Grammarly Business Review (June 2024) – Get a Free 7 Day Trial

In this Grammarly Business review, we’ll set out to answer one burning question. And that is: Can Grammarly Business help you improve your company’s writing style and communication?

Grammarly business is a paid product offering from Grammarly. And it’s equipped with all the essential writing and team collaboration tools. At its core, Grammarly Business uses artificial intelligence to improve your team’s writing skills and communication. Covering grammar, tone, style, and so much more, it’s undoubtedly a handy tool for maintaining professional business communications.

But is Grammarly Business a good option for your business? What does Grammarly Business do well? And where does it fall short?

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Last Updated: Jun 09, 2024


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We’ll be answering these questions and more in this Grammarly Business review. Our review will explore the core features of Grammarly Business and highlight the pros and cons associated with this software.

But first, let’s take a quick look at what Grammarly Business has to offer your business.

Why Choose Grammarly Business?

There are multiple writing and communication programs on the market. All of which are intended to help you elevate your level of communication. But what sets Grammarly Business apart from its competitors?

This section of our Grammarly Business review will provide an overview of what Grammarly Business has to offer. And it should help to determine why this software might be a good option for your business.

In the business world, effective and error-free communication is paramount to upholding a sense of professionalism when engaging with clients.

Grammarly Business provides you with the tools to optimize written communication with your clients and colleagues. This software offers all the tools you need to improve your team’s communication and writing skills.

Think of Grammarly Business as your company’s AI-powered writing and team collaboration assistant. Its hyper-tailored features can boast sales writing and marketing media and improve workflow functions.

One of Grammarly Business’ major selling points is its many integrations. It offers integration with your web browser, Microsoft Word, and Outlook, to name a few. This is a huge plus if you love streamlining your workflow.

Grammarly Business is an excellent choice for both small and large teams. If you have anywhere from 3 to 149 team members, Grammarly Business could be the perfect writing and communications tool.

Perhaps you feel that much of your team’s needs are already met by their existing tools. Irrespective, Grammarly Business can still provide a well-connected team collaboration experience that’s relatively easy to pick up and learn.

It doesn’t matter whether you’re working with a remote team or office-based employees. This application will correct the tone and style of your writing to create consistently accurate company communications.

Grammarly Business was designed for companies that want to spend less time writing and editing letters, emails, documents and more. Instead, employees can focus on business operations, and what matters.

The Pros and Cons of Using Grammarly Business

We feel it’s essential to share the pros and cons of this intelligent software in our Grammarly Business review. Therefore, this section will look at what makes Grammarly Business great and where improvements may be needed.

Grammarly Business ProsGrammarly Business Cons
+ Centralized billing
+ Brand consistency
+ Team collaboration
+ Track team performance
+ Customer relationship management
+ Easy to use
– Can be expensive

The Pros of Using Grammarly Business

Let’s have a look at some of the most significant advantages of using Grammarly Business.

Centralized Billing

The Grammarly Business platform is aimed at simplifying the lives of its users. And these values are even carried through to the way they bill multi-member accounts.

Instead of billing member accounts individually, their administrative staff bills for all associated membership fees in a single transaction. This ensures that team members don’t have to deal with billing and can continue with their work.

Brand Consistency

In today’s business world, the consistency of a brand’s voice and image is crucial. Therefore, Grammarly Business includes features such as Snippets, Brand Tones, and Style Guide.

These tools make it easy to standardize styles, set up a tone profile, and quickly replicate text you use frequently.

Team Collaboration

Grammarly Business incorporates some nifty collaboration features. And these help to ensure your team is working as a cohesive unit when communicating online or with clients.

For instance, Grammarly Business lets your team share updated settings amongst themselves with ease. This includes brand tone profiles, pre-approved snippets, and company-wide style guides.

You can also collaborate and increase the quality of your content by seamlessly sharing your written work with team members. And Grammarly Business lets you add third-party writers, such as freelancers, to your profile to collaborate on a project.

Track Team Performance

The only way to see how your team is performing is to track analytics in real-time. And the Grammarly Business built-in analytics feature is designed to automatically track the performance of your team and company.

As a result, you can identify factors that affect your team’s performance and offer insight on how to improve them.

Improved Customer Relationship Management

One benefit of using Grammarly Business is that it speeds up the processes of emailing clients. Its built-in features offer a way to streamline this activity and save you time.

The snippet feature is an example of this, as it allows you to quickly generate brief email templates. This way, you can optimize your customer relations and sales and enhance brand reputation.

Department-Specific Solutions

Grammarly Business is flexible because the platform offers communications solutions for various departments within a company. This is beneficial because each department’s needs are different, which affects how and when they communicate.

