22 Best Websites to Sell My Car Online in 2024

22 Best Websites to Sell My Car Online in 2024

When searching for the best websites to sell my car online,” there are so many options at your disposal. While it’s easy to find websites to sell cars online in Canada, you have to consider what they offer.

The 22 best websites to sell your car online in Canada include Clutch Canada, Car Nation Canada, Car Door, Drive Axis, Car Monk, Car Gurus, Kijiji Ontario Cars, and AutoTrader Montreal. What makes these markets unique is their ease of doing business and the security they offer buyers and sellers.

This guide will take you through the best websites to sell your car online, how to sell your car online in Canada, and the common mistakes people make when selling a car online.

How to sell a car online in Canada

When asking yourself the question, “How do I sell my car online?” there are some things to consider. In this part of our 22 Best Websites to Sell My Car Online guide, we will take you through the steps to a successful sale.

Find out the value of your car

The first thing you need to do is check how much your car is worth. This is important to avoid undervaluing or overvaluing your vehicle.

You need to check with reputable car dealers for the current value of your vehicle. There are car valuation tools, such as CARFAX, that are recommended. To use these tools, here are the car details needed:

  • Car model and year manufactured
  • Vehicle Identification Number
  • Odometer
  • The present condition of the vehicle
  • Postal Code

Car owners with pending payments on Car loans should talk to their Canadian banks about the balance. You should set an acceptable value for your car so that you will have enough to pay off your debt and be able to buy another one.

An ideal way to know the true value of your car is via a national retailer such as Canada Drives. They offer a straightforward way of buying and selling cars.

Prepare your car for sale

One of the things to consider when choosing the best website to sell my car is having it assessed. Get a professional to make the necessary repairs to the vehicle. Also, clean all parts to ensure they are in top condition. Remove all personal items and leave essentials such as a GPS, fire extinguisher, and phone chargers.

Try to get all car documents, such as the vehicle history and vehicle registration permit. Ensure you also take clear, crisp pictures of all parts of the car to appeal to customers.

Choose a reputable car website to sell your vehicle

Now that you are almost halfway there, you need to choose the best websites to sell your car online. There are many credible online platforms to choose from based on your needs.

These platforms offer different features to customers. Also, while some allow bidding, some are straight sales, and you might get those who offer both features.

Prepare your car documents

You need to get all your car documents ready before taking them online. Every Canadian province has regulations that pertain to changing vehicle ownership. Here is a list of car documents that might be required online:

  • Notice of Sale
  • Tax Form
  • Transfer Form
  • Vehicle registration certificate
  • Legal Bill of Sale
  • Original Certificate of Inspection
  • Car Insurance Declaration
  • Vehicle license with the owner’s signature

You will need to talk to your provincial government to know if other Car documents are required besides the above.

Put your car online for sale

You will now list your vehicle on the best websites to sell cars online to find genuine buyers. Here is the step-by-step process for listing your car online:

  • Go to the website of your chosen online auto dealer.
  • Register within minutes to allow you to start selling and provide all information, including how you can be contacted.
  • The car dealer will need to assess your car before sending you an offer.
  • You must choose between a cash offer or trade your vehicle for another one.

These processes differ from one Canadian online car platform to another.

Complete the sale

Once you receive a good offer from a buyer, prepare all documents for the transfer of ownership. Based on which province you live in, the requirements differ. Visit the local municipal office to ensure all documents are with you.

Ensure you only start the transfer of your car when you receive payments. Confirm the funds from your bank before pickup is arranged to avoid fraud.

What are the 22 best websites to sell my car online in Canada?

We will be discussing the best websites where you can sell your vehicles online. This list will be based on reputable car dealers in Canada, and we will be listing their pros and cons.

1. Clutch

Clutch Canada remains one of Canada’s best sites for car sales. This is an excellent platform for buying and selling cars in Canada. They provide reasonable pricing and a plethora of vehicles to choose from. It doesn’t matter if you want to buy or sell a used car; you are covered.

This Canadian car website has a simple approach to auto sales. Customers will get a 10-day money-back guarantee and a 3-month protection plan for customer satisfaction.

Note that all clutch vehicles pass through a deep inspection process to ensure buyers get their money’s worth. For car sellers, you are assured of getting your car sold on a secure platform.

Pros if Clutch

  • Provides a transparent and straightforward buying process.
  • Buyers will find a wide range of excellent vehicle models.
  • Secure platform for sellers
  • Ideal financing option for all buyers

Cons of Clutch

  • They are not available in all provinces.
  • No test drive option

2. CarGurus

Another online car platform that makes our 22 Best Websites to Sell My Car Online list is CarsGurus. This is a marketplace that provides various used and new vehicles. The UI/UX interface of this platform is smooth and user-friendly.

