The Motley Fool Review (March 2023) – Get a 66% Discount

If you’re interested in investing in the stock market but aren’t sure where to begin, this The Motley Fool review might be helpful.

As an active investor, it can be challenging to find the right stocks to invest in sometimes. Choosing the perfect stocks might involve hours of background research, prospects, studying trends, charts, and financial reports. Unless you happen to work on Wall Street, putting this much effort each time you invest in a stock is not possible.

Today, finding individual stocks that will outperform their average has become a little easier with stock newsletters like The Motley Fool.

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Last Updated: Mar 19, 2023

The Motley Fool

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The Motley Fool was founded in 1993 and is a private finance and investment advice firm. The Motley Fool offers free and premium investment guidance to individual investors and has more than 1,000,000 subscribers worldwide. The Motley Fool picks out stocks for their subscribers to invest in and has beaten the key market index by a factor of four in the last 17 years.

In our The Motley Fool review, we’ll do an in-depth analysis of what the company is all about. This will include the main features, how to get started with this advising company, and what makes The Motley Fool a popular choice among investors.

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What is The Motley Fool?

The Motley Fool is a financial and investing advice company founded more than 28 years ago. This private organization is headquartered in Alexandria, Virginia and is trusted by more than 1,000,000 people for its stellar stock picks.

The Motley Fool was founded by Tom Gardner, David Gardner, and Erik Rydholm in July 1993 and now employs more than 300 people worldwide. With offices in the United States, United Kingdom, Germany, Australia, and Canada, the company is one of the most well-known stock picking services in existence.

The Motley Fool offers free and premium investment guidance to individual investors through its website. They publish hundreds of market news articles every week, along with posting YouTube videos, exclusive newsletters, and holding webinars and podcasts for new investors. They help new investors make better stock picks and strive to help millions worldwide achieve their financial goals.

The company became widely known in 1994 when it published a series of online messages promoting a sewage disposal company that did not exist. This online promotion was a part of an April Fool joke designed to teach new investors about penny stock investing.

This small prank gathered widespread attention, and The Motley Fool was mentioned for the first time in an article in The Wall Street Journal. In December 1994, the company also got profiled in the ‘Talk of the Town’ section of New Yorker.

The Motley Fool launched their newsletter for the first time in 1996, naming it as ‘The Motley Fool Investment Guide’. This newsletter was ranked on the bestseller list in Bloomberg Businessweek and The New York Times.

After a year, the company shifted its online presence from AOL to its own domain. And it continued providing investment advice to active investors. However, The Motley Fool has had its share of downfalls. During the market collapse of 2001, the company was forced to lay off more than 80% of its staff.

A year later, in 2002, the company shifted to a subscription-based model and launched their first subscription service for investment advice, The Motley Fool’s Stock Advisor Program. This newsletter has become its most popular product, with more than 700,000 subscribers worldwide. This service offers monthly stock picks and premium investment education to its subscribers.

What Makes The Motley Fool a Good Option?

This section of The Motley Fool review will discuss why the investment advice company might be a good stock market guide for you.

The Motley Fool is one of the most talked-about stock picking services in existence. Perhaps you are familiar with the stock market. In that case, there’s a good chance you’ve heard about this service. Whether through an internet advertisement or one of your colleagues.

The company offers both free and premium stock investment advice to its subscribers. Their website offers thousands of articles based on recent market news and commentaries, which you can access for free.

The Motley Fool also offers a premium membership service that provides a detailed analysis of companies and stock recommendations. You also get access to model portfolios, which can be pretty helpful for new investors who are looking actively to grow their selection of stocks. Furthermore, the service also offers a live streaming video of the market during the active hours to give you an insight into the stock exchange.

As a premium member of The Motley Fool, you can access their tools to build your ideal portfolio and track its performance. By keeping a close eye on the companies of your interest, you can find a gem that will make your investment profitable in future.

The Motley Fool has been beating the stock market for over ten years using their popular ‘foolish investing strategy’. This investment service helps investors achieve better results by giving them access to exclusive stock picks every month. These stocks are chosen by The Motley Fool’s team after researching the company’s background, studying their financial records and analyzing prospects.

The team chooses the stocks and provides an in-depth analysis of why they picked that particular stock and why you should invest in it. Whether you want to invest or not is your call.

