World Nomads Review (April 2024) – Pros, Cons, Features, & Pricing

This World Nomads review looks to examine the different coverage options offered by this travel insurance company.

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Last Updated: Apr 12, 2024

World Nomads

  • Recommended by: National Geographic, Lonely Planet, Rough Guides
  • Sustainable and ethical company
  • Change policies anytime, anywhere

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Since 2002, this company has served independent travellers within and outside Canada.

World Nomads helps people from more than 150 countries get medical and dental care if they get sick or hurt while travelling abroad.

Apart from that, they offer medical evacuation, repatriation services, and 24-hour emergency assistance. In addition, they cover lost, stolen, or damaged baggage, trip cancellation, and some Coronavirus-related events. Let’s not forget the coverage for a variety of adventure activities.

With a lot of money invested in travel content, the company has grown in the travel industry over time. This World Nomads review will assist you in finding out more about the travel insurance provider.

What makes World Nomads a good option?

Simon Monk started World Nomads in 2002 in Australia. It is a company that sells travel insurance. He did this with a focus on developing travel insurance products that suit customers’ needs.

With excellent coverage of issues like baggage delays, missing luggage, and trip delays, they now provide travel coverage for visitors from more than 150 countries. They excel at covering sports and other related activities.

The World Nomads policy makes it easy to buy coverage because it has two travel plans from which you can choose based on your needs. Most Canadians have different reasons for choosing this travel insurance, some of which include the following:

1. High recommendations

World Nomads is backed by three well-known travel magazines: National Geographic, Lonely Planet, and Rough Guides. You should start your investigation by examining what World Nomads’ policy offers if Lonely Planet claims it’s fantastic for travellers.

2. Good work ethics

It’s a business that values social responsibility while maintaining fierce pricing competition, which is a win. Unlike any other travel insurance available, the organization’s social good initiatives and sustainable company ethics are more substantial.

3. Safe and secure travel

Travellers can access travel advice and safety tips through the World Nomads Travel Safety Hub. If you choose to switch your plan at any point, you can extend it easily, even if you’re already travelling.

4. Trustworthy insurers

World Nomads has aided in the resolution of travel issues when they have arisen. This is due to their specialized and trustworthy insurers, available 24/7 to offer coverage and assistance, as the case may be.

5. Value for your money

World Nomads is a company that purchases insurance on your behalf, which is how it can protect citizens of many different nations.

They also give the best coverage for a fair price. World Nomads is also suitable for long-term, adventurous, and low-cost travellers who want travel insurance.

world nomads travel insurance quote - comparewise

Pros and cons of World Nomads

World Nomads has its strengths and weaknesses, as with any other travel insurance. This enables you to be able to weigh both options and decide if it’s a good choice for you or not. We’ll now look at the pros and cons of this World Nomads review.

The pros of World Nomads

  • Online Policy Changes: You can change your insurance from any location in the world if your travel plans change for any reason. Therefore, you can easily extend online to enjoy your stay for a few extra weeks.
  • Wide Range of Activities: Unlike most travel insurance providers, World Nomads automatically covers a wide range of sports and activities. You don’t have to pay more to insure yourself for various experiences.
  • 24/7 online assistance: No matter where you are in the world, emergency services are available 24/7. The customer service representative can advise you on your next move or direct you to the hospital or authority closest to you. Not to forget, the phone operators are kind, helpful, and also knowledgeable.
  • Affordable compared to other insurance providers
  • Simple Claim Process: World Nomads strives to make the claim process as simple as possible. This helps you quickly upload your supporting documents and submit your claim through their online portal.
  • Provides just two travel plans, which makes it easier to choose than the choices offered by other insurance firms.
  • Safeguard your 180-day travel schedule.
  • Covers 200 activities in detail, including sports, aviation, and land.

The cons of World Nomads

  • Limited Flexibility: There are only really two options available to you. Therefore, you are limited to the claim limits that are specified. You won’t be able to enhance the maximum policy coverage or add additional benefits.
  • You may not be able to claim the entire value of your possessions because you will only be compensated up to a maximum amount per item.
  • There is no coverage for extreme sports.
  • World Nomads don’t have an annual travel insurance policy, but other insurance providers do.
  • Restricted coverage for costly vacations
  • Age restriction: World Nomads won’t cover anyone older than 70.
  • No coverage for recurrent illnesses.
  • The only real protection for electronic equipment is in the event of theft.
  • Prices can vary significantly depending on your age and the places you plan to visit.
  • Your current policy cannot be extended, but you can add a new policy on top of it.
  • Other businesses underwrite insurance, so you might still need to contact them.

