Vexxit Review (June, 2024) – Pros, Cons, Features & Benefits

Check out this Vexxit review if you’re considering hiring an accountant or legal practitioner in Canada. Facing life and business challenges can be difficult, especially when you don’t know where or who to run to. That’s where Vexxit comes in.

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Last Updated: Jun 16, 2024


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Vexxit is Canada’s leading online legal and accounting solutions, founded in 2016 by Polly Craik, Duncan Jessiman, and Jocelyn Chipman. It acts as a virtual marketplace that simplifies the process of finding and hiring legal experts for life and business purposes.

This Vexxit review gives you full knowledge of this virtual marketplace. We’ll cover its services, pros and cons, price, and privacy policies, all geared up to help you make informed decisions.  

Vexxit overview

Vexxit was created to help people and businesses locate and interact with professionals in the legal, financial, and other service sectors.

Whether you need assistance with personal legal matters or complex business affairs, Vexxit has got you. They aim to connect you with the right legal professionals for your needs.

To decide on the services they need, users can browse profiles, read reviews, and compare professionals.

What makes Vexxit a good option?

Vexxit provides access to a diverse network of legal and accounting professionals and allows for informed decision-making through transparency about qualifications and reviews. The platform also efficiently matches clients with suitable attorneys to save time and cost.

Before you choose this platform, you’d want to know if it’s the best option for you. Here are some reasons why this virtual marketplace is a good choice:

Access to a Diverse Network of Legal Professionals

With Vexxit, you can access a large network of lawyers who specialize in many different areas of legal expertise. This variety makes sure that you can find the right lawyer or adviser to help with your situation.

Informed Decision-Making and Transparency

This platform offers transparent information about their legal professionals, including their qualifications and client reviews. You can make smart choices about which legal expert to hire because of this openness. It also enhances the likelihood of a successful attorney-client relationship.

Time and Effort-Saving

Instead of spending hours contacting and reaching potential lawyers, this platform helps you find and hire legal professionals. Users can efficiently browse profiles, read views, and connect with suitable candidates on the platform.  

Personalized Matches

Vexxit’s algorithm matches you with the most suitable legal professionals based on your specific requirements. This increases the chances of finding an attorney who is the right fit in terms of expertise and personality.

Secure Communication

This platform facilitates secure and confidential communication between legal professionals and clients. This ensures that sensitive legal matters remain private and protected.

Cost-Effective Solutions

Vexxit provides cost transparency, allowing you to compare quotes from different legal professionals. This feature enables you to find legal services that fit within your budget and avoid unexpected costs.

Positive Client Experience

This platform often highlights success stories and testimonials from clients who have achieved positive outcomes using their platform. These stories demonstrate the platform’s effectiveness in resolving legal matters.

Reduced Waiting Time and Efficiency

This platform hastens the process of finding personal legal assistance. Also, they reduce the time clients have to wait to get help with their legal concerns.

Vexxit review - comparewise

How Vexxit works

In this aspect of the Vexxit review, you’ll learn how this marketplace works. You can follow the step-by-step process below to access and use the solution:

  • Log onto the official Vexxit website
  • Set your province as appropriate
  • At the top right corner of the page, you’ll see a “solution finder” icon—click on it.
  • It will require you to choose the nature of your help, either personal or business.
  • It will then take you through a few selection processes to ascertain the kind of help that you need.
  • Once you get to the end of the selection process, you’ll be provided with solutions to your problem and prices for them.

How to find a professional on Vexxit

Let’s come to real-life examples. Supposing you are looking to hire a professional to help write your will on Vexxit, this is how it will go:

  • Log onto the official Vexxit website.
  • Select the ‘solution finder’ icon.
  • Select ‘life’ and continue.
  • Select ‘will and estate planning’ and continue.
  • Select ‘will’ and continue.
  • Choose between ‘individual’ and ‘couple’ will, then continue.
  • Choose between updating your current will or creating a new one and continue.
  • Your solution and price tag will pop up.

Pros and cons of Vexxit

This Vexxit review will be incomplete without its pros and cons. Of course, no solution is without a few constraints, but what makes it stand out is that its pros outweigh its cons.

Pros of Vexxit

  • Free.
  • Transparency.
  • Privacy and tight security.
  • Pricing is clear and upfront.
  • No need to download any app or software.

Cons of Vexxit

  • It’s not an app.
  • It is only available in 12 provinces in Canada.

Professionals on Vexxit

Vexxit aims to connect individuals and businesses with a wide range of legal professionals across various practice areas. The professionals include:


This platform features attorneys with expertise in various fields of law, such as family law, business law, criminal law, immigration law, and more.

Chartered Professional Accountants

Vexxit provides access to accredited and verified CPA professionals to meet all your personal and business accounting and taxation needs.

Vexxit security and privacy

No platform won’t have their privacy and policies. However, this platform is different. Here are some common security and privacy considerations for this platform:

Security measures

  • Data encryption
  • Secure communication
  • Regular security audits
  • Access control

Privacy measures

  • Privacy policy
  • User control
  • Data minimization
  • Data retention

Conclusion to our Vexxit review

This Vexxit review has explained the pros and cons of this platform, among others. Although this platform has a lot of benefits, it’s not without limitations.

The obvious one is its non-availability in all Canadian provinces. However, if you’re looking to hire an accountant or any legal practitioner for your personal or business needs, Vexxit is a good option for you.

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FAQs about our Vexxit review

Where is the headquarters of Vexxit?

This platform's headquarters is located at 300-136 Market Ave, Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada. This company is privately held and has 50 to 100 employees. This company was founded in 2016.

Is my information secure on Vexxit?

Vexxit takes user privacy and data security seriously. They employ encryption and security measures to protect your personal and financial information. So, Yes. Your information is secured on this platform.

How can I contact Vexxit?

You can contact the legal and accounting solution agency through their social media platforms, email or website. Another way is to place a quick call to their customer support for your queries.

November 27, 2023
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