The Motley Fool’s subscription service is a good option for both new and advanced investors, as the recommended stocks have generated over 500% in returns since the program’s launch in 2002. These returns are rather impressive if we compare them to the broader market return in the same period, which generates a return of 266%

In simpler terms, if you had invested in the stock market according to the S&P 500 index, you would have generated over 2.6 times the invested amount. For instance, if you invested $10,000, it would have generated an extra $26,000 in 10 years.

On the other hand, if you had invested in the stock market as per the recommendations of The Motley Fool, you would have generated over five times the invested amount. For instance, if you invested $10,000, it would have generated an extra $50,000 in 10 years.

There is no doubt that The Motley Fool offers exclusive stock picks for their subscribers. To select the investments, the Gardner brothers have curated a specific method that helps them analyze whether the stock will be able to handle the pressure of the market. Despite the uncertainty in the market due to Covid 19, the stocks picked up by The Motley Fool have remained strong and generated good returns for their investors.

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The Pros and Cons of The Motley Fool

When we talk about a stock advising company, it is essential to analyze and weigh its pros and cons. The right advice can help you earn thousands of dollars in the stock market, and the wrong one can result in the loss of your lifelong savings.

Pros of The Motley FoolCons of The Motley Fool
+ Strong historical presence
+ Stock picked by experts
+ 24/7 monitoring
+ Instant notifications
+ Advanced reports
– Not a broker
– Not a robo-advisor

The Pros of The Motley Fool

This section of The Motley Fool review will discuss the benefits of this investment advice company and the areas where it can improve.

Strong Historical Presence

The Motley Fool has been in the market for more than 28 years and has helped many new and expert investors profit from their stock market picks. The company has consistently outperformed the entire stock market for over 20 years. It has generated a 500% return for its investors in the last ten years.

Stock Picked by Experts

The Motley Fool has a team of over 300 professionals that study the market all day round. Before they advise their subscribers to buy a stock, they do a detailed analysis of how the stock has performed and predict its future outcome. These experts have outperformed the market for more than twenty years. These expert-curated picks will be forwarded to you every month with an in-depth analysis of why you should buy them.

24/7 Monitoring

The Motley Fool team monitors the stock market and the companies 24/7. They recommend a stock based on their past performance and prospects. However, if they analyze that the stock is about to fall and it is the right time to sell it, you will get an instant notification, even at 1 in the night. It allows you to make the decision right away and book your profit.

Instant Notifications

The best thing about this stock advising newsletter that makes it stand out in our The Motley Fool review is its instant notifications. Whenever the expert’s team picks a new stock or spots a dying stock, they instantly inform their subscribers through email or text messages.

Advanced Starter Reports

As soon as you sign up for the premium subscription plan of this stock advisor platform, you will be eligible to access their advanced reports. These include ‘The Best Buys Now‘ report, which gives you in-depth detail about the ten stocks you should buy to start your portfolio. And it comprises other investing and community resources.

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Supportive Community

The Motley Fool gives you access to hundreds of discussion boards run by the community of investors. Here you can get quick answers to all your investing questions.

Access to Previous Picks

When you sign up for the stock advisor’s subscription plan, you get access to the current month’s stock picks and all the future picks, as long as you are a subscriber. Additionally, you will also get access to all the previous selections that the experts at The Motley Fool have made since 2016. This helps study their success rate and understand why their team picked it in the first place.

30-day Money Back Guarantee

Unlike other stock advising companies, The Motley Fool gives their annual subscribers a full refund if they cancel in the first 30 days of their subscription.

The Cons of The Motley Fool

Here are the things that users thought could be better about The Motley Fool experience

Not a Broker

The Motley Fool is not a wealth management service or a broker. You have to make all the investments yourself. Suppose you miss out on the notification sent by the advising firm. In that case, there is a chance that you have missed the ideal opportunity to purchase the stock.

Not a Robo-Advisor

The Motley Fool is not a Robo-advisor that tailors the plan to suit your investment needs or calculate your risk percentage. Instead, The Motley Fool offers expert-picked stocks to all of its subscribers. Every person subscribed to the platform will get the same recommendation as you.

Additional Upsells

Like other companies, The Motley Fool also storms your inbox with tons of marketing emails selling their plans and newsletters.

Services Offered by The Motley Fool

We’ve already discussed the company’s brief overview and the advantages & disadvantages of subscribing to their plans. This section of The Motley Fool review will discuss its range of services.

