Duuo Review (May 2024) – Pros, Cons, Features, & Pricing

The Co-operators introduced Duuo in 2018 as a digital insurance brand that delivers on-demand solutions to address the requirements of small business owners in Canada who are operating in a fast-paced digital economy. Check out our Duuo review to learn all the details about their insurance.

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Last Updated: May 11, 2024


  • Tennant insurance for renters
  • Event insurance for weddings, parties, etc.
  • Small business insurance for self-employed

Get personalized insurance on-demand with Duuo - Claim this offer

The company provides one-of-a-kind safety strategies that may be obtained on the internet in a matter of a few moments and for a reasonable price.

The digital platform that Slice Insurance Cloud Services enables for Duuo manages claims with the use of artificial intelligence technology and provides comprehensive cybersecurity protection for insurers as well as information pertaining to customers.

This mode of thinking is quite similar to Duuo, which was invented in the 21st century.

Duuo review overview

To start our Duuo review, here’s what Duuo insurance is all about. In a nutshell, Duuo is a new way of thinking about insurance. When it comes to insurance, they handle things in a totally different way.

The new Duuo Small Business Insurance solution is a commercial general liability coverage offered in the form of a subscription.

This coverage is made available to owners of small companies in Canada as well as self-employed people in that country. This answer was conceived up in collaboration with Slice Labs.

In addition to the subscription model, which in general enables consumers to purchase insurance as needed, Duuo provides policyholders with the flexibility to personalize their policy by including a number of add-on coverages for items such as commercial product protection and business equipment.

This is in addition to the fact that Duuo enables consumers to purchase insurance as needed through the subscription model. In addition, Duuo, in collaboration with Canadian work platforms, is trying to make sure that its independent contractors have access to insurance at prices that are affordable for small enterprises.

This is being done with the intention of expanding the number of workers in Canada who are provided with health insurance coverage for themselves and their families.

duuo business insurance - comparewise

Duuo services

Next in our Duuo review, here’s the services they offer. For owners of small enterprises who are also self-employed and are looking for Commercial General Liability insurance, Duuo is a fantastic option to consider.

At the present time, they provide business general liability insurance to companies that specialize in the following trades and industries: handyman services, mounting and installation, furniture assembly or repair, appliance installation, moving services, electrical contractors (non-industrial), and photography and videography.

Duuo ServicesClaim Offer
Tennant InsuranceGet Started >>
Event InsuranceGet Started >>
Vendor InsuranceGet Started >>

Duuo small business insurance

For the sake of keeping things as simple as possible, Duo Small Commercial Insurance provides coverage for commercial general liability for the commercial endeavors of independent contractors and freelancers located in Canada.

The following protections are included into each and every policy that can be purchased from Duuo Small Business Insurance. Your client or employer may make an explicit request for confirmation of one or more of the following, which would make it look as if you are already acquainted with them.

duuo review insurance - comparewise

Commercial general liability

In the event that the activities of your company are found to be liable for inflicting property damage, personal harm, physical injury, or advertising injury to a third party, your business is protected by Commercial General Liability insurance.

This protection is provided to you in the event that a claim of negligence is filed against you as a direct result of the work that you are responsible for doing in some capacity.

Products-completed operations

Products-Completed Operations Liability Insurance is a policy that protects you in the event that a client sues you for causing them to suffer bodily injury or property damage as a direct result of your work.

The purpose of the insurance is to reimburse you for any damages that were caused by your carelessness, as well as any legal expenses that you may be required to pay as a direct consequence of the claim.

duuo-desktop view - comparewise

Business contents

As the owner of a firm, it is your duty to ensure the safety of the products that are stored inside the walls of your establishment. These things may include furniture, electronics, household appliances, promotional materials, and signage.

The Business Contents coverage that may be purchased as an add-on to the Small Business Insurance policy offered by Duo protects your company’s property in the event that it is broken into, lost, or stolen. This protection is made possible by the Business Contents coverage.

Business tools

Think about the several instruments that you use on a daily basis in order to accomplish the tasks associated with your work. The Business Equipment Coverage is an optional add-on to your policy that is designed to give you the actual monetary value of your business tools in the event that they are lost, stolen, or destroyed.

This is done in the event that any of these unfortunate events occurs. This protection extends to any hand tools or cameras that you employ in the course of running your company.

duuo tennant contents insurance - comparewise

What is Duuo vendor insurance?

Up next in our Duuo review, let’s take a look at their vendor insurance. The work involved in getting ready for an event may be rather extensive.

There are many moving components that need to be considered, such as arranging travel arrangements, setting up a booth, and honing your sales presentation.

It is important to keep all of these things in mind. When you initially start getting ready to set up your booth, insurance is probably not the first thing that crosses your mind.

As a result of this, Duuo works to make the procedure as uncomplicated as it is possible to make it. Your ability to get insurance for a trade show or vendor in a matter of minutes is made possible by the platform, which is web-based and available on demand.

This insurance will give coverage for the days on which you will be exhibiting, and you will not be required to speak with a broker or pay any service expenses in order to make use of it.