The platform currently offers solutions optimized for customer support, HR, sales, and marketing teams. And each set-up is tailored toward championing that specific type of department.

For instance, your Grammarly Business sales department solution is geared toward brand perception and scalability. While their customer service solution is more focused on efficiency and building trust.

Easy to Use

Grammarly Business offers a platform that is uncomplicated with functionality that’s easily accessible. You won’t need too much technical experience to use it. In fact, if you’re comfortable with the basics of Microsoft Word, you’ll be fine.

One advantage is that it provides adequate tools for team management. And it does so without overwhelming you with features that your team may not need.

Enhanced Team Productivity

As previously mentioned, Grammarly Business incorporates many features. But it’s worth noting how beneficial they can be in terms of your team’s productivity.

Its many valuable features ensure that your employees can work in the most efficient manner possible. Grammarly Business, therefore, boosts productivity by streamlining workflow and automating many tasks like editing.


Grammarly Business provides several integrations for different apps, as well as for desktop and online work. They even have a keyboard app for mobile. Grammarly Business can truly be used to perfect your written communications where it matters.

This way, you know your team’s communications will be consistent across the board, whether via text, email, or social media.

The Cons of Using Grammarly Business

While Grammarly Business may seem perfect, there are a few areas in which it could be improved. Let’s look at some of the pitfalls associated with this popular application.

It Can Be Expensive

In terms of cost, Grammarly Business is a bit more expensive than its competitors. This is especially true if you need to add several team members to the account. For small businesses just starting out, this may not be affordable or within their budget.

grammarly business review 5 - comparewise

Grammarly Business Features

Grammarly Business has outstanding features that set it apart from its competitors. These features make it an invaluable tool for any business.

In this portion of our Grammarly Business review, we’ll give a brief run-down of some of the platform’s core features.

Style Guide

The Style Guide feature enables you to create standardized formats for specific words, terms, or phrases. For example, if you want your brand name written in a certain way, you can set it up as a rule on the platform.

Say a team member types the brand name but uses incorrect capitalization, punctuation, or the like. With Style Guides, Grammarly Business would correct that team member’s wording before sending. Thus, ensuring the brand name is consistent in all communication.


Grammarly Business’ Snippets feature allows you to insert pre-determined sections of text that you use frequently.

Let’s say your company runs a lot of email campaigns. Chances are, you will need to send similar content to many recipients. Here’s where the Snippets feature comes in handy.

With Snippets, you can insert pre-written phrases while writing. They could even be entire paragraphs. You can also manage all your Snippets in one place using Grammarly Business’s Snippets library.

This way, you won’t have to retype the same sentences or paragraphs when you explain the same thing to different clients. By setting up and inserting Snippets, you and your time can save a great deal of time.

Because the Snippets feature is versatile. It can be used across different departments to improve customer service and establish brand consistency.

Brand Tones

Grammarly Business promises features you can use to improve your brand identity. Included in this is its Brand Tones feature.

When it comes to the Brand Tones feature, you have the power to create a profile for the tone of your brand. Here you have the option of selecting specific attributes to denote the tone of your brand communications.

For instance, to ensure that your team’s written communications are always friendly, you select the “friendly tone” option. This way, team members would be alerted when their emails, letters, or comments sound too direct or blunt.

You can rest assured that Grammarly Business will ensure that your writing aligns you’re your chosen brand tone. This ensures brand consistency across your entire team.


The multiple integrations provided by Grammarly Business allow you to increase the speed and quality of your writing.

Not only do they offer a stand-alone desktop app. They also provide a keyboard app that can be used with any app on your phone.

Then there’s their MS Office integration to ensure your Outlook emails and MS Word documents are accurate and clear. And there’s even a Chrome extension you can add to use while you’re online.

The Grammarly Business software also integrates with popular programs such as Slack, Salesforce, and Evernote.

Insights and Analytics

Grammarly Business offers analytics as part of their service. This feature houses most of the insights into your company’s performance.

The reports detail strengths and areas that may require additional attention or improvement. And you can view each metric in the analytics dashboard and dive in deeper for specifics.

Grammarly Business doesn’t just tell you how well your company is performing. It also gives you feedback and suggestions for improvement.

Add Team Members

With Grammarly Business, it’s easy to add your team members to your dashboard. You can add anywhere from 1 to 149 members to the Business plan. And on the Enterprise plan, you can add an unlimited number of colleagues for collaboration.

But bear in mind that there will be an additional cost for every team member you add.

Grammarly Business Pricing

Now that we’ve looked at Grammarly Business features, it’s time to about pricing. In this section of our Grammarly Business review, we’ll dive into what you can expect to pay when using their services.

