What are different kinds of home insurance do you get?

The different kinds of home insurance you can gets are standard home insurance policy, comprehensive insurance policy, broad home insurance policy, and no-frills home insurance policy.

  1. Standard home insurance policy: Only specific items listed in the agreement are covered. This policy is ideal if you do not want to pay high premiums, and if you can manage payments for losses or damage inflicted by yourself.
  2. Comprehensive insurance policy: Covers every case of loss or damage to the property, excluding those listed as exceptions. With this policy, homeowners are assured that, regardless of what happens, their property is protected.
  3. Broad home insurance policy: Combines the basic and inexpensive features of a standard policy with the all-inclusive and more expensive aspects of a comprehensive policy.
  4. No-frills home insurance policy: Offers coverage for properties that do not meet normal insurance standards.
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