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SkyCap Financial

$500 - $10,000
Loan Amount
12.99% - 39.99%
Apr Range
  • Terms up to 5 years
  • Affordable Payments
  • Quick and Easy Process
Pros & Cons
Extra Details
$100 - $1,500
Loan Amount
Apr Range
  • Get instant approval
  • Funds provided in 24 hours
  • Occasional cashback promotions
Pros & Cons
Extra Details
Best Value
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Friendly Lender

$100 - $1,000
Loan Amount
29.99% - 46.96%
Apr Range
  • Funded in as little as 24 hours
  • E-transfer loan payments
  • Completely paperless process
Pros & Cons
Extra Details
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Loans Canada

Up to $50,000
Loan Amount
2% - 46.96%
Apr Range
  • Funded in as little as 24 hours
  • For residents of Canada
  • 3 – 60 month terms
Pros & Cons
Extra Details
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Smarter Loans

$500 - $50,000
Loan Amount
5.75% - 40.91%
Apr Range
  • Safe & secure
  • Apply in 30 seconds
  • Find reputable lenders
Pros & Cons
Extra Details
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Up to $50,000
Loan Amount
5.75% - 46.96%
Apr Range
  • Pre-approved in 5 minutes
  • For residents of Canada
  • 6 – 60 month terms
Pros & Cons
Extra Details
$1,000 - $25,000
Loan Amount
8% - 31.5%
Apr Range
  • 3 or 5 year loan terms
  • Loans funded by Canadians, for Canadians
  • Get a response in 24 hours
Pros & Cons
Extra Details
$500 - $15,000
Loan Amount
29.99% - 47.72%
Apr Range
  • Funded in as little as 24 hours
  • For residents of Canada
  • 12 – 60 months terms
Pros & Cons
Extra Details
Apply Now

Consolidated Credit Canada

Up to $50,000
Loan Amount
Apr Range
  • Funded in as little as 24 hours
  • For residents of Canada
  • 12 - 60 months terms
Pros & Cons
Extra Details
Apply Now

Consolidated Credit

Up to $50,000
Loan Amount
Apr Range
  • For residents of Canada
  • Apply in 30 seconds
  • 6 - 60 month terms
Pros & Cons
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Same Day Loan

Many lenders may now complete personal loan applications within 24 hours because of the financial sector’s digitalization, which has substantially shortened application approval periods for a variety of credit products. These unsecured same day loans might be a useful option for customers who need quick cash to cover an emergency, consolidate high-interest debt, or simply obtain some financial breathing room.

Potential borrowers should be aware that not all lenders offer the same favorable conditions, so it is a good idea to look into a few different possibilities before applying to the first lender to come across.

It is also crucial to note that many lenders use words like “same-day loans” and “quick loans” interchangeably, although these are often not the same as “payday loans.” Payday loans allow you to borrow less and repay when your next paycheck arrives, although same-day often have bigger lending limits and a more flexible repayment schedule.

Many various financial problems and crises can arise in the course of living, and having same-day access to some extra funds can be a tremendous comfort when they do.

In Canada, there are several options for getting authorized for a same-day loan with reasonable terms and prices.

Best Same Day Loan Rates - Comparewise

How do Same Day Loans Work?

A loan can be referred to financial means of borrowing money from either an online or physical lender and repaying it over a specified date either weeks, months, or years.

Getting a loan generally requires a lot of registration and the loan amount can only be sent to your bank account once the registration has been approved.

As the name implies, a same-day loan is one in which the lender deposits the money within 24 hours, as opposed to larger loans that might take days or weeks to be accepted or processed. Same-day loans are often smaller and have shorter repayment terms as a result of their convenience. 

How to Pick a Reliable Same Day Loan

Before you start deciding on the kind of same-day lender you want in Canada, it is necessary to make your research on the loan characteristics that vary between the lenders. One of the secrets is that the trustworthy lenders will always provide loan terms that will both be convenient to both the borrowers and the lenders.

