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Mortgage In Quebec

You don’t have to live in the biggest city in Canada before considering owning a home at some point in your life. A reasonable percentage of Quebecers would entertain the thought of utilizing mortgages in Quebec as a finance source. Many have become successful homeowners through mortgaging by doing the right research and following up accordingly.

Mortgages in Quebec are home-financing agreements between borrowers and lenders on certain terms, conditions, and rates. Some lenders abound, making it necessary for a borrower to compare lenders and their offers before committing to one. There are certain requirements to qualify for a Quebec mortgage, which may vary from one lender to another. 

Before deciding to secure a Quebec mortgage, it is not uncommon to have some questions for a guide. Questions like: What are the requirements to get mortgages in Quebec? What are the factors to consider before getting a mortgage? Where can I get a Quebec mortgage? This is the best spot to have the right information that satisfies all your concerns.

quebec mortgage - comparewise

Where to Get Mortgages in Quebec

There are so many lenders out there with different processes, requirements, terms, and conditions. Comparing lenders of a Quebec mortgage can be quite challenging, especially if it isn’t clear what the lenders are about. Do not worry; we have done the work for you by compiling a comprehensive list of trusted institutions that give mortgages in Quebec:


Tangerine started operating as ING Direct Canada before the mid of 1997. It was bought by Scotiabank as a subsidiary toward the end of 2022.

It is an internet-based banking institution that offers financial-based services with no bank charges. Tangerine is focused on the provision of modest and friendly banking services to Quebecers and all Canadians.

Canadians have a range of finance-based offers to enjoy from them. Their services range from savings accounts, credit cards, and cheques as spending alternatives, investment banking, and commercial saving-account to providing mortgages. Getting a Quebec mortgage is one of the top offers by Tangerine.



Find below some features offered by Tangerine with regards to offering mortgages in Quebec and to all other regions in Canada:

  • Offers a home equity line of credit
  • It allows borrowers to get a line of credit with a friendly interest rate within the range of 2.60% and 0.10%.
  • The interest rate is below tangerine prime, after which the offered home equity can then be put to use.
  • The mortgage option to finance your home will need to fund (upfront) within a hundred and twenty (120) days from your application submission.
  • Assignment of a mortgage manager to help guide and ease the process.
  • Allows up to 25% prepayment of the capital mortgage amount.
  • Permits up to a 25% increase of the regular payment plan.
  • Change of location does not affect the mortgage rate, term, and amount.
  • There is room to skip a payment.


  • Offers great mortgage upfront rate, holdable for a hundred and twenty (120) days.
  • Right after application, a mortgage account manager is assigned to offer support all through the journey.
  • There is no penalty for changing location.
  • The payment options are flexible and friendly.


  • The status of new mortgages is collateral charged. This makes it expensive to switch lenders.


Meridian is an Ontario-based credit institution that offers trusted financial services and from business-related to personal bank and financial counselling. Since its inception, it has not relented in its effort to find ways to continuously serve Canadians better. It is one of the lenders to consider when comparing options for mortgages in Quebec.

Aside from mortgage cash services, they also give expert advice on mortgaging to buy a house, invest in one, or change home.


  • Provides an avenue to pay up to 20% of the mortgage amount yearly.
  • Offer flexible payment options.
  • Borrowers are allowed to skip a payment if the need arises.
  • It gives a cashback of 5% from the mortgage capital.
  • There are mortgage options for borrowers to choose from


  • The offer featured rates for different plans.
  • It has different options for the borrowers to choose from.
  • Borrowers are at liberty to skip payment one month in twelve months.
  • Interswitch between plans without consequences.
  • Due to the featured rates applying to many of their plans, the mortgage rates are low.
  • Provision for 20% payment of the capital amount.
  • The mortgage is protected under their insurance scheme.


  • Not every borrower is eligible for the skip-a-payment benefit.
  • Their offer doesn’t cover everywhere in Canada.


The Canadian Imperial Bank of Commerce, popularly known as CIBC, is the product of an amalgamation of the Imperial Bank of Canada and the Canadian Bank of Commerce. It is a financial institution that is committed to offering a positive customer experience in its financial concerns.

They provide financial services such as insurance, lines of credit, mortgages, and more. They have a first-timers scheme to provide helpful information and tools to guide the purchase of a home. The bank renders different forms of mortgages such as Cash-back, Wealth Builder, and Home Power.

cibc mobile app - comparewise


  • Provision of guidance in the case of buying a home or investing in more properties through their first-timer service
  • Detailed information on the mortgage renewal date and required documentation through a mortgage renewal service.
  • Flexible options of mortgage rate and terms to choose from through their mortgage switch feature.
  • Home energy savings are accessible.
  • Via the mortgage services, there is a liberty to unlock home equity
  • It features a prepayment increment of 100%.
  • It has mortgage offers for non-resident and new residents without a credit history.


