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You may be a private business owner who wants to give back to the community, a fundraising professional seeking to generate funds for a nonprofit organization, or a local church clergyman. No matter what kind of nonprofit organization you help, you should know how important fundraising is.

Fundraising is the activity of soliciting contributions from a large number of individuals for a certain cause or endeavor. Crowdfunding for NGOs enables individuals to reach out to their networks in order to generate donations for a cause they are passionate about.

To really get your supporters involved, you need to come up with new and exciting ways to raise money for your cause.

What is fundraising?

Fundraising is the practice of soliciting and collecting financial donations voluntarily from individuals, corporations, charitable institutions, and government agencies.

Fundraising usually means trying to get money for a non-profit, but it can also mean finding investors and other sources of cash for a for-profit business and asking them for money.

Traditionally, fundraising consisted mostly of soliciting donations face-to-face, such as by knocking on doors. In recent years, however, new types of fundraising have evolved, such as internet fundraising and a revamped version of grassroots fundraising.

How to raise funds online in Canada

If you’re looking for a means to raise funds online rapidly, try crowdfunding. If you have never solicited donations online before, the procedure may appear daunting.

Here are the steps to follow to raise funds online for yourself, a loved one, or a non-profit organization.

Step 1: Define your objective

Determine the exact amount of money you need to raise first. This is essential because it helps potential contributors realize the exact amount of money you need to collect for a certain cause.

People are more inclined to donate to a well-defined cause, so determine your fundraising target based on the whole cost breakdown.

 For instance, if you’re raising money for a medical operation, you should not just include the operation’s cost, but also include expenditures like missed income, rehabilitation, drugs, and medical gadgets.

Step 2: Select a web-based fundraising platform

 When selecting a platform for online fundraising, you should consider:

  •  The cheapest rates (both platform fees and payment processing fees)
  •  Usability and website layout
  • Customer support alternatives
  •  Secure and prompt access to your money
  •  Shared fundraising capabilities

See our blog post on top crowdfunding sites for a more in-depth comparison of crowdfunding platforms.

crowdfunding - comparewise

Step 3: Recount your story truthfully

Humans are hardwired to respond to compelling narratives. Personal fundraising narratives establish an emotional connection between the reader and the recipient, which can eventually result in an increase in donations.

Therefore, it is essential to be as truthful as possible about your circumstances.

We recognize that asking for assistance might be intimidating. However, it’s advised you shouldn’t do it alone. We’ve put together a list of questions you can ask yourself when writing your story to help you:

  • How will the money be utilized?
  • What is your relationship to the cause?
  • How will the funds raised benefit you or others?
  • Why does the receiver require this gift?

To increase the possibility of a gift, be sure to answer the “Who, What, Where, When, Why, and How” questions.

Remember that when it comes to fundraising, the “why” is very crucial.

Create An Engaging Title For Your Article.

After writing your own fundraising narrative, come up with a catchy title. It will help you describe your narrative in a single, memorable sentence. The title is crucial since it gives the public a taste of what your fundraising is about.

Ensure that it clearly communicates the purpose of your campaign so that people will click through and give. Check out some helpful campaign title fundraising strategies to get started.

Step 4: Share the campaign with relatives-and-friends

After posting your campaign, solicit input from trustworthy relatives and friends. Utilize any helpful recommendations to enhance your narrative, such as the addition of striking photographs, videos, etc.

Then, seek donations from your immediate group. Why? Donors are more willing to contribute if they observe that some funds have already been raised. Once your inner circle has given, announce your fundraising to the whole world.

Sharing Via Social Networks

The greater the visibility of your fundraising, the more contributions you will receive. Combining social media and fundraising is a great method for expanding your reach.

If you build a Facebook page for your fundraising, you should consider boosting posts if the expense will be overcome by donations.

If you wish to promote your fundraising on Twitter, you can create bespoke links to include in your tweets.

Sharing Outside The Social Networks

While social media is a terrific way to connect your fundraiser with potential contributors, there are other ways to spread the word.

Want to discover how to generate funds without social media? One of the best ways to raise money without social media is to make flyers for bulletin boards.

Step 5. Express gratitude to your benefactors

When someone contributes to your fundraising, they do it because they believe in your cause.This is why thank-you notes are so vital; they allow contributors to stay a part of your narrative.

