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#1 Choice
$100 - $1,500
Loan Amount
APR Range
  • Get instant cash approval
  • Funds provided in 24 hours
  • Occasional cashback promos
Pros & Cons
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Friendly Lender

$100 - $1,000
Loan Amount
29.99% - 46.96%
APR Range
  • Funded in as little as 24 hours
  • E-transfer loan payments
  • Completely paperless process
Pros & Cons
Extra Details
Best Value
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Spring Financial

$500 - $35,000
Loan Amount
9.99% - 46.96%
APR Range
  • Pay back anytime with no fees
  • Funds e-transfered the same day
  • Bi-weekly or monthly repayments
Pros & Cons
Extra Details
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Smarter Loans

$500 - $50,000
Loan Amount
9.99% - 46.96%
APR Range
  • Find reputable Canadian lenders
  • Apply in 30 seconds
  • Safe & secure online process
Pros & Cons
Extra Details
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SkyCap Financial

$500 - $10,000
Loan Amount
12.99% - 39.99%
APR Range
  • 600+ credit score required
  • Affordable Payments
  • Quick and Easy Online Process
Pros & Cons
Extra Details
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Loans Canada

$500 - $50,000
Loan Amount
9.99% - 46.96%
APR Range
  • Find reputable Canadian lenders
  • 3 – 60 month terms
  • For residents of Canada
Pros & Cons
Extra Details
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$500 - $50,000
Loan Amount
8.00% - 46.96%
APR Range
  • Find reputable Canadian lenders
  • 6 – 60 month terms
  • For residents of Canada
Pros & Cons
Extra Details
$500 - $35,000
Loan Amount
29.99% - 49.96%
APR Range
  • Funded in as little as 24 hours
  • For residents of Canada
  • 12 – 60 months terms
Pros & Cons
Extra Details
Apply Now

Consolidated Credit

$5,000 - $50,000
Loan Amount
APR Range
  • No credit score required
  • For residents of Canada
  • 6 - 60 month terms
Pros & Cons
Extra Details
Apply Now

Consolidated Credit Canada

$5,000 - $50,000
Loan Amount
APR Range
  • No credit score required
  • For residents of Canada
  • 12 - 60 months terms
Pros & Cons
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Online Loan

An online loan is a quick and convenient way for Canadians to obtain funding for unanticipated expenses, vehicle repairs, business investments, or a vacation. Online loans are rapidly gaining popularity as a source of finance in Canada.

It is simple to obtain approval. You are not required to go queue up or complete mountains of paperwork. After completing a simple online application, you may typically receive the cash you need within a few days, put directly into your bank account.

Take some time to learn what “easy online loan” means, what it is, how you may profit from it, and how it operates before determining if an online loan is good for you.

online loan rates - comparewise

What is an Online Loan?

 Online loans are essentially money borrowed through the Internet. Yes, online loans are intended to be applied for online. They are just loans that are obtained online at your convenience rather than in person from a traditional financial institution.

 This does not mean that these physical financial institutions do not provide internet loans. According to our lexicon, an online lender is defined as:

An Overview Of Canada’s Easy Online Loans

Easy loans provide Canadians with quick access to cash of up to $1,500, which is often payable on the day of their next paycheck.

 The application procedure for conventional bank loans is typically arduous and time-consuming, and may require travel to an office with a mountain of paperwork to sign.

In the past, it was hard for people to get loans from banks because the approval process took a long time and there was a chance they would be turned down.

 Thankfully, banks are no longer the sole option for personal loans, especially if you desire superior service and a straightforward application procedure.

Private lenders offering straightforward direct loans to clients online are quickly becoming the norm for the majority of Canadians.

no credit check loan - personal loans with no credit check - comparewise

Features of an Online Loan

What constitutes a “simple, easy loan” will inevitably be subjective, based on the customer’s past experiences, preferences, and expectations regarding the lending procedure.

The majority of people would agree that a loan that is simple and quick to apply for should contain the following characteristics:

  •  There are no actual documents or documentation involved.
  •  There is no stringent requirements for collateral to secure a loan.
  •  Simple and basic requirements for qualifying
  •  Transparent and straightforward loan arrangement.
  •  Possibility of acceptance regardless of credit score
  •  24/7 customer service and support.
  •  Flexible repayment alternatives are available.

Uses of Online Loan

One of the advantages of cheap personal loans is that there are no restrictions or regulations for how the money may be used. When you need cash quickly, for whatever reason, the best option may be an instant loan. Here are some of the most common applications:

  1. Auto repairs
  2. Emergencies at home
  3. Replacing a malfunctioning household appliance
  4. Contributing to educational costs
  5. Managing until the next paycheck,
  6. Emergency dental work
  7. Veterinary bills

Top Ten Easy Online Loan Providers in Canada

If you want to get an online loan in Canada and you want to know the online loan provider, check out our list below. We have listed the top 10 easy online loan providers in Canada for you.

