What is life insurance underwriting?

Underwriting comprises a risk assessment process done by our vetted insurance providers for any life insurance application received. This process determines how much risk and liability the insurer will assume. In the case of life insurance, your medical history, driving record, and more may be scrutinized.

The underwriting process may include:

  1. A medical report from a physician.
  2. A premedical exam, where an examiner checks your blood pressure, pulse, weight, and body mass index (BMI).
  3. A phone interview where you will be asked questions about your lifestyle and medical history.
  4. A blood/urinary profile where you will be asked to provide a sample of blood and/or urine for evaluation.
  5. A mature focus interview (MAFI) that assesses your cognitive, mobility skills, and daily habits. This test is often compulsory for those 71 years of age or older because, as we age, the risk of health problems increases.
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