Bambee Review (June 2024) – Pros, Cons, Features, & Pricing

If you’re tired of handling HR responsibilities yourself and want to avoid hiring full-time HR staff, this Bambee review may help.

Bambee is an expert HR outsourcing software that can help you with all your company HR needs. Their HR professionals can assist you with policy compilation, reports, and more. Bambee can also help your company with employee conflict resolutions, terminations, and other HR concerns. This way, you can streamline your HR processes and provide a better employee experience.

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Last Updated: Jun 16, 2024


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In this Bambee review, I’ll dive into the pros and cons. I’ll also cover their main features, so you know precisely what you can expect from Bambee when you sign up.

Why Choose Bambee?

To begin this Bambee review, I’ll go over the general advantages of using their software.

HR software can be lifesavers, especially for companies looking to reduce HR staffing costs.

Bambee was designed to provide every company in any industry with expert HR remote services. Using Bambee is an excellent upgrade that will assist you in automating your employee management and HR processes.

What makes them an even better option, they kept their software functionality simple to allow for maximum benefits for your company. The ability to sign documents digitally is also a significant plus.

Bambee also makes it simple to review and compile company policies tailored to your company’s needs.

Their Smart Cabinet feature is also an excellent tool for keeping track of all necessary company documents. In addition, it makes it very simple for employees to review, access, and update information.

In a nutshell, Bambee is one of the top HR applications for small companies. Their software outperforms any in-house HR team because of its remarkable capabilities.

The Pros and Cons of Bambee

All HR software comes with its fair share of pros and cons. That is why in this Bambee review, I’ll look at where Bambee excels and where they fall short.

Bambee ProsBambee Cons
+ Outstanding customer support
+ User-friendly
+ Streamlined onboarding
+ Great for small companies
+ Employee performance management
– Limited integrations
– Set up fee
– No free trial or app

Pros of Using Bambee

Here’s what companies love about Bambee’s services.

Outstanding Customer Support

Bambee customer support is efficient and friendly. They also offer multiple customer support options, such as phone, email and onboard live chat.

User-Friendly Interface

Although Bambee has many features, thanks to its simple user interface and well-organized navigation, you can easily find what you are looking for.

Streamlined Onboarding Process

They help you save time by including onboarding tools like built-in electronic signatures and customized offer letters.

Perfect for Small Companies

Bambee has vertical navigation with an organized functionality that makes it simple to use. This makes it exceptionally easy for small-company owners who aren’t familiar with HR software to use it.

Employee Performance Management

Bambee has a few tools to help you manage employees. Their built-in report card tool allows you to keep track of and compare all of your employees’ performance ratings. This is helpful if you want to learn more about which employees are underperforming and performing well.

Dedicated HR Manager

Bambee’s professional HR manager can help you improve your company’s performance. By providing a convenient and straightforward HR solution, you can effectively keep track of all of your HR tasks. They can also assist you with any employee-related responsibilities, so you can focus on growing your company.

Cons of Using Bambee

Bambee is great for most businesses, but here’s what users thought could be improved.

Limited Integrations

Despite its capabilities, Bambee is not well-suited to most company tools integrations. These include scheduling, payroll, time & attendance applications. 

Steep Setup Fee

There is an additional one–time charge for Bambee HR setup. For a small company that is just getting started, this additional cost may be excessive.

No Free Trial

Because Bambee does not provide a free trial, it is difficult for new companies to test the product.

No Mobile App

Unfortunately, there are no mobile versions of Bambee available. If you want to manage your HR operations on the go, this is inconvenient.

Limited Phone Support

The lack of phone support at the 1-4 employee plan is a significant drawback, especially if you have an urgent situation that requires immediate attention. Furthermore, they do not provide 24/7 phone support.

Not Suitable for Large Companies

For small and medium companies, Bambee has an easy-to-use UI and a basic HR support dashboard.

However, larger firms who want to customize the dashboard may not find Bambee particularly useful.

In addition, there are limited recruitment and onboarding functionalities for larger companies.

bambee review 1 - comparewise

Bambee Range of Products & Services

As an HR Software, Bambee has several features that are ideal for most companies. In this Bambee review, we’ll discuss those features.

Bambee ServicesFeatures
Performance reviewSimplified performance review system feature + report card tool (monthly reports)
Electronic signatureEliminates the need for employees to sign and scan hard copies of documents, great for remote work
Company health indicatorCustomized reports with data about your company’s performance + identify areas for improvement
Compliance tracking and reviewEasily keep track of employee remuneration and legal requirements
Employee voices toolSpeak directly with HR managers using the Bambee employee voice function for a more personal experience
Company insurance coverageGet specialized insurance coverage customized to fit your business + advice from experts

Performance Review

Bambee is one of the HR software that has a simplified performance review system feature. The report card tool provides extensive reporting options to give better employee insights.

Instead of an annual performance evaluation, the Bambee report system enables you to track employees’ performance monthly.

Electronic Signature

This feature eliminates the need for employees to sign and scan hard copies of documents. Instead, employees can use the platform to digitally sign documents.

This is especially valuable for companies with remote employees who want to streamline their onboarding process.

Company Health Indicator

This feature is unique to Bambee. They offer customized reports with data about your company’s performance. This helps your company identify areas of improvement.

Their HR manager also provides actionable tasks to help you improve your company’s performance.

