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You would need to think of fascinating methods to show your characters, whether you were writing a fantasy book, preparing a creative paper for school, or building a new game. This is true regardless of whether you were doing any of these things.

Providing children with fictitious surnames that are significant and distinctive may be one method for ensuring that they have an effect on the world.

There is an endless supply of fantastical surnames from which you may choose one for your character. The ones that are most noteworthy always have a significant meaning. Take, for example, the surname Griffin, which means “ferocious,” or “moon,” which means “luna.”

I have compiled a list of some of the most popular fantasy surnames that you may use when naming your characters, and you can find that list here. 

I have also included some advice on how you might come up with a character name, as well as some of the reasons why it is important to give great consideration to the names you give your characters.

Where did people get their last names?

Surnames, often known as family names or last names, have not been in use since the beginning of time. They are often the product of expanding populations, which brought about the need to different individuals based on their trade or history.

The tradition of family names is still rather new in Europe. The first instance that has been documented took place in Ireland in the year 916.

It is believed that the usage of surnames began in China about 2852 BC. The objective of using them in every setting is the same, which is to improve the accuracy with which a person may be identified.

It’s quite fascinating to see how differently people’s surnames are constructed in various cultures throughout the world.

Some follow the patrilineal pattern, while others, like Samuel Richardson, follow the matrilineal pattern (son of Richard). People are often referred to by the profession they work in, such as John Smith or Paul Baker, or by their location, such as Timothy London.

A significant number of people get their last names from their nicknames, such as Peter Young or Lucas Black.

The significance of selecting fictitious last names that are easily distinguishable

People are able to readily remember such classic characters as Katniss Everdeen, Harry Potter, Daenerys Targaryen, and others not only because of how they are presented but also because of the fictional surnames that are given to them.

People are always interested in learning more about them, so books and movies about them do very well financially.

You now see how vital it is to choose a fantasy surname that will not only stand out in a story but also in writing prompts, don’t you?

It’s true that some characters with common names, like Clark Kent and Peter Parker, are also making headlines. However, it’s important to remember that these characters were created by some of the best-known publishing companies, like Marvel and DC.

If we are just regular people who write fiction and want our novels to be read, we need to begin by giving our characters fantastic fantasy names so that they have a good first impression.

 This, along with the use of different literary elements to create an interesting storyline, will make our work stand out. 

10 simple tips to help you choose a fantasy name

I am aware that selecting a fantasy last name for your character may be rather challenging due to the fact that it should be meaningful to your audience, which is why I have included a list of some of the most helpful advice on how to come up with one:

1. Think about the age at which your character was born

When deciding on a character’s surname, it is important to take into consideration the time period in which they are set to have been born.

To create a credible persona, you need to do research about the kinds of surnames that were common throughout that time period.

2. Remember to keep in mind the setting of your tale

It’s important that your character’s last name fits with the cultural norms and historical traditions of the area where the novel takes place.

Because this is also a reflection of the sort of writer you are, you definitely don’t want your audience to get the impression that you don’t care about these things, do you?

3. Make sure the character’s surname is reflective of who they are as a person

One of the most frequent errors that some authors make is giving their characters a fictitious surname just because they wish to.

This is one of the most prevalent faults. They do not choose a surname based on the capabilities of the character or how they carry themselves in the world.

4. Make sure no two different characters have the same surname, particularly if they aren’t linked to each other

This is to keep your readers from getting confused, since they may have used both meanings in the past.

5. Jot down as many potential courses of action as you can

Make a list of at least twenty possible names, especially if you want to give the main character in your story a last name.

6. There needs to be a rationale for unusual family names

Justification is required for last names that are unusual or difficult to pronounce.

You have a responsibility to the readers of your narrative to provide some background knowledge regarding their last name so that they are not completely in the dark.

7. Do you remember the part of the story when the main character took his parents’ last name?

In the same way that it happens with real people, characters in works of fiction take their surname from their parents.

Make sure that the surname you’ve come up with is something that may also stand in for the character’s father.

8. Avoid surnames ending in “s.”

The explanation behind this is rather straightforward. It would result in an odd possessive form that, depending on who they are, your readers may not like.

9. The surname ought to correspond to the given name

Here’s a tip: if the first name you give your character is nothing special, give them a fantastical surname that is one of a kind.

This contributes to the overall harmony of their complete name. In a similar vein, the surname of your character should go well with their nickname, if they have one.

10. Do not model your character’s name after a famous person or a fictitious character who is already well-known in the public eye

Never in your wildest dreams should you consider utilizing the surnames of prominent celebrities like the Kardashians, the Smiths, the Hadids, or any of the others.

Your audience will get the impression that you are not creative enough to come up with a name for this and that you did not put much work into the content that you produced.

Don’t say the names of well-known characters more than once, because that could confuse your audience.


Some fantasy surnames with interesting sounds

I promised you the best fantasy surnames, so here they are! Before deciding on one, double-check that you have given careful consideration to the hints that I shared before.