First, you should be aware that you can try out Grammarly Business for free for a 7-day trial. This is a great way to test the platform and determine whether it will cover all your needs.

Grammarly Business has a reasonable pricing plan for small businesses. On the Business plan, you’ll pay $25 per month per team member. And you can add up to 149 team members to your account.

You also have the option of paying for your subscription annually. This will cost you $150 per year per team member, which amounts to $12.50 per team member per month.

The cost of Grammarly Business obviously increases with the number of members added. But you’ll be privy to discounted rates when you surpass certain team member thresholds.

Grammarly Business has a pricing calculator on its website if you are unsure about how much it will cost you. 

Is Grammarly Business Safe to Use?

Since Grammarly Business stores your company’s information, it is natural to ask if it’s a safe platform. That’s why we’ve included this section in our Grammarly Business review.

Grammarly Business has taken measures to ensure that all your personal & company data is secure.

The platform makes use of the industry-standard 256-bit AES encryption and SSL/TLS to protect your data. This is the same level of security used by online banking websites and is the highest level of protection available online.

Grammarly Business also adheres to all internationally recognized requirements, such as GDPR and the CCPA. Therefore, your information will never be distributed to a third party, nor will it be utilized for anything other than your Grammarly Business account.

What Customer Support does Grammarly Business Offer?  

A Grammarly Business review would not be incomplete without a detailed overview of its customer support.

Grammarly Business offers several options in terms of customer support. They have a dedicated support team that can respond to questions and provide solutions via email.

The website features a blog section and a comprehensive help center to assist clients. These cover many of the common queries asked by customers. And they’re usually sufficient finding out more about the platform’s features or navigating any technical aspects.

But, if you’re experiencing a more challenging issue, it’s best to email the support team at the email address provided. The team are usually quick to respond, and I find them extremely knowledgeable and friendly.

How to Get started?

To get Grammarly Business for you and your team, simply sign up and create an account on their website. The signing-up process is quick, and after providing some basic information, you’ll be set to download the app.

The most critical information you’ll need to input is your billing details and the number of team members you’d like to include in your plan. You’ll also need to select to pay either monthly or annually.

Once done, the platform will display the total amount payable, and you’ll have the option to go to the checkout. After payment and team onboarding are complete, your team can access all the Grammarly Business features.

You’ll then need to download the Grammarly Business desktop app and set up the integrations you want to use on your PC. You can also add the Grammarly Business Chrome extension via the Chrome extension store and sign in to your account.

This way, you’ll have Grammarly Business set up to cover communications online and offline. Note that you’ll have to go through downloading the app and setting up integrations on each team member’s PC.

Alternatives to Grammarly Business

We’ve gone over what Grammarly Business can do and where it can fall short. Perhaps you don’t feel that Grammarly Business is a good fit for your company. In that case, you might want to consider some alternatives.

Therefore, in this part of our Grammarly Business review, we’ll provide an overview of similar platforms that might fulfill your needs.

ProWritingAid for Business

ProWritingAid is slightly less expensive than Grammarly Business for small businesses.

You’ll pay $8 per month for each member, compared to $25 per member per month for Grammarly Business.

Both applications include several features for team collaboration, improving the writing process, and increasing the efficiency of your business. And ProWritingAid also has a few more third-party integration options.

With that said, Grammarly Business has the edge on ProWritingAid in terms of plagiarism detection. There isn’t a plagiarism checker available in ProWritingAid.

If this is a feature you need, we recommend using Grammarly Business instead.

Linguix for Business

Grammarly Business and Linguix are very similar, but there is one area where Linguix excels. And that is in customizations.

Linguix makes it easy to customize your dashboard to suit your projects and team. It also provides telephonic customer support, which Grammarly Business does not.

Another difference between these two is that Grammarly Business is more expensive compared to Linguix. Linguix only charges $10 per member per month.

For those seeking a more affordable but equally good, option Linguix could be it.

Conclusion of Our Grammarly Business Review

It’s necessary to choose the right software for managing and streamlining your team’s communications.

Overall, Grammarly Business is a great application for small businesses. It’s a quick learning curve from the point of signing up to making use of the platform. And this makes it easy for anyone to use.

Grammarly Business features such as Snippets, Brand Tones, and Style Guide make it easier to maintain consistent brand communications. And the ease with which you can manage your subscription makes it suitable for all billing purposes.

If you’re looking for software to help you improve your team collaboration and maintain brand consistency, Grammarly Business might be right for you. The hassle-free sign-up process, excellent user interface, and the multitude of features make Grammarly Business worth a try.

Our Grammarly Business review offers a thorough overview of the communications improvement application, including pros, cons, features & more.

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