  • A fixed-interest-rate mortgage lets you know exactly what you are up to paying.
  • It has branches in several regions in Canada; hence, a physical meeting is an easy option if the need arises.
  • Borrowers have more than one option of rate and terms to choose from.
  • CIBC offers different specialties of mortgages in Quebec and other regions in Canada.


  • CIBC is a big bank, and big banks often offer higher rates than their not-so-big counterparts.
  • Ridiculous charges of Interest Rate Differential (IRD) as a prepayment penalty for prepaying more than the agreed amount.
  • Big banks like CIBC tend to sell only owned mortgages which could be limited in options for the borrowers.

Smarter Loans

Launched in 2016, Smarter Loans is a financial institution that is fast becoming one of the most notable companies in the fintech space. Its mission is to create a pleasant experience for Canadians, which includes the provision of mortgages in Quebec.

They render financial services in a simple, convenient, and efficient manner. This financial institution provides funding for businesses, mortgages, personal, healthcare, and equipment needs.


  • Experts reviewed mortgage loans.
  • Great mortgage partners that approve applications easily.
  • Partnership with other financial companies that offer affordable mortgage rates.
  • They provide residential, home equity, refinancing, commercial, and home renovation loans.


  • It is a focal point for loan accessibility by anyone in Canada.
  • Application is quick and easy.
  • It is accessible only by anyone that has Internet connectivity.
  • An active social media presence that makes customers feel at home and easy to reach.


  • Physical meet up with customers across Canada are not as easy as with CIBC
  • Most of its services are rendered via partnerships.

Simplii Financial

Simplii is a digital banking company ensuring its customers get the best financial solutions. They were the most awarded digital bank for being recognized in four categories during the 2021 Ipsos Financial Service Excellence Awards.

 It provides financial services, including account services, cash-back without yearly charges, loan services, and mortgages. One of their selling points is its flexible rate of mortgages where a Quebec mortgage can be gotten.

It has the backing of a big bank that has over a century of experience in the banking sector, CIBC. No wonder their customers have exponentially increased in number.

simplii financial desktop view - comparewise


  • Competitive loan rates.
  • A committed mortgage specialist to help discuss your application and guide you all through the process.
  • Easy to access banking platform.
  • Offers fixed-rate mortgages at a special rate of 5.29%, and a high ratio rate of 5.24% for 5 years.
  • Provision of a variable-rate mortgage of high-ratio rate, and a special rate of 4.35% for a 5 years term.
  • Refinancing or renewal of mortgages comes with flexible rates and payment plans.
  • Backed by CIBC, customers are granted access to about 3500 automated teller machines (ATM) across Canada.
  • Unlimited daily withdrawals, bill payments, or debit purchases.
  • It has a referral bonus of $50 when a client refers others to sign up.
  • Cash back upon everyday transactions like buying groceries, visiting a restaurant, etc., is guaranteed.
  • Their loan feature covers personal loans, lines of credit (secured), business loans, and more.
  • An option of a convenient premium payment plan.


  • The Interac debit transactions are unlimited using lines of credit
  • Has creditor insurance that protects against unforeseen circumstances.
  • It has fixed-rate mortgages and flexible options of payment.
  • Three more cardholders can be added to the cash bash visa card to get cash back quickly.
  • It facilitates a US dollar savings account for those seeking maximum benefits.
  • It has the backing of a big bank that also offers access to ATMs in many locations in Canada.
  • The student banking benefits are still enjoyable after graduation.
  • Longer-term guarantee.


  • Physical branches are not available if you desire a physical meetup.
  • While Simplii has good loan rates, the interest rate for customers operating savings accounts is not as great.


This is a Canadian-based mortgage broker that provides mortgages in Quebec and other regions. Nesto is supported by advanced technologies that help facilitate its mission to quench the home thirst of Canadians. They do this by acting as an intermediary between borrowers and reputable mortgage lenders. 

Its mortgage offers include refinancing and renewal of mortgages, as well as first mortgages. They offer friendly rates mortgages and are very supportive of their customers.


  • They offer low-rate mortgages.
  • Nesto has a team of mortgage experts that give objective advice to their customers on mortgage matters.
  • A product selector service for new mortgages.
  • A renewable mortgage after the end of the mortgage terms.
  • Refinance benefits from a negotiated low rate with lenders.
  • A ton of resources, such as a free mortgage calculator, on their website.
nesto desktop - comparewise


  • They do the bulk of the work, hence, making the mortgaging process easy for borrowers.
  • One of the best mortgage brokers offering low rates.
  • Often renders free service to mortgage seekers.
  • Provides expert consultation services to help make great mortgage choices.
  • No matches or beat rates that are presented better than theirs. Worst case scenario, they will give a bonus of $500 to help customers save money.
  • Tools on their website, like informational posts and mortgage calculators, help buyers make optimized decisions.


