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Home Insurance In Alberta

Every province in Canada offers a comparable level of home insurance. Even though it’s not required by law, most lenders will only mortgage property that has been insured. Your choice of coverage will have a considerable impact on the entire cost of your policy.

The majority of people’s largest personal investment will likely be in a home. It doesn’t matter what kind or how big it is; it’s your property, and you want to safeguard it from unforeseen circumstances. A home insurance policy aids in defending both the home’s structure and the things you keep inside.

In the event that you mistakenly harm someone or damage their property, it may also help cover your liability fees. If unanticipated damage to your property or a mandatory evacuation order causes you to leave, it can also help cover additional living expenses. Even if you are on vacation, it may be able to assist you in incidents of theft and fraud.

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Types of Home Insurance in Alberta

There are three primary forms of home insurance, and Albertans often opt for a comprehensive policy. Because only comprehensive policies are offered by some lenders, fees for the other policy kinds are quite low. Additionally, complete coverage offers you the best level of security. The three types of home insurance coverage are described below:

Basic home insurance

The house and belongings in this package are only covered against risks that are specifically mentioned in your policy, which is the least amount of coverage available. A named “perils policy” may also be used to refer to this sort of insurance. You are not insured against anything if it is not specifically included in your policy. Another term for this kind of policy is “limited,” according to certain insurance companies.

Broad home insurance

This includes some exclusion but generally protects your home’s physical structure and contents from risks of direct physical loss or damage. It solely covers the contents of your home against certain mentioned dangers or perils, including flooding.

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Comprehensive home insurance

This kind of home insurance is the most comprehensive and expensive. A comprehensive policy covers your home and its contents from all risks (with the exception of certain exclusions stated in the policy). Sometimes referred to as an “all perils policy,” this kind of coverage is thought to be the maximum amount you may buy before the addition of endorsements.

Factors affecting Alberta Home Insurance Rates

Your Alberta home insurance rates are determined by a number of factors. A broker or agent for Alberta home insurance can accurately assess risks and calculate the likelihood of something going wrong. This can be done by using information about your home’s age, the likelihood of flooding or theft depending on your location, and other fundamental design characteristics.

Your Alberta home insurance premiums will go up the more dangerous your property is. Here are some of the factors that home insurance providers consider before giving a quote.

Credit score

Your credit scores are permitted by insurers to be used in calculating your premium. Except for Newfoundland, which has outlawed the use of credit scores in calculating the cost of homeowner’s insurance, the majority of provinces use it.

Most insurance providers maintain that positive credit history and higher risk have a direct statistical association. Even though having a good credit score can result in savings of up to 25%, your credit score will never have a negative impact on your insurance price. Despite not being essential, it is suggested due to possible financial advantages. Insurance can view your credit report.

Replacement cost

One aspect that is sometimes misunderstood is the expense to replace your house. The amount needed to reconstruct your house in its existing condition, not its current market value, is the replacement cost.

Check to see that you are not paying more than your home is worth. The land where you built your property can be the reason why your home insurance is so expensive. Rather, buy home reconstruction insurance.

So, to ensure that the replacement coverage meets your needs, it’s crucial to keep your insurer aware of any adjustments and improvements. You should be aware of a few special restrictions anytime you want to replace your possessions.

Kind of Property

One of the elements determining home insurance in Alberta is the type of residence you live in. You will be assessed differently depending on whether you live in a semi-detached two-story house, a campervan, or a 500-square-foot condo because they all carry different hazards. A house has a roof; however, a condo is a single unit within a bigger building whose roof is paid for by maintenance costs that are paid by all inhabitants together.


It goes without saying that the likelihood of a break-in, vandalism, or theft of property will increase if you live in a crime-ridden region. 

But looking closely at this factor, these neighborhood factors do not just end here. They also cover areas whereby environmental hazards are also taken into consideration such as:

Homes close to airports could experience falling objects or strong vibrations, which could cause damage and raise your rate.

Due to the increased risk of flooding, insurance costs may be higher for homes close to big bodies of water or even at the foot of a slope where water may collect. Your insurance company might need earthquake insurance if you reside in an area that is susceptible to earthquakes.

