Calendly Review (June 2024) – Pros, Cons, Features, & Pricing

If you’ve ever missed an important client meeting due to miscommunication, then this Calendly review may be just for you. Keeping track of your schedule and meetings is crucial to our success. Therefore, having a tool that helps you organize all your necessary appointments is a game-changer.

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Last Updated: Jun 13, 2024


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Calendly is an app made to ensure you never miss another meeting or appointment. And it does so by organizing and scheduling your calendar effectively. It eliminates the hassle of sending emails back-and-forth confirming meeting dates and times and allows you to focus on work. This time-saving scheduling software automates and manages your schedule most professionally and efficiently.

Calendly is trusted by more than 10,000,000 users worldwide, helping them accelerate their sales by improving their service quality.

In this Calendly review, we will delve into the services offered by them. We’ll also discuss the benefits and disadvantages of this scheduling software and what makes Calendly a popular choice amongst businesses.

What Makes Calendly a Good Option?

This section of the Calendly review will discuss why this scheduling software might be the perfect fit for your business.

Calendly synchronizes and combines everything around your meetings, making it one of the best-automated scheduling software. All you must do is select when you’re available and stipulate the kind of appointment you’d like to conduct. Calendly will take care of the rest for you.

The scheduling software also allows you to connect your calendar with the app, so you’re never double booked. It will enable you to set meetings up with individuals or in groups. You can also set up multi-person appointments to take place in turn, one after the other.

The Pros and Cons of Calendly

When we talk about scheduling software, analyzing and weighing its pros and cons is just as necessary. In this Calendly review blog, we would stress the benefits of the software and the areas where it can improve.

The Pros of Calendly

  1. User-Friendly
  2. Third-Party Integrations
  3. Set Meeting Preferences
  4. Automated Workflows

1.   User-Friendly

Calendly has a highly user-friendly and easy-to-use interface. Its visual dashboard is best for beginners.

2.   Third-Party Integrations

Unlike other paid applications, Calendly offers third-party app integrations, even with its free plan. You can integrate with Google calendar, Microsoft Teams, Zoom, as well as Google Meet.

3.   Set Meeting Preferences

The app offers a variety of meeting preferences to take ownership of your scheduling experience. You can set how many meetings you want to schedule for the day, along with setting the time between these meetings.

4.   Automated Workflows

Calendly allows you to automate text messages, email reminders, and requests for follow-up meetings. You can also create your custom workflow to automate the tasks you require daily.

The Cons of Calendly

1.   Limited Calendar Syncing

Even though Calendly allows you to sync your calendar to the app, it does not have a feature to sync your employee’s calendar as well. This might lead to an overlap in meetings between different departments.

2.   Limited Mobile Usability

Calendly works great on your laptop or the desktop. However, its interface is not mobile user-friendly. You might face a few issues while running the app or website on a mobile device.

3.   Limited Calendar Styling Options

The scheduling software is a simple and easy-to-use tool with limited styling capabilities. You can style your calendar in a modern way while you’re embedding it to your website. It also has a limited colour palette to choose from.

4.   Absence of Branding and Personalization

Calendly does not offer any branding options like personalized colour codes or an option to add your brand logo.

Services Offered by Calendly

In this Calendly review, we have already discussed an overview of the software’s benefits and disadvantages, along with what makes it a good choice. In this section of Calendly review, we will talk about the different groups it caters to.

Calendly for Individuals

In this Calendly review, we will discuss how individuals can make use of this advanced scheduling application.

When you are working solo, Calendly makes it easier for you to work smarter and efficiently. You can easily automate the software to schedule meetings and appointments with your clients.

Calendly acts like your own personal assistant, automating all the administrative tasks effectively. The app can send reminders to your clients and reach them for follow-ups. This allows you to focus on your work and retain your clients with effective communication.

The software can be easily integrated with either Stripe or Paypal, enabling your clients to submit the payment when they schedule a meeting with you. You can also embed the scheduling software directly to your website or mobile application.

If you’re an individual, you can either choose their Basic or the Essential plan. The Basic plan is free to use but has limited features in terms of capabilities and integrations. On the other hand, the Essential plan will cost you around $8 per user and is best to create group events and automated event notifications.

Calendly for Teams

This section of Calendly review will discuss how the scheduling software can be utilized effectively by teams.

