Jasper.ai Review (April 2024) – Pros, Cons, Features, & Pricing

This Jasper.ai review will help you decide whether an AI writing tool can help boost your productivity. But what is Jasper.ai? And how does it work? Jasper.ai is AI (Artificial Intelligence) that allows you to easily create content for a blog, a website, emails, sales letters, etc.

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Last Updated: Apr 12, 2024


  • Write articles in multiple formats from long to short
  • 26 languages available
  • Saves time with easy content creation

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The good side to this tool is that it’s incredibly easy to use and understand. Plus, it provides 100% unique content every time you use it. The major downside, however, is that it’s costlier than other alternatives out there.

If you’re looking for a way to scale up your content creation process, Jasper.ai might be right for you.

It offers a variety of tools that allow you to create high-quality content quickly without worrying about quality control. It also has many integrations available, making connecting all your different platforms easier.

This Jasper.ai review covers everything from pricing to features and alternatives, so you can make an informed decision before subscribing. We’ll also look at some of the best uses for this product.

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What Makes Jasper.ai a Good Option?

Jasper.ai is a revolutionary AI and one of the best writing assistants you can get for several reasons. And in this section of our Jasper.ai review, we’ll take a closer look at them.

First, you can use this AI writer for many purposes, from writing sales copies to blog posts and headlines. It doesn’t matter what marketing text you’re trying to create; Jasper.ai is good at it.

Second, this AI writer is not a web crawler that pieces the contents of different websites to produce a plagiarised amalgamation. Instead, it uses its GPT-3 language algorithm to create unique content that’s 100% plagiarism-free.

Third, Jasper.ai is a master of all forms of its content. As such, it’s a professional copywriter when you need sales copies and a savvy millennial for click-bait YouTube titles. With this software, you don’t need the services of multiple professionals for different jobs.

Finally, Jasper.ai comes with a 5-day money-back guarantee. If you aren’t satisfied with the results after using the software, you can simply ask for a refund. You won’t find this kind of guarantee in most products on the market today.

Pros and Cons of Jasper.ai

This part of our Jasper.ai review will cover the pros and cons of the AI writer tool. Jasper.ai offers some of the most significant advantages a writing software can give you.

The content produced looks like a human being wrote it. It’s unique and also industry accurate.

However, it’s not all sunshine and rainbows with this AI. Alongside its benefits, Jasper.ai also has some downsides that you should be aware of.

The Pros of Jasper.ai

  • A responsive customer support team
  • 100% original content
  • Professionally written content
  • Ability to create content that can achieve a high search ranking
  • Increase in a business’s audience or customers

Cons of Jasper.ai

  • Compared to its alternatives, Jasper.ai is rather pricey
  • In the end, Jasper.ai is still getting better, so you could hit a few hiccups while using it
  • There’s a limit to the word count available each month
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Jasper.ai Products and Services

This section of our Jasper.ai review will focus on the AI’s capabilities and services. Jasper.ai is an AI capable of creating content in seconds.

Whether you’re trying to make engaging questions for readers or video scripts for YouTube, Jasper.ai can handle it.

The GPT -3 language algorithm offers this AI 175 billion machine learning parameters, making its machine text human-like. With more than 25 languages to choose from, you can reach your target audience in their native language.

Writing Frameworks on Jasper.ai

Jasper.ai offers a variety of essential frameworks that can make writing more straightforward. In this section of our Jasper.ai review, we list some of them.

PAS (Problem-Agitate-Solution) Framework

The PAS framework is an excellent way to create sales or marketing copies for any business. The first thing your writing does is identify the reader’s problems, after which it agitates them.

This agitation rips off all temporary band-aids on that pain and probably causes considerable discomfort.

At this point, your readers would be open to any solution that can take away their pain. This is where the final part of the copywriting comes in; it delivers that solution (which is your business).

AIDA (Attention-Interest-Desire-Action) Framework

The AIDA framework is one of the most popular marketing frameworks and is also one of the oldest.

This framework allows you to create awareness regarding your business after catching your audience’s attention. The interest comes after your writing connects you to the reader.

