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Spring Financial

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Smarter Loans

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SkyCap Financial

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Loans Canada

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$500 - $35,000
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Consolidated Credit

$5,000 - $50,000
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  • For residents of Canada
  • 6 - 60 month terms
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Consolidated Credit Canada

$5,000 - $50,000
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  • 12 - 60 months terms
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Loans for Single Parents

Getting loans for single parents can help you provide better care to your children, and it can also give you the financial freedom to pursue other goals in life.

Taking care of children is easy when a home has two caregivers, as they can pool resources together. When that reduces to one, however, things get tougher as they’ll need to shoulder the burden meant for two people. This has made many single parents consider going for loans to supplement their income.

However, many single parents aren’t aware of loan packages that might be suitable for them. Ignorant ones have rushed into seeking a loan, unaware of the burdening interest or its effects on their income. Others have rushed into the education sector and gotten stuck in paying back student loans.

This article provides much-needed information on various loans for single parents, along with their requirements. Besides loans, single parents can also explore many government relief options. To ensure that single parents are aware of their options, each of these will receive adequate exposure.

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Financial Assistance Available to Single Parents

Contrary to public opinion, the Canadian government cares for single parents, and they’re aware of their plight. They’ve made sure that a lot of support options are within reach of these single moms and dads. These support options can be summarised into three broad categories:

  • Government Assistance
  • Credit Union Loans and Bank Loans
  • Supplementary Loan Sources

Government Assistance

In a recent survey of single parents in Canada, it was discovered that the number of single parents has been increasing. The government is well aware of this, which is why they have provided single parents with a variety of options. Unlike other sources of financial assistance, government assistance is available as long as you meet the requirements.

In most cases, this assistance is provided without your having to ask; nevertheless, this is not always the case. So, if you’re not benefiting from one of these as a single parent, rectify it with your province’s government.

Pros of Government Assistance

  • Bad credit scores cannot disqualify a single parent from receiving government assistance.
  • Single parents are not required to provide any form of collateral to receive government assistance.
  • There is no interest charged here, and almost all forms of government aid are tax-free.
  • You don’t need to pay back the aid that you receive.

Cons of Government Assistance

  • Legal proceedings can take time before some of these aids are approved.
  • Some single parents are not given access to these services until they apply for them.

The Canadian government has put in place various tax-free support options for all single parents, and they include: 

Goods and Services Tax (GST) Credit and Harmonised Sales Tax (HST) Credit

Goods and Services Tax is a levy that all Canadian residents pay. This indirect tax is implemented in all grocery shop purchases and other purchases containing food for direct consumption. This tax is applied to the sales price of goods that consumers pay for, which the seller then pays to the government.

To offset the rigours of paying this tax, the Canadian government has provided the GST credit. This isn’t your typical loan for single parents, as this credit isn’t meant to be paid back. It’s a quarterly payment that the government offers single parents to help them offset all or most of their GST.

Harmonized Sales Tax is the result of combining the federal and provincial goods and services taxes. Five provinces in Canada use the HST for businesses and consumers. The HST tax rate is 13% in Ontario, and 15% in the other four provinces.

To help single parents, the Canadian government implemented the Harmonised Sales Tax credit. This is another tax-free quarterly payment that single parents can use to offset most of the HST that they pay yearly.

Obtaining either credit is easy, as the Canadian Revenue Agency puts single parents on it when they file their income taxes.  

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Employment Insurance (EI)

The period in between jobs can be particularly harrowing for single parents since the bills keep pouring in. As such, the Canadian government created Employment Insurance. Employment Insurance is a scheme that allows unemployed single parents to survive on supplemental income before their next job.

However, this program is only open to single parents who weren’t dismissed from their jobs for performance reasons. Such instances include seasonal downsizings and mass lay-offs. Additionally, the single parent must be able to find employment and must be actively looking.

Family Supplement

This grant is an extra that can be used to support EI, with as much as 80% of the EI’s value. However, qualifying for the family supplement scheme requires a single parent’s net income to be below a predetermined amount.