Fantasy Generated Last NamesFantasy Generated Last Names
1. Walker
2. Hester
3. Lee
4. Roman
5. Ortiz
6. Mendez
7. Howe
8. Gallegos
9. Bond
10. Zuniga
11. Morgan
12. Henry
13. Richards
14. Frey
15. Horn
16. Dougherty
17. Berg
18. Shelton
19. Frank
20. Kennedy
21. Frederick
22. Avila
23. Moreno
24. Blackwell
25. Vaughan
26. Garrison
27. Barron
28. Fry
29. Shepherd
30. Haas
31. Carlson
32. Mcguire
33. Reeves
34. Burns
35. Waller
36. Graham
37. Pena
38. Fischer
39. Gutierrez
40. Sanders
41. Castillo
42. Mcdowell
43. Harrison
44. Wells
45. Velez
46. Conner
47. Vasquez
48. Manning
49. Thompson
50. Holden
51. Cohen
52. Sweeney
53. Holden
54. Chase
55. Santos
56. Donovan
57. Sutton
58. Stevens
59. Duke
60. Blair
61. Villegas
62. Wheeler
66. Ruiz
67. Mathews
68. Nixon
69. Mccoy
70. Wagner
71. Grant
72. Moran
73. Hart
74. Moran
75. Hanna
76. Bryant
77. Andrade
78. Holloway
79. Maldonado
80. Steele
81. Garrett
82. Gilbert
83. Foster
84. Lara
85. Ellis
86. Thompson
87. Phillips
88. Pena
89. Lambert
90. Wilson
91. Hawkins
92. Noble
93. Velazquez
94. Mejia
95. Chavez
96. Gilmore
97. Dorsey
98. Charles
99. Sutton
100. Hall
101. Stevens
102. Ellis
1. Roberts
2. Chan
3. Potts
4. Monroe
5. Fuentes
6. Garrett
7. Mcconnell
8. Foster
9. Fletcher
10. Jacobs
11. Cuevas
12. Wu
13. Clements
14. Solomon
15. Baird
16. Lester
17. Mooney
18. Kramer
19. Espinoza
20. Chan
21. Joyce
22. Mcgrath
23. Nelson
24. Yu
25. Reynolds
26. Hall
27. Gentry
28. Lopez
29. Glass
30. Villa
31. Ramos
32. Branch
33. Freeman
34. Savage
35. Singleton
36. Bridges
37. Ewing
38. Castaneda
39. Conway
40. Collier
41. Macias
42. Petty
43. Barajas
44. Beasley
45. Jefferson
46. Vazquez
47. Levy
48. Robinson
49. Cruz
50. Melendez
51. Carrillo
52. Trujillo
53. Arnold
54. Tran
55. Blake
56. Palmer
57. Silva
58. Cowan
59. Tate
60. Frye
61. Nash
62. Meyer
66. Fleming
67. Bowen
68. Hebert
69. Ross
70. Villarreal
71. Mora
72. Stevens
73. Merritt
74. Arnold
75. Rivas
76. Payne
77. Conrad
78. Donaldson
79. Combs
80. Stewart
81. Brewer
82. Stone
83. Ruiz
84. Foster
85. Arellano
86. Howell
87. Blair
88. Colon
89. Fisher
90. Sexton
91. Miranda
92. Silva
93. Vargas
94. Crosby
95. Weeks
96. Olsen
97. Lane
98. Griffith
99. Simmons
100. Wilcox
101. Tran
102. Crawford

How did individuals obtain or pick their surnames historically?

The identity and family history of an individual is greatly impacted by their surname or last name. They are passed down from one generation to the next and may show a person’s ancestry, job, and place of birth.

Surnames have different roots based on culture and time period, and people have chosen or been given their surnames in many different ways throughout history.

The patronymic, a surname derived from the father’s given name, is among the oldest surname types. This tradition, which is still alive in many parts of the world, is usually shown by adding a suffix or prefix, like “son” or “ben.”

A person’s surname in Scandinavian nations may be “Johansson,” which means “son of Johan,” or “Bjornsdottir,” which means “daughter of Bjorn.”

In various societies, people’s surnames have traditionally been established by their trade or vocation. The surname “Smith” might be used by a blacksmith, but the surname “Carpenter” could be used by a carpenter.

This was a common thing to do in Europe in the Middle Ages, and it is still done in some parts of the world today. 

Last name generator summary

Choosing a name for your character should take some thought and work. They may make or break your book or creative work since they have a substantial effect on how your reader perceives your characters and how you write. 

If you really want to publish a best-seller or improve your grade point average in high school via your creative work, you must pay close attention to the names of your characters.

This guide is always available for your use if you are having trouble coming up with one. You can use the fantasy last names as is or change them to your own. Again, the only limitations are your imagination and inventiveness.

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FAQs about our last name generator

What Are Good Fake Names?

A good fake name is one that gives a character or person a sense of personality and vitality. It's possible that a fictitious name that works well for one character may be disastrous for another. If you have a strong understanding of the character and their general demeanor, you will have a much easier time coming up with a plausible fake name for them. The generation of random names is an effective method for generating plausible-sounding fictitious names.

Can I Use The Random Last Names That This Tool Creates?

Yes, you can. Although The Story Shack makes no claim to the intellectual property rights connected to any of these names, it's possible that some of the values this name generator offers are already the property of someone else. Because of this, you should always do the right amount of research before using any of these names.

Do People Use Their Last Names Everywhere?

Even though surnames are common in many parts of the globe—and even in some cases for no reason other than administrative convenience—not all cultures make use of them. It is not common practice to give children a surname in Iceland, Tibet, Burma, Java, and many of the ethnic groups of East Africa. You will find that the surname generator is really helpful. Make use of it in your next narrative, and discover who would make the ideal character for it.

How Many Different Suggestions Can I Come Up With Using This Surname Generator?

Feel free to keep clicking, and at the end, use the convenient copy tool to export your last names to a text editor of your choice. The Last Name Generator is capable of generating hundreds of ideas for your project, so feel free to keep clicking.

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