately, MyMarble is not available in all provinces of Canada, let alone worldwide. To register on MyMarble, you must be a resident or citizen of Canada.

In addition to its Freemium plan, MyMarble premium subscription plans start at about $29.99 per month.

Like Spendee, you can sync multiple bank accounts, use an automatic categorization system and have focused personalized expert-guided and technology-driven support.

Quicken has a bank synchronization feature that allows you to link several accounts and have them all on a single dashboard. It also provides personalized support, automatic categorization and goal tracking technology.

While Spendee has a 7-day free trial period, Quicken’s free trial period is for 30 days but premium subscription starts at $5.25. As long as you are a Canadian, you can use this service from anywhere in the country.

YNAB is available in all provinces of Canada and starts at $11.99. There is a 34-day free trial period and while YNAB supports bank accounts synchronization and goal tracking, it has no automatic categorization feature.

However, the YNAB mobile app is optimized for several digital platforms including Android devices, Alexa devices and Apple Watches as well as internet browsers.

Spendee Review Conclusion

Founded in 2013, Spendee is a financial management app that helps you get your money into a healthy shape. The app won the Mobile UX Award in 2017, demonstrating the excellence and ease of use of its user interface.

With it, you can gain control of your income and expenses, stay on top of your financial situation and dictate your way to financial freedom. On its three-tiered system, you can use some of Spendee’s services for free.

However, to enjoy the best of the app, you need to subscribe to the Spendee Premium plan. Serving more than 170 countries in different continents worldwide, Spendee provides access to multiple currencies, depending on our location.

The app uses bank-level security to ensure the safety of your sensitive personal data and provides a way to securely synchronize your accounts.

If keeping close tabs on your money is your ultimate goal, then Spendee is an app for you.

With features that help you monitor all your accounts in one place, organize your funds and optimize your expenses, the Spendee app holds a lot of promise for you.

For anyone who wants to live free from debts, save for the rainy day, or want accountability for every penny, Spendee is a useful tool worth exploring.

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FAQs about Spendee

What is Spendee?

Spendee helps users to monitor and manage their finances. Through Spendee, you can plan your budget, see a summary of your financial transactions and understand your financial habits.

Is Spendee secure?

Yes. Spendee ensures that all your personal information is secure through similar encryption as banks. This means that all your sensitive data are safe and there is a way to securely synchronize your accounts.

Is Spendee available in Canada?

Yes, Spendee runs all its services on different online platforms. You can download Spendee on the Apple Store or Google Store in Canada.

Does Spendee do free trial?

Yes. If you want to try Spendee's features, you can access their free 7 day trial. You can trial features such as bulk editing transactions, accessing detailed analysis and the additional filtering options.

Can I connect to multiple financial providers?

Yes. You can connect to financial providers worldwide, you can check Spendee's website to see the list of supported banks.

September 18, 2022
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