Benzinga Pro Review (May 2024) – Pros, Cons, Features, & Pricing

If experiencing a day trading loss because you weren’t ‘in the know’ scares you, this Benzinga Pro review may be for you. Information is the key to determining whether you’ll win or lose when trading crypto or on the stock market.

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Last Updated: May 16, 2024

Benzinga Pro

  • Benzinga wire exclusives
  • Live audio squawk
  • Real-time news alerts

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Benzinga Pro is a comprehensive stock screener app, providing crucial real-time news bites for active traders.

The platform gives you a much-needed edge to improve your success while trading. This includes document releases, important market information, activity scans, charting, and a community chat room.

And it allows traders to get as much hands-on financial data as possible, with easy-to-digest forms.

Jason Raznick founded Benzinga in 2010 to empower the new investors. Along with offering real-time news articles, the website also hosts pre-market podcasts and sends out newsletters to its subscribers.

Benzinga Pro is the company’s flagship program, offering real-time information on economic and market events.

In this Benzinga Pro review, we will delve into the services offered by them, the benefits and disadvantages of the stock screener app, as well as what makes Benzinga Pro a popular choice amongst day traders.

What Makes Benzinga Pro a Good Option?

This next section of the Benzinga Pro review will discuss why this media outlet company might be the game changer to your trading business.

News flow has a massive impact on day-to-day stock prices. Most active traders prefer staying ahead of the curve and keeping themselves updated about all the latest news happening around the world by subscribing to different news squawk services and social media outlets.

Benzinga is a popular news media outlet that offers real-time news about all the latest happenings in the financial world, be it stock or the crypto market.

The website has over 25 million active readers. Benzinga Pro, their premium plan, is one of the best options for day traders, offering them improved usability and original news reporting.

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The Pros and Cons of Benzinga Pro

When discussing a stock advisor and media outlet company, it is necessary to analyze and weigh its pros and cons. In this section of the Benzinga Pro review, we will stress the benefits of this data technology and media start-up and discuss the areas where it can improve.

Pros of Benzinga ProCons of Benzinga Pro
+ intuitive interface
+ squawk box
+ stock screening
+ daily newsletters
+ works on all devices
+ efficient organization
– lack of charts
– limited news filtering
– lacks 24/7 availability of squawk box

The Pros of Benzinga Pro

Benzinga Pro has many benefits to consider which can help you to decide whether or not this media outlet is right for you.

Intuitive Interface

Benzinga Pro has a pretty unique and interactive interface. With tons of information available on the dashboard, the platform gives you various search options to customize it according to your needs. This makes the platform pretty easy to use. 

Squawk Box

With the squawk box, day traders can access all the latest happenings in real-time.

Benzinga Pro offers news bites as it happens, and the traders do not have to wait for the news to be available through social media or mainstream news outlets. With the help of audio alerts, you can get direct information in the shortest amount of time.

Stock Screening

Benzinga Pro is an excellent stock screener application with an extensive database of companies. This easy-to-use tool offers to break new stories and show you the impact they have on the stock prices of different companies.

It also helps you decide what moves you should make and when to make them. This feature makes the application stand out in our Benzinga Pro review.

Daily Newsletters

With daily newsletters, you can keep yourself updated about the latest market happenings before it opens, at mid-day, and after the market closes. They offer a variety of categories which you can choose from based on your interests.

Works on All Devices

Benzinga Pro is a browser application and thus can operate efficiently on all devices, including your mobile web browsers, laptops, or tablets. The platform has an easy-to-use, intuitive interface that you can customize with multiple tools and different news feed categories.

Efficient Organization

This media outlet platform offers a corporate calendar to its customers. It enables you to easily organize all the upcoming events and keep a tab on company announcements.

Based on these announcements, you can keep track of expected stock value changes. You can follow earning reports, dividend payouts, stock splits, and analyst ratings.

The Cons of Benzinga Pro

Although there are many pros to Benzinga Pro, there are also a few cons to consider before signing up.

Focusses on North American Market

Benzinga Pro is headquartered in Detroit and focuses primarily on the North American market. Due to this, active traders in other countries won’t be able to take full advantage of this application and not find it useful for their stock market.

Lack of Charts

Charts offer robust technical analysis with a graphical representation of historic price, volume, and time intervals. Benzinga pro does not provide a charting option for price comparison, making the research a little difficult for both beginners and advanced traders.

Data Overwhelming

Benzinga Pro offers an extensive amount of data to its customers. While this might sound like a good feature for advanced traders, beginners might get a little overwhelmed by the large volume of information. You need to fine-tune this data based on your requirements to make the most out of the platform.

