Score Up Review (June 2024) – Pros, Cons, Features, & Pricing

Score Up is a platform powered by MyMarble that speeds up the process of increasing your credit score by giving you expert credit monitoring and coaching. Managing credit finances can be quite difficult especially if you have to do it alone. Having a good credit record is really important nowadays as this will not only affect your employment, but even the interest of loans you’re going to apply for.

Having knowledge when it comes to credit is an advantage but tracking everything that goes in and out isn’t really that easy especially if you have to do it all by yourself. This is where considering software with services that will help you with credit management will be very useful.

Softwares such as Score Up are created to assist you with matters regarding your credit, for easier management and faster achievement of your credit goals with their interactive apps and features.

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Last Updated: Jun 07, 2024

Score Up

  • Set a realistic credit score goal, the software will help you achieve it
  • Be aware of what’s happening with your credit and the progress you're making
  • Get a personalized plan of action through their automated system

See an improvement in your credit score in as little as 30-45 days! - Claim this offer

What is Score Up?

In this Score Up review we’ll tell you about Score Up, their features and services as well as explain the goods and bads of using their services.

Score Up, as its name says, is software made to help its users accelerate their credit score, in the shortest time possible. It has been in business since 2015 with over a thousand customers who aim to see improvements in their scores. Score up uses real personalized data, to assist its users in enhancing and managing their credit scores accurately and efficiently.

Unlike other traditional credit repairs that cost a lot more which only provide you with advice, loans, and very limited information regarding your credit score without helping you identify which area to improve, Score up will provide everything you need to boost and keep track of your score. From monitoring and alerts, point deduction, error tracking, target score and budget simulator, to expert support, all in just one software. In our Score Up review we’ll go over all of these features and more.

Score Up guarantees its users to see improvements with their credit score in just 30-45 days, so if you’re interested to try it out, might as well give it a chance.

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What Services Does Score Up Offer?

The six main services you’ll receive from your Score Up subscription are Credit Monitoring & Alerts, Point Deduction Technology, Errors & Omission Tracking, Target Score Simulator, Budget Simulator, and Expert support which will all be very useful in your credit goal journey. Check out the best Score Up has to offer in the next part of our Score Up review. To know more about these features, here’s what they are mainly for:

Score Up ServicesFeatures
Credit Monitoring and AlertsConstant credit score tracking and status availability. Pulls from multiple credit reporting agencies.
Point Deduction TechnologyGet advice on how you can boost your credit score based on how you’ve lost points in the past.
Errors and Omission TrackingCatch any errors on your credit history and correct them fast.
Target Score SimulatorLearn the steps you can take to achieve your credit score goals.
Budget SimulatorLearn where you can put your money as you go to achieve your financial goals.
Credit CoachingGet advice from the experts with your Boost Plus or Boost Premium subscription.

Credit Monitoring and Alerts

Since every movement – whether upward or downward that’s happening with your credit score is tracked by the software, every month you’ll get an update about the status of your current score. You’ll also have your access to your updated credit report in both TransUnion and Equifax.

Point Deduction Technology

With the analysis and data Score Up does with your credit report, the software will be able to help you know which action is best to do in order to improve your score, such as when to pay something and the points you’ll gain if you do so.

Errors and Omission Tracking

With Score Up, all errors and omissions done with your report will be highlighted so you have a record of the correct one whenever you’ll need it. Errors can really be a big deal when talking about credits such as being marked late even though it’s paid on time or payments that aren’t reported at all, such things that will definitely impact your credit score and goal.

Target Score Simulator

One of the top features you’ll get from their software is setting a target score and receiving instructions or ways on how exactly to achieve them, making it more convenient for you and easier to achieve your target.

Budget Simulator

Aside from teaching you ways to quickly achieve your goals, Score Up is also helpful when it comes to deciding where to put your money in the most efficient way, such as which debt to pay first among others.

Credit Coaching

For Boost Plus or Boost Premium subscriptions, you’ll have access to talk to credit experts.

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Score Up Pros and Cons

Next in our Score Up review, we’ll share what we found about the pros and cons. Score Up offers a long list of benefits on how you’ll get closer to your goal credit score in the fastest and safest way possible.

+ Fast & easy application
+ Achieve credit score goals in no time
+ Monitor monthly progress
+ Data-based algorithms
+ Excellent customer services
– Monthly fee
– Few available reviews

Pros of Score Up

Aside from the features that its own software offers, here are some more good points to consider and highlight:

  • Easy, fast application
  • Achieve credit score goals
  • Monitor montly progress
  • Data-based algorithms
  • Customer service

Easy & Fast Application

Purchasing a subscription on their site is easier and faster than you think, won’t even take more than 15 minutes of your time and you can do it from the comfort of your home.