 1. Loans Canada

 Loans Canada is a well-known online resource for locating all types of loans in Canada, including bad credit-loans, as well as debt consolidation loans, and auto loans.

After submitting an online application, they will bring you the finest loan options from their large network of lenders.

There are loan options for all credit ratings, and you may obtain financing within a day.Personal Loans Canada are the best for those with poor credit.

2. LoanConnect

 This powerful loan search engine streamlines the online loan application procedure. The maximum loan amount is $50,000. Preapprovals take five minutes, and same-day funding is a possibility.

 Loan Connect collaborates with several lenders so that you may quickly choose one that matches your demands.

 LoanConnect Personal Loan is the premier site for evaluating loan possibilities.

guarantor loan rates - comparewise

3. LendingMate

 LendingMate offers online loans of up to $10,000 with simple approval. This loan is a guarantor loan, thus you are required to furnish a cosigner.

 There are virtually no atom of credit checks, so you may apply even if you have terrible credit, and 95% of applicants are approved.

4. Actual Money

You may apply for a Cash Money payday loan of up to $1,500 in-store, online, or over the phone. Your loan is sent to you via e-Transfer within 15 minutes after approval.

Payday loans are costly, and it’s strongly advised that it should only be used as a last resort. Before obtaining a payday loan, consider all available options.

 Cash Money Payday Loans are the best payday loans.

 5. SkyCap Financial

SkyCap Financial offers up to $10,000 in loans to applicants that have a low credit score of 530. To obtain funding, no collateral nor strong credit are required.

SkyCap Financial Personal Loans are ideal for those with fair credit.

6. Loanell Credit

 Borrowell provides loans of up to $35,000 with interest rates as low as 5.6% to Canadians with a minimum credit rating or score of 659. Borrowell’s loan application process includes a free credit score check.

Best for excellent credit: Borrowell Personal Loan

mogo bitcoin 728x90 - comparewise

7. Mogo

 Mogo provides loans ranging from $200 to $35,000 with terms between 6 months and 5 years. Mogo evaluates each application on an individual basis, basing rates on your province of residence, credit score, and credit history.

Mogo Personal Loan is the best for consolidating debts.

8. LendDirect

Typically, LendDirect’s turnaround time for approvals is less than one hour. Immediately your loan application is approved, you will get your cash within 15 minutes by Interac e-Transfer.

The LendDirect Line of Credit is the best for quick approval and funding.

9. Easyfinancial

 Esyfinancial offers secured loans of up to $75,000 if your home equity is used as security.

 The best option for secured (home equity) loans is the easyfinancial secured loan.

 10. Fairstone

With free, no-obligation online quotes that do not affect your credit score, you may qualify for a $25,000 Fairstone unsecured loan.

 Fairstone has an unsecured personal loan that offers the greatest repayment flexibility.

What Online Lenders Offer That Banks Don’t

 In the past decade, the loan and borrowing business has undergone several changes, many of which have been favorable.

Compared to banks, online lenders are relatively recent market entrants, but this does not imply that they lack innovative ideas or have made no contributions to the business.

Easily Accessible

After the financial crisis of 2009, banks and other conventional lenders were more selective about who they lend money to in an effort to avoid another economic collapse.

 Traditional lenders’ conservatism has made it simpler for new lenders to enter the market, which is precisely what internet lenders have done.

Since 2009, the number of internet lenders has increased significantly, making personal unsecured online loans widely available to customers.

 No Stringent Credit Checks

 A rigorous credit inquiry might drastically reduce your credit score. As a significant part of their due diligence, banks and other conventional lenders must perform a rigorous credit check on every loan applicant.

Typically, online lenders do not run a hard credit check; instead, they utilize other information to establish your trustworthiness, therefore protecting your credit score.

 Additionally, since you do not need to worry about rigorous credit checks, you may take your time finding the ideal lender.

employment insurance loan rates - comparewise

 Innovation in the Industry

As a result of the introduction of new lenders to the market, a great deal of creativity and innovation have been introduced to the business.

There have never been more methods to lend and borrow money. Prior to this market shift, acquiring finance from a bank or comparable organization was almost your only choice.

 It is wonderful to know that you are no longer reliant on such a cautious lending organization and have alternative funding possibilities.

 Peer-to-peer lending is a type of innovative lending and borrowing approach. There exists an online lending platform where users may lend money to one another and earn interest.

 Obviously, you must still qualify for this form of loan, but it represents a novel approach to the sector as a whole.

It also inspires others with innovative ideas for the loan and borrowing business, resulting in more beneficial development.

Different Forms of Online Loans

Our previous definition described the application procedure you may typically encounter — that is, going online rather than offline to get loans — rather than the types of loan products available.