Lacks 24/7 Availability of Squawk Box

While the platform offers an impressive amount of financial news to its subscribers, the news squawk box isn’t available at all hours of the day. It means investors are slightly likely to miss important information that might help them make profits.

Limited News Filtering

Benzinga Pro is still a relatively new plan that the company has hosted on its platform. While you can filter out your newsfeed, there are a few limitations.

The platform does not let you sort out the news based on keywords or filter them only with their titles. These features will be implemented in the future, but there is no expected date for rollout.

Features and Tools Offered By Benzinga Pro

Benzinga Pro is a powerful platform, offering a variety of benefits to its subscribers. This section of the Benzinga Pro review will discuss this platform’s best features and tools.

Interactive and Accommodating Interface

The best part about Benzinga Pro is it offers a web browser instead of a local application. There are little to no bugs when you run a news application directly on the browser.

It means that your interface will have lightning-fast speed, and you can access the platform on multiple devices.

The platform allows you to create different tabs to search for relevant market information. Even though the platform is pretty interactive and transparent, you might need to understand all the little details and search filters to make the most out of it.

Reliable News Feed

Benzinga Pro’s newsfeed is one of its most attractive features. This fast and reliable feed offers breaking news about the stock market or companies that might help you make informed decisions while trading.

This ongoing ledger keeps a tab of all information, which you can look up if you decide to take a break. You can also filter out your newsfeed with simple, straightforward options to fit your trading strategy.

News Feed also offers a WIIM feature for all stock prices, for ‘Why Is It Moving’. You get a single-line description of driving a stock’s movement by clicking on this option.

Pre-Market Broadcasts and Newsletters

The platform offers news broadcasts at the opening, during midday, and at the end of the stock market. These audio and video broadcasts give you a general overview of the market and analyze the charts while listening to the commentary.

Additionally, you can also subscribe to Benzinga Pro’s email newsletter. It offers a 5-minute market update, a pre-market outlook, mid-day update, and after-market roundup. You can access them for free by simply signing up on the company’s website and submitting your email address.

News Squawk

News squawk is an audio news broadcast that provides listeners with timely, sharp, pertinent commentary on financial headlines. Benzinga Pro’s news squawk, Charlie, connects you to all the latest happenings in the fastest way possible.

The broadcast is live from 7:00 am to 7:00 pm and gives you information about volume spikes, earning announcements, and options activity. A Wall Street analysis, economic data release, press conferences, and the industry’s breaking news are also included.

Tracking Movers

In this Benzinga Pro review, we will discuss one of the essential features of this platform. You can track the position of the biggest movers in the market for making better trade decisions. This feature allows you to set specific parameters and watch for stocks on the move.

You can visualize the results for both gainers and movers using a predefined dashboard based on different criteria.

The platform also lets you check what caused the move in stock prices. This feature helps analyze the catalyst for change and skim the current market.

Details Panel

Benzinga Pro offers another exciting option to view a comprehensive history of the stock you’re interested in. And it helps you conduct the market research properly, allowing you to make informed decisions.

The Details panel offers core information about each stock, including charts, changes in stock prices, financials, float, industry details, and much more.

It helps you analyze whether the company is bringing in good revenue or not. You can find this option at the bottom right corner of the window.

Stock Screener

A stock screener platform like Benzinga Pro allows traders to quickly sort through tons of available stocks in the market to find the ones that fit your strategy. This fundamental screener is explicitly designed for swing traders and investors.

With over five pre-configured templates, 30+ fundamental data filters, and more than 20 technical data filters, Benzinga Pro’s screener tool is the perfect fit to track the market fluctuation due to breaking news stories.

This application feature makes it stand out in our Benzinga Pro review. The data updates in real-time make it easier for you to export the entire file easily with the download option.

Customized Alerts

Benzinga Pro allows you to set notification reminders for different tools available on the platform. You can choose to receive browser notifications, email reminders, or sound alerts. You can also personalize different alert sounds for multiple tools. It will help you know exactly where the signal is coming from and take action accordingly.

Real-Time Chat Room

In this Benzinga Pro review, we will discuss its most exciting application feature – the real-time chat room.

The platform allows you to connect to a community of traders and exchange different information and strategies. This community room acts as a great source of information, making trading a fun task.

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Is Benzinga Pro Credible?

When looking for a stock screener and a financial media outlet company, it is essential to check their news source’s credibility.

