HR Block Review (May, 2024) – Pros, Cons, Features, & Pricing

This HR Block review will critically examine this tax filing software to help you decide if it can meet your tax needs.

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Last Updated: May 16, 2024

H&R Block

  • Free audit assistance
  • Expert support via phone, video, or chat
  • In-person services available

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Tax filing software has become a huge deal in Canada as it streamlines the compliance process. But finding the right solution can be somewhat daunting. So what makes H&R Block stand out from the rest?

H&R Block simplifies tax filing for Canadians. The company has several versions, mainly one free and two paid versions. This platform connects you to tax experts who help you file your taxes.

You can either upload the information or make a submission in person to accomplish this. The app is available on both mobile devices and web browsers.

Over 90% of Canadians now complete their tax returns using electronic means. This figure shows the importance of online tax software in lessening the issues and mistakes that come with a regular tax season.

So, is HR Block the right service to use? Our HR Block review will answer this question and more to help you decide.

What is H&R block Canada?

H&R Block Canada is a tax filing company with roots in the United States of America. It eventually grew into Canada and has been in existence since 1964.

The H&R stands for Henry and Richard, who came together in 1940 to offer bookkeeping services. It has grown to become one of the most popular tax filing systems and has tax professionals under its employ.

How H&R Block tax software works

HR Block is a full-service tax preparation program that provides users step-by-step guidelines for inputting their information. This information could be from necessary tax slips, T4s, or other expenses that can be written off.

To ensure that accurate information is entered, some steps are taken. This step minimizes the risk of leaving out important details when filling out your information. The H&R software is updated every tax season.

As a first-timer to the program, you can upload your return in PDF format. This step applies if you are using a different tax filing program. For first-time tax return filers and those who previously filed by mail, you would need to enter your information manually.

The H&R software system directs you on what information to enter. It helps to ensure your information is up-to-date to get the best return or make low payments.

After preparing the tax return, the next step is ensuring the program is linked to NETFILE. NETFILE is the online filing system operated by the CRA.

This system makes uploading your tax returns and getting any other tax refund or benefit through direct deposit smooth.


Features of H&R Block tax

There are several software features that H&R Block boasts of. These perks make it stand out among other tax filing software and will be highlighted in this part of our HR Block review.

Auto-fill option

With this option, you can get T4s and any other information the program thinks you need. The download is from the CRA directly and can be used to fill up information on the return automatically.

T4 photo import feature

You can use your smartphone or tablet to take photos or pictures of your necessary documents and T4s. Afterward, you can import the papers into the software.

Tax refund options

You can use this program to receive your tax refunds in several ways. It can be done through direct deposit, a prepaid card (MasterCard), or a paper check.


SmartSwitch is handy when moving information from one tax program to another. An example is transferring your necessary details from a tax preparation program you used before to H&R Block.

Online help center

Undoubtedly, you can get confused about the software and its use. The H&R program has you covered by providing an online help centre that caters to your needs.

You can ask questions and get answers about the software, its use, tax filing, and other related questions.

Customer support

When you use H&R, you stand to gain several support options. The number one support option is the online forum it boasts of. You don’t have to pay to partake in it.

It is open to both free and paid users. Many topics are covered, and questions are entertained and provided with the correct answers.

The doors are wide open if you need to walk into a physical office. They exist to settle your concerns and uneasiness about tax returns.

When you sign up for the “Protection” version of H&R, you get technical support before anyone else. You get unlimited support for the Assistance version of H&R software via phone and chat.


Pros & cons of H&R Block’s tax services

This section of our HR Block review will focus on the software’s good and bad sides. Like other online tax companies, H&R Block has several benefits and limitations. We’ve highlighted the most important ones to help you understand the company thoroughly.

H&R Block advantages

  • Signals are given to increase or reduce your taxes when appropriate.
  • You work with people who have years of tax filing experience. Their expertise covers individual and business taxation.
  • You work with Canadian tax professionals who ensure your papers are adequately filed.
  • There are subscription plans and versions that fit every pocket. It also caters to your income or business size.
  • There is a free version available.
  • Chances of refunds after filling.

H&R Block disadvantages

  • There are chances of the disappearance of your pop-up locations after tax season. This disappearance disrupts the chances of getting support after auditing.
  • You need to pay more money for better services like audit protection and much more.
  • You accrue higher interest rates when you pay cash advances against tax refunds.

Benefits of H&R Tax Block

This section of our HR Block review highlights the tax company’s benefits. You’d need to know what you stand to enjoy by using this service.