 Because there is no single or standard sort of online loan, this is the case. Short-term, long-term, personal, and company loans with varied purposes, loan amounts, interest rates, and periods comprise a diversified ecology of online loans.

There are even credit line possibilities that meet the criteria. Keeping this in mind, the answer to “where can I acquire a loan online?” may vary depending on the loan product you’re seeking (since not all companies offer the same product range).

 Here is a list of the few of the most common examples of online loans in Canada.

 1. Title Lending

Title loans are small-dollar, short-term loans that may be subject to extremely high rates of interest and require security.

This implies that you must pledge the title to your vehicle or another asset as collateral for your loan. If you fail to make payments, your online lender may seize the collateral to recover the loan’s value.

2. Installment Loans

The approval process for installment loans is straightforward: low- or high-interest installment loans are disbursed in one single payment.

However, unlike some loans that require a single payment, you will repay your debt over a predetermined number of installments (or installments).

It might take a little longer, from a few weeks to several years, to repay the debt.

3. Loans on Credit Lines

 A personal line of credit operates as follows: rather than getting all the money up front, if accepted, you receive a predetermined credit limit against which you may draw as the need arises.

Generally, your payments depend on how you use your line of credit. For instance, you may incur interest and/or fees based on the amount you withdraw rather than your total credit limit.

e-transfer payday loan - comparewise

How To Choose An Online Loan

When applying for a loan online, you should watch out for the following:

Interest rates

How much will you pay in interest? A reduced interest rate allows you to repay the debt faster. Using a loan comparison site, you can compare rates across lenders.


Determine whether or not there are any hidden costs. Do you have to pay an origination or application fee?

Payment Terms

You should have the option to repay the loan as early as possible without incurring prepayment penalties.

The loan term

Check the loan term to ascertain how long the loans are available to you.

Before providing your personal information to an online lender, you should examine reviews from actual customers on platforms such as Trustpilot-reviews as well as the Better Business Bureau (BBB).

Benefits Of Online Loans

Consider the following advantages if you are contemplating applying for a loan online.

1. Simple Comparison

Irrespective of whether you obtain a loan online or in a real store, it’s a good idea to conduct extensive research on the many loans that meet your demands.

With internet loans, however, it is simpler to examine your alternatives side by side. After answering the underlying question “where can I obtain a loan online?” and compiling a list of probable online loan firms to investigate, you can easily compare the various lending service providers by navigating between their respective websites.

2. Capacity to Analyze Adaptable Eligibility Requirements

Unfortunately, being denied funding is one of the consequences of poor credit, making it difficult to acquire funding if you have a low score.

If you have an unfavorable credit score, you may question, “Where can I obtain a loan online with terrible credit?” With more investigation, you may be able to uncover lenders who provide loans tailored to clients with subprime credit ratings or that still recompense them.

In addition to examining your credit score, they may also evaluate your job history and income to establish your creditworthiness.

best guarantor loan rates - comparewise

3. Convenient Experience

 By providing the option to request loans online, internet loan providers simplify the borrowing process.

You do not have to drive to a brick-and-mortar facility, plan your journey around their business hours and your schedule, and stand in line.

Instead, you may complete the necessary forms online. In some circumstances, applications are accepted 24/7. This implies that you may apply whenever it is most convenient for you, even at midnight.

4. Rapid Application Procedure

Because so much of the procedure is automated, the online loan application process is more efficient. You may find out in a matter of minutes if you qualify, and if granted, you may get your cash as soon as the next business day.

 No longer must you wait for a cheque. You must cash it now. If you allow direct deposit, an online lender can deposit your loan amounts immediately into your bank account.

You may also arrange for standing order to be automatically be taken from the same account.

How to Obtain an Online Loan in Canada

It is easy to obtain an internet loan in Canada. Simply follow these three steps to obtain a loan online in Canada.

Step 1: Register online

Apply Online Simply fill out the easy form on the lender’s website—choose the amount of cash you wish to borrow and your repayment plan*—and you’ll be on your way.

Step 2: Immediate Choice

Complete the loan application procedure and processes. You will obtain a quick approval, allowing you to quickly restore your funds. Quick, convenient, and trustworthy loans from a reputable licensed direct lender.

Step 3: Receive Your Cash in a Few Minutes.

Your cash will be sent electronically within 5 minutes or less. Our transfers ensure that your funds are always accessible. Secure, urgent online loans with same-day financing.

5 Indicators of Online Loan Scam or Fraud

 1. The lender’s reputation is lacking.

Even if a lender operates only online, they should have a physical presence. They must have a traceable physical address and a company history. (For example, Prudent Financial has been in the finance business since late 1984.)

You should be able to contact the firm by telephone. If you cannot, be careful. Additionally, they should have internet reviews from genuine customers. This is a serious red flag if there are no customer reviews.