World Nomads products and services

The most important aspect of travel insurance is its coverage. So, knowing the specific travel insurance service they are presenting to you is crucial.

This section of the World Nomads review will reveal the various services this travel insurance provides.

Emergency medical coverage

If you get sick or hurt while travelling, World Nomads travel insurance may cover all your emergency medical costs, including medical repatriation or evacuation.

For example, if you have a severe hiking accident in the wilderness, World Nomads will pay for your medical evacuation. The medical insurance might also send you home in the event of a major medical emergency.

Baggage loss/theft

If your luggage and other personal items are misplaced, stolen, or harmed during travel, World Nomads offers coverage.

If an airline or other carrier takes too long to deliver your bags, you might also get money back for extra costs for things you need. Also, remember that the wait time depends on where you live.

Trip delays

If at any point you experience a travel delay of 6 hours or more to your flight, there is coverage for extra costs. This is possible if the delay was caused by a risk covered by World Nomads’ basic coverage.

world nomads travel insurance - comparewise

Emergency dental treatment

This covers unexpected accidents that result in injuries that require emergency dental care while travelling. It could be a jawbone injury, an infection, or a chipped tooth. This coverage doesn’t include cleanings and checks.

Non-medical emergency evacuation

In the event of a natural disaster, civil unrest, or political turmoil, this covers the cost of moving out of the country you’re visiting.

Trip cancellation protection

This can occur due to illness, the death of a loved one, an accident, or an emergency situation. Therefore, if any of these are covered, you will be reimbursed for unused, non-refundable trip cancellation fees.

Accidental death or dismemberment

This plan covers accidental loss of life and some external organs (such as the eyes, limbs, etc.) while on the trip.

Trip interruption

If your trip is cut short for legit reasons, this offers compensation for all non-refundable fees already deposited.

Adventure activities and sports

World Nomads covers a long list of adventure sporting activities via its Standard and Explorer plans. Therefore, this travel insurance wouldn’t be a bad choice if you’re a lover of adventure.

World Nomads product and service quality

In the market, World Nomads enjoys a high level of credibility. It offers inclusive travel insurance, which protects various people (up to 70). It also covers the daring acts that are frequent on extended journeys and  backpacking

Travellers who want both trip insurance and medical coverage can find comprehensive coverage with World Nomads Travel Insurance, particularly the Explorer Plan. Several more benefits are also included, such as losing personal items.

The trip insurance coverage for the standard plan is a little less extensive. Nonetheless, the Standard plan gives reliable medical care at a reasonable cost. Both their Standard and Explorer plans have 24/7 assistance in the case of an emergency.

Long-term and backpacking travellers require the flexibility and assurance that they won’t go bankrupt if anything unexpected happens. So, we can confirm that World Nomads travel insurance is a beneficial service for people who travel.

AIG provides underwriting for World Nomads travel insurance. Their headquarters is in Toronto, and they have offered insurance since 1965. When you look for insurance online, they are one of the top providers.

World Nomads Review - comparewise

How to get started with World Nomads

The process of making an online claim is a simple one. To file a claim, there are certain things you should put in place, such as:

  • Your location
  • A contact number
  • Your policy number
  • The nature of your problem
  • Prescribed medication

Below are the steps to guide you:

  • First, gather the required documents to submit for World Nomads to pay you back for your claim.
  • Simply log in
  • Respond to a series of questions regarding the incident
  •  Attach any supporting evidence

Alternatives to World Nomads

This section of the World Nomads travel insurance review will examine the different alternatives to World Nomads.

Although World Nomads is a fantastic travel insurance, there are other types of travel insurance you can choose from if you believe it is not a good fit for you. Below are some of them:

  • TD Insurance
  • Allianz
  • Manulife CoverMe

World Nomads vs TD Insurance

TD Insurance offers up to $5 million in emergency travel medical benefits, so you can be happy about your next trip as this covers all costs. They provide emergency assistance 24/7. As a result, you can contact them if there is a problem while you are travelling.

Pros of TD Insurance

  • They provide plans for trip interruption and cancellation.
  • It covers hospital lodging, medical emergencies, and transportation needs.

Cons of TD Insurance

  • There is no coverage for missed flights or mishaps on the road.
  • There is no insurance against hotel theft.


  • They both offer trip cancellation and interruption plans
  • They offer 24/7 assistance to travellers.


  • TD insurance offers multi-trip plans, while World Nomads does not.