CarGurus Canada is great for people to search for all the car models they want. Moreover, there is a price analysis and review section, which customers can use to get a good deal. CarGurus is available in many regions of Canada and offers customers a protection plan.

Pros of CarGurus

  • There is a deal rating for all cars.
  • Provision of excellent insights such as price drops and market value
  • Personalized searches are available.
  • Home delivery is available.

Cons of CarGurus

  • Small Vehicle Arsenal, when compared to other websites

3. CarPages

CarPages is popular among people who buy and sell cars in Canada. This is a vehicle marketplace that provides people with different features. This is one of the 22 best websites to sell your car because of its amazing features and flexible plans.

One such feature is the dealer locator tool, which permits people to find sellers close to their location. CarPages auto marketplaces have comprehensive listings and provide registered users with all information about vehicles listed on their platform.

Pros of CarPages

  • The easy buying experience with the E-sign feature
  • Present in all Canadian provinces
  • There is an exchange policy.

Cons of CarPages

  • Has a small inventory when compared with other top Canadian buying sites.

4. AutoTrader

AutoTrader is another option on our 22 Best Websites to Sell My Car Online in Canada list. It is popular because it offers the chance to sell both new and used vehicles. There are a variety of search options and a sleek interface for everyone.

With AutoTrader, you will also get easy financing and travel insurance options, which make buying and selling cars easy.

Pros of AutoTrader

  • Provides detailed data on all cars listed.
  • Present in all Canadian regions

Cons of AutoTrader

  • There isn’t an actual inventory – they just provide links for buyers to buy from other dealers.

5. CarDoor

CarDoor is another excellent platform that offers customers a secure platform to buy and sell cars. You will also get easy repair services and maintenance for all vehicles. Some of these include:

  • Brake pad change
  • Oil Changes
  • Deep car inspection
  • Tire Replacements
  • Vehicle Diagnostic

On their auto platform, you can check out their numerous car listings, buy and sell Canadian cars, choose simple financing options, and have the vehicle delivered to you.

Pros of CarDoor

  • Buyers get a 2-day money-back guarantee.
  • Easy car deal negotiations
  • Provides drive testing for buyers
  • There is a good warranty and exchange program for all cars.

Cons of CarDoor

  • Services are limited to the Greater Toronto Region only.

6. DriveAxis

DriveAxis is a website that offers Canadians affordable pricing for all cars. They provide easy financing options for all vehicles on their site. Cars on this platform are bought from reliable dealers, which makes them reputable. There aren’t any frauds related to this platform; they are known for being credible in all dealings.

Pros of DriveAxis

  • They provide highly competitive rates.
  • Simile car financing options
  • There is a week’s return of exchange.
  • Cryptocurrency is accepted as a mode of payment.

Cons of DriveAxis

  • Car prices are fixed.
Best Websites to Sell My Car Online - comparewise

7. Car Nation Canada

Car Nation Canada is a premier automotive dealership based in Ontario. It was founded by Local Hamilton, who desired a car website that treated customers like family. They offer a convenient way to promote used car sales in Canada.

Pros of Car Nation Canada

  • Provides excellent car models
  • There is competitive pricing.

Cons of Car Nation Canada

  • Slow website
  • Operates mainly in Ontario.

8. CarMonk

The CarMonk website specializes in the sale and purchase of cars. They are relatively new and provide an excellent user experience. CarMonk offers cars with great insurance plans, allowing you to easily sell cars online.

Pros of CarMonk

  • Warranty for the first 6000 km or the first three months of driving
  • There is a 172-point inspection by car specialists.
  • Free delivery to your house
  • No down payment is required.

Cons of CarMonk

  • Car rates are fixed.
  • Limited inventory than other car-selling websites.

9. Kijiji Autos

Another top Canadian-based car marketplace is Kijiji Autos. They are a secure platform for buying and selling new and used cars. They are an excellent choice for affordable car pricing on all vehicle models.

Kijiji Autos has a price analysis tool that allows users to get the models of their choice. Moreover, with their inventory, you can get a vehicle and contact the dealer quickly. After this is done, you can arrange a meet-up to inspect the car unit and take it for a test drive.