Keeping this in mind, the first guideline for choosing a decent rapid loan is to learn to recognize and avoid unscrupulous lenders.

Predators to Avoid

Understanding the terms and conditions before making a move to contracting a same-day loan is one of the major things to put into consideration. Some people make the mistake of duration when it comes to the interest rate. Such as the word ‘monthly” being used in place of “weekly.”

 Another item to keep an eye out for is a list of costs associated with specific activities done by a borrower. You should avoid the kind of lenders whose list of costs is incomplete or missing entirely. Most loans have fees, and if a lender appears to be deliberately concealing its fees, the fees are likely above average or unduly large. Some lenders may even charge you a fee if you have bad credit!

Predatory lenders also have a habit of persuading borrowers to refinance current loans or even put their home or car up as collateral when it isn’t necessary. This is known as “equity stripping,” and it’s just another technique for unscrupulous lenders to extract as much money as possible from their customers.

Finally, the most obvious symptom of a predatory lender is when they try to persuade you to take out loans that are not in your best interests. . You may be pre-approved for a loan, only to have the lender switch it out for a more expensive choice at the last minute.

Optimize your Loan

Getting a loan is designed to help you financially, not make your life more difficult. This is because you are the only one who knows your financial situation, it’s vital to evaluate factors such as interest rate, term length, fees, prepayment penalties, and any add-on products or services before selecting any loan.

If you need a quick loan online and want to pay it back quickly, it is important to choose a loan with no repayment penalties, even if the interest rate is on the high side or the term length is unstable. So if you expect to take a long term to repay the loan, simply go for the one with the lowest annual percentages rate and the longest timeframe.

Same Day Loan In Canada - Comparewise

Is a Same Day Loan Worth It?

Many Canadians have been faced with financial distress but having heard about a same-day loan, they go about asking whether it is worth it. This is a tough question to answer because same-day loans are frequently required in times of distress. They provide cash to Canadians who require it to cover expenses such as medical emergencies and debts.

They aim to provide financial assistance to people who are in need. They can even assist you when you have the opportunity to invest in anything new. In a situation whereby alternative options are not accessible, a same-day personal cash loan can help you get the money you need.

In Canada, numerous lenders offer same-day loans. Depending on your financial history, you may be subjected to varying terms and prices. for example, Lend for All uses algorithms to determine which option is best for you.

The majority of lenders who offer same-day personal cash loans allow online applications. If you are authorized, you will know almost immediately. This form of loan is usually for a short period and in modest quantities, so you can apply even if you do not have any collateral.

When it comes to finding the perfect partner for a same-day loan, it is most important to consider all your options. This will ensure that you end up with a repayment schedule that you can handle. 

Benefits of Same Day Loans

One of the advantages of a same-day loan is how fast the funds are being processed. The registration is fast and so is the approval. Many same-day loans are authorized and deposited within hours, if not minutes. Here are a few more significant advantages of a typical same-day loan:

Easy approval

Compared to other credit unions, a same-day loan requires less paperwork and is not stressful. The same-day loan application can be done within a short period. One can finish the registration and approval in a couple of minutes. This kind of loan is always helpful in terms of emergencies.

No collateral required

Not like bank loans that need collateral before you can be considered for a loan, the same-day loan does not require collateral before you can be considered and approved for a loan. Although this is quite regarded as an option when taking a loan.

Instant fund

One of the main benefits of a same-day loan is the ability to meet people’s needs quickly. The fund is sent to the bank account immediately after approval. This has helped a lot in solving emergency issues.

Bad credit friendly

Unlike the bank loan where it is a must you have a good credit score before you can be considered, many the same-day lenders do not need a credit score before lending you the money. This means having a bad credit score does not count in the requirement to give out a loan by the same-day lenders.

No Credit Check Loan - Personal Loans With No Credit Check - Comparewise

What to Consider Before Applying for a Same Day Loan

There are some features to look into before deciding on the same-day loan to apply for.

