Awin Review (May 2024) – Pros, Cons, Features, & Pricing

Awin is a global marketplace that started in 1997 and was rebranded in 2017. It’s an innovative platform that offers a variety of products and services worldwide in finance, retail, travel, and telecommunications. The firm was initially established in Germany and has since expanded to over 1,000 employees and 13,000 advertisers.

Today, Awin operates in over 180 countries globally, with solid partnerships with ASOS, Marks and Spencers, Business Insider, and ESI Media. Check out our Awin review to learn more!

While this global company is similar to marketplaces like Etsy and Amazon, there are some distinct differences and similarities, including financial and insurance products to shop for mortgages, credit cards, personal banking products, loans, insurance, and investments.

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Last Updated: May 22, 2024


  • Voted best CPS network in 2022
  • 194 million sales generated in 2021
  • 21,200+ advertisers

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Awin offers travel packages that allow you to book various vacations, such as cruises, tourism, hotels, car rentals, airlines, parking, trains, and tours. You’ll have the option of choosing which items you want to include on your trip or choosing a complete vacation package. The platform features telecommunications and services, online gaming, concert and event tickets, business services, competitions, and training and education.

You’ll also find many similar online retail services offered on Etsy and Amazon, such as clothing and accessories, jewelry, sporting equipment and apparel, gardening and home décor equipment, electronics, toys, shoes, and more.

Awin’s Affiliate Program for Vendors

Awin offers various rates depending on the products and services online. These rates range widely from 10% to 50% commission, and the product type and program you choose impact this level. There are also models of revenue to select, including CPL (cost per lead), CPA (cost per acquisition or action), and CPS (cost per sale).

The company’s affiliate network is solid, and Awin is an award-winning marketplace that draws many clients. Awin was previously named Zanox and has since merged with Affilinet before rebranding. Many long-term affiliates are satisfied with the marketplace, which has grown significantly into a thriving, global company.

The Main Advantages Encountered with this Awin Review

When you sign up for Awin, you’ll find some notable advantages, which are worth considering if you’re interested in getting involved with affiliate marketing. In our Awin review, we saw that Awin offers some great tools on the platform, so you can discover what the network has to offer and learn more as you set up your account and marketing strategy.

If you’ve worked with Amazon, Clickbank, or Etsy, you’ll be more familiar than inexperienced users of Awin. You’ll find that Awin offers a different approach to marketing, which may offer you more significant potential than other platforms.

Pros of AwinCons of Awin
+ Easy to use
+ Affiliate programs are rated
+ Great earning potential
– Security deposit required
– No training when you join

The Advantages of this Awin Review

One of the top reasons to work with Awin is its reputation. The company is one of the largest marketplaces and has over 10,000 advertisers. You’ll find lots of products, services, and advertisers, and they are easy to find in relevant categories with a simple search. Awin’s platform is free, so you don’t have to pay to use the marketplace’s services. While a $5 deposit is required, you won’t need to pay a regular fee.

Awin is Easy to Use

It’s easy to sign up on Awin. The registration process requires a four-step process, which is detailed and may take a bit of time, though, over time, you’ll find that the information you provide will benefit you and your business if you consider becoming an affiliate. In our Awin review, we found that payment options are flexible, and you can use various options, including PayPal.

While there’s a bit of an extensive process to apply for Awin, it’s easy to understand overall, and you’ll quickly get accustomed to the platform. The website is compatible with the convert-a-link plugin, so you don’t have to convert your links manually, making the process effortless.

Account “Traffic Light System” Rating System

Each account is rated through a Traffic Light System that features a rating to tell you if a specific person or company is reputable and worthwhile working with or a risk. These levels include green, yellow, orange, and red light status, with the green light indicating the highest level of reliability, and red light ratings should be avoided.

These ratings help give clients an excellent overview of where they can do business with reputable companies for a smooth, uncomplicated experience. As far as our Awin review goes, the traffic light system gets the thumbs up from us.

You’ll need a plug-in to get started with Awin, which is easy to use, and allows you to make money, even when you’re not a part of a program, as long as you’re linked to a product on the marketplace. While this process is straightforward, you may find the convert-a-link plug-in, which is available through Awin, makes the process quick and fast, so you can start offering and selling products.

Great Earning Potential

You can earn a lot of money on Awin, which is a big incentive to join. While the commissions vary on who you work with, you’ll have the opportunity to earn up to 50% off sales. Awin frequently reviews their advertisers to ensure no errors or misrepresentation.