Pros of Kijiji Autos

  • Unique car analysis tool that assists buyers in finding great deals
  • Shoppers get notifications when there are new cars on the website.
  • Available in every Canadian region
  • Easy comparison options

Cons of Kijiji Autos

  • Unwanted ads often ruin searches.
  • Not all sellers are verified.
  • The user experience is average.

10. UsedCarsCanada

The UsedCarsCanada website is among the 22 best websites to sell your car online. They have numerous vehicles, which include:

  • Heavy Cars
  • Electric Cars
  • Mini Vans
  • Trucks
  • SUVs
  • Luxury Cars

On this platform, buyers can find more than 2500 dealers who offer a variety of vehicles. There are feature listings like specifications, contact dealers, and specifications. All listings have a calculator, which helps manage financing options.

 For more shopping options, dealers in nearby locations are included. Car loan financing is available through the Trans Canada Finance website. Once your loan application has been received, it will be approved within 30 minutes.

Pros of UsedCarsCanada

  • Detailed product listings
  • Provision for third-party financing
  • There are many vehicles to choose from.
  • Great user experience

Cons of UsedCarsCanada

  • All offerings are from dealers.
  • Not very popular

11. Craigslist

Craigslist is one of the oldest marketplaces for cars in Canada. This private platform allows buyers to find used cars offered in the country. On this platform, you will find numerous parameters to help you find great deals. The registration process on Craigslist is easy, and you can search for all vehicle models easily.

Pros of Craigslist

  • Highly secure platform
  • Excellent car deals
  • Easy navigation for everyone
  • Anonymity possible
  • A good search filter tool

Cons of Craigslist

  • Too many unverified sellers
  • Some sellers don’t state actual car prices on their listings.

12. Facebook Marketplace

Facebook Marketplace is a reliable platform when it comes to finding cars. You’ll find several pre-owned or used cars on this site. People with Facebook accounts can easily buy and sell cars online on the site. Although there will still be some validation processes,

Pros of Facebook Marketplace

  • A popular platform for car sales
  • Good UI/UX design
  • Rating system for all sellers

Cons of Facebook Marketplace

  • Numerous unverified sellers
  • Requires a Facebook profile to send messages.
  • Irregular advertising affects the user experience.

13. Go Auto

The best website to sell my car online is the Go Auto platform. It is an Internet network for all Canadian dealers. This Canada buy and sell platform allows all users to sell cars without much documentation.

 Also, there are no admin fees required from anyone. Only people from Alberta, Ontario, Manitoba, and British Columbia can use it. Go Auto performs credit checks on buyers for bank loans.

Pros of Go Auto

  • A monthly exchange plan
  • No extra fees
  • Bonuses are available for all referrals.

Cons of Go Auto

  • Limited to a few Canadian territories
  • Low car inventory
  • Home delivery isn’t available.

14. Carnex

Carnex is also one of the best websites to sell your car online. It is an e-commerce site where you can find used electric vehicles. It’s relatively new in the industry, having been established in 2020. This dealer allows Canadians to buy and sell electric vehicles with ease.

All vehicles on this platform pass through an 89-point inspection. Buyers will also enjoy a 10-day return policy.

Pros of Carnex

  • Buyers can test-drive their cars.
  • People within 250 kilometres enjoy free home delivery.
  • No additional fees

Cons of Carnex

  • No haggling
  • There are not many vehicles in their inventory.

15. Edmunds Canada

Edmunds Canada is an excellent online car shopping platform in Canada. This website is known for helping customers navigate the challenging car-buying process. Moreover, Edmunds provides users with a simple way to browse through thousands of listings.

 You will get inventories from CarMax and other local dealers. At Edmunds, you will also find pricing tools, car history reports, and filters to make your search easier.

Pros of Edmunds Canada

  • Provides monthly loan payment calculators.
  • Provides detailed reviews and rankings
  • There are price ratings for all listings.

Cons of Edmunds Canada

  • Scanty customer reviews on all car models

16. Canada’s Black Book

Canada Black Book also makes it to our list of the 22 Best Websites to Sell My Car Online. Blackbook Canada is a trusted platform for finding all car models. You will get updated information on all new and used vehicles. The Canadian Black Book is a reputable place to get accurate trade-in values and more.

You will get trucks, SUVs, and exotic cars. It is helpful for people who want to make the right decision on car sales.

Pros of Canada’s Black Book

  • Smooth website interface
  • Free resources
  • Available in many Canadian provinces

Cons of Canada’s Black Book

  • No warranty
  • Limited information on car pricing

17. Autozen

Autozen is a recommended car-selling website in Canada. This platform lets people sell cars online securely and efficiently. Buyers are allowed to buy it outright or make multiple bids. When you list a car on their platform, they inspect it before allowing buyers to compete for it.