The amount of the loan is variable

Getting a loan is designed to help you financially, not make your life more difficult. This is because you are the only one who knows your financial situation, it’s vital to evaluate factors such as interest rate, term length, fees, prepayment penalties, and any add-on products or services before selecting any loan.

Be sure the application procedure is legit

Examine the contract to ensure that the lender follows the provincial payday loan regulation.

Be sure you can repay the entire money

If you don’t pay your loan in full by the due date, you could wind yourself paying a lot more in fees. So before you contract a same-day loan, make sure you can repay the money in full before the timeframe elapses.

Make sure you will have enough money left over 

Before you take out a payday loan, make sure you will have enough money to pay off your other bills and costs when you pay them back on time. Otherwise, you could be tempted to take a new loan.

Interest rate

Interest rates vary depending on a variety of circumstances such as income, current obligations, etc. The higher your loan, the higher the interest rate and vice versa.


Failure to keep to the agreement of the loan such as missing payment or late repayment may cause a penalty. The credit score is not the only thing that is affected, one will keep fanning out a debt because of the accrued interest rate which is being added to the initial loan amount.

Hidden fees

Each lender charges different prices for their services. Many, on the other hand, will not tell you about their fees until payments begin or your contract finishes. This could entail things like loan origination and document processing. This is the reason why it is most necessary to iron things out with your lender before contracting the loan.

The total price 

Even if your same-day loan appears to be a good deal at first, you still need to consider the total price because you never know what can happen afterward. It is necessary to always apply for a loan you are certain that you will be able to pay off the loan in full, including all repayment, interest, and other expenses.

Best Private Loan Rates - Comparewise

Where to get a Same Day Loan

Unlike other types of loans where you will need to go to the bank or other credit union to apply. It is now easy for people to take a loan from the corner of your room.

The same-day loan can now be accessed on a mobile phone or a private lender. This is quite easy and the documentation is not stringent, unlike the bank loan.

Don’t worry there are also plenty of other same-day lenders across Canada that have fewer restrictions and better terms. 

How to Choose the Right Same Day Loan

Same-day loans are more difficult to regulate than a typical bank loan. This is because of their availability through private lending organizations. Scamming, identity fraud, and exorbitant rates can all result if you are not careful. 

It is known that the market for the same-day loan is crowded, giving you a lot of options to select from. To choose the right same-day loan as a Canadian, you will then need to narrow your focus by selecting what matters most to you. Here are some things to take into consideration before choosing a same-day loan.

Is it more convenient for you to visit a physical location?

Apart from the online application, some private lenders give out loans. They have physical facilities which help to enhance the application and the payment experience. If having in-person service is vital to you, look for same-day payday lenders that have a network of locations in your area.

Time duration for the loan to be processed

Some of the top payday loans ensure that you get access to your funds on the same working day. If speed is of the essence, look for online same-day loan providers who can process your loan request and issue fund 24 hours per day every day.

How you would like your funds to be delivered to you.

Funds can be received in two ways from same-day lenders; either by cash or bank transfer. So if you are short on cash, you could be working with a same-day lender who has a physical store to acquire cash immediately.  

Other borrowers prefer to receive their funds through bank transfer so that their funds are directly transferred to their bank account.

Be familiar with all the charges.

While some of the greatest payday loans offer quick access to funds, make sure you understand how much you will have to spend on fees.

In this case, the best payday loan company is the one with the lowest fees. Remember that the amount you borrow will influence the amount of interest you must pay

Is the lender willing to work with those who have bad credit?

A bad credit score is not a criterion for giving out a same-day loan. So in case, you need money desperately and you have a bad credit score, you do not need to give up because same-day lenders get you covered. So simply go to the next lender if the one you are considering requires a solid credit history and you don’t have one.

Online Loan Rates - Comparewise

Advantages and Disadvantages of Same Day Loans

Because same-day payday loans are so pricey compared to other sorts of loans with lengthier approval timeframes, it is crucial to examine the benefits and drawbacks before deciding if they are good for you.