Canada Child Benefit (CCB)

This is a tax-free monthly payment that’s delivered from the Canada Revenue Agency to help single parents in raising their children. The Canada Child Benefit is for single parents with children that are younger than 18. The amount given for this payment is dependent on some factors, such as:

  • The number of children under that single parent
  • The present financial situation of that parent
  • The province of that parent

Canada Education Savings Grant (CESG)

Every single parent wants their kids to go to school and even pursue higher education in the university when they’re done. Unfortunately, there’s a sharp spike in the cost of education for students in Universities and other higher institutions of learning. This makes it impossible for many single parents to pay for their kid’s higher education on their meagre savings.

The CESG was instituted to supplement a single parent’s savings and reduce the need for single-parent loans. This grant works together with the Registered Education Savings Plan (RESP).

The RESP allows relatives, parents, and other interested individuals to contribute to a child’s education. Parents can save up to $50,000 on a single child, while the savings themselves can also be spent tax-free.

The CESG offers 10% or 20% of the total amount a parent saves for their ward yearly. To put it another way, they add 20 cents for every dollar that a person puts into the RESP. However, the grant can never go above $500 per child.

Canada Learning Bond

Unlike the CESG, which requires you to already own funds in your ward’s RESG, this grant targets parents without any investments. The Canada Learning Bond deposits $500 into that RESG for the first instance. After which, $100 will be deposited every year until that child is up to 15.

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Provincial Benefits

Just like the CCB, the location or province of a single parent could contain other government-sponsored forms of financial assistance. An example of such a benefit is British Columbia’s BC Early Childhood Tax benefit for all families raising kids under 6.

Credit Union Loans and Bank Loans

Personal banks and other financial institutions make up some of the easily accessible sources of loans for single parents. Visiting your personal bank or your credit card issuer is much safer than looking for a loan organization. The lengthy payment terms, low-interest rates, and huge loans offered by such organizations are additional advantages.

In spite of all these benefits, however, this option is rather unpopular because of its strict requirements. Most credit unions and banks come with strict borrowing guidelines, most of which these single parents cannot fulfill.

Pros of Bank and Credit Union Loans

  • As registered and government-regulated institutions, they offer more security compared to other sources of single-parent loans.
  • They offer low-interest loans.
  • Single parents can receive large loan offers from these institutions.
  • They offer long-repayment times for single parents.

Cons of Bank and Credit Union Loans

  • Their loan approval process is very strict.

Supplementary Loan Sources

These alternative loan sources are some of the most popular institutions for single-parent loans. That’s because most single dads and single moms would find it difficult to fulfil a bank’s requirements. Although government assistance is free, in most cases, it’s not enough.

These supplementary loan sources make it very easy for single-parent loans to be given. Most of their application processes are straightforward, and they’re available online. Their approval times are much faster as well.

Pros of Supplementary Loan Sources

  • Their requirements are laxer compared to bank or credit card loans.
  • Single parents can complete the application process for these loans online.
  • The loan application can be completed and approved within minutes.

Cons of Supplementary Loan Sources

  • The available loans are usually short-term loans with high interest.
  • These institutions usually lend out a small amount as a loan.
  • It’s easy to get scammed since some of these institutions are not regulated by the government.

There are many loans that single parents can get from alternative sources, and they include:

No Credit Check Loans

Like you’d guess from the name, this loan is given out without a preliminary check of your credit score. Most times, this loan is given based on the absence of unpaid loans and the income of the single mom or dad.

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Bad Credit Loans

One of the most important factors that can decide whether or not you receive a loan is your credit score. Canadians who have used credit cards or borrowed money of any type have a credit score. Your credit score is an analysis of your degree of creditworthiness.

It shows if you’re someone that pays back loans on time or someone that owes a lot. This would affect the probability of a loan institution granting your loan request. No loan facility would like to be owed money, so these institutions usually avoid those with bad credit scores.