Stock Advisor

The Stock Advisor subscription plan is The Motley Fool’s most popular and successful newsletter. Both the co-founders, Tom and David Gardner, work with their team of analysts to pick the perfect stock for their subscribers. Each team selects a new stock every month.

David’s team looks for stocks that would work better in the long term. While Tom’s team selects stocks from beaten-down industries with an excellent management team and strong financial performance. Additionally, each unit also establishes a list of five stocks they think are the best buys and should be purchased that day.

The Stock Advisor plan is excellent for people just starting in the market. They create and update a list of starter stocks that every investor should have in their portfolio. This plan targets stocks that are great for long-term performance. You should at least hold all the stocks picked by their teams for five years.

The Stock Advisor plan has had the best overall returns and the most significant percentage of winners over the years. If you do not have the discipline to buy all their stock picks every month, you should choose this plan.

Rule Breakers

The Rule Breakers subscription plan is run by David Gardner and his team of analysts. These newsletters seek to identify high-growth opportunities prepared to be tomorrow’s stock market leaders. The group targets stocks that have a potential for explosive growth.

The analysts running the Rule Breakers subscription newsletter always look for new leaders taking over the industries. They believe in finding the right leader capable of steering the company forward and ensuring it’s well-positioned in the industry. This way, there is a good chance that you can get a significant return on the stock.

The Rule Breakers newsletter consists of stocks of counterintuitive and X-factor companies positioned well to beat the market by a considerable margin. The team also produces a list of new stock recommendations every month. Their Best Buy list helps you consider additional suggestions as well. The starter stocks listed in this newsletter can help new investors begin their portfolios.

The overall percentage return of the Rule Breakers newsletter has been higher than the stock advisor picks. However, you should only subscribe to this plan if you have the discipline to buy each of their two stock picks every month.

Features Offered by The Motley Fool

Once you are familiar with this investing advice company’s services, it is now time to dive into the multiple features it offers. This section of The Motley Fool review discusses all the main aspects of the service and how it can benefit you.

Market News Updates

The Motley Fool subscription plans monitor the stock market every day. They curate investing news, which is available on the front screen of their application. It helps you stay updated on what is going on in the market without searching multiple platforms. The Motley Fool also offers a live streaming video of the stock market for people who want to experience it firsthand. This curated investment news allows you to keep up on everything you need to know before investing.

Expert-Picked Stock Options

Whether you choose the Stock Advisor or the Rule Breakers subscription newsletter, you will get two exclusive stock picks every month. These stocks are selected by an expert team of analysts headed by the company’s co-founders.

Along with stock recommendations, you also get a detailed report about each stock and the company’s risk profile. You’ll also receive information on why the stock was chosen and 24/7 monitoring by expert teams. It helps you understand the future scope of your portfolio and decide whether you should invest in this recommendation or not.

The Motley Fool is not a broker or a Robo-advisor. They send the same two stock picks to all their subscribers, and it is up to you to decide whether you want to invest your money or not. However, if you do choose to invest in the recommended stocks, The Motley Fool team suggests holding on to the stocks for a minimum of three to five years. They follow a long-term, buy-and-hold investment technique.

The team monitors the recommended stocks 24/7, and you will get an instant alert when it is the right time for you to sell your invested stock and book your profit.

These new stocks are released on the first and the third Thursdays of every month. You can log in to your account portal to view the monthly picks. You can also opt to receive an instant email or a text alert whenever a new stock recommendation has been released.

Stock Screener

The Motley Fool’s subscription plan gives you access to their stock screener tool. You can enter the stock name you want details about or search for stocks based on sector, asset class, dividend yield, and volatility. The tool has an interactive interface and is pretty easy to use.

This stock screener application lets you search on standard financial and fundamental metrics. Each stock has a particular star rating determined by the individual picks of thousands of The Motley Fool members who use this application. It helps you determine whether other investors have also tapped in the same stock opportunity as you have or whether you have found a diamond stock.

List of Best Buys and Starter Stocks

The feature that makes this platform stand out in our The Motley Fool review is the guide to best buy and starter stocks. Irrespective of the newsletter you subscribe to, The Motley Fool gives you a list of starter and best buy stocks that you should add to your portfolio. When you subscribe to the premium plan, you can access the ten best stocks that their analysts think are the best to buy today. These stocks will usually be the ones that have already been promoted the prior month as good investment opportunities.