Advantages of same-day loans

Online application is easy and convenient

Unlike the credit union or banks where the application is strict and lengthy. To apply for a same-day loan, you do not need much time as the application can be done within minutes.

Quick processing

With same-day payday lenders, you will know the status of your loan application within an hour of submitting it.

funds are available quickly. After approval, the quickest same-day loans can be e-transferred to you in minutes.

It is fine if you have bad credit

The credit score is not what grants you the eligibility to apply for a same-day loan. Instead of looking at your credit score to see if you’ll be eligible for a loan, most lenders look at your income to see whether you’ll be able to repay it.

No requirement for collateral

Do not be concerned about securing your payday loan with assets or enlisting the help of family members as a co-signer. These are not usually required for same-day payday loans.

Use the fund for any purpose

As long as a payday loan is legal, there are no restrictions on whatever you can use the money for.

Disadvantages of a Same Day Loan

The fees are high

One of the main ways the loan company makes money is through interest rates. The rate is used to calculate how much you will have to pay in addition to the principal. This factor can vary significantly among lenders.  Payday loans have a substantially higher interest rate than other sorts of loans you may acquire from a regular lender like a bank or a credit union.

They could charge a late fee

One of the main disadvantages of same-day loans is the penalty for late payment. You will be charged an additional fee if you are unable to make the repayment on time or if you default on the loan. This may raise the amount you must pay regularly and lengthen your payback period.

Make sure you can afford to make every payment when you agree to a loan amount, even if you run into difficulties along the way. You should also ensure that your minimum payments are applied to the principal of your loan rather than just the interest.

These fees are based on your jurisdiction and the lender from whom you obtain the loan, but they are typically very high and add to the cost of the loan.

Repayment terms are short

Traditional personnel have lengthy terms of six months or more, however, a same-day payday loan has a repayment period of sixty-two days. This is the reason why it is necessary to know whether you will be able to pay off the loan in a short amount of time before going ahead to take an extra debt.

Money is available in a little amount: Payday loans are limited to $1,500, so if you require more funds, you may need to look into other loan choices.

Lenders may take advantage of their clients

Same-day loans are not subjected to the same level of government regulations as other types of loans. This is because the amounts are less. This means that bad actors will always be seen now and then. So, therefore, to get rid of this situation,  It is necessary to know the kind of lender you are dealing with and make sure you read the loan agreement thoroughly before going ahead to sign it.

In a payday loan, the lender knows you dearly need the fund and may not be calm enough to read the agreement before signing it. The lender may use this as an advantage over the client.

Steps to get a Same Day Loan

Taking the same-day loan requires some steps. To acquire a same-day personal loan is rather simple and easy to obtain. Follow the procedures below and you will have money in your bank account in no time.

Fill out an online application

This form of loan is available in amounts that are small enough to be delivered directly to your bank account, sometimes even via e-Transfer. You will then visit the lender’s website, fill out the online application, and submit it.

Most lenders also offer physical locations where you can manage your account.  You have to go through some paperwork if you choose to apply using this method.

Wait for a decision to be made

Most Canadians, including those with terrible credit scores, can get short-term loans. This may come at a cost in terms of additional fees and higher interest rates, but it does result in a faster approval procedure.

Sign the contract

You will get a document outlining all of the terms of your same-day loan. This will include the maximum amount that can be borrowed as well as the repayment schedules. Interest rates and other costs will also be included.

You must read through this document thoroughly. If you agree with the terms, you can then go ahead with signing it. 

Get the funds

After the document for the loan has been vetted and you have agreed to the terms, the next stage is for the funds to be disbursed to you. Your bank account information will be provided to the lender. The money will then be disbursed into the account.


The final stage is paying back your same-day loan. When you agree to borrow the money, and also agreed to make monthly payments in the agreed-upon amount at specified intervals. It is recommended that you pay off your loan when due to prevent high interest on the loan and to boost your credit score.

Employment Insurance Loan Rates - Comparewise

How to Qualify for a Same Day Loan

As previously stated, the minimum approval requirements for same-day loans are less stringent compared to those for many other types of credit, particularly those offered by credit unions and banks.