When you trade hundreds of dollars based on one news source, you need to ensure they provide the fastest and the most accurate information. This section of the Benzinga Pro review will discuss how safe and trustworthy this platform is.

Jason Raznick started Benzinga in 2010 as a data technology start-up. In the next 11 years, the company rose to become a hub for actionable information on capital markets. More than 25 million people visit the website every month and gain helpful insights to profit in their trades.

Benzinga Pro is a high-speed newswire, which offers exclusive market-moving news. Raznick is a serial entrepreneur featured in multiple financial news publications, including CNBC, New York Post, and The Wall Street Journal.

The company hires multiple reporters to collect information from different news sources. They also operate a live news desk, making their information and news more credible than other media outlets.

This big enterprise collects first-hand information and then passes it on to other news outlets like Bloomberg, Thomson Reuters, TradeStation, and many more.

Benzinga Pro’s Promotions and Discounts

Benzinga Pro is a chosen stock screener platform by thousands of active day traders. This section of the Benzinga Pro review discusses all the platform’s promotions and discounts.

Benzinga Pro offers a free product demo to prospective customers, allowing you to visualize different features and tools provided in their multiple plans. The demo will enable you to analyze which package would suit your needs the most.

Along with a product demo, the platform also offers a 14-day free trial to its customers. During this trial, you get access to the newsfeed, calendar, news desk chat, audio squawk, real-time quotes, and much more. Additionally, if you opt for an annual subscription, you can save up to 34% on your monthly bills.

Benzinga Pro also has a relatively flexible refund policy. You can ask for a 100% refund in the first seven days of subscription if you are not satisfied with their services. You can either contact them via phone or leave an email to their customer support team to claim your refund.

Benzinga Pro Customer Service and Support

This Benzinga Pro review also contains a brief about the customer support team at this financial news and analysis platform.

You can connect with their support team either through their toll-free number or by leaving them an email. They have a dedicated email service for requests and inquiries.

Benzinga Pro subscribers also have a live chat option to connect to the customer care team within minutes. You can access this assistance by clicking on the Chat Now button in the bottom right corner of the page.

Their customer support is friendly and listens to all your queries patiently. Once you subscribe to their flagship program, the company will answer all your emails within 24 hours.

It’s clear that the company’s customer support team understand the complexities involved in the world of trading. And they are sensitive to the fact that time is of the essence when it comes to buying and selling stocks and shares.

Queries are answered timeously and with the utmost professionalism. And their team always seem to be extremely knowledgeable about their products and services.

Benzinga Pro also offers a wide range of webinars, tutorials, and how-to videos. These are helpful to understand the different features the platform offers and how to make the most out of them.

How is Benzinga Pro’s Interface?

Since you will be using Benzinga Pro for most of your day, analyzing their easy and interactive dashboard is essential. In this section of the Benzinga Pro review, we will discuss whether the interface is user-friendly or not.

Benzinga Pro has an intuitively designed interface, offering faster market insights to their subscribers. This easy-to-use and powerful news platform offers everything from stock price alerts to political news that might affect the market.

The interactive, fast, and reliable newsfeed helps you understand which news bite is driving the market. The real-time price quotes make it easier to understand the impact of news on stock prices.

The platform is an absolute gift for beginners, allowing them to understand the market efficiently and make informed decisions.

Most beginners might face difficulty in managing the overwhelming information the platform offers. But once you understand all the features and search filters, you can easily customize your news feed to display stocks and news you are most interested in.

Benzinga Pro offers a web browser application that can run on any device. Its smooth and accommodating layout lets you stay ahead of the market with desktop, email, and sound notifications.

The platform also offers multiple tutorials, how-to articles, and blogs that will help you get started with Benzinga Pro, along with providing valuable tips for day traders.

Alternatives to Benzinga Pro

Although Benzinga Pro is an excellent platform for day traders, you might find the application quite overwhelming for beginners.

You can subscribe to other real-time financial news platforms to stay updated about the stock or the cryptocurrency market. In this section of the Benzinga Pro review, we will discuss the alternative to this media outlet that you can consider.

Bloomberg Terminal

Bloomberg Terminal, popularly known as Bloomberg Professional Services, offers its customers instant information and financial data about the stocks.

It’s specifically designed to keep a tab on financial markets and trading desks. And it allows its users to analyze real-time financial market data and place trades, all through the platform.

The platform offers you instant access to news bites. And it provides a private chat room to keep your team in constant communication with each other.

This will help your team strategize and take action when the news breaks and the stock prices change. However, Bloomberg Terminal is a little pricey compared to other news services in the market.