  • It offers guidance in tax filing.
  • The correct tax filing process is followed, thereby eliminating mistakes.
  • It keeps you on track according to Canadian tax law. All the necessary information is duly filled in.
  • It helps you find ways to reduce the required amount paid when submitting returns.
  • You can easily import your tax form from your bank or any other place and upload it in PDF format.
  • The platform has a mobile and a web version that you can use.

How can you file taxes with H&R Block

H&R Block offers their customers several options for tax filing. Some of them will be listed below.

Uploading your papers online

Why drive all the way to an H&R Block office when you can simply upload all your necessary documents online? They boast of an online portal that is not easily breached. Once you’ve submitted your tax documents, H&R takes charge of the entire process.

A tax preparation specialist is in charge of your tax returns; they will note your concerns and questions and also address them. This can be done through phone calls or even online.

Submitting in-person

It’s totally normal if you don’t like the online process. H&R Block covers you regardless. For this type of submission, you gather your personal information and tax papers and drop them off in person.

It can be dropped off at the H&R office building or any other pop-up location.

After your submission, the tax-filing experts in the company take over the remaining activities. Payments with this submission method are deducted from your tax refund.

It can either be done instantly for added charges or be taken from the full refund issued by the CRA.

hr block review - comparewise

H&R subscription

Concerning subscriptions to H&R, there are three levels available. We will succinctly discuss its fee structure in this part of our HR Block review.

H&R free version

The free version is the lowest level of the subscription that comes with some basic features. These features are sufficient if you have a simple tax case or want to handle the process yourself.

But if you want more features, you have to pay for a subscription to the paid version.

H&R assistance version

This is one of the paid subscriptions for H&R. It has all the features that the free version boasts of in addition to more features. Some of the added features in the H&R assistance version include;

Unlimited support

Your access to technical support via phone or online is unlimited. You can reach out for technical support any time you need help.

Tax tips tailored for you

People would do better if they had access to tax advice. The platform offers you tips to increase your refunds. This is irrespective of the information you key into the system.

Automatic transfer of previous returns

When using this subscription, your previous details are automatically uploaded.


Before your tax is filed, there is a simplification of your tax payment calculation. This method helps you see the breakdown and what exactly goes into the payment.

Cost per tax season

Payment is usually made each tax season for the H&R Block Assistance subscription. It costs about $19.99.

H&R protection version

The protection version is the highest-paid subscription in H&R Block software. Like the Assistance version, it also has its own unique features.

It combines the free and Assistance versions’ general features with its unique perks.

Audit protection

In this version, the tax professionals ensure you get all the protection you need in case of an audit.

Prioritized unlimited support

Like those in the Assistance version, H&R Block provides you with technical support. If you subscribe to the Protection version, your need for technical support is given more attention than that of other version users.

Storage of your digital returns

Your tax returns are securely stored in the H&R Block software for up to seven years after their filing.

Cost per tax season

It costs about $29.99 per tax season to subscribe to the Protection version of this program.

HR Block conclusion

Overall, this HR Block review shows the reliability and straightforwardness of this tax filing company. H&R Block is undoubtedly a tax filing system that you can rely on.

It is generally easier to use as compared to some other software and has more flexibility. The price range is fair in relation to the services offered.

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FAQs about our HR Block review

Is H&R tax block more expensive than others?

As compared to other tax filing platforms, the prices are quite fair. The bone of contention is your budget. Besides budget, other factors like the type of tax to be paid and the size of the business should be considered. If you are set back by finances, you can consider using the free plan.

Is H&R Tax Block safe?

Since your private information would be put into the system, it is a good question. The tax system is approved by NETFILE and certified by the CRA. The encryption level is high, and the data is secure. There is also a privacy policy that explains privacy protection.

Is H&R Block free?

This question is often asked. The answer, however, is variable. If your filing is for a simple tax return, then the filing is free. This applies to federal taxes and state taxes. The simple tax return that is filed covers retirement, W-2, and unemployment income.

What are alternatives to H&R Tax Block services?

H&R Block is a cheaper option, but there are alternatives. One alternative is requesting the services of an accountant. This is especially true if you own a business. You can also use other independent tax preparation services or file your taxes yourself if you have experience.

Can you file taxes yourself?

Yes, you can file your taxes yourself. This applies to those who have background knowledge of the tax filing system. There are some errors that might be made if you do not file your taxes appropriately. There is a tendency to provide inaccurate information or even omit information.

March 18, 2023
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