Simple and personalized thank-you notes for donations are an easy way to show gratitude and get to know the people who gave.

How to generate funds very fast

Now that you are aware of the most effective online fundraising strategies, begin your GoFundMe campaign immediately.

What is charitable fundraising

Fundraising is the continuing activity of requesting donations or volunteering cash to assist your organization in growing and meeting the requirements of the community it serves. Your network of donors might include both corporations and individuals.

Several options for nonprofit fundraising

Thanks to current technology and the capacity to reach potential contributors on a worldwide scale, the techniques and opportunities for fundraising accessible today are limitless.

 In the not too distant past, NGOs could only solicit donations by contacting donors, mailing gift forms and envelopes, and organizing in-person fundraising events.

Now, though, the world has drastically changed. Here are some of the most common ways that nonprofit organizations raise money these days.

1. Virtual Fundraising

Virtual fundraising simply implies that your fundraising event takes place in a virtual environment, such as via Zoom, Facebook Live, or another platform.

A virtual fundraising event can range in complexity from staging a virtual banquet or performance to something as simple as a quiz night.

2. Online Fundraising

Fundraising online is as easy as creating a fundraising campaign on your nonprofit’s website, publicizing the event, and waiting for the funds to start rolling in. This sort of fundraising is convenient for contributors with hectic schedules since they may make contributions from home or while traveling.

3. Event Fundraising

When it comes to event fundraising, you must first decide what sort of event you wish to host Guests often RSVP and pay a ticket price to reserve a space at an event. You can raise additional cash at the event through games and ticket draws, silent auctions, and other activities you devise.

4. Auctions for Fundraising

Auction fundraising is a wonderful method for soliciting contributions while providing donors with something of value in exchange.

Typically, for-profit organizations will give a service to your auction. This may include a massage, a free night at a resort, or luxury gifts such as jewelry and fine wines.

5. Fundraising Through Peer-To-Peer Interactions

Nonprofit organizations now have access to unique fundraising options due to social media. One of these is fundraising between peers.

 Peer-to-peer fundraising occurs when individuals raise cash from their peers and contribute the entire amount to a charitable organization.

6. Major Gift Fundraising

Typically, a substantial gift is defined as a single contribution of $1,000 or more. Often, these gifts constitute the majority of annual donations to a non-profit organization.

Major contributions can be made in the form of bequests, corporate grants, and individual donations.

7.  Fundraising With Recurring Donations

Donations that are made regularly constitute recurring donations. These can aid your organization’s budgetary forecasting.

8. Merchandise Fundraising

One common method of fundraising is the sale of unique products. The earnings from the sale of items are used to finance the organization’s purpose.

If opening a physical store is not an option for your business, you can also sell your products through an online store on your website.

fundraising - comparewise

Ways to collect donations for nonprofit fundraising

Here are a few of the most common types of donations and how they are usually collected.

It is vital to remember that regardless of the sort of gift your organization gets, each donation should be accurately documented in your CRM for accurate reporting.

1. Cash

Donations of cash can be made in person or by mail. Your nonprofit organization should establish clear procedures for handling funds after they are received. It’s important that the donors get a receipt for their contribution.

2. Check

Donations of checks can also be made in person or by mail. As with cash donations, your charity organization should have precise standards for handling checks.

3. ACH

ACH is the abbreviation for the Automatic Check Clearinghouse. This allows contributors to pay for products and services by electronic check draft.

The donor can put their checking account information into your online payment processor and have donations taken out of their account automatically.

4. Wire Transfer

Using a service such as Western Union, a contributor can transfer funds from their bank account to your organization’s account.

5. Online Contributions

Directly on your website is the simplest and most convenient option for contributors to make contributions.

6. Donation In-Kind

This is a non-monetary contribution in which someone donates their productive time or tangible goods to your organization to help it run.

The best online fundraising software for nonprofit organizations

We’ve made a list of the best online fundraising software to help your organization make the switch to online fundraising.

 With the appropriate tools and resources, you will be able to raise funds online without a hitch.

1. Double the Donation

With an easily embeddable matching gift search tool, you can instantly inform your contributors of the thousands of matching gift programs for which they may be qualified.