Bloomberg terminal holds a significant advantage because it has been around for over 30 years and has become synonymous with Wall Street. The platform does not require any credit check, as it has been the proven standard for financial news providers for years.


StockRover is another industry-leading investment analysis platform that offers stock screening and personal portfolio analysis.

The platform is best for comparing and examining historical data. It has over 650 metrics to compare, with some containing more than ten years of historical data.

Even though StockRover is not a trading platform, it offers powerful research tools including, research reports, charting, portfolios, comparison tools, and screening capabilities.

All these features make it a top contender in our Benzinga Pro review.

The platform displays all information in a clear, structured format, allowing you to perform comprehensive research on multiple company stocks. Its efficient charts let you compare different screeners and portfolios. StockRover has an unmatched capability at any price point.


Darqube is a comparatively new online trading platform with a wide range of proprietary algorithms. Whether you are an experienced trader or a novice, you can quickly maximize your potential and make effective trading decisions with much more accuracy.

This completely free platform is one of a kind, offering interactive charts that can seamlessly integrate with other features.

And it allows you to grasp and act on news bites quickly. Darqube’s language search engine further enables you to instantly pinpoint the data you need.

This online trading platform gives you access to market-moving headlines from over 30,000 relevant news sources. It also offers a wide range of instrument data, including forex, commodities, cryptocurrencies, and more.

Even though Darqube offers a highly customizable workspace with automated workflows, the platform lacks broker integration and an advanced stock screener.


Koyfin is another free, cloud-based financial data and analytics platform created by two Wall Street veterans.

They made the platform level up the playing field for retail investors to compete more efficiently with sophisticated traders. It started as a free alternative to the Bloomberg terminal.

Koyfin is designed to keep track of news in real-time, research stocks, and understand market trends. Its expert analytics capability makes it a good alternative in our Benzinga Pro review.

It gives them a 360° view of all the latest trends moving the stock market and affecting their portfolios.

Even though the platform doesn’t offer intraday pricing charts and has a little crowded dashboard, Koyfin does provide powerful analytics to research stocks and market trends. The market overview dashboard also shows treasury yields, forex prices, and international indices.


Factset is a financial data and software company providing vast data and top-of-the-line customer service.

It has been offering clients financial information since 1978 and has over 48 offices in 22 countries. The platform allows users to monitor the risk and performance of their portfolio, stay ahead of market trends, and execute the trade.

Even though the platform is a little pricey, customers still prefer Factset for its industry-level insights, real-time research tools, and comprehensive reports. The software is trusted by more than 161,000 users across the world.

Factset offers real-time news, company and portfolio analysis, industry analysis, company screening, portfolio optimization, along with predictive risk measurements for portfolio managers or even investment bankers. Factset is available as a web application as well as a mobile app.

The Takeaway of Our Benzinga Pro Review

While we come to the end of this Benzinga Pro review, here are a few things that you should remember about this financial media outlet.

Benzinga Pro would offer you deep analytics and real-time financial data to make your trading easier. If you’re at risk of losing profits because you couldn’t make an informed decision, switching to Benzinga Pro would help you.

The platform offers three flexible plans with a wide variety of tools and features. It lets you keep tabs on your favourite stocks, news bites affect and make data-driven decisions as a day trader.

In this Benzinga Pro review, we gave you a brief overview of the company, the pros and cons of this stock screener application, features offered by the tool, as well as the alternatives to the media outlet.

Benzinga Pro is a credible news resource company that offers real-time data insights from the political scenario and the financial market.

Even though it is one of the fastest platforms, there might be times when you will experience a delay, which can cost you your profit. So, we always advise using multiple financial news media outlets never to miss an opportunity.

While the application offers insights to help you make an informed decision, you should never forget that the stock and cryptocurrency markets are volatile. It would help if you took measured risks to succeed as an active day trader.

This Benzinga Pro review provides a thorough overview of this impressive stock screener app. Discover the benefits of this vital trading tool.

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FAQs about Benzinga Pro

What browsers work best with Benzinga Pro?

Benzinga Pro platform works best on Google Chrome or Mozilla Firefox.

Does Benzinga Pro have an app?

Yes, Benzinga Pro offers an app for your phone.

What is the Benzinga Pro Wire?

The Benzinga Pro Wire has headlines and articles that comes from the Benzinga Pro Editorial Team.

What is a widget?

A Widget is one of the top ways users can manipulate and customize the Benzinga Pro platform.

Can I change the time zone of Benzinga Pro?

Benzinga Pro will automatically default to the current time zone you are in.


Benzinga Pro

September 28, 2022
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