 The serviced provinces for Autozen are Greater Vancouver, Toronto, Calgary, and Edmonton. This platform is best for people who want to sell cars with models from 2010 and above.

Pros of Autozen

  • Quick car valuation
  • Cars with loan payments are accepted.
  • Accepts several bids.
  • Has a secured online payment option

Cons of Autozen

  • It can’t be found in all Canadian regions

18. MintList

MintList was established in 2020 to provide easy car sales for everyone. This car-selling platform allows sellers to list cars for free. Also, more than 150 verified buyers bid on vehicles on this site.

You can sign up with your number at MintList, answer some questions about your car, and receive multiple bids. This car platform is recommended for people who want many bids for their vehicles.

Pros of MintList

  • Large verified buyers
  • Quick inspection process
  • Allows you to choose the best offers from buyers.

Cons of MintList

  • Private sales are not allowed.
  • Available in Alberta and British Columbia only.
  • All listings are valid for 24 hours only

19. Carity

Carity is another new car-selling platform. They allow people to sell their used cars without many problems. You can list your car and get several bids from other buyers. All you need to do is go to their platform, click “sell,” and input your car details. Carity is best for people who want excellent prices for their cars.

Pros of Carity

  • Simple car listing
  • Allows for car picking.
  • Safe online payment
  • Allows multiple bidders

Cons of Carity

  • All listed cars must have 220,000 km or less.
  • Available only in Ontario

20. Wheels.ca

Wheels.ca is another online retailer on our 22 Best Websites to Sell My Car Online in Canada list. They are known for their affordable pre-owned cars and offer users a good buying experience. All vehicles that are listed on this platform have been inspected.

 Also, the selling and buying processes aren’t too tricky. You can browse their inventory using car models or pricing at Wheels. Documentation is crucial on this platform – you must complete all your documents before sales are completed.

Pros of Wheels.ca

  • There is a money-back guarantee policy.
  • Secure environment for sales
  • 24/7 customer support

Cons of Wheels.ca

  • limited availability in Canada

21. TrueCar

TrueCar is also known as a conducive and safe car sales platform. It makes our list of the 22 Best Websites to Sell My Car Online because of its outstanding services.

You can find any car model of your choice on this platform. Also, there is a chance to bid on or buy a car outright. The platform admin can be contacted easily, and they offer test drives.

Pros of TrueCar

  • Car pricing listing
  • No fraudsters
  • Safe payment options
  • Alerts when there is a new car listing

Cons of TrueCar

  • Disturbing sponsored ads affect a smooth experience.

22. Driven Cars Canada

Driven Cars Canada also makes our list of the 22 Best Websites to Sell My Car Online. This is because they are a good place for instant car sales and purchases. Although they are not as popular as some auto marketplaces, they provide a hassle-free experience for users. Cars on this platform include:

  • Venza
  • Honda
  • Toyota
  • Mercedes Benz
  • Hyundai

You will also find various toy vehicles and 4×4 wheels at reasonable rates.

Pros of Driven Cars Canada

  • No extra fees
  • They provide car financing options to buyers.
  • Home delivery is available.

Cons of Driven Cars Canada

  • Unavailable in all Canadian regions.

Conclusion for the best websites to sell my car online

We have covered the top sites for Canadians to sell their cars in this 22 Best Websites to Sell My Car Online guide. The platforms mentioned allow you to sell used cars at great rates.

Many of these car websites allow car loan financing and accept vehicles that are still not fully paid for.

These Canadian buy-and-sell platforms offer their customers a secure platform to meet their auto needs. Kindly choose from any of the websites above to sell cars online.

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FAQs about the best websites to sell my car online

Which site sells the most used cars?

Kijiji Autos sells the most used cars in the country. They have thousands of cars in their inventory. Kijiji Ontario cars are the most affordable you can get in Canada.

Which brand of car sells the most?

The brand of car that sells the most is Toyota. More than 2 million Toyota cars were sold in the last quarter alone.

Which online car-selling site pays the most?

Autotrader Montreal is the top-selling car platform in Canada. They provide their customers with amazing features and a secure platform for their business.

Which car is most used in Canada?

The Ford model is the most used car in Canada. Most Canadians love this car because it has a great body, and parts can be replaced easily.

Which is the best website to price a car?

The best website to price a car is Autotrader Canada. They have a good search tool where you can find a car that matches your budget. You will find numerous affordable vehicles on their platform.


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