SoNomad Review (March, 2023) – Pros, Cons, Features, & Pricing

This SoNomad review is all about finding the right travel insurance provider. About 40% of Canadians buy travel insurance, which is alarming given the risks involved in travelling.

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Last Updated: Mar 19, 2023


  • Insurance for visiting Canada and abroad
  • Emergency medical insurance
  • Trip interruption and cancellation

Save up to 25% on travel insurance

Travel insurance is essential because it protects you if something unexpected happens on your trip, like a medical emergency, a flight cancellation, or a lost bag.

SoNomad is a travel insurance agency that covers all your travel insurance needs. Their core values include transparency, affordability, and simplicity. And their entire practice is centred around them. They offer insurance for medical care, trip cancellation, travel insurance for visitors, and much more.

There’s much more to learn about travel insurance and SoNomad. Keep reading this SoNomad review for more information.

What makes SoNomad a good option?

There are some core values that this travel insurance agency stands for. These are the primary features the agency chooses to show and will be given attention to in this SoNomad review. They are as follows:


The process of using SoNomad is exceptionally straightforward. This is because standard and top-notch technology makes all the processes easier. Your travel insurance is easily and quickly purchased.


Travel insurance is not cheap. SoNomad, however, provides affordable insurance. A minimum fee is charged for each transaction that you make.

Overall, as a SoNomad user, you get to save up to 25% of the travel insurance cost. This is unlike the traditional brokers. Their commissions are usually high and not always affordable.

Sonomad Travel Insurance - Comparewise

Pros and cons of SoNomad

This part of our SoNomad travel insurance review will highlight what we like and dislike about this insurance broker.

Pros of SoNomad

  • With SoNomad, you can get travel insurance as fast as possible. It also gets effective as soon as you purchase.
  • Compared to some other travel insurance agencies, SoNomad is cheaper.
  • Because of the state-of-the-art technology that has been invested in the program, it is easy to use.

Cons of SoNomad

  • For your medical insurance to be effective, you must wait 48 hours before it is activated.
  • Your insurance is effective only within Canada. This is a limitation if you run into emergencies outside Canada.

Product and services of SoNomad travel insurance

Emergency medical travel insurance

Unexpected medical issues may arise from time to time, necessitating the need to protect yourself. This is where emergency medical travel insurance comes in.

Affordable coverage for pre-existing medical conditions

There are common chronic health conditions, like heart or kidney diseases, that you can have. It is not a death sentence, hence the need for coverage when travelling. SoNomad provides such coverage for you when the need arises.

Annual travel insurance plans

There are often frequent travellers, and this multi-trip insurance covers them. It is ideal for work-related reasons or just plain vacations.

Trip insurance

This is the insurance for trip cancellation and interruption. This trip insurance will cover you if you cancel your trip because of something out of your control.

Visitors travel insurance

This applies to people who want to visit Canada anytime soon. It serves as a cover for you or your loved ones.

Unfortunately, the health insurance plan does not cover you if you are not a Canadian permanent resident. This means you will be required to pay out of your pocket in cases of accidents or illnesses.

Questions often surround the currency used to pay for the insurance plan. It is paid in Canadian currency.

Sonomad Travel Insurance Brand - Comparewise

SoNomad product and service quality

It’s worth noting that SoNomad is a relatively new insurance company. As such, there aren’t enough genuine customer reviews to rate its service quality.

However, the company offers a seamless process for prospective travellers to get insurance quotes from a pool of reliable partners nationwide. It’s worth checking out if you want a broker that charges zero commissions.

How to get started with SoNomad travel insurance

Unlike some other insurance agencies, the paperwork to fill out can be discouraging. SoNomad travel insurance agency values simplicity and streamlines the application process.

This SoNomad review will also show you the steps you can take for a travel insurance application.

Fill out the form on the website

The form comprises your first and last names, a telephone number, an email address, and the province in which you reside.

Get a call for your quote

When filling out your form with your details, select the “call back” option. This is because an agent would call you to inform you about your quote.

Pick your plan

The plans offered by SoNomad have already been explained above. Pick a plan that best suits you and get your documents as soon as possible.

Alternatives to SoNomad

SoNomad has a lot of travel coverage, but you might want to compare its prices and quality of service with those of other companies. This section of our SoNomad review highlights some of the top alternatives to consider.

SoNomad vs Manulife

Manulife is one of the best travel insurance companies in Canada. It has a wide range of plans to meet your needs. With their standard emergency medical benefits, you can be covered for up to $10 million in emergency medical bills per insured.

This is the highest coverage offered in the market. You can also choose their Pandemic Travel Plan if you are a Canadian going abroad during the COVID-19 pandemic. This plan provides coverage for COVID-19-related expenses.

SoNomad vs World Nomads

World Nomads is an insurance company for frequent travellers. It was started in Australia in 2002 by Simon Monk.

They’re all about developing travel insurance products that cover both medical and trip cancellations, among other things. They also provide coverage for COVID-19-related expenses, a big plus today.

Sonomad Review - Comparewise 1

SoNomad review conclusion

The protection that travel insurance gives you cannot be overemphasized. It helps you save funds. The thrilling aspect is that this provision is also given to non-Canadian visitors.

Undoubtedly, you have expanded your knowledge base and learned a few more things with this SoNomad review.

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FAQs about our SoNomad review

When Does Your Insurance Become Effective?

Travel insurance covers things like medical bills and trip cancellations, among many other things. They're all about developing travel insurance products that, as previously stated, cover both medical and trip cancellations, among other things. It becomes effective the day you purchase it. All events leading to trip cancellation will be covered from the day of your purchase until your supposed departure day.

Can You Buy the Visitors’ Travel Insurance if You Are Not Yet in Canada?

Yes, you can. You must wait about 48 hours after the insurance is purchased. The main reason for the wait is that the insurance needs to be turned on before it can cover health problems. However, there is no waiting period for emergencies like accidents, burns from fire incidents, and others.

Is It Important to Buy Travel Insurance?

It is vital to purchase travel insurance. There could be unforeseen circumstances that would arise and cause a hole in your pocket. Without travel insurance, you would need to spend vast sums of money if a medical emergency came up. All this can be prevented by buying insurance.

March 15, 2023
Fact Checked

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