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How to Use a Referral Code

How to Use a Referral Code

You’re reading this article because you don’t know how to use a referral code. offers 250 currencies, discounts, and reasonable fees, and the benefits get better for traders who hold more Cronos (CRO).

One reason the exchange is quite popular is its referral bonus you can claim using a referral link. Here’s everything you need to know about the promo code.

Before you know how to use a referral code, you must understand that they’re used to claim exclusive bonuses on the platform.

New members usually use them to get a welcome bonus. You also receive your referral code made up of numbers and letters, which you can use to invite friends. The more people you invite using your referral link, the more bonuses you get.

If you’re looking for first-hand information on how the referral program works, you’re in the right place. Here, we discuss the online exchange and how to use a referral code to claim a welcome bonus.

A brief overview of is a notable cryptocurrency exchange website that supports various crypto and blockchain-related assets. Users can trade over 250 currencies with low transaction costs. Some digital assets you can trade include the popular Bitcoin, Ethereum, and lesser valued options like Polkadot.

Though has been around since 2016, it only began to gain fame recently due to its marketing efforts. The company also provides a decentralized exchange, an NFT marketplace, and a standalone crypto wallet, in addition to its cryptocurrency credit cards.

Also, users can earn up to 14.5% interest by staking their cryptocurrency or leaving it in their wallet for a predetermined period. is great for newcomers and seasoned traders thanks to its extensive currency support, competitive pricing, and wealth of additional features.

If you want to do more than just buy and hold cryptocurrency, is an excellent option. You can read our review for a better insight into the platform.

how to use a referral code - comparewise

What is a referral code?

Before diving into how to use a referral code, you should understand how it works. A promo code works like a coupon that you can use to get a free offer.

They are a series of letters and numbers generated by the platform for users to refer interested parties. Entering this unique combination qualifies you to receive a certain amount you can use on the exchange.

The amount you get when you know how to use a referral code varies with the platform. For instance, if you use our referral code 94gjag23xh, you can receive a signup bonus worth up to $75 in CRO tokens. You start with a $25 bonus, then receive an additional $50 when you stake a certain amount of CRO with the same code.

Using a referral link, you can invite your friends to start using the platform. You will both get a bonus if they meet the eligibility requirements and are verified by the exchange. There are no limits on the number of people you can refer, and you and your referral can earn even more money if they stake more CRO.

What is the Sign Up Bonus?

A signup bonus is exactly how it sounds – an offer you get when you register on the platform. In the casino of, it’s a referral program that benefits the referral and the referee. However, it is only available to new members who have completed the registration process and staked a certain amount.

How to use a referral code

Here’s how to use a referral code. First, you must visit the official website and download the application. Then, you register and enter the promo code while signing up. Afterward, you verify your details and buy at least 1,000 CRO, which you must stake.

Below is a complete explanation of how to use the code as a new member.

Get the Referral Code

If you’re asking how to use a referral code, you should already have one. You can use our unique promo code 94gjag23xh to register and claim a $75 bonus once you’ve met the requirement.

Download the App and Sign Up

You can register on the official website or download the application for easy usage. If the latter is your preferred choice, visit the exchange and locate the links to download the app onto your mobile device. Alternatively, you can get the application from your mobile store.

After a successful download, open the application to create a new account. Usually, you would click the “Sign Up” button, but instead, you select the option that says “Invited? Add referral code.” Enter the bonus code before continuing with the standard registration process.

Note that you must use the referral code while signing up. If you don’t, you’ll miss out on the bonus.

After entering the promo code, the exchange will request some of your details. This includes your name, mobile number, email, preferred username, and password. Read the site’s terms and conditions and agree to them before clicking the “Sign Up” option at the bottom of the page.

Verify Your Account will email you with a confirmation link that you must click to confirm your email address. Likewise, you must verify your phone number using a code the exchange sends to you. Aside from this, you must undergo a Know Your Customer (KYC) verification before proceeding.

As part of the process, will request your full legal name, then ask you to take a selfie for record purposes.

Finally, take your driver’s license or any government-issued ID and take a photo of the front and back. The platform processes these images to verify your account; once this is successful, you can now use the exchange.

Buy and Stake CRO

The next important step in “how to use a referral code” is buying CRO. Before redeeming the bonus attached to the promo code, you must stake at least 1,000 CRO for the MCO Visa Card.

These cards issued by have different types with varying fees, limits, and rewards. Like using a prepaid card, you can use it to withdraw in places where Visa is accepted.

