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$100 - $1,500
Loan Amount
APR Range
  • Get instant cash approval
  • Funds provided in 24 hours
  • Occasional cashback promos
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Friendly Lender

$100 - $1,000
Loan Amount
29.99% - 46.96%
APR Range
  • Funded in as little as 24 hours
  • E-transfer loan payments
  • Completely paperless process
Pros & Cons
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Spring Financial

$500 - $35,000
Loan Amount
9.99% - 46.96%
APR Range
  • Pay back anytime with no fees
  • Funds e-transfered the same day
  • Bi-weekly or monthly repayments
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Smarter Loans

$500 - $50,000
Loan Amount
9.99% - 46.96%
APR Range
  • Find reputable Canadian lenders
  • Apply in 30 seconds
  • Safe & secure online process
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SkyCap Financial

$500 - $10,000
Loan Amount
12.99% - 39.99%
APR Range
  • 600+ credit score required
  • Affordable Payments
  • Quick and Easy Online Process
Pros & Cons
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Loans Canada

$500 - $50,000
Loan Amount
9.99% - 46.96%
APR Range
  • Find reputable Canadian lenders
  • 3 – 60 month terms
  • For residents of Canada
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$500 - $50,000
Loan Amount
8.00% - 46.96%
APR Range
  • Find reputable Canadian lenders
  • 6 – 60 month terms
  • For residents of Canada
Pros & Cons
Extra Details
$1,000 - $25,000
Loan Amount
8.00% - 31.5%
APR Range
  • 3 or 5 year loan terms
  • Loans funded by Canadians
  • Get a response in 24 hours
Pros & Cons
Extra Details
$500 - $35,000
Loan Amount
29.99% - 49.96%
APR Range
  • Funded in as little as 24 hours
  • For residents of Canada
  • 12 – 60 months terms
Pros & Cons
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Consolidated Credit

$5,000 - $50,000
Loan Amount
APR Range
  • No credit score required
  • For residents of Canada
  • 6 - 60 month terms
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Consolidated Credit Canada

$5,000 - $50,000
Loan Amount
APR Range
  • No credit score required
  • For residents of Canada
  • 12 - 60 months terms
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Unemployed Loan

Even if you are receiving severance pay or unemployment insurance, it is likely not going to be  insufficient to cover your usual financial responsibilities, not to mention the unforeseen catastrophes that can wreak havoc on an already fragile income.

Given the global economic upheaval of the past several years, millions of Canadians now experience this on a daily basis. If this sounds similar, then you need a so-called unemployment loan or no employment verification loan.

Sadly, regardless of how understandable (and common) your position is, the majority of banks will not give you the time of day. Payday loan firms may lend to you, but they will charge you an exorbitant rate of interest. Therefore, where may unemployed individuals obtain a rapid emergency cash loan?

What is an unemployed loan?

An unemployment loan is the type of loan typically given loans with higher interest rates through unemployment loans. The sad fact is that banks are unlikely to grant loans to anyone with no income. There are several financial companies in Canada that offer jobless loans to help cover monthly expenditures.

unemployment loan - comparewise

Types of unemployed loans

While receiving government benefits, you are eligible for a variety of loans such as

Unemployment Payday Loans

It is possible to obtain payday loans for jobless Canadians and also receive government assistance in various regions of the country.

In fact, you might be able to get a payday loan even if you are getting unemployment benefits in Ontario, Alberta, BC, or any other province or jurisdiction.

Obtaining a payday loan in Quebec while receiving unemployment benefits might be problematic owing to the province’s lending regulations.

In Quebec, payday lenders are only permitted to charge an APR of about 36%, which is the reason few payday lenders operate there. Regardless, payday loans are among the most accessible loans for the jobless.

Many people take money from non-traditional sources, like employment insurance (EI), the Canada Child Benefit (CCB), social assistance, the Canada Pension Plan (CPP), and disability support.

 In addition, it often does not necessitate credit checks. This makes payday loans a viable choice for people with bad credit who need urgent cash.