Calendly offers efficient team scheduling by standardizing and scaling your process. It is easy to manage the platform, which encrypts your data, keeping it safe from hackers and malware.

This scheduling software allows you to integrate with more than 700 third-party applications, allowing everyone in your team to work efficiently. Calendly allows you to choose your preferred meeting style as well as the duration of the meeting. You can either choose to conduct an appointment with your team for just a few minutes or continue discussing your ideas for over an hour.

Calendly also allows you to manage your client relationships, allowing your team to retain as many customers as it can. You can create personalized reminders, follow-ups, and check-ins with your clients automatically sent through the software.

If you have a small team, then you can either choose their Professional or Teams plan. The Professional plan will cost you around $12 per user. It offers six calendar connections for every user, along with automated workflows. The Teams plan has more advanced functionalities, including salesforce integration and live chat support and would cost you somewhere around $16 per user.

Calendly for Enterprises

This Calendly review for enterprises will analyze how multiple teams can benefit from this advanced software.

With Calendly, you can easily standardize the entire organization’s processes through their powerful scheduling features. It allows you to convert your visitors to customers by simply scheduling your meetings. Calendly enables your team to book demos and customer calls to convert the leads easily.

This scheduling software promises better customer support to your clients. You can automate reminders and follow-up meetings with your customers to deliver support interactions and customer consultations.

Calendly also helps smoothen down the recruitment procedure for your enterprise. With the help of easy, standardized scheduling, it is possible to book and schedule more interviews with prospective employees.

If you have a large organization with multiple teams, then you should choose Calendly’s Enterprise plan. It offers advanced reporting analytics, along with allowing you to customize your email notifications and reminders. Later in this Calendly review, we will analyze the alternatives to this popular scheduling software.

calendly review 4 - comparewise

Calendly’s Customer Service and Support

This section of Calendly review will discuss the scheduling software’s support service and customer team.

Calendly offers a wide range of customer services and support to its users. You can access their community forum target answers to the most frequently asked questions, answered by the community of Calendly. You can also submit your question to the forum.

The scheduling app also offers detailed video tutorials explaining the features and how to use the software for organizing and scheduling your meetings. You can access these tutorials from the footer menu of the website. It also offers case studies and feature blogs to understand the application better.

If you have a Basic or Essential plan, you’ll contact their customer support only via email. People who have access to the Professional, Teams, and Enterprise plan can take advantage of live chat support. However, phone support is not available for Calendly.

Alternatives to Calendly

Perhaps you’re not satisfied with the features offered by the Calendly scheduling software. In that case, you can compare it with a few other alternatives of the website. They work similarly to Calendly, allowing you to automate your workflow and schedule meetings quickly.

In this Calendly review, we will discuss the alternate scheduling software available in the market.


Schedulicity is an exclusive web-based platform, allowing your customers to schedule their appointment easily. The software will enable you to increase the visibility of your business by displaying your company’s name and its branches in their search results.

This scheduling software offers real-time appointments, along with a calendar refresh feature. It reduces the chances of double booking the same slot. Schedulicity also has a diverse range of marketing tools, allowing you to send site-special promotions via email marketing.


Visibook is a powerful appointment scheduling software designed exclusively for small businesses, including barbers, therapists, gyms, or massage centres. It enables them to provide easy scheduling to your customers, along with sending automated appointment reminders.

The scheduling software offers an array of well-defined features. It allows you to sync your google calendar with the software and chat with your customers. You can also send them automatic appointment reminders and accept payments, all from within the app itself.

calendly review 2 - comparewise

Conclusion of our Calendly Review

While we come to an end to this Calendly review, here is what you should remember about this scheduling software.

It is one of the best free scheduling software available in the market, allowing you to integrate with third-party applications. The software offers you to automate your workflows and create your custom automation depending upon your requirements.

In this Calendly review, we gave you a brief overview of the software, the pros and cons of using the application, as well as the alternatives to the scheduling tool. You can use the scheduling software to make your finance journey an easy task. You can easily schedule meetings with different finance companies and choose the best one from the lot.

We hope that we have covered the basics of this scheduling software in our descriptive Calendly review. Do let us know in the comment section your experience with the tool.

Our Calendly review examines the good & bad of this automated scheduling app, including customer support, pricing, services, & alternatives.

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