Additionally, you can put out a fire more quickly if you live close to a fire hydrant or fire station, which will result in less expensive Alberta home insurance.

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Pool and other amenities

The higher danger of drowning caused by a pool raises your Alberta home insurance price. Most provinces have laws requiring you to have a fence around your pool, and occasionally that fence needs to be locked when it’s not in use.

A detached private construction like a coach house or laneway suite in your backyard may raise your homeowner’s insurance cost.


Unbelievable as it may seem, having a pet may raise your home insurance premium.

Consider the scenario when you have a breed of dog that is known to be aggressive or violent. Consequently, you would require personal liability insurance to safeguard you if a dog might bite someone while on your property.

If there is a possibility that the pet will destroy any property, it may be enough for concern.  Exotic animals with a high value or that might even be prohibited could increase your premium. Your insurance company might revoke your cover if you don’t let them know about these pets, leaving you completely exposed.


Depending on the type of renovations you do, improving your property might either lower or raise your expenses.

The value of your home may grow as a result of, for example, installing a brand-new kitchen with high-end appliances and quartz countertops or converting a damp basement into a theater. These improvements would raise the cost of insurance for your home.

On the other side, installing a monitored alarm system, a sewage backflow preventer, or waterproofing your house may all help you pay less for your home insurance. It’s crucial to inform your insurance both before and after renovations, regardless of your choice.


The insurer will examine your roof by examining its construction and age. Within 10 to 15 years, depending on the environment, a typical asphalt roof will exhibit significant wear and tear. Repairs may be necessary if your roof is weak or ancient to stop water leaks during the chilly and rainy seasons. Your home insurance deductible may be waived if you have a metal roof because it is more durable over time.

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Internal construction

Your home’s internal structure, including the plumbing and electrical fixtures, has a direct bearing on the cost of your homeowners’ insurance because outdated installations are more likely to result in problems like fires or water leaks.

The risk of fire is increased by outdated wiring and fuse boxes, which can potentially harm your home appliances. Similar to how modern pipes might leak, old clay or lead pipes can burst and leave your property severely water damaged.

Your property may need to be repaired after experiencing water damage, which will cost a lot of money. Water can truly cause havoc, causing everything from broken ceilings to damaged doors. You must make sure that your water pipes and electrical fixtures are up to date. By changing them, you can make your insurance coverage less expensive.

What Home Insurance in Alberta can cover

You can anticipate the following coverages in a house insurance policy. However, as is always the case with insurance, there are restrictions, so be careful to consult a professional. You can get all the details you need to be aware of by carefully reading your insurance.

Your home

If you decide to repair or replace your home, the replacement cost is covered up to your insured damage limits:

  • In the same place
  • With a structure that is identical in size, design, and occupancy
  • Using materials of a comparable type and quality
  • Within a calendar year of the loss’s date.

Your belongings

Your contents insurance covers some of your other personal belongings in addition to the items you keep inside your house.

Theft and damage of property

You can file a claim to have your personal belongings replaced if they are harmed without your fault. Additionally, your house insurance can be used if something is taken from a monitored, locked storage facility where it is being stored, while you are moving or traveling, or even just when you are at home. It not only safeguards your personal property against theft.

Vehicle break-ins

Contrary to popular belief, your house insurance policy covers any valuables you keep in your car that would normally be in your home. Your auto insurance does not.

Personal liability

If someone gets wounded on your property, you can be held legally liable. Liability insurance can help cover any claims that might arise as a result.

Identity theft costs

You can file a claim with your homeowner’s insurance if you incur financial losses as a result of someone stealing your personal information.

Other Structures

A detached garage, shed, porch, or gazebo might be present at your house. These are frequently covered by your policy, along with other comparable buildings.

What Home Insurance in Alberta Doesn’t Cover

In Alberta, there are some things that are not covered when it comes to home insurance.

Claims arising directly or indirectly from Buildings used for commercial or agricultural reasons are not anticipated to be protected.