However, it is essential to keep in mind that there are various hazards connected with payday loans, such as high interest rates, short durations, and the chance of becoming stuck in a cycle of payday loans.

The Cost Of Payday Loans By Province

 The maximum amount of interest a lender can charge per $100 borrowed varies by province. Here’s what your lender may charge you at most:

  •  $15 per $100 borrowed in Ontario, British Columbia, New Brunswick, and Alberta.
  •  Manitoba and Saskatchewan $7 for every $100 borrowed.
  •  Nova Scotia, $9 for each $100 borrowed
  •  Terre-Neuve-et-Labrador $19 for each $100 borrowed.
  •  Province of Edward $25 for every $100 loaned
  •  Unemployment Installment Loans

 There are lenders in Canada who give installment loans to the jobless regardless of the reason for their unemployment (disability, accident, pregnancy, etc.).

Due to the additional risk of lending to a problematic borrower, these installment loans will often have higher interest rates, shorter terms, and smaller loan amounts.

Like I always tell my client, the installment loans are often preferable or rather better than payday loans due to their longer terms and more affordable interest rates.

Unemployment Auto Title Loans

Another kind of financing that may not require job verification is a loan secured by a vehicle’s title.

You should be eligible for a vehicle title loan as long as you have a stable or substantial source of income. Due to the security a car title loan provides, the conditions are far more flexible. If you default to paying back your loan, the lender may seize your vehicle as collateral.

Unemployment Credit Lines

A line of credit is an entirely different form of loan that you may obtain without job verification. Lines of credit are ideal for unanticipated needs, as they provide an accessible financial reserve.

Just like with a credit card, you only pay interest on the amount you use and gain access to the cash when you repay the amount you borrowed.

no employment verification loan - comparewise

How to Obtain a Loan Without Employment Verification in Canada

Other credit products may require the applicant to have a job in order to qualify for financing. However, with a no employment verification loan, you do not need a job or other source of income to qualify for financing.

However, there are a few personal and financial requirements for eligibility, including:

You must continue to generate sufficient funds to make your loan installments. The following sources of income

  • Your welfare,
  • unemployment insurance
  • the CCB,

Other acceptable forms of basic income include your pension and other government of Canada benefits.

Acceptable Credit: A minor blemish on your credit report is not always a deal-breaker. Poor credit, a history of late payments, or a recent bankruptcy, on the other hand, may limit your options, raise your interest rate, or even get you turned down.

Documents Lenders May Ask For Include, But Are Not Limited To:

  •  Government picture identification (passport, driver’s licence, etc.)
  •  Your recent account statements from any licenced financial institution.
  • Social-Security-Number or (SIN).
  • Your utility bill for residency or other types of address verification.
  •  A pre-approved debit form or VOID check

 Canada’s Top 5 No Employment Verification Loan Providers

The most important factors to consider while searching for jobless loans are interest rates, potential fees, and payback terms. Take note that our recommendations include credit-scoring platforms that select the best loans from a credit-scoring network.

 1. Loans Canada

Loans Canada is a lending marketplace with a variety of lenders, each with their own interest rates and loan conditions.

It is one of the biggest and most reputable indirect lenders operating in Canada.

The loan amounts range from $500 to $300,000, with durations between 3 and 60 months. Depending on the individual’s characteristics, the interest rate ranges from 3% to 46.96%.

Loan approval with most providers can take as little as 20 to 48 hours, while the average is two days.

2. LoanConnect

 LoanConnect is a lending platform that provides access to a variety of lenders.

 It is one of the greatest suppliers of loans without job verification, requiring simply that you are a Canadian citizen of legal age in your jurisdiction.

Most of this provider’s interest rates range from as low as 10 percent to a very high 46.96 percent, depending on the borrower’s credit score; thus, it is important to read the fine print.

You can get authorized in as little as five minutes and receive the cash within twenty-four hours.

3. iCASH

iCASH is a Canadian lender that offers short-term loans to several clients around the country. We are pleased to report that we possess all the necessary licenses to offer payday loans in every state.

