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Rent or rent out storage facilities like AirBnB - Claim this offer

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Rent or rent out storage facilities like AirBnB - Claim this offer

Neighbor Overview

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Neighbor allows users to list unused storage space and make extra money from it. Do you have space in your garage or shed? If yes, then you can list it on Neighbor to earn monthly rent.

On the flip side, the platform helps renters find inexpensive storage space to rent for various purposes. So whether you’re looking for a place to keep unused items or even park your old car, you can find just that with Neighbor.

You can say Neighbor.com is the Airbnb for storage space.

Neighbor features

Neighbor.com has shown dedication to making the storage experience flawless for both renters and hosts. Here are some of its standout Neighbor features: 

Seamless Experience

Previously, you had to make several calls and ask for recommendations to be able to find the right storage solution that was nearby and within your budget. But all of that changes with Neighbor. The platform makes finding your ideal storage a breeze.

Everything can be done right on your phone or computer, so you don’t need to leave the comfort of your home or contact the Neighbor team to register your space or find affordable storage space.

Insurance coverage

Renting storage space always comes with the risk of losing your belongings to theft or damage. Neighbor.com has insurance coverage that renters can opt for to protect their stored items.

The insurance plan is designed to cover as much as 90 percent of the renter’s items’ market value while also protecting the host up to the tune of $1,000,000 in liabilities.

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Secure Payments

Neighbor has a reliable payment infrastructure to allow renters to easily pay for their preferred storage space.

Apart from only using reputable and reliable payment processors for both payments and withdrawals, Neighbor features also include an automatic payment function that allows renters to have their storage space rent automatically deducted every month. This helps reduce the incidence of missed payments.

Seamless Cancellation

There are several reasons you may need to cancel a storage space reservation. Thankfully, you can cancel a reservation as a renter with just your Neighbor login.

As a host, you can also cancel a reservation or an existing space usage, and the renter will move their things to another storage space. You can always reach out to the Neighbor contact team if you need help with the cancellation.

First-Month Discount

Some Neighbor hosts offer a 50%- first-month discount to make their offer enticing to you. So if you are looking for storage space for some supplies, you can get it for 50% less with Neighbor.

But keep in mind that most of these discounts are typically available for renters who pay for extended usage. So if you plan to use a storage space for 6 months, the first month may be 50% off.

Functional Customer Service

The Neighbor contact team is available to resolve any issues you may have with the platform. The Neighbor team is available by phone at 833-416-6841 or via email, and you can reach out to them to help with cancellations, payment delays, or any other issues.

While Neighbor.com is packed with several amazing features and benefits, most hosts also offer next-level storage features. The Neighbor features you get will depend on the host you choose and may include:

Smoke Detectors

Some of the storage spaces on Neighbor.com are equipped with smoke detectors that sound an alarm once they detect any smoke to protect your belongings.

Neighbor App

Vehicle Storage

Some Neighbor hosts with enough space provide a secure space to store your car, boat, or Recreational vehicles (RVs). 

Security Cameras

In addition to smoke detectors, some hosts have cameras to deter theft and provide proof of it ever happening.

Private Entrances

Some hosts offer private entrances for renters looking for storage facilities with a private entrance. So you can come in and leave without bothering the host.

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Since 2017


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FAQs about Neighbor

How much does Neighbor cost?

Neighbor.com is free to use as a host. You only need to list your space, and then you can start earning extra money. The platform is demand-based for renters. You can register and get your Neighbor Login for free. You only pay when you want to reserve a space. 

Neighbor charges a 4.9% and $0.30 processing fee for storage space reservations in addition to the listed cost of the space.

Is Neighbor worth it?

Whether the platform is worth it is dependent on your personal situation. Neighbor provides a great way to earn passive income for most. Most renters also love it for the ease of accessing a diverse range of affordable storage solutions. There’s also the responsive Neighbor Contact Team to resolve any issues you have.

Who is Neighbor.com for?

Neighbor is ideal for anyone who’s looking for affordable and functional storage space. The platform is suitable for hosts with extra space in their shed, garage, or room that they can rent out for some money. 

Do people really make money on Neighbor?

Yes, people make money with Neighbor.com just like with other commercial real estate platforms like Airbnb. Many hosts earn huge sums of money from the platform by renting out their unused space. You can start earning today by listing your garage, shed, or parking space. 

Sign up to get your Neighbor login and reach out to the Neighbor team for help if you have any issues.

How much can I make from Neighbor?

As a host, your income from Neighbor is not limited in any way. You get to set your own prices and can earn anything from $50 to $600 monthly on a space. Typically, you can make up to $300 monthly for parking space, up to $300 monthly for a shed, and up to $600 monthly for a garage.

Neighbor Products

Starting From
Rent space for
your car or items.

Neighbor Offices

Phone Number
+1 833-416-6841
Office Hours
M-TH 9AM- 5PM | F 9AM-3PM MT
2500 W Executive Pkwy Ste 400 Lehi Utah 84043 USA
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    M-TH 9AM- 5PM | F 9AM-3PM MT
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    2500 W Executive Pkwy Ste 400 Lehi Utah 84043 USA
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