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Up to $10,000,000
In travel coverage
Satisfaction Rating
  • Emergency medical travel insurance
  • Travel insurance for visitors to Canada
  • All-inclusive travel insurance
Pros & Cons
Extra Details
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Blue Cross

Up to $5,000,000
In travel coverage
Satisfaction Rating
  • COVID-19 coverage available
  • Travel insurance for visitors to Canada
  • Family plans covers children for free
Pros & Cons
Extra Details
Best Value
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Up to $10,000,000
In travel coverage
Satisfaction Rating
  • Multi-trip coverage available
  • Family and student coverage available
  • Get cover for travellers of any age
Pros & Cons
Extra Details
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Green Shield Canada

Up to $5,000,000
In travel coverage
Satisfaction Rating
  • Emergency medical travel insurance
  • Multi-trip coverage available
  • Take unlimited trips on the same plan
Pros & Cons
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Up to $5,000,000
In travel coverage
Satisfaction Rating
  • Several disounts options available
  • Get cover for travellers of any age
  • Competitive insurance premiums
Pros & Cons
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Best Travel Insurance in Canada

There’s no better time to include travel insurance in Canada in your travel plans. Why? Not just because it saves you money and time but also protects your trip investment in the case of an emergency.

Travel insurance is an insurance plan that protects your investment on vacation. It covers expenses like lost luggage, emergency medical care while travelling, emergency evacuation, and damage to a rental car. It also covers financial losses from cancelled trips or trips cut short.

There are various types of travel insurance. It’s either purchased separately or as an addition to other travel-related purchases, such as flights.

Keep reading this article as we have gathered all the necessary information regarding travel insurance in Canada.

What is travel insurance?

Travel insurance, commonly referred to as trip insurance or trip protection, is a type of insurance that will compensate you if you need to postpone or cancel your trip.

Should you get sick or have an accident while travelling, it may also pay for your medical expenses if you have to pay them out of pocket.

Most travel insurance policies are sold for single-trip plans, meaning that only the events that occur within your trip’s predetermined dates are covered.

However, annual or multi-trip plans will provide coverage for you over a longer period of time, making them the best option for regular travellers.

sonomad travel insurance - comparewise

Pros and cons of travel insurance

This section contains the benefits and drawbacks of travel insurance, so before you make any decisions, you should know them.

Pros of travel insurance

Compensation for lost items

You’re probably going to bring some pricey accessories on vacation, such as your wallet, camera, phone, and others. Your travel insurance policy may help to defray some or all of these costs if these items are misplaced or stolen.

Guarantees peace of mind

The provision of security is the main reason for the purchase of travel insurance. The fear of what could possibly go wrong prevents you from making the most out of your trip.

You’re sure of peace of mind when you have travel insurance, even in the worst situations. You should be able to maintain your attention while travelling, whether it’s for work or family vacations, without worrying about unforeseen circumstances.

Covers medical expenses

Illnesses and accidents can set in at any point. However, there is a high risk of contracting an illness when travelling.

This is because of the weather, food, drink, and time zone changes. You should have a strong strategy in place to deal with medical issues when travelling abroad because healthcare can be rather expensive.

In addition, travel insurance will cover all of your medical expenses if you get sick or have an accident while travelling.

Cons of travel insurance

best travel insurance - comparewise

Comes with a few loopholes

There are shortcomings in every travel insurance plan. Some expenses are rejected even though they weren’t excluded. For instance, your insurer won’t pay for your fee if you twist your ankle while ascending a hill.

Since “falling from a height,” even if it only involves taking a wrong step that causes a sprain, is regarded as an exciting or sporting action, most insurers do not offer coverage for such activities.

It might be costly

The price of purchasing travel insurance is a major disadvantage. A travel insurance policy may be expensive because it covers a variety of things. However, since you might never need it, many people see it to be a waste of time and money.

