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Nunavut Services

Nunavut is the largest territory in Canada, covering more than two million square kilometers, with many small, remote, but culturally rich communities. Nunavut has a population of just under 40,000 and offers many vast regions of Arctic tundra, rivers, mountainous areas, and spectacular views.

While Nunavut is sparsely populated, with many remote regions only accessible by air or boat, it’s a famous territory for tourism, including a wide range of visitors from across Canada and around the world.

Primary Industries and Services in Nunavut

This territory offers unique, natural landscapes that have helped establish a solid tourism industry in Nunavut.

Many tourism services, companies, and tour guide agencies around every region support a significant part of each community’s economy, including indigenous art, cultural events, and handmade goods that are widely available and successful throughout Nunavut and globally.

nunavut services - comparewise

Nunavut’s Economy

The majority of the territory’s economy is supported and run by the Inuit and the Government of Nunavut. There are many industries that provide economic support and livelihood for residents of the territory, including fishing, hunting, arts, and crafts, transportation, tourism, military, research, education, mineral exploration, and housing development.

While the most significant industry in Nunavut is mining and minerals, which supports many other services and industries, culture, arts, and tourism are also a significant part of Nunavut’s economy.

Employment Opportunities in Nunavut

Most jobs and career opportunities in Nunavut are concentrated in mining and construction. Due to these industries’ expansion throughout the territory, there is also a growing demand for jobs and skills related to education, trades, administration, and transportation.

As many communities and villages develop, there are growing options for many of Nunavut’s residents to find employment in new industries and training through the territory’s post-secondary education institutions and trade programs.

Education and Employment Services in Nunavut

The Nunavut Arctic College is a post-secondary institution in the territory. It offers a variety of degrees and hands-on learning that include adult learning and literacy, advanced training in trades, law, nursing, early childhood education, and more.

Since the territory of Nunavut was established in 1999, there have been significant strides to provide as much support to remote communities, which includes access to quality education and job opportunities.

Nunavut Services Summary

Nunavut is a territory that offers a lot of potential for growth and industry while presenting many challenges.

It’s also a great place to live comfortably and offers excellent job opportunities for residents of the territory and individuals looking to move there.

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April 5, 2022
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FAQs about
Nunavut Services

Is the tourism industry in Nunavut likely to continue expanding as a successful way to boost the territory’s economy?

Yes. All aspects of tourism, including arts, crafts, and cultural events, draw many visitors to Nunavut and many tour guides and outfitters.

Is Nunavut an excellent place to start a new business?

There are many challenges to starting any business in a geographically vast territory, though there are good options in the housing development and mining industries.

Which industries in Nunavut are expected to grow and thrive in the near future?

Tourism will continue to grow, including government services, fishing, and mining.

How likely is Nunavut’s educational services to expand and offer more degree programs in the future?

While some post-secondary education is available, the level of education is currently limited in the territory. There are some ambitious plans to improve general education so that children and adults can pursue more programs over the next few years.

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