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It’s important to use some imagination when naming fantasy characters.

Names for these beings are usually based on human names but with minor modifications. Using a name that has fallen out of the use or is too lengthy to be spoken as a given name is another common practice when naming a fictional character.

Some individuals like coming up with new names by accidentally misspelling existing ones. The robots use these techniques along with a few top-secret algorithms to come up with a list of fantastic names for you to consider.

If you need a name for a pet unicorn, a gang of witches for a children’s novel, or simply a character list for an epic journey, the Fantasy Name Generator has you covered.

What is fantasy name generator?

Fantasy character names for male humans, dragons, and unicorns are all within the scope of the fantasy name generator, a piece of artificial intelligence software. 

Whether you’re working on a narrative about a venerable dragon or a tale of fairies and elves at war, we’ve got you covered.

Random fantasy name generator

It takes a lot of imagination to think up names for fantasy characters that are both grounded in reality and extraordinary in scope. The spelling and pronunciation of a fantasy name are substantially different from those of a common name like Katie or Jimmy.

With only a few alterations, the common name may become the fantastical one. Consider that Kate, for instance, may also be spelled Katrel or even Katrilla. A common name has been changed into a fantastical one with only a few simple changes.

Remember that while choosing a name for a fantasy character, it should reflect that person’s traits and characteristics. Delvin or Dracyian might be good names for malicious and self-centered elf. The wicked connotation of its name is much greater than that of Darwyn or Eldar.

How to name a fantasy character

It’s easier than you would think to come up with a name for your own original fantasy character. The vast majority of fictional characters’ names follow some kind of formula or convention. Check out these creative suggestions for names in the fantastical realm:

S/NoFantasy NamesSourceGender (Male)
1Anomander RakeMalazanMale
2Elrond PeredhelLord of the ringMale
3Emhyr var EmreisThe witcherMale
4Logen NinefingersFirst lawMale
5AslanThe Lion, The Witch, and The WardrobeMale
6CelebrimborThe SilmarillionMale
S/NoFantasy Names SourceGender (Female)
1Serafinla PekalaHis Dark MaterialsFemale
2Jessica AtréidesDuneFemale
3Granmy WeatharwaxDiscworldFemale
4Alia AtreidesDuneFemale
6GaladrielLord–of the-ring

Tips for naming your fantasy characters

Publishing fantasy novels is a tricky business. In fantasy, all of the characters, settings, and even their names are made up. Thus, it is not surprising that writers put in extra effort to choose appropriate names for their fantasy characters.

It has been said that J.K. Rowling sought inspiration from cemeteries. And then there’s J.R.R. Tolkien, who created whole new languages as playgrounds in which to try out fantastical word combinations.

This fantasy character name generator is here to help you if you’re having trouble thinking of a suitable name for your own fantasy character. We made it to help you get started on finding the ideal name in the vast and varied world of fantasy.

The following are some things to keep in mind while you use this fantastic name generator

To be recalled by the reader

Imagine yourself as a member of your target audience as they peruse your book for the first time. If you want your readers to remember your book, use a name that stands out, but avoid using a name that they will have trouble pronouncing.

Maintain coherence in your world-building

Don’t change the name unless it’s absolutely necessary for the universe you’re creating. There may be a variety of naming customs in use around the globe, depending on location. 

The Lannisters, for example, in Game of Thrones often use first names beginning with “Ty” (Tyrion, Tywin).

Become attuned to the noise

Listen to how the name of the character sounds. Is it easy to say? Can it capture the characteristics of your character? You can pretty much guarantee that Drogon isn’t the ideal choice for a beautiful virgin.

Changing the spelling of familiar names is one option

First, you may try putting a new spin on some familiar names from other nations and cultures (or using a fantasy name generator). 

Names like Demoux and Vin come from France in Brandon Sanderson’s works, whereas Dilaf, Hrathen, and Fjorden are reminiscent of Scandinavian culture.

Use our fantasy name generator as a starting point for your own creative fantasy names! What if you’re interested in the origins of names in fiction?

Make sure the gender you choose is appropriate for your protagonist.

When creating a fictional character, the choice of what gender they should be is not one to be taken lightly because of the vital role that gender plays in many cultures. 

Choosing a female heroine in a society dominated by men will unavoidably increase the complexity of her story.

Choose a racial background for your avatar

The position of a fantasy race in its universe is crucial, just as a person’s gender is. Is there a double standard where certain communities are looked down upon while others are revered? 

How does your protagonist’s race affect the decisions he or she makes?

Give your character a hometown or a faraway land as their starting point

Once again, context is crucial. Characters raised in quaint mountain towns will be vastly different from those raised in busy metropolises. 

A prince’s perspective is going to be significantly different from that of a farmer’s son.

What is a fantasy name generator?

A fantasy name generator is a useful tool for authors and players of all skill levels. You can use these generators if you are just starting out or if you are an expert who wants to add more tools to your toolbox.

They may also be exciting to experiment with since they provide you with potential new titles for your stories and games. 

Name generators for fantasy are a fun and easy way to come up with names for your characters, settings, and other fictional things.

You may use them as a jumping-off point for your own tales and imaginary worlds. Numerous fantasy-related objects may benefit from the use of a fantasy name generator.

fantasy name generator comparewise

Using a random name generator to help with writing and making games

When using one of Story Shack’s name generators, users come up with 16 options on average.

