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Comparewise calculators are here to provide you with a safe place to compare financial outcomes for free. Use them 24/7 as a tool to point you in the right direction.


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Comparewise calculators?

Comparewise is all about saving you money on all kinds of financing in Canada. It’s just that simple. Our calculators are a great place to compare financial scenarios to see which one is the best for you. Try our calculators for free.

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What is an online calculator?

An online calculator is a tool on a website that helps you calculate interest, loan amount, insurance rates, and much more. Comparewise offers a range of online calculators to help you compare financial options.

How do you use an online calculator?

To use an online calculator, read the directions to see what fields are required for you to input. Next make sure to input the fields correctly so you get a good result. Finally, check out the output the calculator gives you and use that information to help your finances!

Are online calculators free to use?

Yes! All of our online calculators on Comparewise are 100% free to use. We hope to provide a helpful place or you to compare your financial options so you can take the best next step for you.

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