You can use the guide below to determine the creditworthiness of an individual:

Credit ScoreAnalysis
300 to 629This is a bad credit score; banks and credit card organizations would never give this individual a loan
630 to 689This is a fair credit score. Many financial institutions would see such individuals as low-risk borrowers.
690 to 719This is a good credit score, and it marks the range from which many lenders accept loan requests.
720 to 850This is an excellent credit score. You’ll find it easy to collect loans from credit institutions as long as your credit is this good.

Although most credit organizations would avoid those with bad credit, there are some organizations that accept their requests. Such organizations are known as Bad Credit Lenders. The requirements for getting their loans are decided by other factors apart from credit scores.

Personal Loans

These are one of the most basic forms of loans for single parents. Here, the single mom/dad accepts a lump sum of money while they pay it back in installments. Personal loans are one of the easiest loans to collect and they’re a good alternative to normal bank loans.

Canada Child Benefit (CCB) Loans

Most loans would require a form of collateral from an individual before they’re given out. A number of single parents have been denied loans because they can’t produce significant collateral for their loans.

However, there are some loans for single parents that can allow you to use your CCB as collateral. They’ll register your CCB as a form of income that would qualify you for a loan from them.

Payday Loans

Among the loans for single parents, payday loans are one of the most popular. That’s because many single parents collect loans based on the fact that they’ll be paid a salary later on. So, they believe that they’ll be able to settle their loans without scruples when the time comes.

Hence, payday loans are very easy to collect, with few requirements needed for a single parent to get approved. These loans are usually short-term, with some of them lasting just 14 days. In most cases, these loans come with high-interest rates that are paired with harsh penalties for defaulting a monthly payment.

Requirements for Getting a Loan Approved

Getting a loan approved involves passing the requirements that the borrowers require from their customers. These requirements determine the type of loan you’ll be eligible for, the length of the loan, and its interest. Even though most loans have some special needs, all lenders take a look at a few standard standards, which include:

Employment Status

Loan companies are only eager to provide loans to people that’ll be able to pay them back. As such, they always look at the employment status of that individual and the pay from that job. This is one of the biggest indicators of an ability to pay back the loan.

A Suitable Credit Score

Credit Scores above 690 are more likely to get a loan, although some organizations still consider those above 630 as well. Hence, if you’ve got a good credit score, the chances of you getting your loan approved are very high.

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A loan provider finds it extremely challenging to help single parents who still owe money. No one would trust an individual that still owes someone else to pay them, right?

It is advisable to pay off all existing bills if you want to improve your chances of getting your loan approved. If you can’t settle all your debts, try to settle most of them, as it will increase your chances.

Available Assets

When you cannot settle your debts, most loan companies liquidate (sell) your collateral to make up for it. As such, collateral is another factor that they consider before approving a loan. The loan companies will look at your house, the cost of your car, check if you’ve got any valuables, etc.

Household Income

This is another major determinant of getting a loan approved since it also indicates an individual’s capacity to pay back. Besides the fact that you’ve got a job, your monthly or weekly income will also decide how much you’ll get. That’s why it’s almost impossible for someone that earns $200 monthly to get a $2000 loan approved.

How to Improve Your Credit Score

A good credit score is one of the determinants of successfully getting a loan. Even when a single parent fulfills other requirements for getting a loan, a bad credit score can become a huge disadvantage. Hence, it’s best to always keep a good credit score.

The guide below contains tips that can help you improve your bad credit score or maintain a good one:

Pay Back All Loans on Time

Quick payment of loans has one of the biggest effects on a credit score. It doesn’t matter if it’s a personal loan, a payday loan, a phone bill, or even a water bill. Regardless of the type of loan, paying them early improves your credit score.

Apply for a Loan Only When Necessary

Many people might not know this, but applying for multiple loans in a short period can affect your credit score. The best course of action here is moderation and only seeking loans when it’s absolutely necessary.