  • Items that may be legally seized, forfeited, or confiscated.
  • Deterioration, mechanical failure, rusting, corrosion, and other forms of loss or harm,
  • The loss or damage of data or other effects of a data issue.
  • A tenant’s possessions
  • Any hail or wind-driven dent damage to your home’s metal siding, roof, or other structures there.
  • Occurring while your home is unoccupied and causing loss or damage.

How to Find Affordable Home Insurance in Alberta

It all comes to minimizing risk for the provider when trying to lower the cost of home insurance in Alberta, Canada. Take into account some of these strategies:

Combine your insurance policies

You can save up to 15% on your Alberta home insurance estimate when you have all of your insurance policies held by the same company. Consider acquiring your home and auto insurance from the same company to save money, for instance.

Compare the rates

Regardless of the type of insurance coverage you need, comparing prices is the easiest approach to finding coverage.

Consent a credit check

If you agree to a credit check, you might be able to get a discount on your house insurance in Alberta. You won’t suffer consequences for having a low credit score.

Maintaining the condition of your home condition

Take reasonable precautions, such as installing smoke and carbon monoxide detectors, to ensure that your house is safe against covered risks. Make sure to keep up with routine home maintenance because it’s unlikely that any home insurance coverage will pay for harm brought on by carelessness.

Increasing your deductible

Lower monthly costs are the effect of raising your deductible.  If you choose to use this strategy, though, make sure you have enough cash on hand in case a claim arises.

Install a backwater valve

If sewage backs up from the main sewer, this system will immediately shut down, preventing flood damage.

Install a security system

If you can demonstrate to an insurance company that you’ve made steps to reduce dangers to your house, you can be rewarded with a discount. They will be reminded by the installation of a security system that there is less chance that a burglar will cause harm to the property.


If you are a member of a number of organizations, such as an alumni association, you may be entitled to discounts.

Pay upfront

You might be able to receive a reduction if you pay your annual premium in whole.

How is the cost of Home Insurance in Alberta determined

Numerous variables affect the price of home insurance. It’s crucial to keep in mind that the cost of replacing your home plays a larger role in determining the price of your insurance than the value of your home now. The cost of rebuilding your home may not be as high as you think, even if you could sell it for $400k on the present market.

This explains why two identically sized homes next to each other in the same neighborhood might have different premiums (the amount of insurance you pay per designated payment period), as one home might have upgrades that would be more expensive to replace, like marble counters or a finished basement with a deluxe addition like a whirlpool.

Your insurance history, the type of building, where it is located, the security measures it has, and any renovations or modifications are also significant determinants of the cost of your house insurance. By speaking with an insurance agent who has the knowledge to direct you toward a policy that makes sense for you, you will have the best chance of determining how much house insurance you require and the potential cost you can anticipate paying.

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FAQs about Home Insurance in Alberta

If I change home insurance companies, will I be charged?

To benefit from a lower premium or greater coverage, you might choose to change house insurance companies. You can incur cancellation fees if you change house insurance companies before your current policy expires. It is wise to switch companies if it is worth the cancellation charge.

How can I lower my Alberta home insurance costs?

By comparing prices from the best Alberta house insurance companies, you can lower your premiums. Find out additional methods to reduce the cost of your homeowner's insurance.

In Alberta, do I require insurance for my home-based business?

Consider purchasing business insurance if you operate a home-based business. As a freelance writer or graphic designer, you most likely don't need business insurance, but if you operate a home daycare or a manufacturing business from your house, you definitely need it. Business insurance can assist in defraying the costs of equipment theft as well as defending your company in court.

Can I cancel my home insurance in Alberta?

Yes, feel free to leave if you're not satisfied with your rate or the level of customer service. Before doing so, it's crucial to compare home insurance rates, choose your new carrier, inform your current provider, and guarantee there are no coverage gaps throughout the transition. Visit our blog for information on switching insurance providers, including when to do it and how to go about it.

What is a deductible for home insurance?

The part of the claim that must be paid by you before the insurance provider will cover the rest is known as the deductible. The premiums will be lower if you have a greater deductible, which means you'll have to pay more out of pocket in the event of a claim.

Home insurance in Alberta
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