Compliance Tracking and Review

In terms of compliance support, Bambee can help you with employee remuneration and other labour law requirements.

They include a list of all required paperwork as well as labour regulations for easier understanding.

Quick Interactions and Communication

You can contact your HR manager by phone, email, or live chat.

Employee Voices Tool

Employees can speak directly with HR managers using the Bambee employee voice function. They have the option of contacting their HR manager to express their concerns and resolve any issues.

This saves them time and allows them to respond quickly on your behalf.

Policy Management

Bambee HR managers can assist you in developing policies that are specific to your company’s needs.

Staff Training and Development

Bambee 650+ staff training courses include a wide range of HR-related areas. The areas include leadership, employee safety and security, standard HR compliance practices and more.

They also offer an online resource library available for anyone interested.

Onboarding Assistance

Bambee recognizes how important it is for companies to have a smooth onboarding process.

HR managers can create customized offer letters for new hires that can be signed online. This saves time in the hiring process.

Record Keeping

Bambee assists you in organizing all of your company’s documents and employee records.

Employees can view and keep track of responsibilities and update any information with ease.

Staff folders can also store employee files. Using the Smart Cabinet tool, you can also keep all vital company documents and records in one place.

Company Insurance Coverage

Bambee offers a one-stop-shop for all of your company insurance needs. They provide specialized insurance coverage and expert advice from their insurance professionals.

This relieves you of the stress and effort spent looking for quality insurance for your company.

What Does it Cost to Use Bambee?

Affordability matters in purchasing anything for your company, and HR management software is no exception. That is why this section of our Bambee review will cover the four different pricing plans for Bambee.

It’s worth noting that the price rises in proportion to the number of employees.

The most basic package is $99 per month or $948 for an annual subscription.

However, it just includes live chat and email; phone calls are not included. It’s the recommended package for a small company with 1-4 employees. For this price, you get a dedicated HR manager.

For $99 per month or $1908 for an annual subscription, this is ideal for small to medium-sized companies. Unlimited live chat, email, and phone calls with your HR manager are included.

Large companies with 20 to 49 staff can also use Bambee’s services. The price comprises a monthly fee of $299 or an annual subscription of $2868 and a $1000 one-time HR setup fee. They include a Senior HR Manager in this package.

Finally, there is a custom price package if you wish to add services specific to your company. This is most suitable for companies with 50 to 500 employees. This also includes an HR director.

Is It Safe to Use?

HR software is in charge of a massive amount of highly sensitive employee data. As a result, it’s vital to understand how your data is safeguarded.

In this section of the Bambee review, we go over how Bambee protects your data.

Bambee protects all of your critical data and information with firewalls and a Secure Socket Layer (SSL). Bambee adds that by employing SSL, no third-party user can access your login information. They also maintain constant security monitoring to ensure that no data breaches occur.

bambee review 2 - comparewise

Bambee Customer Service and Support

As previously stated, Bambee provides customer support through phone, email, and onboard live chat.

You can also look through their FAQs for more HR-related information.

If it’s an emergency, you can reach out to them immediately by using a phone number listed on their website. However, it is crucial to note that their customer service team is only available from 8 a.m. to 6 p.m. PST.

How to Get Started with Bambee?

Before investing in Bambee, it’s essential to understand where and how to get started?

Getting started with Bambee is as easy as signing up and then contacting a Bambee advisor. Their HR experts then assess your company based on your requirements. Finally, they will choose a plan suited to your company your needs.

Are There Any Bambee Alternatives?

Perhaps you’re still unsure if Bambee is a good fit for your company’s needs.

In this Bambee review section, we’ll discuss two alternatives. We’ll go over the significant strengths and limitations of each software, so you can pick the best one for your company.


Both software’s provide HR management features that are similar. BambooHR’s best feature, though, is its onboarding service. BambooHR’s applicant monitoring system and job posting tools are among the company’s offerings.

Their software allows you to integrate over 20 company apps and is also less expensive than Bambee. BambooHR costs $99 per month for 12 employees, whereas Bambee costs $99 per month for 1-4 employees. In addition, they also offer a free trial.

On the other hand, the desktop functions are limited, and it is not suited for companies with temporary or part-time staff.

Overall, if you’re looking for software that focuses on onboarding and recruitment rather than total hire management, we suggest BambooHR.

Breezy HR                                                                      

Breezy HR is an all-in-one service that combines payroll and HR management into a simple user interface. The software offers payroll and onboarding automation functions. And its Autopilot tool automates all payroll processes.

On both mobile and desktop, their HR features are limited. And the only way to have access to the mobile functions is using an internet connection.

On the other hand, Breezy is a terrific option if you require software that focuses on payroll management.

If, however, you need complete HR outsourcing features, Bambee is an excellent option. Bambee is also the best alternative for company insurance coverage.

In terms of cost, Breezy has three main pricing plans to choose from. The cheapest package is $39 per month plus a $12 per-employee additional fee. Compared to Bambee, this is a more affordable option.

bambee review 3 - comparewise

Final Remarks on our Bambee Review

Bambee is a good option if you’re seeking HR software with many built-in HR management functions.

It is user-friendly and compatible with companies of all sizes and industries. The company insurance coverage and employee training courses are significant benefits for your company.

We hope this Bambee review has provided you with sufficient information to determine whether Bambee is the best HR software for your company.

Our Bambee review details all you need to know about this HR outsourcing software, including the pros, cons, benefits & how to get started.

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