In addition to this, if you are just starting in the stock market, The Motley Fool also offers you a list of starter stocks. This guide helps you quickly build your investment portfolio. This list includes the ten best stocks for new investors and is updated every month.

List of Previously Recommended Stocks

The Motley Fool is quite transparent about its stock-picking history. Once you have a premium membership of one of their services, you will get access to every stock they have recommended to their subscribers since 2016. Even though most of these stock picks would not be viable in the present, it is good for you to study their profit margin.

Once you have created your account, you can navigate to the Performance tab on your screen to view a detailed list of their previously recommended stocks. They have listed all the winning stock suggestions that the Gardener brothers made, along with the stocks that didn’t perform well. This confirms that The Motley Fool values transparency with their subscribers.

Instant Alerts

The Motley Fool allows you to mark your favourite stocks on the platform. As soon as your favourite stock starts trending or there is a significant price change, the platform will send you an instant alert. The company can send these alerts through email, text message, or both. Instant alerts notify you about the opportunities to buy or sell your stocks so that you can take immediate action at the right time.

Exclusive Invitations

The Motley Fool sends you a newsletter every month with their stock picks and makes sure to educate their subscribers of the happening and the latest investment strategies. The platform sends you exclusive invitations to check out their videos and podcasts or join the webinar with the Gardner brothers. It helps you learn more about ETFs, stock market best buys, and other individual stocks.

Active Investing Community

When you subscribe to The Motley Fool, you get to be a part of this investing advice company’s active community of investors. These community boards help you find an answer to your investing-related questions previously answered by other investors.

Some popular boards include Stocks That Interest You, Investing Philosophy, Ask the Stock Advisor Team, and Becoming an Investing Master. These boards help you learn valuable investing tips and support your journey to becoming a confident investor.

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How The Motley Fool Picks Their Stocks?

This section of The Motley Fool review will give you a brief description of how this giant company selects their stocks to recommend to their subscribers.

The Motley Fool surely does not guess the stocks based on their intuition. The Motley Fool has a rigorous method to identify the stocks that will work well in the market and would not crumble under pressure. Their approach to picking up stocks is a blend of strategy and information. The co-founders lead two different analyst teams that pick the perfect stock for their subscribers.

Both Tom and David Gardner have different strategies for picking up stocks. David Garner’s team looks for stocks meant for long-term investments and have a certain level of unquantifiable greatness. On the other hand, Tom Gardner’s team looks for companies doing well in beaten-down industries and have a great management team and strong financial performance.

The Motley Fool’s philosophy revolves around picking a solid business based on its current result, trends, market factors, management team, future potential, and other business signals. After identifying such companies, the teams create an in-depth report before recommending them to subscribers.

How Safe and Legitimate is The Motley Fool?

When dealing with an investment advising company, you need to check the tool’s legitimacy. This section of The Motley Fool review will discuss whether the company is legitimate and trustworthy.

The Motley Fool does bold marketing on social media, boasting about their services and returns. While they may sound dreamy, the platform delivers on what they promise. The company has a stellar track record and quality content making them reliable and trustworthy.

The company’s past performance is one of the most critical parameters to consider when examining a research investment firm. Fortunately, The Motley Fool has been beating S&P 500 for the past ten years. They have identified stocks and sectors that have outperformed the Standard and Poor’s 500 stock market index. More than 100 stocks picked up by The Motley Fool’s team have returned a profit of 100% or more.

The factor that outshines our The Motley Fool review is the company’s transparency. When you subscribe to one of their premium plans, along with their monthly stock recommendations, you can also access their past suggestions. The Motley Fool gives you access to every stock they have recommended since 2016. The data table consists of stock recommendations, recommendation date, risk score, buy price, returns of the stock, and the stock returns relative to the S&P 500.

It increases the company’s legitimacy, as they are not scared to show their failures. The company lists the stocks that have outperformed their expectations and those that crumbled under market pressure.

The Motley Fool is not a ‘pump and dump’ scheme that unnecessarily hypes a stock. They present a detailed report about the stock and an in-depth analysis of the company. The study includes information on the company’s performance, the risk level of the recommendation, upcoming catalysts, and sector performance.

These reports are well researched by the analyst’s team and are thorough. The team also monitors all the recommended stocks 24/7, issues reports, and alerts accordingly about the right time to sell.

What Type of Investor is The Motley Fool Best For?