The following types of risks are covered by the insurance protection that Duuo provides to its Canadian vendors: Event liability (Bodily Injury and Property Damage), Tenants’ Legal Liability, and Medical payments.

duuo team - comparewise

Do I need Duuo event insurance?

It is common practice to get insurance for an event in order to shield the host from any legal responsibility that may arise in the case of an accident. It offers insurance for both the Tenant’s Legal Liability and the Event Liability, which respectively cover physical harm and property damage.

When you buy at Duo, you also have the option to purchase host liquor liability coverage for events that are not of a sporting nature. This may be done in conjunction with your purchase. If you have been asked by your venue to get venue insurance or hall rental insurance, then you have come to the right place.

Even if the location of your event does not specifically state that they require event insurance, purchasing a policy for event insurance that is both simple and inexpensive can provide you with the peace of mind you need to be able to concentrate on all of the other tasks on the to-do list for your event preparations.

With Duo Event Insurance, you get protection against the following categories of liability: host liquor responsibility, event liability (including physical injury and property damage), and renters’ legal liability.

duuo review 2 - comparewise

What does Duuo renter’s insurance protect against?

In our Duuo review, we found they offer great tenant insurance policies. The requirements for insurance that are imposed on homeowners are not the same as the ones that are imposed on renters.

Because of this, tenant insurance offers protection that has been specifically adapted to meet the needs of renters.

Tenant insurance provides protection for three factors that are of the utmost significance, yet each one of these features might be difficult to understand at times.

The rate for Duuo’s basic renter’s insurance runs from $12 to $20 per month, depending on the location. There are just two significant matters on which Duuo needs a decision from you:

Your individual maximum legal obligation (one or two million dollars).

The maximum amount of coverage you have for your goods (twenty-five thousand dollars, fifty thousand dollars, seventy-five thousand dollars, or one hundred thousand dollars).

After you have picked the option that is most suited to your requirements and established whether or not you are pleased with the pricing, you may be able to get insurance in a matter of minutes. Duuo strives to maintain an approach that is as simple as is humanly possible.

duuo renters insurance - comparewise

Should I get Duuo insurance for a short-term rental?

It’s possible that you already have a home insurance policy, but it’s important to keep in mind that many home insurance policies were written before home-sharing websites like Airbnb. If this is the case, it’s important for you to make sure that your policy covers renting out your space.

So if you rent out your space, ensure your coverage covers it. As a direct and immediate result of this, the vast majority of insurance policies for homeowners do not provide coverage for actions that are associated with short-term rentals.

Secondly, certain platforms, such as Airbnb, do provide hosts some type of protection in the form of guarantees and insurance plans, such as “The Host Guarantee” and “Host Protection Insurance.” Although these programs are an excellent place to begin, their primary purpose is not to serve as a replacement for conventional insurance coverage.

duuo tennant insurance - comparewise

Duuo review conclusion

Let’s wrap up this Duuo review! As a result of the presence of this void in the market, Duuo came up with the idea for an all-encompassing insurance policy for short-term rentals.

Because of this legislation, homeowners in Canada may rent out their homes and properties with complete peace of mind, knowing that they are protected.

The following are protected by Duuo’s insurance for short-term rentals: Liability coverage in the amount of $2 million, the total amount that it would cost to replace your home and all of its contents, an additional fifteen coverages that are tailored specifically to short-term rentals, including as protection against infestation, vandalism, loss of income, and a variety of other perils.

Thanks for checking out this Duuo review!

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FAQs about Duuo

What is Duuo?

Duuo is an insurance company trying to simplify and reduce the cost of purchasing insurance. Duuo collaborates with property managers all throughout Canada to provide their renters superior coverage that can be conveniently administered, and in return, tenants get to take advantage of the advantages of a preferred rate that is free of any additional or hidden costs.

Why do I need insurance for my temporary housing arrangement?

Anyone who leases out all or part of their house via a website that facilitates short-term rentals is required to obtain insurance. It is also essential to bear in mind that standard homeowner's insurance plans impose a wide variety of limitations and prerequisites with respect to the operation of a company from your residence. Because of this, most homeowner's insurance plans do not extend coverage to short-term rentals of a person's primary house. To good fortune, Duuo's short-term rental insurance policy covers just the amount of time that you have your house rented out, and not a second longer.

What should I expect once I have submitted a claim via Duuo?

After you have supplied all of the necessary information, Duuo will appoint a claims adjuster to assist you with the process. Within one business day, you may anticipate hearing from the adjuster assigned to your claim. Do not be concerned; the adjuster will walk you through the steps of the claims process, and you will be provided with frequent information on the progress of your claim from the very beginning to the very conclusion.

When can I expect to get a bill if I get Duuo insurance?

Duoo provides insurance coverage for renters that are paid on a month-to-month basis. This implies that in order to maintain your tenant insurance arrangement, you will be required to pay a payment on a monthly basis. Your credit card will be charged one day in advance of the next monthly insurance renewal that occurs automatically.

Do I need to get two insurance policies if I have two kinds of employment?

Nope! If you have more than one job that you do on a regular basis, you will only need to buy one insurance in order to be covered for all of your employment. During the process of purchasing the insurance, all you need to do to ensure that you are protected is provide Duoo with information about the positions that you have.

October 6, 2022
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