Your writing would then generate desire in your customers by telling them what they stand to gain from your business. After which, the customers would then feel compelled to take action.

Explain It to a Child Framework

This framework makes your work readable to a broader audience. It dumbs down the grammar level without leading to a loss of knowledge. This allows even kids (theoretically) to understand your content.

Perfect Headline Framework

There’s a reason professional writers are professionals and amateurs remain amateurs, and this lies in the mastery of their craft. Even the headline of content that a professional wrote would be able to attract the attention of readers.

Hence, this framework calls to service the mastery of the copywriters that joined in creating Jasper. Putting their mastery and successful formulas together allow Jasper.ai to create the perfect headline for your content.

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BAB (Before-After-Bridge) Framework

This copywriting format uses your business to guide your readers from a bad situation to a good one. It’s a form of writing that helps your customers understand their challenges and the importance of your business.

After highlighting the importance of your business in aiding them, it would also compel them to take action.

Marketing Angles with Jasper.ai

If you’re a digital marketer or your firm requires the services of one, then Jasper.ai can help. This software has various features that can help you launch a new ad or create persuasive sales copies.

And that is what this portion of our Jasper.ai review is all about. Some of the marketing features that Jasper.ai possesses are:

Search Engine Marketing

A poorly optimized blog, article, or online content will rank low on search engines, making it hard to find. If it’s an online store, customers wouldn’t easily find it; if it’s a blog, readers won’t see it. Hence, proper online content optimization is just as important as the message’s intent.

Jasper.ai offers SEO features like the SEO mode that shows how your work compares with top rankers.

It also offers the perfect headline feature, which allows you to create click-worthy headlines for your content. These SEO features and more would allow your business to rank high on search engines.

Email Marketing

Cold emailing is one of the most popular ways of increasing the number of customers for a business. Although many see it as a hit-and-miss marketing style, many successful marketers use it. It depends on the quality of the email you send to the customer.

Jasper.ai offers features and templates like personalized cold emails and email subject lines. These templates generate emails that would compel people to open them and take action.

Video Marketing

Videos are one of the most preferred methods of spreading information and for a good reason. Information or adverts that get posted in this manner are hard to forget.

So, if you want to create a memorable video that your customers will never forget, Jasper.ai has you covered.

Features such as video description-YouTube, video topic ideas, video title, and video script outline are perfect for such an endeavor. It will cause this AI to create noteworthy video scripts that will lead to excellent videos.

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Surfer SEO Integration

One key feature we’d like to highlight in this Jasper.ai review, is that the AI writer offers seamless integration with Surfer SEO software.

Jasper.ai can write content about a specific niche, industry, or even certain keywords. This AI writer offers Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) as one of its many features.

You can see this in some of the templates offered by this software. Alongside the list of options to set for generating the content, some templates offer keywords. Inputting a word in those areas makes Jasper include those words in some areas of the article.

Of course, since Jasper is still learning, there are times when it will place the keywords wrongly. This means you’ll need to try again, and maybe he will get it right the next time. This AI writer allows you to include a maximum of three keywords for any content.

While the option of including keywords in article templates is good, Jasper.ai has taken the bar higher. This software now offers a new SEO optimization tool, the Surfer SEO feature.

Surfer SEO is a popular SEO tool that allows you to compare your content against Google’s best-ranking content. This tool is a must-have for writers who hope to get their content to rank higher.

Does the new Surfer SEO feature mean that Jasper.ai has purchased Surfer SEO? No. Nor does it mean that Jasper.ai now offers Surfer SEO capabilities either. Instead, they have now entered into a unique partnership that would only benefit their users. 

Can you imagine what it would be like to grant the perfect copywriter access to information about its competitors? It would be presenting Jasper all it needs to write you content that will rank very high on Google. The good part is that this copywriter can output such content within minutes.

However, you’ll need a Surfer SEO account to use the Surfer SEO feature. So, if you don’t have one, you can purchase a subscription from them to use this special feature.

Jasper.ai Integration with Other Platforms

Does Jasper.ai integrate with any other platforms or software? We aim to answer that question in this section of our Jasper.ai review.

