What To Expect in A Life Insurance Medical Exam

What To Expect in A Life Insurance Medical Exam

The importance of life assurance requires Canadians to know what to expect in a life insurance medical exam. With life insurance, dependents and families are taken care of. However, insurers in the country require their customers to take this medical assessment for various reasons.

When people understand what to expect in a life insurance medical exam, they are better prepared for success. Most insurance firms require an honest answer during this medical test.

You will be expected to answer issues relating to your finances, health, driving capabilities, and other personal questions. Usually, this life insurance exam takes between 15 and 40 minutes, depending on individual customers. The exam is conducted online and offline.

Having better knowledge about what to expect in a life insurance medical exam is essential. You will know about the cost implications, different risk classes, and factors that can help you pass the exam easily. Read on for a detailed explanation.

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What does a life insurance medical exam mean?

This medical exam is a crucial aspect of the underwriting process. This process allows an insurer to determine if you qualify for a life insurance policy. It helps them assess your risk level, as the Health Insurance Association in Canada stated.

This exam helps an insurance firm determine if the application will move forward and the cost they will charge. While numerous no-exam life insurance policies exist in Canada, many insurers still require an examination.

You don’t need to go to your doctor for this exam; usually, an insurer sends a technician to your house or home. Most life insurance medical exams are in two parts: a medical questionnaire and a physical assessment.

Phases of a life insurance medical exam

Here are two critical phases of what to expect in a life insurance medical exam:

Medical Questionnaire

A life insurance medical questionnaire might be sent by phone or mail. Various health-related questions are asked in this questionnaire. This will give the insurance firm a vivid explanation of your health status.

Questions you should expect in this exam are about illness, medications, and dosages. It’s essential to always be careful when answering these questions to avoid discrepancies or misinformation.

Physical Examination

A physical assessment is another aspect of what to expect in a life insurance medical exam. During this stage, a qualified health technician will check the documents that pertain to you. After this, they will check your pulse, heart rate, and blood pressure and take your urine samples. You should also expect the following tests:

  • Electrocardiogram
  • Stress Test
  • X-ray
  • Blood Group
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These tests are based on insurers’ different guidelines, your age, and other factors. When these tests are completed, they will screen your blood samples to check for various health conditions, such as:

  • High cholesterol
  • Diabetes
  • HIV/AIDs
  • Cannabis Usage
  • STDs
  • Liver disease
  • Kidney problems
  • Hemoglobin A1C

Overall, the life insurance health exam is a quick and seamless process. It helps the insurer determine your probable life expectancy and premiums.

What To Expect In A Life Insurance Medical Exam - comparewise

Why do life insurance firms conduct a medical exam?

Many insurers require this exam to be taken to get a proper look at your health status. It will also help them determine your health risk and how high you will be. Also, this test might help uncover health conditions you might not be aware of.

What to expect in a life insurance medical exam also includes risk categories. The different risk classes you might fall into are:

  • Preferred Plus
  • Standard Plus
  • Preferred
  • Standard
  • Substandard

The above classes are for smokers and non-smokers. A positive risk class attracts cheaper premiums.

Preparation requirements for a life insurance health exam

A critical section of what to expect in a life insurance medical exam is preparation. While there are guidelines from the insurer, you should learn some tips to help you scale through quickly. These include:

Start the Assessment in the Morning

Most Canadian insurers require applicants to fast before the exam because of the blood and urine samples. This is better done in the morning before you go to work or engage in your routine exercise. This is to ensure your blood levels aren’t elevated and are normal.

Take Lots of Water

Another recommended tip before taking this exam is to get hydrated. This allows the health technician to take enough samples without problems. Avoid taking alcohol or carbonated drinks, which lead to the exam.

Wear Light Clothing

Light clothes and short sleeves make it easy for the health expert to take samples. Ensure that you don’t take a cloth that weighs on you.

Make Health Changes Ahead

You might want to make some health changes to scale through the life insurance medical exam. Some of these changes might include stopping drinking and smoking and refraining from drug abuse.

You should start engaging in regular exercise and eating a balanced diet. Keep in mind that to qualify as a non-smoker with a reliable Canadian insurer, you need to stop smoking for at least a year.

Have Your Health Records at Hand

To help you answer all questions thrown by the technician easily, have your medical records at hand. This should include current medications, contacts with doctors, and family health history.

What happens when you fail a life insurance exam?

You should also know how to handle failure when learning what to expect in a life insurance medical exam. If any abnormal issue arises during the life insurance medical assessment, the insurance company will ask certain questions.

These questions are to confirm the findings, and there might be a delay in your application process. When nicotine or cotinine is discovered during the test, applicants might have to pay three times the premium.

Suppose they find out that you lie during the application about nicotine usage. In that case, the policy will be cancelled without a refund.

