Breezy HR Review (February 2024) – Get a Free 14 Day Trial

We decided to compile this Breezy HR review to determine whether the software makes the recruitment process more manageable.

Breezy HR is an end-to-end recruiting software that helps you find and hire the best employees for your business. This award-winning applicant tracking tool allows you to build and optimize your hiring process, no matter the size of your organization. The tool gives you more time to interact with the candidates by automating hundreds of tasks.

Finding the perfect employee for your company can be challenging, but the hiring process shouldn’t be. Hiring employees is both an art and a science. With advancements in technology, hiring employees for your organization has now become a little less cumbersome.

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Last Updated: Feb 20, 2024

Breezy HR

  • Find & hire employees, sooner and simpler
  • End-to-end recruiting software
  • Hire great employees with less effort

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In this Breezy HR review, we’ll delve into the features offered by them and the benefits and disadvantages of the hiring tool. We’ll also explore what makes Breezy HR a popular choice amongst employers.

What Makes Breezy HR a Good Option?

This section of the Breezy HR review will discuss why this applicant tracking software might be the perfect fit for your business.

Hiring talented employees that align with the vision of your company can be a tiresome job. Traditional hiring processes require a great deal of staffing and hours to select the right candidate. With applicant tracking tools, the hiring process can now be automated and handled by software.

Breezy HR has an easy-to-use interface and is perfect for people who are not tech-savvy. The platform streamlines everything by automating the manual processes. This gives you more time to focus on the candidate’s skills and experience.

The software has a modern feel and interactive design, allowing businesses to manage many applicants with a minimum effort. It has tons of pre-built reports that offer helpful insight to your candidates into the recruitment process.

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The Pros and Cons of Breezy HR

When we talk about applicant tracking and hiring software, analyzing its advantages and disadvantages is essential. In this section of the Breezy HR review, we dig into the benefits of this tracking platform and its possible pitfalls.

Breezy HR ProsBreezy HR Cons
+ Visual, interactive dashboard
+ Advanced scheduling options
+ Easy remote hiring
+ One-click advertising
– No customizable reports
– Poor video quality

Pros of Breezy HR

Here’s what customers really enjoy about Breezy HR:

Visual and Interactive Dashboard

The Breezy HR tool has a drag-and-drop feature, which can easily customize your organization’s dashboard and hiring pipeline. This visual platform thus allows you to organize your candidates effectively.

Advanced Scheduling Options

The platform offers templates that automate your candidates’ emails, schedule appointments or interviews and create and assign tasks to your employees.

Easy Remote Hiring

With Breezy HR, you can conduct a one-on-one video interview with candidates for remote job positions. The platform allows you to create custom questionnaires for your candidates based on your requirements. It also allows them to send short video responses to your questions if needed.

One-Click Advertising

Breezy HR allows you to advertise it on multiple job platforms with a single click. Once you’ve written an impactful job post, the tool automatically posts the job on more than 50 boards at once.

The Cons of Breezy HR

Here’s what Breezy HR can improve upon with their services:

Cannot Create Customizable Reports

Breezy HR does give some valuable insights to both the employee and the employer, with the help of advanced reports. However, the tool does not allow you to create custom reports for your company.

Phone Support

While they have a customer support system available, it isn’t comprehensive. They provide an email service for their customers, as well as a live chatbot option. However, you cannot contact them directly via phone.

Expensive Paid Plans

The application tracking software might be a little pricey for small organizations. Even though they offer various services, the platform does not provide a more affordable plan for small businesses.

Poor Video Quality

As compared to other applications, Breezy HR does not offer a high-definition video calling feature. Your video conferencing calls might face a few glitches and poor visual quality.

breezy hr review 3 - comparewise

Features Offered by Breezy HR

The previous sections of this Breezy HR review discussed the company’s overview and its benefits and drawbacks. In the next section of this Breezy HR review, we’ll examine the vast array of features offered by the company.

Visual Candidate Management

This portion of the Breezy HR review discusses how the software can automatically screen candidates. This is based on requirements necessary for the position, like education or experience required.

Breezy HR allows you to create a custom pipeline for each job you automate through their platform. And it will enable you to tailor different hiring stages based on the job position you’re offering. You can also customize the hiring process based on your requirements.

The software also lets you automate messaging and scheduling with your candidates. This reduces the number of email messages and manual back and forth.

For streamlining your hiring process, you can set up automatic actions. These will only be triggered when a candidate reaches a particular hiring stage.

Actions may include filling in a questionnaire or requesting feedback. It also stores an in-depth profile of all your candidates, making it easy to find essential information.

Easy Interview Scheduling

Earlier in this Breezy HR review, we discussed how the tool can help you streamline the hiring process. One of the ways you can do this is with their scheduling too.