As mentioned, having that peace of mind is sufficient for most people to make up for the expense. Additionally, unplanned costs like medical care for sickness and injuries could cost a lot if you don’t have insurance.

Might not cover pre-existing illnesses

Most travel insurance plans only provide coverage for unexpected medical costs incurred while travelling. Any pre-existing medical disorders you might have are not covered by them. Those that do frequently result in a significant price rise for a plan.

The best travel insurance in Canada

There are various companies in Canada that provide travel insurance. Here are a few best picks for you:

Manulife CoverMe

This is the best Canadian travel insurance for those who have an existing medical condition. It offers a robust type of travel package if you’re travelling as a family.

If you’re a student or on a visit to Canada, you also have access to these packages. With this, you’re also able to access the TravelAid mobile app, which provides local emergency phone numbers. Asides from that, it gives the direction to the closest medical facility.

A major feature is TravelEase, a unique policy made to take care of disclosed health conditions. The TravelEase feature covers many transportation and health service costs for those with pre-existing conditions. With a provision of emergency medical coverage of up to $10 million, it’s one of the best travel insurance in Canada.

travel insurance in canada - comparewise

Pros of Manulife CoverMe

Being one of the biggest travel insurance in Canada, Manulife offers a range of benefits to travellers, some of which include:

  • Availability of multi-trips
  • Options that are easy to understand
  • No age restrictions
  • Coverage for family and student
  • Covid19 travel plan

Cons of Manulife CoverMe

Although Manulife travel insurance has some really nice benefits, there are some downsides to it also. They are:

  • Hotel burglary insurance is unavailable
  • Absence of 24/7 support
  • There is no rental car insurance

TD insurance travel insurance

At TD Insurance, you get up to $5 million of emergency travel medical benefits. With all expenses paid, you can do nothing but feel good about your next trip. They run a 24/7 worldwide emergency assistance. Therefore, you can reach out to them if there’s an emergency during your travel.

In addition, for dependent children, travel medical coverage is added at no extra cost. This is only available on plans with the family coverage option. TD Insurance offers a number of travel plans, such as:

  • Single-trip medical plans
  • Multi-trip medical plans
  • Multi-trip all-inclusive plans
  • Trip cancellation and interruption plans.

Pros of TD travel insurance

  • There is a return for pets and dependent children.
  • They offer trip cancellation and interruption plans.
  • It covers hospital accommodation, emergency transportation and emergency medical.

Cons of TD travel insurance

  • There is no hotel burglary insurance
  • There’s no coverage for flight delays or travel accidents.
  • No rental car insurance.
travel insurance - comparewise

CIBC travel insurance

Canadian Imperial Bank of Commerce, or CIBC, is a global provider of banking and financial services.

They offer travel insurance that safeguards you and your family when you travel outside your province or internationally. Co-operators Life Insurance Company and The Sovereign General Insurance Company jointly underwrite CIBC travel insurance.

Pros of CIBC travel insurance

  • It is a reputable insurance company.
  • $10,000,000 worth of emergency medical coverage.
  • Wide-ranging dental insurance.
  • Travel assistance is available 24/7
  • Quote and purchase available online

Cons of CIBC travel insurance

  • Medical health questionnaire for those over 60.
  • There is no distinct coverage for students or snowbirds.
  • You must let the company know before getting any medical care.

Allianz travel insurance

In the travel insurance world, Allianz is a big name when it comes to Canada travel insurance. They provide a range of services such as concierge, corporate assistance, and travel insurance.

Besides this, they help provide solutions to customers with travel issues. Haven partnered with various reputable organizations; they’re an excellent choice for you when it comes to travel insurance in Canada.

Some of their partner organizations include

  • Universities
  • Websites
  • Travel agencies
  • Resorts
  • Credit card companies
  • Corporations
  • Airlines
  • Event ticket brokers

Allianz insurance offers both single and multi-trip plans, while its sister company, Allianz Global Assistance, offers five different plans you can choose from. All of which provide different coverage and protection.