Donors just enter their workplace and receive instantaneous information about the initiative, including their eligibility and the request procedure.

Donors will leap at the chance to increase their influence without having to open their wallets! If your firm has not previously participated in such corporate giving initiatives, now is the ideal moment to do so.

Key Attributes

You can Increase your Donation 3x using the Twofold inbuilt features like:

  • Database. The database for Twofold  has information on tens of thousands of employers and is continually updated with more information on corporate giving programs.
  • Embeddable widget. You may completely integrate the database with the contribution forms, giving options page, and donor communications on your organization’s website.

2. OneCause

OneCause is the premier online fundraising and event technology supplier for charitable organizations.

In spite of the COVID-19 epidemic and the social distance recommendations, they have grown into an area that is becoming more and more important: virtual fundraising campaigns and events.

The OneCause package is a potent option for charitable organizations seeking to launch advanced online fundraising capabilities.

This virtual toolkit expands upon the existing OneCause platform, which is packed with sophisticated fundraising and event capabilities, as well as tools created expressly for high-impact events such as virtual auctions.

Key Attributes

The OneCause suite provides support for the following sorts of campaigns and events:

  • Online auctions and live contribution solicitations.
  • DIY and grassroots campaigns
  • Fundraising with virtual peer-to-peer networks
  • Online and text-to-give giving

What is personal fundraising?

A personal fundraising campaign allows individuals to solicit assistance from their friends and family for virtually any cause. Individuals in need of funds may develop internet fundraising pages, share them with others, and receive donations.

Who can raise funds in Canada with personal fundraising?

Any Canadian citizen can make use of the personal fundraising opportunity. An advantage of personal fundraising is that anybody may build a page to raise money for themselves or someone else in need.

People from all around the world are building fundraising pages to assist with tuition, medical expenditures, and many other needs.

Benefits of personal fundraising

Fundraising on a personal level in Canada has several advantages for individuals who are able to organize a campaign.

Here are some of the main benefits of personal fundraising in Canada.

1. Raise Cash Rapidly

Since it is simple and quick to create a crowdfunding campaign, you may immediately begin gathering donations after clicking “publish.” With proper social media promotion, your campaign has the potential to become viral.

In fact, most campaigns may achieve their objectives within four weeks! Creating your personal fundraising page on your preferred platform is the easiest way for you to get started if you want to raise money immediately.

2.  Spread Knowledge

When you launch a personal-fundraising campaign, you’ve the chance to tell your story and inform others about an important situation, cause or circumstance.

The greater the awareness of your cause, the more likely you are to achieve your objective and obtain the necessary support.

In addition, increasing awareness can assist others in comprehending your predicament and connecting them to your cause.

3.  Bring Together Communities

Fundraising on an individual level helps communities connect and fight for a shared cause. Friends and relatives can help a personal fundraising effort by donating to the charity or by sharing the campaign with their networks.

When an individual hits a milestone or accomplishes a goal, the community of supporters will be able to rejoice with them and feel gratified knowing they contributed to their success.

4. Empower Individuals

Individuals have complete control over the amount they wish to raise and the frequency with which they share their campaigns.

Depending on the platform you select to launch your personal fundraising campaign, you may have the option to personalize your campaign page.

Through descriptions, photographs, videos, crowdfunding updates, and social media posts, users are able to share their own narratives and advocate for issues that are important to them.

How to conduct a personal fundraising campaign

To assist you in comprehending how personal fundraising operates in Canada and throughout the world. Here are the six (6) steps to Canadian personal fundraising.

Step 1: Select a Platform

You must first select a platform on which to host your personal fundraising campaign. There are several websites for online fundraising, such as GoFundMe, so go find one that meets your particular needs.

When shopping for a website, you should take into account price, customer service, social integrations, and usability.

Step 2: Establish a Goal and Timeline

Account for any platform and payment processing costs that will be subtracted from your total cash when selecting your fundraising target.

Set a realistic amount to improve your chances of achieving your objective. Most personal fundraising efforts take between one and two months; if you set a shorter deadline, you risk falling short of your target.

Step 3: Construct Your Own Fundraising Page

Your fundraising page is the heart of your campaign; it’s where potential contributors will learn more about you and your cause, but it is also where they will make a donation and track your progress.