You can use it to schedule meetings, appointments, and interviews with your prospective candidate. The point of which is to save you time.

You can easily integrate your digital calendar with Breezy to ensure none of your pre-planned activities clash with your interviews.

Along with the video calling feature, the tool displays the candidate’s profile and the interview guideline. This is to help you form your questions accordingly during the interview process. You can even record the interview to review it later.

In addition to video conference calls, Breezy HR also allows your candidates to record video answers to your questionnaire. This helps you analyze their language skills, confidence, and presentation capabilities.

Easy Job Advertisement on Multiple Platforms

This section of our Breezy HR review will focus on how the platform allows for ease of job sharing.

Advertising your job is necessary to find the perfect candidate for your organization. With Breezy HR, you can integrate with more than 50 free job portals, like Glassdoor, Google Jobs, etc. You can also post your job on social media platforms and several premium job boards to increase your exposure.

With the help of Breezy HR’s career portal, you can showcase the latest job openings in your company along with their description.

Breezy HR even lets you customize the portal to suit your company’s brand identity. And you can add images and text to make it look more appealing and professional.

Generates Advanced Reports

Along with automating the hiring process, Breezy HR offers in-depth reports that support candidate tracking throughout the hiring process. And this section of our Breezy HR review touches on how these reports help to improve the hiring pipeline.

Breezy HR reports can identify the bottlenecks in your process, which you can eliminate. It also allows you to compare your job hiring pipeline to evaluate the average number of days needed to run a successful hiring campaign.

As mentioned, the software does not allow you to create a custom report of your own. But it does offer a wide range of options to generate a report from the pre-built templates available.

These advanced reports track the efficacy of your job post, which can help to fast-track the hiring process. You can also review the number of candidates who have reached the next stage. The report will even show you how much time each candidate spent on a particular stage.

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Efficient Collaboration Tools

Every hiring process needs efficient collaboration tools to make the process easier. Breezy HR offers powerful collaboration tools allowing you to connect with your team or potential employees in real-time.

It provides centralized communication and lets you tag individual members in comments. And you can easily integrate with Slack, a popular platform for business communication.

Breezy HR can also create scorecards for your candidates. Scorecards help you evaluate whether the candidates meet the predefined job criteria or not. And you can create custom scorecards by adding different sections and minimum criteria for each.

When you evaluate using these scorecards, you can assess applicants using an unbiased, data-based approach.

Breezy HR Customer Service and Support

We’ll use this part of the Breezy HR review to talk about the customer support team of this feature-rich software. Breezy HR provides a dedicated email address for queries and complaints.

The platform also provides a live chat option available on the bottom right-hand corner of the screen. And, while they don’t offer telephonic customer support, their team does an excellent job at responding to customers timeously.

Breezy HR also provides a live demo option for prospective clients, helping them understand all their features first-hand. Customers can also access their video tutorials or a QuickStart guide.

In the coming sections of Breezy HR review, we will discuss the platform’s user interface and its various pricing plans.

How is the Breezy HR Website?

This section of Breezy HR review will discuss whether their website is responsive and easy to use. This is essential, especially considering the platform is used to track job applicants and collaborate with your team.

The website’s homepage offers a great deal of information and mentions the essential features provided by the platform. Breezy HR also provides a free 14-day trial which you can easily access from their homepage.

The Breezy HR website also has a live chat support option for your queries with their responsive customer support team. And the page layout is not overwhelming but still manages to pack a great deal of information into a page.

Looking at the menu at the top of the page, we noticed it comprises only three options. The Product and Resources options have dropdown menus, which helps to keep the webpage uncluttered. Pricing is the third option on the main menu.

Each of the Breezy HR features has a webpage dedicated to it. And here, information is provided transparently. Everything is easy to read, and they’ve even included images to break up the page and spread out the text.

The website’s design gives you that “easy breezy”, laidback feel, which I assume is exactly what they were going for. But, if there’s anything you want to know about Breezy HR, you’re sure to find the information you need on this site.

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Breezy HR Pricing

In this section of our Breezy HR review, we will discuss the plans and the features offered by the platform. It markets five plans, which you can choose from, depending on the size of your team.

All these plans offer over ten languages to customize the platform for a localized experience. You can choose either a monthly or an annual subscription plan for your company. With a yearly plan, you essentially get access for two months of the year at no cost.

Breezy HR PlanPricingFeatures
Bootstrap PlanFreeAll the basics for one position or pool
Startup Plan$143/monthEnhanced Hiring Experience
Growth Plan$249/monthHire better together with a growing team
Business Plan$399/monthUltimate hiring control & flexibility that scales
Pro PlanCustomCaters to your business’ unique needs

Bootstrap Plan

It has a free Bootstrap plan that offers all the essential features for your team without creating too many restrictions.