Its single-trip plan is great for travellers looking to leave their home for another destination(s) before returning home. On the other hand, if you take multiple trips throughout the year (personally or professionally), then the multi-trip plan works best.

Pros of Allianz travel insurance

  • Single- and annual multi-trip plans are available.
  • Provides coverage for you and your household even if you aren’t travelling together.
  • Different types of policy that suits various needs

Cons of Allianz travel insurance

  • The limit for emergency medical transportation.
  • There is no coverage for extended travel time.
  • Per-trip limit on some annual plans.

Medipac travel insurance

The Canadian Snowbird Association and the Royal Canadian Legion support Medipac Travel Insurance. It has up to $5 million in coverage, including COVID-19. Additionally, Medipac has the medical tools to effectively serve its clients during a medical emergency.

From the time you apply until you receive assistance, Medipac Assist offers dedicated emergency assistance lines manned by on-site medical professionals.

Medipac rates are frequently less expensive than those of other plans; its Claim-free, Loyalty, and other incentives help many customers save up to 28% annually. Plus, it is the ONLY business that provides a 5% COVID-19 vaccine discount.

best travel insurance in ontario - comparewise

Pros of Medipac travel insurance

  • Emergency support is available 24/7.
  • A range of options for travel insurance.
  • Up to $5 million in coverage, which also includes COVID-19.
  • Plans that are best suited for extended stays.

Cons of Medipac travel insurance

  • Before receiving medical care, you must get in touch with Medipac to be eligible for the highest compensation.
  • You might need to fill out a medical questionnaire if you are above 60.
  • There is no coverage for lost luggage, trip interruption, and trip cancellation.

RBC travel insurance

One of Canada’s biggest banks, the Royal Bank of Canada, abbreviated as RBC, is a major international financial organization.

Purchasing RBC Travel insurance entails receiving protection from a reputable company. You can choose the appropriate level of coverage for your travel and medical requirements from a selection of policies.

Pros of RBC travel insurance

  • Unlimited access to health care.
  • simple online application
  • Theft, loss, damage, and delays are all covered for your possessions as well.
  • 24/7 international phone support.

Cons of RBC travel insurance

  • If you don’t have an active government-sponsored health insurance plan, your unlimited emergency medical coverage is limited to $20,000 per year.
  • The Emergency Medical Insurance Coverage offered by RBC is exclusively available to Canadian citizens.
  • Covid-19 coverage was less liberal than that of many rivals.

Blue Cross travel insurance

For over 70 years, Blue Cross has been around to help out with anything travel related. We can say that 1 out of 4 Canadians finds this travel insurance really helpful. They provide emergency medical care of up to $ 5 million, plus Blue Cross travel insurance is ideal for retirees and seniors.

There’s a special travel plan tagged “Snowbird,” specifically for Canadians who travel to warmer regions each year. One feature of this package is the “serenity service,” which offers benefits when you have a delay in your flight schedule. This comes with access to an airport lounge or hotel, which usually depends on the delay’s length.

Pros of Blue Cross travel insurance

  • Coverage of up to $5 million in travel insurance, deductible or not.
  • Solutions for flexible and affordable travel insurance.
  • Online free quotes are available.
  • Irrespective of where you travel, there is travel support available 24/7 for any emergency.

Cons of Blue Cross travel insurance

  • Pricing not available online: To find out the cost of your coverage, submit an application for a quote or contact a Blue Cross agent.
  • Provincial coverage: Since each province has its unique insurance offerings, you’ll need to decide which Blue Cross branch to get insurance
  • Exclusions: Some policies may have specific exclusions, so you should carefully study your policy to know what it covers.
  • Seniors may be charged higher costs and be asked to fill out a more thorough medical questionnaire if they are 65 years of age or older.
best travel insurance in canada - comparewise

BCAA travel insurance

BCAA travel insurance is a flexible and affordable travel insurance in Canada. It provides a total of $10,000,000 for unexpected medical costs. It has a robust trip protection coverage that caters to travel delays, trip cancellation and interruption costs, baggage and other coverages.