Jasper.ai works very well with other platforms, whether social media platforms or content management systems (CMS). This means you can use those platforms’ features on the Jasper.ai editor. Conversely, you can also send content from the editor to those platforms.

Hence, you can create an excellent social media post and send it to your Facebook account. You can also enjoy the services of Copyscape, Grammarly, and SEO Surfer from the Jasper.ai editor. Other online platforms that work well with this software include Shopify, Tumblr, and WordPress.


Jasper.ai Product and Service Quality

No Jasper.ai review would be complete without an examination of the quality of this AI writer and its features.

Today, online purchases are rampant, and reviews are the only way of knowing the true capability of a product. Since customers love sharing their experience with any product, reviews are the best judge of a product’s capability.

If you want to read a candid Jasper.ai review, you can check the Jasper.ai website or their Facebook page. Many customers have left glowing recommendations regarding this AI tool on these platforms.

If you want to check with a neutral third party before subscribing, you can check out review websites. There are many review websites on which customers have left their opinions on Jasper.ai. Some of such websites include:

  • Trustpilot: On which Jasper.ai got rated 4.9 out of 5 stars
  • G2: On which Jasper.ai got rated 4.9 out of 5 stars
  • Capterra: On which Jasper.ai got rated 4.9 out of 5 stars

Most of the reviews written about Jasper.ai are positive remarks. Of course, some people had a bad experience with Jasper.ai; however, their numbers are in the minority. As such, you can say that this AI is a successful software overall.

How to Get Started with Jasper.ai

We’ve dedicated the following segment in our Jasper.ai review to getting you started on the platform.

Although Jasper.ai is an intelligent AI writer capable of much, using it is straightforward. You just need to feed this AI basic information about the content you need, and it will handle the rest. A possible scenario can occur like this:

One of the most critical aspects of Jasper.ai is that it has a lot of templates. So, if you’re writing on anything, chances are Jasper.ai has a template on it. These templates include a product description, a blog post outline, a creative story, etc.

As such, the first step to using Jasper.ai is choosing any templates that best fit your needs. While picking, you can see the purpose of each template outlined under it.

After choosing a template, you’ll need to configure it to fit your requirements. This step is also essential since the quality of the content you’ll get depends on it. So, you shouldn’t skimp out on adding important descriptions, keywords, tone, etc.

However, filling out each template depends on the template itself. Nevertheless, templates might require you to fill in the name of the content and a basic description of that content.

You can only fill in a maximum of 600 characters for a description. As such, the AI will deliver better content depending on how detailed your descriptions are.

Of course, you can also leave out the descriptions and allow the AI writer to figure out everything for itself.

After filling out all the template areas, you can tell Jasper.ai to generate your content. This allows the AI to do its magic, and within seconds, you’ll have many content variations to choose from. After reviewing the produced content, you can select the one you like best.

Who Can Use Jasper.ai?

Jasper.ai is an invaluable copywriting tool for content creators that wants to avoid paying too much for quality content.

As such, there’s a wide variety of people that can use this tool. And in the following section of this Jasper.ai review, we list some of the most common Jasper.ai users.


For people that don’t specialize in writing, having Jasper.ai is a heaven-send. This AI comes with over 50 writing templates that can help any entrepreneur create unique content. This tool can also help businessmen and women to grow their businesses.

Writing Agencies

No writing agency would reject professional help, especially when it can improve or help your writing. Jasper.ai is invaluable to such agencies as it can perform all the tasks of a professional copywriter. With its multiple specializations, there’s no fear of it being bad at any form of copywriting.


A blogger often runs out of juice or hits the proverbial writer’s block. Instead of waiting for that spark of inspiration, Jasper.ai can write you SEO articles that will rank high.

With the Boss Mode feature, you can get this AI to write your articles, using specific structures, on specific subjects. Since Jasper.ai gets constant updates from user feedback, its writing abilities keep improving.


Jasper.ai offers many copywriting templates you can use for your business. Among these are many marketing templates you can use to write noteworthy marketing content.