Upload photographs (and a video, if available) and compose an engaging description to help others comprehend your cause.

Step 4: Promote Your Campaign

Sharing your campaign raises awareness of its existence and facilitates access to its donation page. Post the URL of your page on all of your social media profiles and request that your peers give to it (or share it with their networks if they cannot donate).

Step 5: Make Changes to Your Personal Fundraising Page

Now that your fundraising campaign has been launched, the work is not complete. Keep your supporters informed of important campaign milestones, post additional images, and continue to promote your campaign on social media.

When you keep your campaign up-to-date, it remains relevant and more supporters are exposed to your cause.

Step 6: Thank Your Supporters

Once you have reached your goal, it’s time to express gratitude to every person who contributed to your campaign.

You may express thanks in a variety of ways, including promoting donations on social media and sending individual thank-you notes.

Typically, donors are thanked after the conclusion of a campaign, but you may express your gratitude to them at any time.


 Top 5 fundraising ideas for Canadians

An online store for fundraising is an excellent tool for selling any fundraising goods. Contact ABC Fundraising and request a web shop for any of their innovative product fundraisers to start your own store.

Share the page URL to your fundraising webpage with your donors and see the orders pour in. Then, ABC Fundraising will deliver your merchandise at no cost.

1. Cookie-Dough-Based Fundraising

A cookie dough fundraiser from ABC Fundraising may help your organization earn up to an 80% profit. Cookie dough fundraisers are tremendously popular in addition to being really effective.

Although everyone enjoys freshly made cookies, not everyone has the time to prepare their own cookie dough from scratch.

Therefore, fans enjoy purchasing pre-made cookie dough! In addition, with flavors such as triple chocolate and caramel pecan chocolate chip, there is a cookie for every cookie enthusiast.

3. Gourmet-Pop-corn Fundraiser

Pop-corn is a popular snack among individuals of all ages. A gourmet-pop-corn fundraiser is a terrific alternative for your next campaign, whether you’re asking for money from either elementary-school parents or elderly residents.

ABC Fundraising provides gourmet popcorn that can be easily sold in-person or via a fundraising website.

And, with home delivery, you may sell to out-of-state supporters who still want your mission to succeed.

4. Google Advertising Grants

Google’s Ad Grant program provides NGOs with $10K per month to run Google-Ads campaigns completely free of charge.

This award can increase the exposure of your group and attract new supporters by utilizing Google’s enormous internet advertising network.

5. Shoe Drive Fundraiser

A shoe drive is an extremely simple approach to generate funds for a cause. In addition, the little work your supporters need to do here is give you their gently-worn, used, and brand-new shoes.

We propose that you collaborate with Funds2Orgs to organize your shoe drive campaign. They will assist you with organizing your fundraiser and collecting the collected shoes.

Then, you will get a payment depending on the weight of the shoes you turned in.

Wrapping up fundraising

Fundraising is never an easy endeavor, but with one (or more!) of these fantastic ideas, you may generate the funds necessary to further your purpose.

As you decide which fundraising idea your organization will pursue, make sure you have a plan to advertise it to your supporters and keep them involved throughout the campaign!

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FAQs about Fundraising

Are Fundraisers Taxed in Canada?

The CRA indicated that, based on the facts of the particular fundraising event at issue, the revenue obtained from the event would not be regarded as a windfall but rather taxable income, since the sums received were not gifts but rather cash received in exchange for event participation.

Do You Need A Permit To Fundraise For Charity?

You must submit an application for a street collection license if you wish to solicit funds for a charity. This is a license that will be issued by the Metropolitan Police Department. If you wish to sell anything, such as CDs, on the street, you must get a street trading license.

How Much Does Canada's Gofundme Accept?

Gofundme automatically deducts a processing charge of 2.9% plus $0.30 from each gift, so you don't have to worry about paying a hefty fee.

How Does Canada's GoFundMe Work?

With GoFundMe, you retain ownership of all donations. Your campaign will continue to receive donations after the target has been met. Once the target is attained, the campaign's progress meter will indicate that you have received more than the desired amount.

What is the PayPal Canada Giving Fund?

PayPal Giving Fund Canada assists individuals in donating to their preferred charities online and raises funds for charity through PayPal and other technology platforms. We accept gifts and offer grants to charities selected by our donors.

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