Also, if you are tested for using painkillers that aren’t prescribed by a doctor, you become intelligible. Insurers firms have diverse terms for accepting clients. Therefore, if you fail a life insurance test from a particular insurer, you might pass with another.

Do Canadian life insurance companies check medical records during exams?

Most Canadian insurance firms examine your medical records during the application steps. You are expected to sign the PIPEDA life insurance waiver, which allows them to ask personal questions. If you fail to be honest with the insurer, you won’t be given life insurance coverage.

 The waiver allows the insurer to use your information only for insurance purposes. This PIPEDA waiver will enable them to ask questions about the following:

  • Criminal Records
  • Financial Background
  • Driving Records
  • Medical History

Usually, the PIPEDA waiver is only valid for two years, so complete the application.

Are life insurance companies in Canada allowed to share customer information?

Because of PIPEDA compliance, insurers in Canada aren’t allowed to share customer information. The only exception to this rule is if you apply for a new life policy and a red flag appears.

When you choose a life insurance plan, an insurance company will consider if there are any risks. This is possible by checking the Medical Information Bureau (MIB). This contains data on all life insurance applications in the country’s last 2–5 years.

What are the steps for getting a life insurance medical exam

Determining what to expect in a life insurance medical exam is the process. Ask for a quote online to get a favourable life insurance premium. You might not need to take the exam if you want a term life or whole life insurance policy with limited death benefits. If you prefer this option, an online assessment is ideal.

However, if you want whole life insurance, you will immediately be contacted by an insurer representative. The representative will ask for a date to take the exam. When they come, talk to the representative and ask all relevant questions.

 Also, some insurance companies allow you to check your life insurance medical exam results online. These results are ready between 10 and 12 hours after the assessment time, depending on the insurer.

Is a life insurance medical exam avoidable?

It’s possible to avoid taking the life insurance medical exam in certain situations. However, you must ensure that the insurer you want to use has exemptions.

Some Canadian insurance companies provide no-exam life insurance policies. Here are instances where you can evade a medical assessment :

Accelerated Underwriting

Accelerated underwriting allows people to take out a no-exam insurance policy with ease. In this process, insurers use data and algorithms to assess which insurance quote suits you.

However, this cheap life insurance is only available to applicants who are 55 or younger. These types of applicants are considered younger and low-risk.

Simplified Issue Life Insurance

This type of underwriting process doesn’t need a medical assessment. All you need to qualify is to answer some basic lifestyle questions and have a health history. Although there might be a check on third-party sources such as prescription history, it doesn’t affect you.

Because less information is used, this policy has higher premium rates for everyone. Also, certain limitations are placed on what this policy can cover.

Guaranteed Issue Life Insurance

People who prefer something other than health assessment can take this insurance policy. This is an ideal policy for those with poor health conditions. It is one of the best life insurance for seniors strapped for cash.

The premium provides enough cash for burial rites and other menial expenses after death. This life premium is typical in many provinces across the country.

Cost implications of a life insurance medical exam in Canada?

This section about what to expect in a life insurance medical exam will discuss cost implications. People have a general misconception about who to see when taking a medical insurance exam. Most insurance firms in the country schedule the exams and pay the fees.

These insurers consider the exams part of the fees incurred in doing business. Top life insurance firms pay for the exam even if you fail to buy the policy. It’s possible to take this test at home based on the health assessment required, medical issues, and coverage.

However, some insurers offer paramedical offices that can visit you at work to take the test. Taking a life insurance medical exam today is ideal; delay can increase premium costs for unhealthy customers.

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This guide has explained in detail what to expect in a life insurance exam, what information is needed, how to avoid the test, and the cost implications. Although there are several ways to avoid taking a life insurance medical exam, taking the test is recommended.

Insurers in Canada have allowed for seamless test-taking, which can be completed within 30 minutes. You don’t need to pay a fee for this exam, as it’s the total responsibility of the insurer.

Irrespective of your age or health status, feel free to take this exam; it’s free, and you will get better premium rates than when you don’t take the exam.

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FAQs about what to expect in a life insurance medical exam

What happens when i lie during the life insurance medical assessment?

Being as honest as possible when taking a life insurance medical exam is strongly advised. Lies such as age falsification, health issues, and tobacco and drug usage should be avoided. Your application will be voided when you make false declarations in the exam.

What questions should i expect during a life insurance medical exam?

During the life insurance medical exam, common questions are your height, weight, age, lifestyle habits, sports history, and current medications. This will assist the insurer in determining your premium percentage and which risk class you should be placed in.

Why will an insurer fail to pay a life insurance claim?

An insurer can decide not to pay your life insurance claim for several reasons. These include material misrepresentation, policy delinquency, unclear death, and documentation errors. To avoid such issues, ensure you are transparent and don't lie about your health history.


November 27, 2023
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