If there’s one thing that no YouTuber will ever get tired of, it’s creating high-quality videos for their subscribers. To create these videos, however, you’ll need good scripts, and Jasper.ai can help you with that.

Small Businesses

Small businesses can only outsource, unlike large businesses with the capital to build professional copywriting teams.

Only professional writers offer high-quality content, and that requires spending a lot. However, using Jasper.ai is the same as hiring a professional copywriter for a fraction of the cost.


e-Commerce Companies

Companies that exist on the web are currently using the services of Jasper.ai. These institutions use Jasper.ai to search for blog ideas for their company blogs, headlines for Google ads, etc.

Technology Companies

Although not many companies are into the writing niche, all 21st-century companies need a presence on the internet.

As such, Jasper.ai can promote its services by writing Google ads, creating engaging headlines for their posts, etc. It can even help them write engaging topics in their niche, as long as they provide the right keywords.

Common Ways to Use Jasper.ai

So, what are the key reasons one would need to use an AI writer like this? We’ll answer that and more for you in this section of our Jasper.ai review.

This AI tool has undoubtedly made life easier for many people. Through its various features, users can easily use this tool without spending hours learning how to use it. This section of our Jasper.ai review will focus on some of the most common ways to use this tool.

To Improve Content

If there’s one thing all bloggers can understand, it’s that you must continually improve your content.

Better content means that your audience appreciates your work more, you rank higher on Google, and you earn more. As such, everyone is always up for improving their work whenever possible.

However, this is easier said than done since it’s often challenging for writers to find errors in their work. With Jasper.ai, however, you can leave this to a neutral third party who’s good at its job.

To Write Creative Stories

Engaging content is one way to keep a reader hooked to your blog. Unfortunately, many bloggers are unaware of how to spice their blogs well enough.

Although they might have a good story to tell, their writing could be unbearably bland. Hence, such individuals leave it to Jasper.ai to develop their content for them engagingly.

To create Facebook Ad Headlines.

Everyone suffers from having unwanted ads pop up on their face while they browse social media.

Sometimes, these ads are carbon copies of each other, so people don’t bother to give a second look. However, there are times when the ads are intriguing, and we can’t help clicking on them.

Professional digital marketers are capable of creating such intriguing ads, but not everyone can pay for their services. If you’ve got Jasper.ai, however, you can have it create an ad headline that people can’t ignore.

To Create Amazon Product Features

Amazon is the biggest eCommerce store on the planet and hosts millions of products. Anyone who has visited this online store to purchase a generic product, like a shoe, is overwhelmed with options.

There will be so many options to choose from that many people can’t waste time researching them all.

Hence, sellers use product features displayed in bullet point form to convey the nitty-gritty of their products to buyers. Accordingly, if your product features don’t convey enough information, buyers might go for your competitors. However, with Jasper.ai, you can tell your buyers all they need to know in a few words.

To Create Personalized Cold Emails

Although cold emails are a popular digital marketing tactic, it’s not always successful. These days, many people have received lots of bland and generic cold emails, and they don’t care much anymore.

So, if your email is going to be just as generic, chances are your audience won’t bother to open it.

Writing a personalized cold email increases the chances of your audience actually opening it and even responding. However, it’s going to be tedious to write more than 20 customized emails at a time.

You can have Jasper.ai write these personal emails for you and avoid the stress of such a task.

Jasper.ai Pricing

We can’t complete our Jasper.ai review without covering the pricing. Now that you’ve seen all the benefits you stand to gain from Jasper.ai, you’re probably wondering about the price. Well, there’s a Jasper.ai free trial period that comes with three plans, and they are:

  • The Starter Plan
  • The Boss Mode Plan
  • Enterprise Plan

Jasper.ai Free Trial

Jasper.ai review readers will be happy to know that Jasper.ai also comes with a free-trial period for you to try the product. The free trial period is usually just five days. You can use the software’s premium features for free during this period.

After this free trial period, you’ll have to pay to continue using Jasper.ai. If you don’t, your connection gets cut off.

Sometimes, people purchase the software from the get-go and start using it. If you’re one, you can also use the product for free within five days. If you’re unsatisfied with it within that period, you can request a refund of your money.