World Nomads vs Allianz

Allianz is another alternative to World Nomads, especially for those seeking a more professional choice. For over 120 years, the company has operated while providing various insurance, not just for travel. In addition, they assist in finding solutions for clients with travel-related problems.

Pros of Allianz

  • Policies of numerous types to meet a range of needs
  • There are single- and multi-trip options available

Cons of Allianz

  • Extended travel times are not covered.
  • Some yearly plans have a per-trip limit.


  • They assist customers in finding solutions to travel-related issues.


  • Allianz offers travel insurance that covers multiple trips in a year as opposed to World Nomads.
  • There’s coverage for pre-existing medical issues.

World Nomads vs Manulife CoverMe

This is another option besides World Nomads travel insurance for people with an existing health problem. If you’re travelling with a family, it provides a reliable travel package.

These packages are also available to visitors and students in Canada. The TravelAid mobile app, which offers local emergency phone numbers, is also accessible through this. In addition to that, it provides the location of the nearest medical facility.

Pros of Manulife CoverMe

  • Availability of multi-trips
  • Options that are easy to understand
  • No age restrictions
  • Coverage for family and student
  • Covid19 travel plan

Cons of Manulife CoverMe

  • Hotel burglary insurance is unavailable
  • Absence of 24/7 support
  • There is no rental car insurance


  • They both have a plan that covers Covid-19


  • Manulife provides plans for those with an existing medical issue, while World Nomads do not.
  • There are no age restrictions in Manulife, whereas World Nomads doesn’t cover People older than 70.
  • There is no multi-trip available with World Nomads.
world nomads travel insurance revivew - comparewise

World Nomads review conclusion

Travelling entails dealing with unexpected events and potential emergencies. Getting enough travel insurance to ensure you and your family are safe while on vacation is always a good idea. This World Nomads review shows its reliability when it comes to travel insurance. 

We hope this World Nomads review serves as an eye-opener for deciding the type of travel insurance to buy for your trip.

It’s the best method for people who want to be active to ensure they can get coverage that covers them appropriately. This World Nomads review shows that your trip will be well protected if you use this company.

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FAQs about our World Nomads reivew

What service does World Nomads provide?

Since 2002, World Nomads has been offering travel insurance, with Nationwide handling the underwriting. With the explorer and adventurer in mind, its plans offer complete travel insurance coverage.

How does World Nomads work?

World Nomads offers a 24/7 service to help travellers under challenging circumstances. It makes it easier for travellers to find medical professionals. Also, if needed, they can help get you to a medical facility for treatment or back home, even if that means sending someone with you.

Is World Nomads worth it?

They are obviously one of the top service providers concerning travel insurance. And they are a popular brand among nomads, backpackers, and those who travel frequently. You'll surely get satisfaction from the coverage you receive. If you shop around, you might be able to locate something for less, but you'll surely make a sacrifice.

What do World Nomads insurance policies include?

Standard and Explorer are the two plans that World Nomads offers. Due to its higher level of coverage, advantages, and benefit limits, the Explorer Plan often has a higher premium.

How do I get a travel insurance quote from World Nomads?

This is simple. On the website's home page, you'll fill out a form to obtain a quote right away. You must enter the countries or areas you plan to visit, your home country, and the length of your trip. In addition, the number of tourists and the average age of those travellers will also be included.

What does World Nomads cover?

It is important to note that your nation of origin may impact the insurance plan's coverage. As mentioned in our World Nomads review, the coverage includes, but is not limited to, COVID-19 travel insurance and domestic travel. It also includes assault, death overseas, delayed baggage, overseas dental and medical expenses, trip cancellation, and terrorist attacks.

How do I make a claim?

You can submit a claim online while on the road using your World Nomads membership. As stated in the above World Nomads review, acquire all relevant receipts for your claim or carefully check your insurance policy details to ensure you meet all requirements.

Will World Nomads reimburse me if I cancel my trip?

Under World Nomads, your trip cancellation covers areas such as

  • Home damage due to natural disasters
  • Sickness or injury
  • The passing away of a family member
  • Jury duty

Does World Nomads offer multi-trip travel insurance?

The answer is no. World Nomads only offers full coverage for a single trip. This means that the coverage only applies to a single, continuous trip.

Is the online claim process secure?

Yes, you must submit claims for World Nomads through a secure portal, where you must log in and directly upload the necessary documents. This is more secure than sending claims over email with all your personal information. The emails just let you know when new information about the status of your claim is available.


World Nomads

March 5, 2023
Fact Checked

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