The site is proud to provide a fantasy name generator that doesn’t need a lot of information from users in order to generate a name.

Generates fantasy names that don’t require a lot of information from the user before generating a result. Just point, click and go.

If you’re looking for the ideal names for your fantasy characters, try your luck with one of the numerous available race name generators.

Below are some of the most fantasy names:

Male Elf Fantasy NamesFemale Elf Fantasy Names

The origin of elves

Although Tolkien helped bring elves into the mainstream, they existed long before The Lord of the Rings.

They seem to have come from Germanic legend, where they were described as beings with human traits who also had magical powers and beautiful looks.

The word “elf” comes from the Germanic language family and means “a white entity.”

People often think of elves as bringing bad things, like sadness or sickness, or even the chance of being seduced.

This is true not only of elves but also of post-medieval variants such as dwarfs, huldras (Scandinavian trolls), and fairies.

Dragon Fantasy Names

Xoked IcebreathGivoim The Gentle
Xakerir Champion Of The BlueGambontarth Eater Of Bunnies
Jeoddrinyg Protector Of The WeakEirvontynth The Careful
Cokiad The BarbarianGerrym Champion Of The Green
Dorrun Champion Of The GreenYmmor Protector Of The Sky
Eondrarot Champion Of The BlueGrirvess Champion Of The Black
Fralresdait The HorribleImmantynth Champion Of Men
Eilbirroit The YellowAymos The Bright
Albayrth The MagnificentJoiret The Red
Joghointienth The DragonlordRavricrad The Jealous One
Frigantoin The VoicelessRirvin The Powerful One
Qoddryrth The BarbarianNorsentiag Champion Of The White
Toddrinth The TenderGurso The Quiet
Nidrin The DragonlordTyrgim Champion Of Men
Zombinonth The Clumsy OneMursum Lord Of Fire
Fantasy Name Generator Comparewise (2)

A random dragon name generator is useful because…

The fantastical monster known as a dragon is a staple of the fantasy genre. These entities are usually magical and very intelligent, so coming up with a unique name or title for them would be challenging. 

If you need a scary name for your next roleplaying game, D&D adventure, or Game of Thrones fan fiction, try out our dragon name generator.

In what ways might a dragon be given a fitting moniker?

Remember that most dragons have two names. The first is their official name when they are born, and the second is usually just a fun name their family or friends call them.

A clever dragon name should tap into some facet of the dragon’s character. Names like “Braveheart” and “Fearless” might be used if the dragon has heroic qualities.

For example, the name “Valiant” would have a different connotation if given to a male dragon rather than a female dragon.

Demon Fantasy Names


You can use the demon name generator to generate names for all types of demons

Demons have always played an important role in any sort of theology, including Judaism, Christianity, Hinduism, Islam, and most other faiths.

Supernatural entities that personified evil were spoken about by the Ancient Egyptians and Greeks, and these wicked creatures have remained in popular culture ever since.

Demons are frequently mentioned in the Christian scriptures, both in the Old and New Testaments. As a powerful embodiment of villainy, they are often used in works of popular fiction such as novels, movies, and video games.

Because of how bad they look and what they want to do, they are great for scaring any kind of audience.

Human names generator

Human Fantasy Names (Male)Human Fantasy Names (Female)
Noe AngEnna Mokrun
Guarniero DenskahpaktVenetia Ramigil
Florestan MossbeamSidonie Ung
Lancelin JonadAurora Marblebreeze
Bendix GrassflowerRike Molmotrago
Porteur OnzasulIsabelle Dirgesky
Garnell HotrugorneMonja Perninzin
Domingo PalihorPalmira Dirgiro
Escott HashoSearlait Hei
Hilliard BladeslayerRiva Chua
Laurenz WindshadowLena Mosssnarl
Howe HivolmoNia Jehpihd
Deverel FogcreekBathilda Rahlel
Nico RurderskBina Morningstrength
Algrenon RainguardPhilina Zogive
Deven RipvueldViktorin Wao
Benito ChangMareen Khommor
Freidhelm JiprithutJenni Rhekhu
Dandelion SterkathubuEthel Vimonal
Dawson VirelbeHarriett Marblebreeze
Danilo BuvachaldFay Nakraltik
Ivan VyedikoElishia Chaim
Tiberius RergyargokaRadella Clanridge
Berit ForestchewerSigrun Biltruvrekt
Alec DeathhammerShaylee Hammercreek
Hermann VavredMaschinka Mastabri
Arnald RahruJudith Ashblight
Justin ChaiClarinda Dhenni
Algrenon BlazedancerEvchen Glorsk
Ralf JuldrinskafkRoxane Terraripper

What are the features of humans in Dungeons & Dragons?

In the D&D setting, humans are often one of the youngest races encountered. Humans are known for their ingenuity, work ethic, and will to conquer since they live longer than most other races.

You may describe the human race’s traits in Dungeons & Dragons like this:

  • Physically, humans can do a lot and bounce back quickly.
  • People are smart and can pick up new information quickly.
  • In order to stay alive, humans depend on their social connections.
  • There is a wide range of human cultures, and this diversity might provide unique obstacles to gamers.
  • People have the potential to do both immense evil and great good.

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