  • There is a possibility of misalignment between estimates and the final offer.
  • You may be limited to the option of lenders, as some do not work with mortgage brokers.
  • The pressure to please all the stakeholders is high, as they are not working for just the buyers but also lenders or banks.

Source Capital

Source Capital is a mortgage broker in Canada. With access to several lenders, this Canadian company provides Quebec mortgages such as new mortgages, refinancing, and renewal of mortgages. They also offer home equity loans and consolidation mortgages.


  • A 5% down mortgage offer for clients with high credit scores.
  • Team of experts to help customers with weak credit scores and low income.
  • Lower rates benefit through the mortgage refinance option.
  • Competitive options and mortgage rates for customers eligible to renew their mortgages.
  • Access to lending partners ranging from credit unions to banks and other financial bodies.
  • Consolidation mortgage services.
  • Referral scheme that gives a bonus of $500 once the referred customer closes a mortgage deal with Source Capital.
  • Source capital provides mortgages in Quebec and other places through Home Equity Loans. 


  • The application process is simple.
  • Access to a large network of lenders.
  • Quality and free services to clients.
  • They have a varied specialty in mortgages.
  • The application process is online, hence accessible to many Canadians.
  • Mortgage specialists to help clients make informed decisions;


  • Source capital is not yet reviewed by many customers like its counterparts.
  • They provide mortgage solutions and not actual mortgage products.


This is a Canada-based company that provides digital mortgage solutions to help borrowers maximize their money and time. They render mortgages in Quebec and every other home buyer in Canada. It is a safe mortgage broker to use as they are licensed by the FSRA.

Homewise is your best bet for purchasing a home with a Quebec mortgage when faced with overwhelming options of lenders. The process is so easy and efficient that within a short while, Canadians get the best mortgage.


  • Several options for new home purchasers
  • Partnered with over 30 reputable lenders like credit unions, banks, and other financial institutions.
  • Divers mortgage services.
  • Unbiased recommendations for clients.
  • Mortgage pre-approval gives clients more profound insight into the type of house they can buy.
  • Mortgage refinancing service allows borrowers who want to take a new mortgage or change lenders to do so.
  • A reverse mortgage service accepts an asset’s monetary value for debt settlements.


  • Partnership with over 30 reputable lenders such as Scotia bank, Home Trust, and more.
  • It saves time client’s time by handling the comparison of different lenders.
  • They are likely to negotiate better with lenders and hence, help clients save money.
  • The mortgage services are rendered for free. The lender you close a mortgage deal with will pay them for the referral. 
  • A simple and easy application process that can be done in a few minutes and within the comfort of your home.
  • Assignment of mortgage consultants.
  • There are different types of mortgages to choose from


  • No physical meeting with your advisor to discuss your Quebec mortgage options and terms.
  • Lenders are limited to those they partner with. They can’t intermediate between you and unpartnered lenders.
  • Information on mortgage rates is not available until 72 hours after filling out your application.
  • At the time of writing this, they cannot work in Quebec because of their license. They offer mortgages in Quebec via co-broker partners.
quebec home insurance - comparewise

Requirements to Get Mortgages in Quebec

Regardless of the type of house you want to buy in Quebec, lots of funds will go into actualizing that dream. Opting for a mortgage as a source for a home purchase is a huge financial commitment, and a Quebec mortgage is no different.

There are different lenders to choose from, as well as peculiar terms and rates. Overall, there are certain requirements to get mortgages in Quebec. The question ‘what are the requirements to apply for a Quebec mortgage?’ is answered below:

Residential Status

The requirements to qualify for mortgages vary for the different residential statuses of Quebecers. Generally, this status includes new immigrants, permanent residents, and non-permanent residents.

Mortgages essentials as applicable to those categories are explained below:

New Immigrants

There is a notion that new immigrants to Canada don’t qualify for mortgages. Well, this is not true. Depending on the residential status, New immigrants who qualify for mortgages are granted them. The requirement varies between permanent and non-permanent new residents.

Permanent Residents 

This category of residents has access to a wide range of mortgage services. With a good credit score, they could access a standard mortgage package. We are talking about a credit score of 680+ in this case. However, a new permanent resident with a lower credit rating can still apply for a mortgage through the newcomer to Canada scheme.

Additionally, regardless of the credit rating, a 5% minimum of the principal mortgage amount is required as a down payment. Mortgage loan insurance is a necessity for borrowers paying below 20% of the cost price.