Once you have understood what The Motley Fool offers and the company’s legitimacy, you should now decide whether you should buy one of their subscription plans. This section of The Motley Fool review will discuss whether this investment newsletter is the perfect fit for you.

Fund Investors

Perhaps you have previously invested in index funds or exchange-traded funds. In that case, you might be the perfect candidate for this newsletter. Usually, funds do not require extensive research, so investors trying to jump into the stock market might have a little difficulty.

Or maybe you’re a fund investor and want to start investing in individual stocks without overwhelming yourself with extensive research. In that case, you can sign up for The Motley Fool’s newsletter. It will offer you expert-picked stocks which have the potential for significant returns.

New Investors

The Motley Fool’s newsletters might be the perfect starting point for new investors. They offer starter picks as soon as you subscribe to their premium plan, giving you information about the top 10 stocks that you should have in your portfolio. Additionally, it saves you from the extensive research and the knowledge you need before investing in a company.


Suppose you are a hedger and have invested in treasury bonds issued by the national government and want to diversify your portfolio. In that case, The Motley Fool might be the perfect option for you. The platform offers thoroughly researched stock recommendations every month. This reliable company has consistently outperformed the entire stock market for 20 years.

Experienced Investors

The Motley Fool can be the perfect partner if you’re a more experienced investor that’s too busy day trading and wants a second opinion about the stock market. To pick great stocks, you must study the ins and outs of the company you are looking at. The Motley Fool’s analyst team offers you two recommendations every month, along with a detailed report about their past and future performance. It will help you invest in stocks without much effort.

The Motley Fool Customer Service and Support

This The Motley Fool review also contains a brief about the customer support staff of this finance and investing advice company. The platform offers multiple options to reach out to their customer support executives. They are available during business hours and can be contacted via a dedicated email and toll-free number.

Let’s assume you have technical queries about the platform. In that case, you can call their toll-free number and talk to a live customer support agent. The agents are available Monday through Friday, between 9:00 am and 5:00 pm (ET). Their customer support executives are well-informed & knowledgeable and can immediately solve your issues.

If their toll-free number is not available, you can also send them an email through the contact us form available on their website. You will receive a response in the first 24 hours, which is impressive.

When you subscribe to one of the premium plans of the service, you get access to an active community of members. Most of the members are online 24/7 and would help you solve any investing questions you might have. You can post your question in the relevant member group, and the community members would be happy to help you.

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How is The Motley Fool’s Website?

A perfect investment newsletter can be the key to gaining huge returns on your investment portfolio. It is essential to analyze how easy to use their interface is. This section of The Motley Fool review will determine whether its website is user-friendly or not.

While the first look at their website might be overwhelming for new investors as they offer a lot of information. It is necessary when you are a financial and investment advisory agency. Despite the amount of info available on their website, it is pretty easy to navigate. They have sectioned their website well, and it is easy to find all the information you require. However, the platform does not have a mobile application.

The Motley Fool offers both free and premium services to its website visitors. While their premium services are loaded with features and expert-picked stocks, their free videos, webinars, and podcasts are helpful for new investors. This information is available on their website and is perfect for informing yourself about the stock market.

Is The Motley Fool Worth the Money?

This section of The Motley Fool review will analyze whether this subscription service is worth your money or not.

The Motley Fool offers a good balance between exciting investment ideas at a reasonable rate. It makes the platform a good investment for investors of all categories. As a new investor, you’ll learn a great deal about investing techniques that will make your portfolio profitable and how the market performs. You’ll also receive an in-depth analysis of the starter stocks you should invest in. And it connects you to a community of investors eager to learn new things and share their ideas.

On the other hand, if you are an experienced investor, the platform is still worth your money. The Motley Fool offers two expert-picked stocks every month. Not only this, but they also provide a detailed analysis of the company and why you should invest in the firm. This saves your research time, and you can decide if you want to invest or not.

Getting Started with The Motley Fool

The Motley Fool provides an easy-to-use interactive dashboard that can get you started within minutes. This section of The Motley Fool review will discuss how you can start using this advising firm for investing in new and trustworthy stocks.