Among its many features comes the 24/7 online care center where you can get whatever help you want, no matter your location. Just like the other travel insurance, BCAA offers single-trip and annual multi-trip travel options.

Pros of BCAA travel insurance

  • No age limit when applying for this travel insurance
  • You have access to extra discounts on your travel insurance when you’re a member of BCAA.
  • Installment payment is allowed in cases where you have a tight budget.
  • You can buy an optional coverage of $200,000 in the case of an unstable pre-existing medical condition.
  • Their plans are budget-friendly.

Cons of BCAA travel insurance

  •  Special travel insurance discount is restricted to members only.
  • If you’re above 60, you’ll need some medical examinations and questionnaires.
  • Extreme sports and adventure activities have no coverage.

GMS travel insurance

Group Medical Services (GMS), a non-profit provider of health and travel insurance, provides coverage for a wide range of medical expenses that are not covered by government or other private benefit plans.

GMS was established in 1949 in Saskatchewan and currently provides services all over Canada.

Pros of GMS travel insurance

  • A reputable health insurance company
  • Online applications and queries are made easy on the website.
  • Include up to six dependent minors under 16 without charge.

Cons of GMS travel insurance

  • At the time of evaluation, TravelStar trip cancellation plans were suspended.
  • At the time of review, student plans were suspended.
  • The maximum amount of medical costs associated with a positive Covid-19 diagnostic is $500,000, which is less than some rivals.

BMO travel insurance

One of Canada’s top providers of banking and financial services is BMO or the Bank of Montreal. They are a well-known insurance company with policies that include 24/7 travel assistance. This gives you access to a network of qualified travel and medical insurance experts.

Pros of BMO travel insurance

  • A reputable insurance company
  • Affordable insurance with high-quality coverage.
  • Information on the plans and coverages available.
  • Offers insurance for both single and annual trip plans.

Cons of BMO travel insurance

  • Coverage may only be purchased online or over the phone, not in a bank office.
  • Trips less than 10 or 23 days are covered under multi-trip travel arrangements. This might not apply to all travellers.
  • Medical expenses related to Covid-19 are not covered if there is a travel warning in effect for the area you will be visiting during the dates you will be there.

World Nomads

For individuals seeking adventure, World Nomads makes a good insurance provider. There is coverage for assaults, terrorist attacks, medical repatriation, international medical and dental care, and baggage and equipment.

Athletics, water sports, snow sports, high-adventure events, aircraft, and motorsports are all covered under the upscale Explorer Plan. There are more than 200 listed activities, many of which other insurers don’t include in their policies.

A single 35-year-old would spend approximately $200 for a month in Thailand under the Explorer Plan, depending on factors such as state of origin, which is reasonable due to the plan’s extensive cover.

It also has a Standard Plan that costs $100 for the same trip, but if you think something might not go right, it’s better to select higher coverage levels.

It has a $100,000 limit for emergency accidents and illnesses, a $500,000 maximum for emergency evacuation, and a $10,000 limit for trip cancellation (or interruption). Although it doesn’t have the same insurance standing as some other insurance providers, it collaborates with trustworthy companies.

Pros of World Nomads

  • Wide coverage with higher limits for medical and emergency evacuation.
  • When travelling, safeguards your bags, computers, and sporting goods.
  • Its Explorer plan covers Adventure sports.

Cons of World Nomads

  • Not all insurance plans cover adventure.
  • Only one travel option is available.
  • Pre-existing conditions are often not covered.