Non-Permanent Residents

Non-permanent residents have specific requirements to qualify for mortgages in Quebec. Some of these requirements (but not limited to) are:

  • Legal authorization to work
  • Buy a home for residential purpose
  • Make a down payment of at least 10%.

Summarily, a non-permanent resident cannot qualify for a Quebec mortgage with a poor rating and without a minimum deposit of 10%.


Proper documentation is an integral aspect of the application process for mortgages in Quebec. Most of these documents are required by lenders to the ability and inability to pay back without hassle.

There are five major requirements for adequate documentation. Nevertheless, some lenders may request additional documents for more information and effective profiling. The major documents are:

Income Documents

These documents are required to verify your employment status, history, and income. They are needed as backup and proof of your financial claims. Not limited to this list are:

  • Notice of Assessment (NOA)
  • T1, T4, and T4A tax forms
  • Pay stubs
  • Offer letter
  • Proof of personal tax returns for three years (for the self-employed borrowers)
  • Business license or proof of incorporation (for self-employed borrowers)

Personal Account Documents

This category of documents gives lenders insight into your financial information and ratings. They are:

  • Credit report.
  • Bank statements
  • Assets or investments report
  • Pre-approval letter (if any)
  • And other personal finance documents the lender may require of you.

Advance Deposit Documents

These documents contain the details of your advance payment (deposit). They are:

  • Withdrawal from a Registered Retirement Savings Plan (RRSP) by whom it may concern.
  • Agreement of property purchase and sale.
  • Saving and investment report within the previous 90 days.
  • A signed gift letter, if any.

Property Documents

Here goes one of the property documents to note while researching ‘what do I need to get mortgages in Quebec?’:

  • The legal address of the property.
  • Proof of property value.
  • Well and septic certificates (applicable to rural assets).
  • A report of MLS (multiple listing service).
  • And details of other properties you already own.

Factors to Consider Before Getting Mortgages in Quebec

In addition to having the required documents to qualify for a Quebec mortgage, there are some factors to carefully ponder. This consideration is necessary for not just short-term success but long term. These factors include:

Loan-to-Value Ratio

The amount of your upfront payment against the value of the property. A higher deposit and low loan are more rewarding to the borrower. The risk involved is lower, and the interest rate is lower.

Type of Mortgage

Mortgages exist in fixed, variable, offset, and tracker rates. Consider the long-term effect of all the choices before settling on one.

Credit Rating

Check to know the rating of your credit. It’s what many lenders use to adjudge your trustworthiness with the loan.

Interest Rates

Compare the offer and interest rates of different lenders to know which best serves your purpose.

House Construction Standard

Consider the construction standard of the new home: many home buyers don’t give much attention to this, but some lenders won’t give a mortgage for non-standard construction homes.

Final Thoughts on a Mortgage in Quebec

Mortgages in Quebec are viable options for your home purchase, but compare the offers of reputable lenders before committing to one. The lenders discussed here are reputable and worth considering for your Quebec mortgage quest. However, it is essential to understand their requirements and offers to know which is the best fit for your needs.

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FAQs about Mortgages in Quebec

Can I get a Quebec mortgage approved before I find a house to buy?

Yes, you can. Many lenders will approve mortgage applications before the borrower finds a property of interest. Nevertheless, it is advisable to be serious about getting a house in less than four months, or else you risk hurting your credit score.

How much mortgage can I get?

There is no fixed borrowable amount as this is dependent on certain requirements and background checks by the lenders. Some of the requirements include credit score, account history, residential status, and employment details. The requirement analytics may vary from one lender to another.

Can mortgages be approved for a house renovation?

Yes, you can get a mortgage for renovating a home. This can be done by refinancing the current mortgage or taking a HomeStyle Renovation mortgage. It means the home renovation mortgage can be a part of your existing mortgage or a different loan.

Which is better: a fixed-rate or variable mortgage?

There is no one-size-fits-all when choosing between a fixed and variable mortgage rate. Weight the impact of the options and choose which best suits your situation. However, there is a common understanding that a variable-rate mortgage is better in the long run.

How much do mortgage brokers charge for their services?

Mortgage brokers provide no-cost services to customers. They are focused on serving clients convincingly to reach the point of sealing a deal with their partners. Although, a procurement fee or commission is given to them by the lender for a successful referral.

What is cashback in mortgaging terms?

Cashback as a mortgage term is like a discount of a certain amount a lender gives for useful projects like renovation. It is given to a borrower by a lender upon completing the payment terms.

What is a mortgage broker?

A mortgage broker is an intermediary or link between lenders and borrowers of mortgages. They partner with institutions that render mortgage services, such as banks, credit unions, and other financial institutions.

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