Achieve Credit Score Goal in No Time

Just like what’s mentioned in its features, you can set your realistic credit score goal and the software will help you achieve this goal by analyzing your credit data and giving recommendations to help you positively improve your credit score.

Monitor Monthly Progress

With its automated monthly reports, you’ll be aware of everything that’s happening with your credit and the progress you’ve already made and what you need to do to continue with your credit building.

Data-Based Algorithms

Score Up ensures that through their data-fed algorithms, you will receive personalized plan of action to help you more effectively and quickly achieve your goal.

Excellent Customer Service

Not only does Score Up offer you its top-notch software, but together with your subscription, you can work with excellent customer service that will help you with your queries regarding the software and their services.

Cons of Score Up

Although there are many benefits this brand offers, there are also a few drawbacks that you should take note of:

  • Monthly fee
  • Few available reviews

Monthly Fee

In order to experience the full benefit of every feature that this offers, you’ll need to allot a monthly payment of $29.99 or less if you go for their bundle plans.

Few Available Reviews

Since there are not many users for this service yet, reviews you can find online can be very limited and hard to search for

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Score Up Subscription Cost

Next in our Score Up review, here’s what their service costs. Accessing the software would require you to purchase a monthly subscription of not less than a year total.

Here are Score Up’s current costs with discounts if you decide to go for their bundles:

Score Up service tiersCostKey features
One Month
3-Month Bundle
+ Save 20%
6-Month Bundle
+ Save 25%
12-Month Bundle$241.20+ Save 33%
  • $29.99 One Month
  • $89.97 3-Month Bundle, Save 20%
  • $134.99 6-Month Bundle, Save 25%
  • $241.20 12-Month Bundle, Save 33%

Any of these subscriptions above will give you access to the said benefits Score Up offers, which are:

  • Monthly Credit Score
  • Point Deduction Technology
  • Credit Monitoring & Alerts
  • Errors & Omission Tracking
  • Target Score Simulator
  • Budget Simulator

Note: In case you changed your mind or don’t find it helpful at all, you can cancel any time with a 30-day notice.

Ways to Get Started

As part of our Score Up review, here’s how to get started on their platform. If you’ve been convinced by our Score Up review and are ready to sign up, check out the steps below.

To start your plan with Score Up is as easy as ever. Here’s a four-step guide to do so:

  1. Check out the Score Up site, choose the plan you prefer and fill out all the details needed such as your name, email, proof of ID, and other relevant documents. Then, submit your application.
  2. Pay your desired plan to get access to the Marble Financial Score Up software
  3. Talk to a licensed agent to help you with your target credit score and receive your personal data-based plan.
  4. See the improvement in as early as 30-45 days!
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Score Up Review Conclusion

Softwares such as Score Up are really helpful especially for those who have a goal credit score yet don’t know much about credits or just don’t have the time to spend too much into all the details happening in and out of their cards. This software will provide all the details you’ll need to achieve your goal in the shortest time possible, from recommendations on what’s best to do, simulation of points you may gain or lose in a transaction, to identifying inaccuracies that will affect your credit, which one person wouldn’t be able to know by themselves.

Although it comes with a subscription fee, the features and benefits it comes with are definitely incomparable with most free software that share the same service. Also, the convenience that it’ll bring to its users will definitely be worth every dollar. If you’ve been looking for software to assist you with managing your credits and credit goal, might as well check Score Up out! Thanks for reading our Score Up review.

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FAQs about Score Up

What is Score Up?

Score Up is a platform powered by MyMarble that speeds up the process of increasing your credit score by giving you expert credit monitoring and coaching.

How long is Score Up?

The Score–Up program is a one-year subscription service, which provides you with access to our proprietary technology to help you improve your credit score. Using our Target Score Simulator, Money Simulator and more, this one-year program will help you make a change to your score.

How much does Score Up cost?

Here are Score Up’s current costs with discounts if you decide to go for their bundles:

  • $29.99 One Month
  • $89.97 3-Month Bundle, Save 20%
  • $134.99 6-Month Bundle, Save 25%
  • $241.20 12-Month Bundle, Save 33%

Is Score Up the right product for me?

Anyone looking to build their credit while keeping tabs of their progress would highly benefit from this product. Its detailed strategy provides measurable actions that are motivational and progressive.

How is Score-Up different from other credit building products?

Unlike other credit building products, Score-Up provides point-by-point recommendations on how you can build your credit score. Rather than relying on vague advice that is hard to measure, Score-Up's proprietary technology presents actionable insights that are measurable.

October 3, 2022
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