  • Head to The Motley Fool Homepage and navigate their Services tab from the Header.
  • The services tab consists of multiple newsletters you can subscribe to from their platform. However, their two most popular ones are Stock Advisor and Rule Breakers newsletter.
  • Once you have decided which service you want to opt for, click on the Sign-Up today action button.
  • You will be redirected to another page that offers in-depth information about the newsletter and what it offers.
  • Scroll down to the bottom of the page to subscribe to your service.
  • You will have to enter your name, address, phone number, email address, and credit card information.
  • Once you have made the payment, you can create your account on the platform. Be aware of the platform’s additional upsells to lure customers into buying extra services.
  • After creating your account, you will have to answer a few questions to complete your investing profile.
  • Once you have set up your investing profile, you can scroll through to your dashboard. There you’ll gain access to their starter stocks guide and study their performance by analyzing their previous picks.
  • You can also opt for email or text message notifications. It will allow you to buy or sell your stock at the correct time.

Alternatives to The Motley Fool

If you are not sure about this investment newsletter, there are other investing agencies that you can try. They work in a very similar way to The Motley Fool, offering you stock suggestions to build your portfolio. This section of The Motley Fool review will discuss the alternatives to this marketplace.

Morningstar Premium

Morningstar premium is a flagship service of Morningstar that offers unbiased research, analysis, commentary, and insight to help investors make the right decisions for their stock portfolio. The platform has more than 150 independent and unbiased analysts that provide in-depth understanding and live commentary on stocks, mutual funds, and exchange-traded funds.

Like The Motley Fool, Morningstar Premium gives you access to detailed investment research. The service has a core number of funds and individual stocks that you can analyze based on their in-depth reports. It is perfect for people who want more options and like to make their stock picks. It is looser in terms of guidance.

Just like The Motley Fool, Morningstar premium also has a stock screener tool. The application will help you study many stocks, mutual funds, and ETFs that fit your criteria. You also have the option to sort the best stocks for you based on multiple filters.

However, Morningstar Premium is not updated as frequently as The Motley Fool. It does offer a wide range of stocks to look through, along with an attached analysis. However, this analysis might not get updated for four months. While it still gives you a good idea about the company and its trends, you have to look for a more updated version on another platform.


Zacks is a well-known investment research company that offers in-depth stock analysis for its customers. It focuses on providing independent research, giving you a trading advantage among other investors. The company is run by industry experts whose primary focus is on the quantitative analysis of the stock market. Zack analyses ETFs, mutual funds, and equities.

Similar to The Motley Fool, Zacks is not a Robo-advisor or a broker. They just provide you with in-depth information about the stocks and equities of the trending equities in the market. They show their research in the form of ratings. The platform also gives you exclusive access to meaningful research and tools. The platform has listed and rated more than 10,000 stocks.

However, Zacks dashboard and tools are a little complicated and might be challenging to understand for new investors. Additionally, their IRA accounts are only available for US citizens and cannot be accessed worldwide. Their account opening procedure is also a little slower and requires tons of information from investors.

Personal Capital

Personal Capital is a digital asset management service that includes personalized advice from financial planners. The platform offers tools for evaluating the cost and performance of your existing portfolio. Most of their tools are completely free, including savings planner, retirement planner, net worth calculator, fee analyzer, and investment checkup. Personal capital is perfect for portfolio management due to effectively managing risks and taxes.

Unlike The Motley Fool, Personal Capital is a Robo-advisor. Once you are a platform member, you are matched with a financial planner whom you can contact without any limit. It offers tax optimization strategies that help you keep the tax burden to a minimum. These services are perfect for high net-worth clients.

However, Personal Capital’s investing account customers require a minimum of $100,000 stock portfolio. Its mobile app does not contain as many features as the website. It is also much more expensive as compared to The Motley Fool.

M1 Finance

M1 Finance is the perfect option for experienced investors looking for a low-cost customizable portfolio solution. You can customize your portfolio by screening and selecting between 80 different pre-built portfolios. The platform also allows you to create your stock portfolio from scratch.

The platform is focused on experienced investors who are actively looking to automate their strategy while aligning to personal preferences, diversification goals, and risk appetite. Additionally, the platform does not charge a trading or account management fee. Their website is quite simple to navigate, and you can create your account within minutes. M1 Finance’s inbuilt guide will help you learn how the platform performs.

However, the platform does not offer any advisors or financial planning options. It also does not have a wide range of tools to analyze or manage your portfolio. It also does not allow you to aggregate your external accounts for investment allocation purposes.


Betterment is a true Robo-advisor and is perfect for new investors. Its algorithms match your specific goals and risk tolerance to diversified portfolios of mutual funds and low-cost exchange-traded funds. You do not have to pay any minimum deposit to get started with this platform.