You can purchase CRO on the exchange if you don’t have any. First, find the Trade option, click it, and select Buy. Pick CRO as the preferred cryptocurrency to buy. Add your card details and confirm the payment. Then, you can use your newly purchased CRO.

Staking the first 1,000 CRO for the MCO Visa card unlocks only $25 of the referral bonus. You get the additional $50 by wagering at least 5,000 CRO on the exchange using the same code.

To wager your currency, open the application and select Earn from the menu. Tap Start Earning and choose CRO as the coin you prefer to stake. Fill in the amount of the currency you want and confirm it. After staking your first CRO of at least 1,000, your bonus funds will automatically be credited to your account.

Now that you know how to use a referral code, nothing stops you from taking advantage of the signup bonus.

Benefits of using

Aside from knowing how to use a referral code, you should also know what benefits you get with the exchange. Here, we have listed the advantages of using

Low Fees

No fees are associated with using an electronic bank or wire transfer to fund your account. It is one of the better value exchanges because you can buy and sell cryptocurrencies at their actual cost. However, for purchases made with a credit or debit card using its app, will charge you.

All-Purpose Exchange has more functions than a mere crypto exchange. Though you can buy and sell currencies, you can exchange them via your DeFi wallet.

Even better, you can spend your cryptocurrency with a prepaid Visa card, making it a great way to pay with cryptocurrency. You can deposit money into an interest-bearing account, receive payment in cryptocurrency, and, in some places, obtain crypto loans.

Phone Top Ups and Gift Cards

You can use cryptocurrency on the exchange several ways, not just with your Visa Card. For instance, when you buy gift cards from many different well-known retailers, you’ll receive cashbacks.

The amount of money you get as a reward depends on the amount of CRO you’ve staked and the company offering the bonus. On some networks, you can also top up a prepaid phone.

Cashback Cards has five distinct prepaid Visa cards. You can fund them and use them anywhere that accepts Visa cards. Like its other offerings, the more CRO you wager, the greater your rewards.

For instance, the premium Obsidian card offers a 5% cashback bonus and a slew of other perks. However, you’ll need to stake about $400,000 worth of CRO to be eligible.

Earn Interest for Using the Exchange is more than a marketplace for Bitcoin and altcoins. Account holders have the opportunity to earn competitive interest rates. The maximum interest you can earn is over 10%, like the Visa card perks. However, you’d need to stake a sizable sum in CRO to qualify for such a high percentage.

Are there any downsides of using Crypto.Com?

There are a lot of benefits to This is one of the reasons why several people are curious about how to use a referral code. Nevertheless, there are a few downsides you should note.

The Website is Challenging to Use

One drawback of having so many options is that the website might initially seem too overwhelming. Any website with so many offerings is likely to be challenging to navigate.

There is a lot to take in and many terminologies to learn. Even after the site was relaunched in 2021, it was still a lot to comprehend, especially for newbies. Furthermore, the app and browser-based exchange have different functionality.

Weak Customer Service

Despite providing 24/7 support via email, in-app chat, or both, only has a 2.1 out of 5-star rating on Trustpilot. Many complaints center on the slow response time from customer service. This is discouraging if you are attempting to access your funds.

How to use a referral code conclusion

We have given you all you should know about how to use a referral code. With this promo code, you can enjoy a signup bonus from the exchange.

You can also generate your referral link that you can use to refer others and get more rewards. However, you must be a new member and register using the code to claim the bonus.

There are tons of benefits to using this exchange, one of which is claiming several incentives. So, if you’re looking for a top cryptocurrency exchange, should be your first stop. Plus, you know how to use a referral code, meaning you can claim a bonus when you stake your first 1,000 CRO.

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FAQs about how to use a referral code

What referral code should I use?

The promo code you should use when signing up using the application is 94gjag23xh. With this unique code, you can get an exclusive promotion of $75 as a first-timer.

How can I get my referral link?

You can get your referral link from within the app. Simply open the application and navigate to the Rewards area. You can copy the link and share it with your friends.

Can I use in Canada?

Yes, you can use the exchange in Canada. offers its services to Canadians, so you can trade cryptocurrencies and enjoy other features. You can also enjoy the rewards its offers users.

What do I do if I don't receive a bonus with the code?

First, ensure you have fulfilled the specified requirements because failure to do so will prevent you from getting a bonus. If you have done your part but didn't get the bonus, contact customer support for more information.

Is safe to use?

Yes, if you want to get a bonus on the platform, you need a referral code. You can use our code, 94gjag23xh, to get a $75 reward when you sign up on the exchange.


April 30, 2023
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