However, as a Canadian who is willing to take a same-day loan, you will need a few different documents before you can apply.

  • Proof of permanent Canadian address such as utility bills, phone bills, etc.
  • Proof of your earnings and employment.
  • Photo identification from the government.
  • The most recent bank statement.
  • Personal and financial details about your cosigner (if you are using a cosigner).

A preauthorized debit form for automatic payments.

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FAQs about Same Day Loans

How much money can I borrow on a same-day payday loan?

Many payday lenders provide loans ranging from $100 to $1,500. While some reputable lenders may even supply you with a $10,000 to $20,000 loan the same day.  In Canada, the greatest amount you can borrow will be determined by so many things. Some of these things are; residence province, your salary, and your ability to repay the loan after you have contracted it.

Your credit score could be a factor to be determined but it is usually not necessary. So the better your financial health and debt-to-income ratio, the more money you will be eligible for.

What happens if I don't pay back my same-day loan on time?

Late repayments may result in additional fees from the lender. You may be able to finance your loan with some lenders, but this may come with additional fees. This may also lower your credit score because the lender may go the extra mile to report you to the Credit bureau.

How fast can my loan be sent to me?

The question of how fast the loan will be disbursed to you can be influenced by some factors and most especially the application method. When you apply online, you can have your money sent to your account within minutes after it has been approved.

Many online payday loan companies also offer rapid approval, so you might have your money within minutes of submitting your application.

If you are contracting a same-day from a physical lender, although the process is done through paperwork, the fund will also be disbursed within 24 hours.

What is the best place to get a payday loan?

There are so many scam payday lenders who have mingled themselves with the licensed ones. So, therefore, it is necessary to make research before applying. A sound and licensed lender should be the one to look out for.

A licensed lender who has a great influence and good customer rating is the one you should always look out for; this will guarantee you the best same-day loan experience.

When and how do I repay the loan?

You will normally have to pay back the loan on your next payday, make sure you verify your province’s requirements beforehand. For those living in Alberta; which is a province in Canada, the minimum borrowing duration is 42days, and you must repay in installments.

Most lenders will need your bank account information so that they can deduct the repayment amount on the due date. If you then apply in person, you can submit a post-dated check with your application.

Do I need to be employed to get a same-day loan?

Despite their less stringent condition, most lenders will want proof of employment before approving you for a same-day loan. To qualify for a reasonable and substantial amount, you must have a consistent source of income from part-time work or a contract at least.

What do I need to look out for when getting a same-day loan?

The most important thing to understand about short-term loans is whether your minimum payment goes towards the debt or covers the interest. If your minimum payments can only pay off your interest, you will need to pay more to clear out the loan.

So when looking out for a same-day loan, you need to consider the interest rate and the terms and conditions of the loan.

Is it possible to use same-day loans to pay off other debts?

You can use your same-day loan to pay off other debts because there are no restrictions on how they are utilized. So far you can pay back the loan and other fees when due.

What do I need to be eligible for a same-day loan?

In Canada, obtaining a same-day loan is rather simple. You will need to show that you are over the age of 18 and live in the province. To be able to show this, you need to provide a document showing you are over the age of 18. The lenders will require paperwork demonstrating that you have an active bank account as well as job records or other sources of income. You will also need a valid photo ID issued by the government.

You will have to agree with the loan terms and conditions. This is the key requirement since it shows that you have read the contract and are aware of the terms of your loan. The monies will be put into your bank account once you sign.

Is it possible to acquire a same-day loan if I have a bad credit history?

Yes, even if you have a low credit score or a history of unpaid debts, you can get approved for a same-day loan. Many lenders who offer low amounts will not verify your credit history if your income is sufficient to repay your loan.

Some same-day loan lenders also check the credit score to determine the amount that you are eligible to contract. A high credit score attracts a high limit while a low or bad credit score attracts less amount.

Same Day Loans simple

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