The Starter Plan

This plan costs $29 per month and offers only the bare basics of Jasper.ai. Users get access to all the short-form templates and can only work on 20,000 words of content.

This means that you won’t be writing on anything more than headlines, social media posts, and other small content.

The Starter plan comes with a 5-day money-back guarantee that gives you five days to try out this software.

If unsatisfied with it within this period, you’ll be free to return it. Users also get access to more than 50 content templates that they can use at their leisure.

Subscribing to this plan doesn’t come with login restrictions, so you can log in and off as you wish. You can also use an unlimited amount of work folders for your content. However, the total amount of content you can write will still be 20,000 words at the maximum.

Going for this plan allows access to customer care support, so you can contact them if you’re in a pinch. Jasper.ai also allows you access to more than 25 languages that you can use for writing your content.

You’ll have the active Jasper.ai community at your beck and call whenever you purchase this plan. So, you can reach out if you’re frustrated regarding a feature or need advice.

Unlike customer support, the community comprises users like yourself and could be more helpful.

In the end, you can see the starter plan as a basic plan that any newbie can go for. As long as you’re not a writing-intensive organization, its features should be able to fit your requirements.

If you want to make better use of the starter plan, you could consider an annual subscription. This subscription costs $288 per year, which comes to $24 per month.

Alongside the opportunity to save 16% on your subscriptions, this plan also comes with an extra two months for free.

The Boss Mode Plan

This plan is available at $59 per month. Unlike the starter plan focused on short-form write-ups, the boss mode plan is for long-form writing. As such, it’s the perfect plan for individuals that intend to write long articles or submit long blog posts.

The boss mode plan also comes with a 5-day guarantee. So, if you’re unsatisfied with the plan you purchased, you have five days to ask for a refund. Going for this plan allows a user to access 50,000 words per month.

The boss mode plan offers access to features not available with the starter plan. This includes the SEO mode (Surfer SEO integration), Jasper.ai recipes, and the ability to issue commands to Jasper.

Perhaps you’re reading this Jasper.ai review and need an AI writer for long form content. In that case, the Boss Mode plan may be for you.

Jasper Commands

Jasper commands are words that command Jasper to act. Although the company tags the feature as commands, you’ll need very little programming knowledge to use this feature. You can just say it’s an easy way to get the AI writer to do what it usually does.

Some of the Jasper commands that you can input are:

  • Write blog post headline
  • Write a Facebook ad about {your desired topic goes in here}. For example, Write a Facebook ad about {Ice Cream}
  • Write about {your desired topic goes in here}
  • Write an introductory paragraph about {a topic of your choice}

If you wish, you can even use the Jasper Command feature to write your entire blog post or newsletter.

The only thing you’ll need to do is to specify all that you need the AI writer to write for you. For example, if you want to write about ice cream flavours, you can use Jasper Commands like this:

  • Write a brief for {Best Ice Cream Flavors in the World}
  • Write a blog outline for {Best Ice Cream Flavors in the World}
  • Write Blog title ideas for {Best Ice Cream Flavors in the World}
  • Write about {Best Ice Cream Flavors in the World}
  • Write a blog conclusion on {Best Ice Cream Flavors in the World}

Unlimited Compose Button

The compose button is a feature that you use to command Jasper to generate content based on specific inputs. In the starter plan, this feature is only available at intervals, after which it’s locked once more.

This means that if you use the compose button to generate content now, you can’t use it again. You’ll have to manually write some parts of the content for a while before it becomes available again.

In boss mode, however, the compose button is completely unlocked. So, you can use it as much as you wish to create AI-generated text.

Unlocked Plagiarism Checker

Jasper.ai review readers will be pleased to hear that content created with Jasper.ai in Boss Mode is guaranteed to be plagiarism free.

A plagiarism checker is invaluable for any writer since stealing another writer’s work is unacceptable. If you’re on the starter plan, you’ll have to copy your work to use the plagiarism checker.

As such, you’ll be leaving the Jasper editor whenever you need to check the uniqueness of your work.