We provide our clients with swift and secure services of the highest quality. Our services are trustworthy, readily available, and reasonably priced.

 With Flexpay*, you may repay your loan in two or three equal installments on your forthcoming paydays.

This iCASH-exclusive solution gives you more time to repay your loan with no additional interest charges.

4. LendDirect

The LendDirect Line of Credit is an unsecured personal loan that lets people who qualify borrow up to $15,000 in cash advances at no extra cost.

Even though most of their business is done online, they have several offices in Southern Ontario where clients from Alberta, British Columbia, and Saskatchewan are welcome.

You may expect to get your open-ended line of credit within one business day if your application is granted and you want a direct transfer. But, if, for instance, you apply during their normal business hours,

5. Captain Cash

Captain Cash is dedicated to providing loans to Canadians regardless of their credit standing. Their quick cash loans are a very suitable solution for borrowers who are currently suffering financial difficulties and want funds as quickly as feasible. Captain Cash might be the answer you’ve been seeking if:

  • Need some more money to see you through till payday?
  • Have had previous credit issues.
  • Have no established credit history.
  • Need to pay for an unanticipated expense.
  • Need finance to make a larger-than-usual buy

Captain Cash provides paperless, no credit check loans with quick approval to Canadians who need money to deal with a short-term problem.

How to Determine the Appropriate Loan Provider for You

The interest rate is the most significant factor to consider when applying for a loan. Remember that these loans are to for-profit businesses. They must generate revenue, which they do through the interest you pay on your loan.

The lower the interest rate, the greater the chances that you will be able to pay back the debt.

Many lenders may attempt to obscure the amount of interest you’ll pay over time by directing your attention to the manageability of the monthly payments rather than the total cost of the loan.

Due to hefty interest, it does not take much for a $1000 loan to cost you $2000 or more in the long run. Clarify the APR and total cost of your loan thoroughly.

Other Major Considerations Include:

  1. Whether there are charges for early repayment or late payments is not clear.
  2. Do you require collateral for the loan, such as a car?
  3. Do you require a co-signer? If you cannot make payments, your guarantor is legally responsible, and if they cannot make payments, their credit score will suffer significant damage. Asking someone to guarantee you is a significant request that may excessively burden them if you default on the loan.

The easiest method to choose a trustworthy lender is to do as much research as you can beforehand. Don’t feel pressured when it’s time to sign on the dotted line; read everything thoroughly beforehand.

Numerous predatory lenders exist, and obtaining a loan from one might significantly worsen your financial condition in the long term.

best freelancer loan - comparewise

 Best Uses for Unemployed Loans

It is crucial to us at Magical Credit that jobless candidates for cash loans have a clear understanding of when it is and is not suitable to seek funding. We have made a well researched list of valid reasons for you to request a loan.

Although it is not thorough, we believe it is a worthwhile read before you begin the application process.

After all, you’ll save so much time with Magical Credit that you should have plenty of time left over to peruse this!

Internet/Mobile Plans

Approximately two decades into the 21st century, how many companies still accept hand-delivered resumes? And how many still use window signs to promote job openings?

It is an undeniable reality that you need an internet connection and a cellphone plan to conduct a successful job search, and these may be expensive, especially in Canada.

Classes in Hobbies and Professional Advancement

 The time between employment may be utilised to explore passions, acquire new skills, and meet new individuals. Community colleges provide a range of fascinating courses at affordable rates.

 Medical Expenses

There are considerable gaps in vision, dental, and pharmaceutical coverage, despite the fact that Canadians have access to universal healthcare.

In the event that you or a member of your family becomes ill and you do not have access to an employment benefits package, you may incur significant costs.

A short-term cash advance might be the difference between sickness and health for unemployed individuals.

Moving Expenses

New employment sometimes necessitates relocation, which incurs an array of fees. Furniture, storage rents, moving trucks, moving equipment, set-up fees, first and last month’s rent, security deposits, and a great deal more must be accounted for.