You can add unlimited team members, along with interviewing a limitless number of candidates. And this plan lets you customize your dashboard to align with your company’s identity.

Startup Plan

The Startup plan offers an enhanced hiring experience to employers. Along with creating unlimited candidate pools, it also allows you to automatically distribute your job posts to more than 50 job boards.

You can also automate questionnaires for your candidates, along with allowing them to pick interview times based on your schedule.

Growth Plan

Breezy HR’s Growth plan lets you advertise and track unlimited job positions for your organization.

The plan suits growing teams, offering calendar integration, live video meetings, customizable interview guides, and video assessments for your prospective employees. The tool can also create custom scorecards for your candidates.

Business Plan

Their Business plan offers ultimate control over the hiring process, allowing you to scale up your team quickly.

The plan will enable you to track significant recruitment performance indicators with the help of real-time analysis and detailed reporting.

It also allows you to create advanced questionnaires for your candidates, offering relevant questions based on their responses. It also allows you to compare your candidates side-by-side, helping you make an objective hiring decision.

Pro Plan

Then there’s the advanced Pro plan offered by the company for huge enterprises that want to add custom features. You can add premium security features, including API access and a single sign-on feature.

Besides offering phone support to the customers, it also provides a dedicated account manager and an accessible data migration facility.

breezy hr review 6 - comparewise

Alternatives to Breezy HR

If you are looking for applicant tracking software but want a more affordable option, other tools are available. These tools have similar features to Breezy HR and allow you to track your candidates effectively. This section of our Breezy HR review will discuss the alternatives to this applicant tracking software.


Jobsoid is a leading recruitment software offering tools to simplify and optimize your talent acquisition efforts. It allows you to reach the maximum potential candidates by advertising your job openings on social media channels and job boards. It also allows you to embed the Career webpage of your website to the Jobsoid account.

Like Breezy HR, you can import your candidate’s data to compare them and make data-driven decisions. It also allows you to add questionnaires for your prospective employees. Jobsoid offers a 99.96% uptime to their customers, along with priority support options.

Jobsoid is an affordable alternative to Breezy HR. It offers different plans with decent features that are perfect for medium-sized organizations. It also provides a free 14-day trial for all their paid plans.

Zoho Recruit

Zoho Recruit is a cloud-based, automated hiring platform providing end-to-end hiring solutions for the temporary workforce, staffing agencies, and corporate HR departments. The software allows you to run background checks on your candidates, maintaining a safe and compliant environment in your organization.

Unlike Breezy HR, Zoho recruit offers recruitment options and features based on your requirements. Perhaps you’re a temporary staffing agency hiring professionals on a short-term basis. In that case, the platform might be the perfect fit for you.

It offers automatic conflict-free scheduling for all your freelancers, along with creating and managing timesheets to track their work progress.

Zoho Recruit offers different pricing options for various industries. With seamless integrations, the platform is perfect for small to medium organizations.


The Bambee is an industry-leading hiring software with a large integrated ecosystem. Its powerful hiring approach promotes engaging candidate interactions and eliminates manual administrative processes. It has an easy-to-use interface that offers an exceptional hiring experience for everyone in the organization.

This applicant tracking software lets you reach many clients by posting your job vacancies on more than 1000 job boards. You can easily collaborate with other teams in your organization on Bambee, sharing application reviews and job offers.

Bambee offers detailed analytics and more than 30 reports to measure the work of your hiring team. As discussed in this Breezy HR review, the platform does not provide great reporting options. On the other hand, Bambee lets you connect your reports to Google Sheets or your business intelligence platform.

The Takeaway of our Breezy HR Review

In this Breezy HR review, we gave you a brief overview of the company. We examined its key features, the pros and cons of hiring through the software, and some alternatives to the tool. As we come to the end of our Breezy HR review, there are a few pointers which you should bear in mind.

Breezy HR is an award-winning recruitment tool, which allows you to automate various tasks in the hiring process. It not only saves you time but also lets you make data-driven hiring decisions. The tool also advertises your job vacancies on multiple boards and social media platforms for you.

This platform has an easy-to-use, visual dashboard with kanban boards to optimize your pipelines for different job roles. Before deciding to move forward with one of their plans, you should try out their premium features with their 14-day free trial.

It would be best to analyze your company’s needs before deciding which recruitment software is the best for your organization. Breezy HR is perfect for a growing and large enterprise.

If you need a recruitment tracking tool for your business, our Breezy HR review provides a detailed analysis of this award-winning software.

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