Conversely, if you’re using the boss mode, you can run a plagiarism checker within the editor. The plagiarism checker, in this case, is Copyscape, which integrates into the Jasper editor.

As one of the best plagiarism checkers, you can rest assured that your work is unique if it says so.

Although it’s said that Jasper outputs unique content, many users might find that hard to believe. As such, this feature is there to cement that concept and allow them to be at ease.

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Unlocked Grammarly Editor

Grammarly is one of the best and most popular writing editors available. This software allows you to make your work error-free and improve the message that you’re trying to convey.

If you have access to Boss Mode, as detailed earlier in this Jasper.ai review, you’ll can use this software on your work. So, if Jasper makes any grammatical errors, you’ll be able to correct them.

You should bear in mind that it’s only the free version that’s available from the get-go. You’ll have to subscribe to Grammarly to use the Pro edition of their software.

Increased Speed

This software’s real speed is experienced when subscribed to Boss Mode. This means that Jasper.ai can read up to 2000 characters simultaneously instead of 600. As such, you’ll get your work done 5x faster than usual.

Jasper Recipes

A recipe is an instruction that enables you to prepare a dish without scruples. This is because it contains all the necessary information and is faster than cooking blindly without one.

Accordingly, Jasper Recipes are a set of workflows that contains Jasper commands. Activating these workflows allows you to run those built-in commands, making your work faster.

You can look at a Jasper Recipe as a template containing Jasper commands. Unlike standard templates from Jasper.ai, these workflows generate content in a more straightforward manner.

Activating these pre-built workflows requires you to open boss mode. So, if you’re not on the boss mode plan, you can enjoy the Jasper Recipes. Some of the Jasper Recipes that you can use include:

  • Video Script Blueprint with Show Notes
  • Product Review Blog Post
  • Blog Post
  • Facebook Ad
  • Rewrite/ Expand Blog Posts

Besides these, users also get access to some of the staples of all plans. This includes unlimited logins, over 50 copywriting templates, unlimited project folders, and access to more than 25 languages. You also get access to the Jasper.ai community and customer support.

The annual plan is a better method to enjoy the benefits of the boss mode plan. This requires you to pay $588 annually, which comes to $49 per month. You also get to save 16% and enjoy two months free.

What Is the Difference between Starter and Boss Mode Jasper.ai Plans?

There are a variety of factors that differentiate the starter plan and the boss mode plan. While some of these factors are deal-breakers, many users might not care about them.

Nonetheless, we’ll cover some of these differences in this part of our Jasper.ai review to help you make an informed decision when comparing plans. 

First, the boss mode plan costs more (at $59 per month) than the starter plan, which is $29. Unlike the starter plan, which limits you to 20,000 words monthly, the boss mode plan increases that to 50,000.

If those numbers are insufficient for your business, you can always increase the numbers by paying more. Paying $10 for the starter plan bonus word pack allows you to get an extra  5000 words.

On the other hand, the boss mode plan requires you to pay $30 to get 30,000 extra words.  

The other differences between these plans put the odds in the boss mode plan’s favour. Unlike the starter plan, which only allows short-form text, the boss mode plan allows for long-form text. The Boss mode plan also offers some exclusive benefits such as:

  • A blog post assistant for writing content
  • The ability to use Jasper commands while writing
  • Access to an SEO mode
  • Access to the Jasper Recipes Feature
  • An integrated Grammarly feature
  • An integrated plagiarism checker feature

Although there are significant differences like this, there are some areas in which they offer similar benefits. They both offer unlimited logins, the same number of templates, and the same number of available languages.

Enterprise Plan

Although these are the two official plans available, there is another unofficial plan: the Enterprise Plan. The Enterprise Plan (or Jasper Enterprise) is a custom plan that can fit any industry.

While the plans above can fit the requirements of some writers and companies, others may need more. There may be companies that output more than 50,000 words of content monthly, require more than 30 languages, etc.

Some industries may have more than 30 writers on their team and would require them to work together with Jasper. So, instead of subscribing for each writer, they select the enterprise plan, which offers better options.

Since every company’s needs are different, the enterprise plan was developed as a custom solution for these problems. It comes with a higher word count, better technical support, solutions for more writer collaboration, and increased account security.