No employment verification loans are an excellent option for making this transfer as easy as possible.

Automobile Expenses & Maintenance

 Even though it is not explicitly stated in the job posting, a car is required for a number of positions. With loans for the jobless, Magical Credit can keep your vehicle on the road, allowing you to take advantage of new career chances.


Why not rest and relax before beginning your next position? Get some sun, explore some culture, and have some fun before returning to your 9-to-5.

Alternatives and Other Options to Unemployment Loans

Here are some alternatives to consider if a personal loan is not the best option for you.

For Financial Support, Contact Your Existing Creditors.

 Since the outbreak, people have had more access to financial aid from:

  •  Banks
  •  Mutual credit union
  • Lenders
  •  Credit card companies
  •  Service providers
  •  Landlords

If you’re having trouble paying your payments, you should contact your creditors and explain your position. They may give payment suspension, deferral, forbearance, new repayment programs, or other types of financial help.

A Low-Rate Credit Card

If you had a credit card with a low interest rate before you lost your job, verify that the rate has not increased. Think of using it as an emergency loan if you are certain you can meet the monthly payments.

Borrow Against A Savings Or Retirement Account

You may call the management of your investment or retirement account to find out whether you may borrow money from it.

When borrowing from an investment or retirement account, there are no credit score restrictions or interest rates to consider.

Friends And Relations

There is not a single individual in our nation who has not been affected by the pandemic. If you have financially stable relatives and friends, try asking for a loan to help you out.

Your life, family, and finances are normal concerns for you. Consider a personal loan if it can see you through a certain tough period without causing further stress.

Cautionary Notes Regarding Unemployment Loans

Before applying for an unemployment loan in Canada, you must remember that there are a few hazards to consider.

Although it shouldn’t be difficult to locate a loan that meets your needs, these risks might negatively impact your credit and money.

Here are a few red flags to watch out for in 2022 about jobless loans:

The Monetary Weight Of Your Obligations

While a loan can help you manage your spending, the associated payments, interest rates, and fees can result in large amounts of debt, so you must be cautious and only borrow what you can afford.

Enhanced APR (Annual Percentage Rate)

Alternative lenders can accept riskier clients since their interest rates are greater than those of some banks and credit unions. In addition, extra interest may accrue if payments are missed.


There may be administrative expenses connected with your unemployment loan, such as loan origination, check cashing, etc., however interest will generally comprise the majority of your ultimate loan sum.

Automatic Debits

The majority of lenders will deduct your loan instalments automatically from your bank account. They’re likely to charge you a fee called the “non-sufficient fund (NSF)” or overdraft fee if your account balance is insufficient on the due date.

Difficult terms

Due to the inherent risk, although terms may differ from lender to lender, many will only offer you a limited payback period.

Bad debt difficulties might arise if you cannot afford to repay all of your loan fees before the conclusion of your term.

Predatory pricing

As previously stated, predatory lenders and con artists might exploit your desperation to steal your money.

If the bargain seems too good to be true or the company claims to accept 100 percent of clients, you should walk away.

Risk to collateral

Keep in mind that your lender may confiscate your collateral if you miss too many payments.

If you have a guarantor and they become accountable for your payments and cannot make them, their finances and credit may be affected.

Benefits of a No Employment Verification Loan

Obtaining a loan will provide faster access to cash than saving, which might be handy in an emergency. However, you must be certain that you can make the monthly payments, or you might wind up in worse financial condition.

A loan will often have a set interest rate and a fixed term (debt duration), so it should be easier to budget. In contrast to a bank overdraft or credit card, a loan does not provide an open line of credit, so there is no temptation to borrow more than necessary.

A loan might be used to consolidate other expensive obligations, making them easier to track and perhaps more affordable (if you can find a lower loan rate than your current borrowing interest rates).

Paying back a loan on time and in full might improve your credit rating, resulting in cheaper interest rates on future borrowing.

The Downside of No Employment Verification Loan

If you are jobless, interest rates on loans are often higher. This is because lenders sees you as a person with a higher risk of default if you have a low income or get government assistance.