Reasons you should get travel insurance in Canada

There are a number of reasons you should have travel insurance in Canada. Some of these are

  • There is a high chance of losing so much money in non-refundable deposits if you cancel the trip. Trip cancellation is what you need for such a trip. In the event of cancellation, for any of the specified reasons, any payments made in advance will be refunded in full.
  • Travelling outside of the country without proper medical coverage may be quite costly. Healthcare services acquired outside of Canada are sometimes not covered by insurance plans or are subject to high out-of-network deductibles. Check what your health plan specifies to discover what it offers. In this case, travel medical insurance fits best.
  • You’re travelling to a remote area. If you are far from any reputable medical facilities, even a little mishap might quickly escalate into a life-threatening situation. Medical evacuation insurance will pay for your journey to a clinic or hospital.
  • You need support in an emergency. You may get assistance with a wide range of travel-related issues by calling the 24-hour travel support hotlines that are included with travel insurance. These hotlines can direct you to pharmacies, provide language assistance, help you replace a lost passport, and much more.

How to choose travel insurance

Follow these easy steps to locate and choose the best travel insurance policy for your requirements:

  • To avoid spending money on unnecessary travel expenses, determine your specific needs.
  • Check the insurance to see if travel to the location you want is covered.
  • Check to see if the policy you’re thinking about has medical coverage if you have a pre-existing medical condition. You might need to get extra coverage if it isn’t.
  • Find out what kind of assistance the travel insurance provider will offer if your belongings are stolen.
  • Before purchasing, read the policy’s fine language to be sure that the activities you have scheduled for your vacation are covered.
  • Select a policy that offers emergency help services.
  • Before making a decision, compare a number of quotes

What does travel insurance in Canada cover?

There are multiple beneficial features in any comprehensive travel insurance coverage. You can also purchase policies that simply pay for medical costs or trip cancellations.

All you need to do is select coverage levels that suit your budget and travel requirements with the variety of policies offered. The following are the top coverage options for travel insurance in Canada:

Travel medical insurance

Ambulance service, hospital fees, medications, X-rays, doctor, lab work, and other medical costs incurred while travelling is covered by travel medical insurance.

Some travel insurance policies offer high coverage limits of up to $500,000 per person, but you may decide that lower levels of coverage are sufficient for your requirements.

The best travel insurance for seniors includes medical insurance because, with few exceptions, Medicare does not cover medical expenses abroad. However, many travel insurance policies do not all cover covid. So be sure to check to see if your policy covers Covid before purchasing it.

Trip interruption insurance

Trip interruption insurance is useful coverage if you have to shorten your trip due to an event covered by the policy.

It can pay for the non-refundable components of your trip that you skip, such as a resort stay or a swimming class. In case of an emergency, it can also be used to purchase a last-minute one-way trip home.

Trip cancellation insurance

Cancelling a trip isn’t the main aim of planning it in the first place, but unforeseen medical issues and accidents can result from it. Plans may need to be rescheduled due to factors such as jury service, illness in the family, or other commitments.

Trip cancellation insurance reimburses you for the full amount of any prepayments or non-refundable deposits lost if you are compelled to cancel your trip for an eligible cause.

If you’re worried about contracting Covid before your vacation, you may get coverage that would reimburse you if you have to cancel. It’s a good idea to insure the full amount of any deposits that aren’t refundable or paid in advance.

Don’t bother insuring things like airline tickets that may be returned for a full refund because you can’t file a claim if something happens to them.

Baggage delay insurance

Despite the possibility that your baggage may take a diversion of its own, what should you do while you wait? While you wait for your luggage, this coverage pays for your necessities.

For instance, you could need a coat, hat, and basic toiletries if you’re in Canada. Policies often stipulate that there must be a delay of at least six hours before baggage delay coverage becomes effective.

Emergency medical evacuation coverage

Foreign travellers should also purchase this insurance, particularly if they are going to a remote area where finding high-quality medical care may be challenging.

The emergency medical evacuation will cover your movement to the nearest medical facility, plus there is plenty of $1 million per person insurance available.

Travel delay insurance

If you have travel delay insurance, your expenses are compensated If your schedule is delayed and your travel insurance policy covers it. Travel delay insurance, for instance, can pay for essentials like food and toiletries if severe weather leaves you stranded all day in an airport.