Never Go above the Limit of Your Credit Card

Owning a credit card allows single parents to spend money that they don’t have before paying for it later. All credit cards have a limit that the owners are not expected to go above when spending. Unfortunately, many people always spend more than this limit when a need pushes them.

Be Aware of Your Credit Score

This point is very important for those that might have bad credit scores. That’s because the first step in improving a bad credit score is to know what that score is. Hence, you’ll need to get a credit report from your Credit Bureau.

The Canadian government wishes to help its citizens improve their credit scores and have good credit. To this effect, Canadians can apply for a credit report for free as many times as they want. They only need to express their intentions via writing and do so a week early.

When single parents are aware of their credit score, they’ll be conscious of their financial situation. This would also help them to determine the plans that they’ll need to make for a good credit score.

How to Secure a Loan with Good Interest Rates

Lots of single parents have lost their livelihoods due to accepting loans with high-interest rates. While this also occurs as a result of being left with no choice, it usually happens due to ignorance. Many single parents are unaware of how to get loans with good interest rates.

Nevertheless, if you want to get the best interest rate for your single-parent loan, you can use this guide:

Improve Your Financial Situation

A strong loan application (with a good interest rate) is supported by a strong financial situation. Taking care of kids, providing for them, and providing for a home can be hard. However, financial institutions only consider your capability to pay them back, even when they want to help you.

To this effect, you can make your financial situation stronger by getting some savings in your bank account. If your paycheck is low, you can improve it by considering a part-time job.

Go for a Secured Loan

While many single parents are unaware of this, secured loans offer some of the best interest rates around. When you offer an asset like your home as collateral, you’re more likely to get a good interest for your loan.

However, you should take note that secured loans are a huge risk. If you’re unable to pay back on time, you’ll lose the collateral you offered.

how to improve your credit score 2 - comparewise

Research and Compare Various Loan Institutions

Although there are thousands of loan companies across Canada, most single parents are only aware of a few. These companies offer a wide variety of loans, many of which compare with varying interest rates. Since 90% of all major 21st-century businesses own a website, you can do your research online.

Get a Cosigner

If it looks like your financial situation cannot allow you to get a good loan, you should get help. Help, in this case, refers to a cosigner, someone who’ll accept the loan together with you. Consigners typically have credit scores higher than yours, which increases the likelihood that your loan application will be approved.

A consignor will make more suitable loan offers available and also increase your chances of getting better interest. In a scenario where you can’t complete the repayment of the loan, the consignor will have to help out.

Factors to Consider in Getting a Good Loan

The inability to choose a quality loan has destroyed the lives of numerous single parents in Canada. It’s advisable to take into account the following criteria to aid with your search for a good loan

Interest Rate

Most single-parent loans come with different interest rates, even when it’s the same type of loan. That’s because many loan companies offer varying interest rates for their loans. So, you must conduct extensive studies to see whether you can obtain a good loan with a reasonable interest rate.

Repayment Period

Loans for single parents can be paid back weekly, bi-weekly, monthly, or even in one lump sum. It’s all dependent on the borrower and the terms that were agreed upon. Therefore, you need to choose a loan that gives you ample time to pay it back.

Loan Restrictions

While some people are unaware of it but loans do come with restrictions. Some loans require you to use the borrowed funds for ventures that they approve of. Others require you to remain in your locality when you receive your loan.

You should take into account each of these things before applying for a single-parent loan.

Speed of receiving the funds

Although some loans are received within the hour of being approved, others may require you to wait a day. This is worth considering when you want to use your loan to settle an emergency.

Loan Companies for Single Parents

To get a good loan, a good interest rate, and an overall hassle-free borrowing experience, you need a good loan company. Normally, this would mean lots of research, but we have compiled a few loan companies you can try below.

Canadian Imperial Bank of Commerce (CIBC)

This North American financial company aims to provide a high-quality client experience through its loan services. CIBC aims to be a relationship-ship-based financial institution that offers modern services.


