Canada Wills Review (May, 2023) – Pros, Cons, Features, & Pricing

Do you comprehend the significance of drafting a valid will in Canada? Your possessions might only be allocated as you would like with a will. It may result in a drawn-out and expensive probate procedure for your loved ones.

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Last Updated: May 20, 2023

Canada Wills

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  • Keep your gifts your secret
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Canada Wills helps with this. It provides a variety of online will services. It helps Canadians create a legally binding will with the help of an experienced estate planning lawyer.

By reading our online Canada Wills review, you can rest easy knowing that your assets will be given right. Saving your loved ones from the hassle and expense of probate is another possibility.

Take the first step toward protecting your assets and wishes by reading this Canada Wills review. Let’s look into this Canada Wills review to see if it’s the right platform for you and your family. Check out our Canada Wills review to learn more.

What is Canada Wills?

Canada Wills is a free online legal will service developed by lawyers and attorneys. It has been in business for more than 20 years, and Top Consumer Reviews named them the best Canadian Will service.

It is a comprehensive estate plan based on wills that address the US and Canada. Canada Wills provides a terrific solution for those who are in need. It merely takes a few minutes, and no legal expertise is necessary.

Canada Wills offers it for those who need considerable self-help during the will-writing process. By making a formal will on this platform, you can safeguard your numerous assets, including digital assets, pet trusts, and guardianships.

It has no restrictions and is accessible to everyone without a subscription or payment card. This Canada Wills review will tell why it is the best choice for anyone who wants to make a safe, reliable will.

What kind of will service does Canada Wills offer?

Canada Wills offers a platform to help customers generate free living will, medical power of attorney, advance directives, and others. In addition, Canada Wills also offers a final wishes kit.

In the following Canada Wills review, these things will be described in more detail.

What are these legal will products that Canada Wills offer?

Medical Power of Attorney, Living will and Advance Directive

Medical power of attorney, living will, and advance directive let people state their preferences for receiving end-of-life care. People can specify the instructions on their healthcare before their disablement.

It is especially crucial for those who want to absolve their family and loved ones of the duty of making decisions. These power of attorney documents are legal documents that enable people to make sure their desires are honored. They don’t leave it up to their loved ones to make difficult choices for them.

Final Wishes Kit

Canada Wills’ Final Wishes Kit is an invaluable tool for people and families preparing for end-of-life care. They made the package of online will kits to make it easier for people.

It gives them the resources they require for planning. For instance, a wishes checklist links to online forms for power of attorney documents, estate planning documents, etc.

Canada Wills review: pros and cons

Canada Wills Review - Comparewise

Canada Wills pros

100% free

Canada Wills online wills do not require users to provide credit card information. They will never bill users for any services. This makes it accessible to all Canadians, regardless of their financial situation.

Easy to use

Users can customize, download, print, and email their wills. They can return to Canada Wills as often as they want for free. It is also optimized for smartphones, making it accessible to users on both iOS and Android devices.

Privacy protected

Canada Wills does not store wills on its server and does not sell user information to third parties. Furthermore, there is no advertising content on the website. It ensures that users are not bombarded with unwanted ads while creating their wills.

Canada Wills cons

No changes offer

Canada Wills does not offer changes to their Will template. Users must start again and create a new Will if they wish to make changes. This can be a disadvantage for those who want more flexibility.

No hardcopy

Canada Wills does not provide hard copy Will Kits. Users can download, print, and email their wills, but there is no option to receive a physical copy of the document. This may be an issue for some users.

Canada Wills review: is it safe and legit?

Yes, Canada Wills is legit, and it is safe.

Canada Wills is legit. The will templates it offers to cover the legal elements applicable to all provinces in Canada. In addition, the “Legal Consideration” page on the website provides comprehensive answers to users’ queries.

However, it is important to note that the website does not provide legal advice. Users may consult a lawyer or attorney for more detailed information and guidance.

Canada Wills designed the website to be safe by not storing wills on its servers, which keeps sensitive information safe.

After this Canada Wills review, we can claim that Canada’s Will can be considered one of the best online wills in Ontario, Nova Scotia, and even in Canada.

How to create a will with Canada Wills

You can start creating a will in Canada Wills by following these steps:

  • Go to the official website of Canada Wills
  • Go to the will information form
  • Fill in your personal information
  • Select if you have made arrangements for a specific family plan. If so, fill in the relevant information.
  • Fill in the information about the right to estate planning on the decisions on your behalf
  • Fill in information about executor powers, burial wishes, etc.
  • The information you have provided will be analyzed. A will will then be created.
  • Your will must be signed in the presence of yourself and two witnesses. Your three people’s names and signatures should be inserted in the will. So, the will can include power.

Is Canada Wills the right platform for you?

After this Canada Wills review, there is one thing we are clear about. Canada Wills is a reputable and reliable online free legal will service provider. They ensure your assets are protected in compliance with the legal in Canada.

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FAQs about our Canada Wills review

What is Canada Wills and what kind of will service does it offer?

Canada Wills is a free online legal will service developed by lawyers and attorneys. It offers a platform to help customers generate free living wills, medical power of attorney, advance directives, and a final wishes kit.

Does Canada Wills store the wills on its server or share user information with third parties?

No, Canada Wills does not store wills on its server and does not sell user information to third parties.

Is Canada Wills legit?

Yes, Canada Wills is legit, and it is safe.

Is there a cost associated with using the Canada Wills service?

No, Canada Wills is a free service and does not require users to provide credit card information or billing for any services.


Canada Wills

April 1, 2023
Fact Checked

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