Betterment makes it easier for you to connect with expert financial advisors with whom you can work on how to optimize your current portfolio, along with broader financial topics. If you are a Betterment Premium user, you can schedule these sessions free of cost. The platform also offers tax-management features for rebalancing your portfolio holdings. Betterment sells lost value securities and replaces them with similar but better investments to minimize your tax burden.

However, Betterment has minimal investment options compared to its competitors. Additionally, suppose you are not a premium member. In that case, you have to pay a considerable amount to connect to their financial experts for help and account management.


Wealthfront is one of the best Robo-advisors in the market. The platform recommends a tax-efficient, low-cost, diversified portfolio of index funds and exchange-traded funds to match your risk tolerance level and financial goals. The platform automatically allocates your paycheck to cover your college savings, bills, and investing goals with its self-driving money service.

Wealthfront offers automated financial planning and account aggregation to outline your long-term goals. Its advanced algorithm will determine the best way to spend and invest your money. The platform also offers a cash management account with a decent interest rate and zero monthly maintenance charges. You can also take a loan of up to 30% of your portfolio value.

However, the platform does not offer a live chat option for their customers. All allocation and financial planning are done by an algorithm rather than an expert financial advisor. It does not provide customizable portfolios, and you cannot choose individual stocks your liking.

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Conclusion of The Motley Fool Review

While we come to the end of our The Motley Fool review, here are a few things that you should remember about this financial and investment advisory company.

The Motley Fool is a reliable and legitimate company that offers one of the industry’s best financial and investment advice. They have outperformed the stock market for over 20 years and have garnered a 500% profit for their subscribers. The platform suggests two stocks every month based on their research and analysis. Every recommended stock comes with a detailed report of its previous history, trends, prospects, and why the team selected it in the first place.

The Motley Fool also gives you access to best buy stocks, a list of the top 10 most profitable stocks to buy that day. The platform is excellent for both experienced and new investors. As a new investor, you get access to the starter stocks guide, which will help you understand which stock should be a part of your portfolio.

The Motley Fool works on the buy-and-hold principle. Almost all of their recommended stocks will give you a profit if you hold them for a minimum of three to five years. The team of analysts is experienced in researching everything there is to know about a particular stock.

In The Motley Fool review, we gave you a brief of the company and the pros and cons of subscribing to their newsletter. We also analyzed whether they are worth your money and discussed the alternatives to check out for this advising firm.

The Motley Fool is not a broker or a Robo-advisor. It does not curate your portfolio based on your goals or risks. It just suggests stocks that they think will earn you a good profit in the future. Whether you want to invest in these stocks or not is totally up to you.

Our The Motley Fool review covers all you need to know about this investment advice service. Discover the pros & cons of its service and more.

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FAQs about The Motley Fool

Is The Motley Fool legit?

The Motley Fool does bold marketing on social media, boasting about their services and returns. While they may sound dreamy, the platform delivers on what they promise. The company has a stellar track record and quality content making them reliable and trustworthy. The Motley Fool has been beating S&P 500 for the past ten years. They have identified stocks and sectors that have outperformed the Standard and Poor's 500 stock market index. More than 100 stocks picked up by The Motley Fool's team have returned a profit of 100% or more.

How much does The Motley Fool cost?

There are a range of The Motley Fool plans that you can buy starting from the Stock Advisor Plan for $199/year to the Epic Bundle for $499/year. Each plan offers different benefits and stock picks depending on your desired rate of growth and investing goals.

Is The Motley Fool worth it?

The Motley Fool is worth the cost. The Motley Fool offers a good balance between exciting investment ideas and a reasonable rate. It makes the platform a good investment for investors of all categories.

Is the information on The Motley Fool reliable?

Yes, you can get reliable information on The Motley Fool. The Motley Fool is not a ‘pump and dump’ scheme that unnecessarily hypes a stock. They present a detailed report about the stock and an in-depth analysis of the company. The study includes information on the company’s performance, the risk level of the recommendation, upcoming catalysts, and sector performance.

What is The Motley Fool's success rate?

Not all picks on The Motley Fool are immediately profitable, but their stock selections for their customers often double and triple in value each year. On average, their stocks have beat the market by over 121%. So the average investor's success rate can usually be improved by joining The Motley Fool.


The Motley Fool

September 24, 2022
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