  • Alongside their loan services, CIBC offers mortgage services, insurance, investment services, and card services.
  • They offer personal loans and car loans for single parents.
  • Single Parents can borrow up to $10, 000 which is given with either fixed interest rates or variable interest rates.
  • Personal loans can be stretched over five years and paid back on a weekly, bi-weekly, and monthly basis.
  • CIBC offers a cash management service that offers customers insight into their accounting records and their payments.
  • CIBC service areas include Quebec, British Columbia, Ontario, New Brunswick, and Toronto.


CIBC is a good financial institution for single parents who are considering huge loans. Their repayment periods are also flexible and extended over a large period allowing single parents to lay back with ease.


This company offers loans to single parents that might have been rejected by other financial companies. LendingMate has made it easy for single parents to get loans even when they’re unemployed or they’ve got bad credit. They allow customers to provide guarantors for their loans, which helps their no credit-check policy.


  • LendingMate has a 95% approval rate for all loan applications.
  • They approve loans to single parents with bad credit scores.
  • They don’t charge for early repayments or late repayments.
  • They offer unsecured guarantor loans, which allow single parents with guarantors to secure loans without depositing collateral.
  • Single parents can make their loan applications online and get loans of up to $10,000 approved within 24 hours.
  • Although they also approve of unemployed single parents, a source of income is required, even if it’s government aid.
  • Their loan repayment period can be stretched over 5 years.


LendingMate is a company that single parents can consider when they’re surviving on government aid. Their loans are also available to those with bad credit as long as they’ve got a guarantor.

Kingsmen Capital Investments

Kingsmen Capital Investments is a Canadian company that provides a variety of financial solutions for individuals, which includes single parents. Single parents can benefit from their unsecured loans, which are created for homeowners.


  • Single parents can acquire loans from a range of $10,000 to $100,000 with interest from 19.99% to 29.99%.
  • Single-parent loans can be processed and approved within 24 hours.
  • Loans are approved without appraisals or legal fees.
  • They offer flexible repayment schedules for their loans which can be weekly, bi-weekly, or monthly.
  • The repayment period for a loan can be stretched over 5 years.
  • Service areas for Kingsmen Capital Investments include Ontario, British Columbia, Yukon, Alberta, and Nova Scotia.


Kingsmen Capital Investments is a great loan company for single parents since it offers a large loan amount. However, their selection criteria require those single parents to be homeowners. They’re also required to have stable employment of at least 3 months and a credit score of at least 600.

Loans for Single Parents: Final Thoughts

When it comes to caring for their children and themselves, single mothers and single fathers do not have it easy. Therefore the Canadian government provided them with many channels from which they could receive aid. As long as they fulfill the required criteria, all government-funded aid is available.

Alongside government aid, loans for single parents can be gotten from banks, credit card unions, and other sources. Although they are not free like government aid, they do provide relief when in a pinch. Apart from bank and credit union loans, other loan companies offer straightforward loan approval processes.

You will discover that there are many possibilities available to you as single parents if you go through this guide.

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FAQs about Loans for Single Parents

Can I Go for a Loan Even When I Am Receiving Government Aid?

Yes, you are free to apply for a loan even when you are already receiving government aid. In fact, most single parents do, as government aid is not always enough.

Can I Apply for Multiple Loans at Once?

Although it's not advisable, you can apply for multiple loans at once. This is because it may negatively impact your credit score and your ability to obtain future loans.

Does Being a Single Parent Affect My Chances of Getting a Loan?

Being a single parent will not affect your chances of getting loans for single parents because most loans do not consider marital status. The ultimate deciding factor lies in your capacity to pay back the offered loan.

Are Single Parents with No Income Eligible for Loans?

Single parents can be eligible for loans, even when they have no income. In such cases, the single parent can use their Canada Child Benefit as collateral or they could get a cosigner. However, this condition is only accepted by a few loan companies.

Is It Possible to Get a Loan with Bad Credit?

It is possible to get a loan approved, even when you have bad credit. Such loans are referred to as ‘Bad Credit Loans.’ However, a bad credit loan would come with higher interest rates than normal loans.

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