Bounc3 Review (July 2024) – Pros, Cons, Features, & Pricing

If you’re self-employed and looking for a trusted insurance provider, this Bounc3 review might be helpful to you.

Bounc3 ensures that all self-employed Canadians have easy and affordable access to insurance. The company offers high-quality information from licensed brokers along with quick access to insurance products. Whether you need insurance for a critical illness or a disability, the provider will get you the insurance you need with a fast and easy digital process.

When you’re self-employed and running your own business, you have all the freedom to make it work the way you like. You can make your decisions and solve problems the way you see fit.

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Last Updated: Jul 15, 2024


  • Range of insurance options
  • Competitive rates, security for your income
  • Online process so you can apply with ease

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However, no amount of freedom or flexibility can keep it safe when it comes to your health and life. As a self-employed businessperson, you must ensure you protect yourself, your loved ones, and the business you’ve built.

In this Bounc3 review, we’ll delve into the services offered by the platform and the insurance application process. We’ll also examine what makes Bounc3 a popular choice amongst Canadians.

What Makes Bounc3 a Good Option?

In this section of the Bounc3 review, we will discuss why this online insurance broker could be the solution to your insurance problems.

When you’re self-employed, your health and life are not protected by any company. It’s your responsibility to keep yourself and your loved ones safe from any unexpected critical illness.

Bounc3 is one of Canada’s leading insurance brokers that helps you find tailored insurance at the lowest rates.

With Bounc3, you can easily access insurance products from reputable Canadian brokers, including life, health, critical illness, and disability insurance.

It also gives you access to targeted and high-quality information, helping you make good decisions on which insurance products to purchase.

Bounc3 also allows you to get an instant quote using their fast and easy digital process. And it also has a free risk diagnosis option to choose which insurance you need the most.

It offers not only affordable solutions but also ones that are tailored to your needs and expectations. And if you’re unsure about their products and services, you can always reach out to their licensed experts for advice.

Their website provides an online chat function for any queries you might have. They provide their contact telephone number, email address, and links to their social media pages on the site.

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Types of Insurance Offered by Bounc3

We’ve already discussed why Bounc3 make be an ideal choice for your insurance needs. This section of the Bounc3 review will explore the types of services they offer to their clients.

Bounc3 ServicesFeatures
Life InsuranceProtects your family in case of your premature death.
Critical Illness InsuranceProtects you and your income in case you become seriously ill.
Disability InsuranceProtects you and your income in case you become disabled and cannot work.
Health Spending AccountA tax-advantaged way to cover your medical expenses.

1. Life Insurance

Life insurance protects your family in the case of your premature death. Your family may depend upon you financially for their needs, and proper insurance will help you cover potential loss.

When taking out life insurance, you eliminate the possibility of your family inheriting your death when you pass away. The insurance provider may also subsidize some of your lost income. And, as such, it would help you protect your family’s financial stability.

The cost of life insurance usually depends upon your gender, age, medical history, health, and lifestyle. But we’ll examine the application process, along with hose safe the company is, later in this Bounc3 review.

2. Critical Illness Insurance

Critical Illness Insurance could be the key to your financial survival in the event of a significant health emergency. The emergency could either be cancer, a heart attack, a stroke, or the like.

The best part about critical life insurance is that there are no restrictions on using the money. You can use it to cover your medical bills or other expenses.

This type of insurance offers you a tax-free lump sum to help you cover your family’s expenses if you cannot work due to a health issue. You can use the amount you receive through this insurance to cover costs such as your mortgage, childcare, bills, or groceries.

The cost of your critical illness insurance would depend entirely upon the level of coverage you need. The greater the coverage, the more your monthly premium will be. The insurance coverage and your emergency funds should be able to cover your salary for at least a year.

3. Disability Insurance

Disability insurance replaces your income with a monthly, tax-free cash payment in case you experience a disability. And it’s one of the products we’ll be covering in this section of our Bounc3 review.

Disability can be defined as any condition that prevents you from working. It could include mental health problems like depression and addiction or physical health problems like cancer.

The disability insurance covers 60% to 85% of your monthly income for a specified amount of time. The money can be used to protect both your personal and business expenses.

Bounc3 offers specific disability insurance products that are tailored towards self-employed individuals. Most insurance brokers have a cap on the revenue they would cover in case of a disability.

The cost of your disability insurance would depend upon your monthly income. But you can expect it to cost between 1% and 3% of your annual income.

4. Health Spending Account

One of the other products we’d like to cover in this Bounc3 review is their health spending account offering.

A health spending account offers you a tax-advantaged way to cover all your medical expenses. It can also provide health benefits to your employees, in case you run a small business.

If you have a legal corporation, you can easily apply for an HSA. But you would need at least one arm’s-length employee to be eligible for the account.

A health spending account gives you tax advantages and lowers your annual tax bill. Insurance is best for small businesses, covering dental, vision, and health expenses, including plastic surgery. It allows you to set the spending limits for your workers.

There are no monthly fees for an HSA account. Instead, you have to pay a 10% application fee on every claim. You can easily open your HSA account by applying online at Bounc3.

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How to Get Started with Bounc3?

Bounc3 makes it easy to select the perfect insurance plan for you. In this section of our Bounc3 review, we’ll investigate how to submit a quote through their website.

With Bounc3, you can browse through the different types of insurance offered by the broker and select one that fits perfectly with your needs. Once you select the insurance product, you need to input your personal information.

Once the information has been submitted, Bounc3’s robust algorithm will find plans best suited for your requirements and budget. You can choose your plan from the displayed list and apply online through their website.

When you’ve submitted your insurance application, it will be reviewed by their licensed insurance experts. These experts either accept or reject your application.

However, applications are generally accepted quickly. When your application is approved, you’ll receive a copy of your policy.

The Bounc3 website is sleek and easy to navigate. All the information you need is quickly accessible. And due to the minimalist design, submitting an application is seamless.

How Safe and Legitimate is Bounc3?

When registering with an insurance company, you must ensure that the broker and their underwriters offer a legitimate service. In this part of the Bounc3 review, we’ll discuss whether the company is safe and offers legitimate policies.

The founder of the company Dr. Olga has a PhD in digital finance and is a licensed insurance broker in Ontario.

She has worked with major international players, including the World Bank and United Nations. The vision she has for her company is to work towards improving the financial health of the country.

In fact, Bounc3 has helped thousands of self-employed Canadians obtain tailored advice and find suitable insurance products.

Bounc3 is an insurance broker that helps you find the best insurance plan according to your requirements.

Their website allows you to apply for insurance online, thus eliminating long forms and queues. And an expert manually reviews each insurance application before rejecting or accepting it.

Conclusion of Our Bounc3 Review

One thing that’s clear from this Bounc3 review is that the platform offers self-employed individuals tailored solutions for their needs.

When approaching Bounc3, you’ll need to analyze your budget, and insurance needs to determine the right solution for you. But you can always speak to their licensed insurance experts for more advice.

Offering life, illness, and disability insurance for individuals and businesses at competitive rates seems to be what Bounc3 is known for. And when you don’t have the financial security that comes with being employed by someone else, Bounc3 could be a lifesaver.

Our Bounc3 review examines the insurer’s product offerings for the self-employed & their businesses including their legitimacy & how to apply.

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