The Drawbacks of this Awin Review

As part of our Awin review, we also found some ways that the Awin experience could be improved.

When you sign up with Awin, it’s a bit lengthy, which some people find a hassle. You’ll also be required to meet a list of criteria before you are approved to join. You’ll need to have an established customer base with a live website and answer an extensive list of questions before Awin will determine if you’re ready to use their platform.

Security Deposit and Payment Processing

There’s a security deposit of $5, which isn’t expensive, though it seems unnecessary since the fee has no specific function, and there’s no refund if you don’t earn a commission. While there’s great potential to earn significant commissions on this website, there’s no guarantee, and many people who join don’t see the income they’re hoping for, even in the long term.

One of the main factors that determine your success, accodring to our Awin review, is the popularity of your market, and some niche items that are less in demand don’t receive the same attention from customers, which results in little or no earnings.

Payments you’re scheduled to receive may remain pending for a long time, which can be frustrating, especially if they take longer than expected to get approved. Some have complained that the staff isn’t experienced enough to provide adequate support, though other users find the support team helpful. This experience depends on the individual or team member you discuss your concerns with, which can ultimately lead to a great solution or a lot of frustration in dealing with the platform.

While the staff is overall helpful and supportive, some clients claim that staff has difficulty handling some issues, and turnaround times to resolve issues are not as efficient as expected. While there are some complaints about the quality of customer service, many other clients have great experiences, without any delays or payment problems. Generally, the results are mixed, and the item you need support for can significantly impact how well your matter is handled.

Little or No Training When You Join

When you join Awin, you’ll need to get acquainted with the platform, features, and programs so you feel comfortable getting started. While many networks and marketplaces offer training, Awin doesn’t have much to offer, which means you’ll have to do the research and learn a lot about the network on your own. If you find this process difficult, it may be helpful to visit forums and websites where clients of Awin may provide tips on how to navigate the marketplace.

Awin’s Customer Service

There are several ways to contact Awin’s customer service team. You can reach them by email, phone, or completing a form to inquire about an issue or request help. While most users find the customer service team helpful and diligent, some reports indicate delays or lengthy turnaround times in finding a resolution.

Alternatives to Awin

If you find that Awin isn’t a good fit for your business, consider alternatives. Amazon and Etsy are among the most popular, though there’s a lot of competition, as with any platform, which can make it difficult to stand out unless you have an excellent marketing campaign. ClickBank is a great online marketplace for marketing digital products and content.

You’ll find this platform is user-friendly, with a great customer support team and quick resolution times. ClickBank is a well-established company that’s been around for 20 years, with a smooth-running network where you won’t experience delays or other common issues on other sites.

Another platform worth considering is, which offers an excellent opportunity for global marketing potential. You’ll find offers a full suite of innovative products and help users improve their marketing strategy with performance marketing, tag management, and other tools to help you succeed. is known for its excellent customer support, and you may find that this platform offers more opportunities for your business.

Post Affiliate Pro gives you a full-service software program that helps you run an affiliate program with excellent efficiency and many options. While you’ll need to process financial transactions through another system, Post Affiliate Pro is an excellent platform to review your business. There’s a great customer support team, and it’s relatively easy to use.

Awin Review Summary

Overall, Awin is a solid platform to use, set up your company, and build your network for potentially high earnings. While many factors determine the success of your business and brand, you’ll find Awin offers excellent tools and support to build a strong foundation for your business. It’s a platform that works best for well-established businesses with ongoing customers, and you’ll need to meet prerequisites to qualify for an account.

Whether you have experience working with affiliate platforms or you’re a beginner, you’ll likely find Awin offers everything you need to improve your marketing strategy. You’ll have access to advertisers and support teams. While there’s not much training available, there are many tutorials, suggestions, and support on various websites online to help get you started.

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FAQs about Awin

What makes Awin different from other platforms?

Awin offers global expansion opportunities, allowing growth through its affiliate programs.

What does Awin do in affiliate marketing?

Awin connects advertisers with a network of publishers both locally and internationally.

What is an affiliate marketing network?

An affiliate marketing network mediates between publishers and advertisers.

How many publishers does Awin have?

Awin has 241,000 publishers available.

How much do affiliate networks charge?

With advertisers, Awin negotiates a cost-per-acquisition commission payment.

September 1, 2022
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