2. They communicate with you through text message.

Be wary if a lender (or any organization with which you have never interacted) contacts you by text message. This is a forerunner to several frauds.

If you are unsure, check online for the organization’s primary phone number and contact that number instead of calling the number shown in the text.

They should have a record of your interaction and be aware of its purpose. However, when in doubt, it is preferable to disregard this form of communication.

3. The financing demands an upfront deposit.

When a lender requests an up-front payment, they are committing one of the most widespread loan frauds.

Loans from reputable lenders do not include any upfront costs for insurance, verification, or other uses.

This is a common scam in which a lender requests payment in advance and then fails to provide the promised funds.4.

4. You have assured approval.

This is challenging since you want your application to be approved and accepted. However, if a lender promises clearance, this is a red flag.

This is because the majority of respectable lenders have lending criteria. They do not lend money to just anyone.

Even though Prudent Financial offers negative credit loans, eligibility must still be verified. Guaranteed approval may signal that a lender is attempting to defraud you by offering you a loan that is too good to be true.

5. They usually don’t report to the CBB.

The majority of payday lenders belong to this category. The terms and circumstances are absurd, and the lender does not disclose them to the Canadian credit bureaus.

Drawbacks of Online Loans

If you have an outstanding credit history and score, your bank or credit union will normally offer you a lower interest rate.

The internet loan industry is rife with scammers, so you must conduct thorough research to prevent being duped.

If you are unable to repay your loan within a reasonable length of time, a high-interest loan might lead to a vicious debt cycle.

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FAQs about Easy Online Loans

How Can I Obtain A Loan Online In Canada?

Visit the website of the online lender to submit an application or obtain pre-approval. They will want identification information and confirmation of your bank account and financial facts.

Where Can I Obtain An Internet Loan In Canada?

LoanConnect, Mogo, LendingMate, and Lending Canada all provide online loan opportunities.

How Can I Qualify For A Simple Loan With Bad Credit?

Many internet lenders provide quick and simple bad credit loans. This indicates that they have relatively simple and low credit score criteria for loan acceptance. Online payday lenders often provide the highest acceptance possibilities for consumers with limited or poor credit histories, while banks and traditional lenders frequently reject applicants with poor credit. You may still apply for a simple loan with iCASH, even if you have poor credit. Complete the loan application process. Provide your personal information, pick the amount of money you wish to borrow, and choose a repayment schedule.

How Can I Obtain A Loan Without Documentation?

With iCASH, you may obtain a quick loan without any paperwork. Our application procedure is entirely digital and paperless. We analyze your eligibility using cutting-edge technology, so you are not required to submit any evidence or supporting papers. In addition, we give quick approval within minutes.

Which App Provides Simple Loans?

Numerous moneylenders have mobile applications for their services. One such lender is iCASH, which offers quick online loans in Canada via their app, which is available for free on both iOS and Android smartphones. Numerous online tools, such as the iCASH app, let you complete the online application procedure, maintain your account, and get assistance using a smartphone or tablet.

Online Loans: Are They Right for You?

After a persistent cough develops into bronchitis, you may need a little more cash to pay for an unplanned round of medicine. Or perhaps you need assistance purchasing a replacement tire after your old one exploded on the freeway. If you lack the funds to meet an emergency expenditure or if something unexpected occurs, internet loans may be a straightforward, quick, and handy option. However, not all online loans are secure or affordable. However, you won't know until you conduct some research. Do your research thoroughly and make sure to pay close attention to the available rates and terms for your financial profile. In addition, never sign a loan contract until you are certain you can pay back the loan on time.

What Do I Need For an Online Loan Application?

While the eligibility-requirement vary by online lender, the following are the standard application requirements:

  • 18 years older or be between the age of your province.
  • Citizen as well as permanent resident of Canada with a valid Canadian address
  • Possess a bank account.
  • Meet all credit score criteria
  • Meet all income requirements and provide income documentation

Do I Need A Job To Obtain An Online Loan In Canada?

Obtaining an online loan when unemployed is difficult. Even recently hired staff pose a greater risk, which makes lenders more hesitant to extend credit. In any event, a lender will seek evidence that you will be able to repay as at when due. If you do not have a regular job, you may be required to apply for a smaller amount. Self-employed and entrepreneur persons, those with transient earnings, and those receiving local or state government subsidies can as well apply for loans, but they must prove that they will be able to make their repayments.

How Much Can I Borrow Through The Online Loan Provider?

The amount of loan money will be eligible to borrow online is determined by the lender's evaluation of your financial situation. in addition to the class of loan you are seeking. You may be eligible for a personal loan of up to $40,000 if you have a solid, regular income. If you are seeking a business loan online, you may be able to borrow up to $500,000. Even with a very poor credit, it is possible to borrow money. However, lenders will often only offer you a few hundred or low thousand dollars, and the interest rates will be far higher.

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