Obtaining a loan will increase your level of debt. Consider borrowing cautiously, especially if you already have other debt obligations, such as credit cards, a car loan, or an overdraft.

If you cannot make your loan repayments due to financial issues, you are likely to incur penalty costs and even higher interest rates.

It might potentially affect your credit rating. You might wind up with uncontrollable debts, which can be quite unpleasant.

Unemployed Loan Final Thoughts

Anyone can lose their job, so there is no reason to be humiliated. It is preferable to have emergency money set up to cover an unanticipated job loss so that you do not require a loan when you are without regular income.

It is also important to understand the Canadian unemployment system so that you can get all the help and benefits you are entitled to.

However, for others, an emergency fund is expensive, and local and federal government benefits may not cover all of your needs, so an unemployment loan may be your best alternative in this situation. Make the most prudent loan decision possible by considering interest rates, payback periods, and fees to ensure that unemployment is not a severe financial setback.

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FAQs about Unemployed Loans

Am I eligible for a loan if I'm currently unemployed?

Yes, you’re well qualified for a loan if you get money from a non-traditional source despite being unemployed. This includes income from investments, rental properties, pensions, disability payments, and other government benefits like the Canada Child Benefit (CCB).

How Much Cash Can an Unemployed Person Borrow?

The amount you can borrow is determined by the lender with whom you apply, as well as the consistency and amount of your alternate income.You may often borrow between $100 and $35,000.

What Paperwork Must I Provide To Qualify For A No Employment Verification Loan?

When applying for an employment loan, you will be required to submit evidence of your identification, residence, and earnings. This comprises a photo ID provided by the government, bank statements, a SIN number, and utility bills. To authorize payments, you must also provide your pre-authorized debit information or a voided check.

What is Employment Insurance (EI)?

Employment Insurance (EI) is a Canadian program that offers temporary financial support to jobless people in order to help them keep afloat while they look for new employment or upgrade their skills. It also offers assistance to employees suffering from big life events, such as the birth of a child or a family member's terminal illness. If you qualify for EI, you may apply for an employment insurance loan online using your benefits (AKA as an EI loan). An alternative to EI payday loans, Magical Credit promises cheaper interest rates and more flexible payback terms.

Do You Lend Money To Unemployed Individuals With Bad Credit?

Yes, our unemployment loans and employment insurance loans are readily available to persons or families with low credit. We do not primarily base our selections on credit ratings. We will evaluate you if you get at least $1,200/month via direct deposit.

Can I Get A Personal Loan While Unemployed?

It is 100 percent possible to get a personal loan while unemployed. You can obtain a loan if you are enrolled in EI, CCB, CPP, social assistance, or any other government program. However, you must locate a personal lender who accepts these non-traditional revenue sources.

Am I Eligible for a Personal Loan While Receiving Employment Insurance (Ei)?

If the lender accepts income from non-traditional sources such as Canada child benefit (CCB), Canada Pension Plan (CPP) , social assistance, and other government assisted benefits, you should be eligible for a personal loan while receiving EI. Simply guarantee that the remainder of your finances are in order to maximise your likelihood of acceptance. As a rule of thumb reducing your debt and improving your credit score are two methods for achieving this goal.

What Alternatives to Loans Do I Have If I Am Unemployed?

When jobless, there may be options to obtain a loan, such as an authorised bank overdraft or credit card. However, you should only explore these options if the loan is cheap and you will not incur chronic debt. If you need a little monetary infusion to get through a difficult time, it may be wiser to ask family and friends for assistance. Alternately, if you have the time, attempt to save tiny sums of money each week towards your needs. If you are struggling to manage your debts, it is essential to get assistance as soon as possible from an impartial and free debt aid organisation, such as Citizens Advice or National Debtline.

When Do I Need to Apply?

When you lose your job, you can apply for an unemployment loan, but it's necessary to assess the importance of the loan against the cost of the interest payments. Use the loan calculator below to determine how long it may take you to repay the loan you're considering.

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