If the delay takes long, travel delay benefits can pay for an Uber, food, and a hotel stay, and food. Travel delay insurance has a set waiting period (for instance, 6 or 12 hours) before benefits kick in, as well as a daily maximum and an overall maximum per person.

Baggage and personal effect coverage

An entire trip can be ruined by lost luggage. At least a small financial relief can be achieved with baggage coverage. It can pay you back for the shoes, bags, and clothes that never show up.

Although, the refund is just for the depreciated value of the things, not the original price of purchasing new ones. In addition, it makes up for items that have been stolen.

Cancel for any reason coverage

Find a travel Insurance that can upgrade your trip cancellation insurance to “cancel for any reason” (CFAR) Travel Insurance. This is if you’re looking to call off your trip at any time. Trip cancellation is available with CFAR for any cause that your policy doesn’t cover.

You could, for instance, postpone the trip if you no longer feel like travelling, provided you do so at least 48 hours before the scheduled departure.

Instead of the 100% that is available under the base trip cancellation coverage, repayment under a CFAR claim is limited to 75% or 50% of your trip expenses. The amount of insurance plans is increased by CFAR by around 50%. You should keep in mind that not every provider of travel insurance provides CFAR upgrades.

What travel insurance doesn’t cover

The most typical exclusions from travel insurance include the following:

  • Health issues that were present before.
  • Severe sport-related injuries.
  • Theft or loss of jewelry, electronics, and other personal things.
  • Conditions related to pregnancy.
  • Injuries sustained while under the influence of drugs or alcohol, even if doing so is permitted where you are going.

Best travel insurance in Canada conclusion

Having travel insurance in Canada is important, as going on a trip to another state can be very expensive. You must have a financial strategy in place in case you require urgent medical care while travelling.

Although it is unpleasant to consider, having travel insurance is essential when you are away from home. It ensures that you will be able to obtain and pay for healthcare, should you require it. Additionally, it can be of assistance if something goes wrong with your flight or you lose a piece of luggage.

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FAQs about
travel insurance/span>

Have a different question? Contact us today.

What is travel insurance?

Travel insurance is a type of insurance that covers the costs and losses associated with traveling. It is useful protection for those traveling domestically or abroad. Many companies selling tickets or travel packages, give consumers the option to purchase travel insurance, also known as travelers insurance. Some travel policies cover damage to personal property, rented equipment, such as rental cars, or even the cost of paying a ransom.

Who should get travel insurance?

Travel insurance is a good idea for anyone going on a trip for business or leisure. Different insurance plans are available depending on the length and location of your trip.

How does travel insurance work?

Travel insurance works just like any insurance plan. You let the provider know when and where you’re doing and they’ll give you a quote based on how risky your trip is. Once you’ve purchased a travel insurance policy, you’ll be able to file a claim if you need assistance due to a situation covered by your policy.

How much is travel insurance?

Plans for travel insurance in Canada might range in price. Common price factors include the number and age of travellers, the location, the duration of the trip, and the type of coverage. Typically, policies that cover trip cancellation and interruption will cost you 4% to 10% of the total amount you pre-paid for the trip, which is non-refundable.

What does travel insurance cover?

Each traveller's travel insurance coverage is different, plus it also depends on the trip plan paid for. Emergency medical coverage, trip cancellation, trip interruption, travel delays, medical evacuation, and luggage coverage are some common available coverage options.

Does travel insurance cover Covid?

You may be eligible for complete COVID-19 (coronavirus) coverage through a few travel insurance policies. In order to find the trip security you need, compare travel insurance policies and opt for the most complete COVID-19 coverage.

Do I need travel insurance?

One issue that frequently arises when traveling is the potential for unplanned mishaps. A last-minute cancellation, unanticipated medical costs, lost baggage or an airplane tragedy could happen at any time. It's essential to safeguard yourself, and getting Canada travel insurance is the simplest method to do so.

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