Subscribing for the enterprise plan means that you’re ordering a custom Jasper.ai plan for your company. As such, the Jasper.ai team will require your company name, the number of writers, and other important information.

If you’re reading this Jasper.ai review and run a large company, you can request a demo of this plan. That way, you’ll know what they’re paying for before you commit.

Like the other plans, you can pay monthly or yearly, depending on your capabilities. You should note that Jasper.ai doesn’t offer any lifetime deals on any of its plans. You can only subscribe monthly or yearly.


Alternatives to Jasper.ai

Jasper.ai is a revolutionary software, but it’s not the only one of its kind. There are other AI tools out there that offer similar properties to Jasper.ai.

This section of our Jasper.ai review will cover the top-five alternatives. This will help you make an informed decision should you choose Jasper.ai.


Copysmith is another writing software you can consider a suitable alternative for Jasper.ai. This software got created with the initiative of helping content creators to overcome burnout and writer’s block. It also works to help a large team of content creators to collaborate.

The starter plan is $19, the professional plan is $59, and the teams’ plan is $118. On the other hand, the enterprise plan has no price tag and depends on the organization’s needs.

Pros of Copysmith

  • Copysmith offers various subscription plans that cater to the needs of the customers.
  • This software’s build fits large marketing teams and any eCommerce ventures.
  • Bulk article creation is available
  • It offers a Google Chrome extension
  • Quickly reached customer support team

Cons of Copysmith

  • The plagiarism checks are limited each month, with only the enterprise subscription having unlimited plagiarism checks.
  • Copysmith cannot create long-form content

Similarities of Copysmith to Jasper.ai

  • Like Jasper.ai, Copysmith also allows for collaboration within a team of writers with its workflow management feature. This feature allows writers to collaborate on the same content together and even communicate while doing so.
  • Copysmith also allows you to integrate third-party apps such as Shopify, Frase, and Google Ads.
  • This AI writer also has an enterprise subscription plan for large organizations. This plan is also unique as it can be tailored to match the requirements of any organization.
  • It also offers templates tailored to different articles.

Differences between Copysmith and Jasper.ai

  • Unlike Jasper.ai, which integrates with Copyscape, Copysmith comes with its built-in plagiarism checker.
  • Copysmith only offers in-app support when you buy the higher plans (not the starter plan).
  • Writers can create content in more than 60 languages compared to the 25+ languages Jasper.ai offers.


Rytr is a copywriting AI just like Jasper.ai. Like Copysmith, its uses are marketing-related, such as creating video channel descriptions and story plots.

There’s a free plan that offers 5000-character creations each month. Their starter plan is $9 per month, while the unlimited plan is $29 per month. The starter plan offers 50,000-character creations each month, while this feature is unlimited on the unlimited plan.

Pros of Rytr

  • Rytr allows you to create multiple articles for one subject
  • This software is easy to use and setup
  • It offers high-quality copywriting through frameworks like PAS and AIDA
  • It offers an in-built grammar checker
  • It has a 60-day return policy
  • Easily reached customer support

Cons of Rytr

  • Rytr doesn’t offer any third-party software integrations
  • This software doesn’t support in-app collaborations
  • It doesn’t offer blog intros

Similarities of Rytr to Jasper.ai

  • Rytr allows writers to create content in more than 25 languages and with various tones of voice.
  • This software also offers various subscription plans that can fit its customers’ needs.
  • It offers a command tool just like Jasper commands.

Differences between Rytr and Jasper.ai

  • Rytr has an in-built plagiarism checker, unlike Jasper.ai.
  • Rytr offers a free plan for those that do not wish to pay for it.
  • The premium Rytr plan allows writers to create unlimited content monthly.
  • It doesn’t offer an enterprise subscription plan, which they can modify to fit the needs of large organizations.
  • Boss mode in Jasper.ai allows users to create long-form content, while Rytr doesn’t offer such a feature.


Another alternative we’d like to introduce you to In this Jasper.ai review, is Copy.ai. Copy.ai is an AI-powered content creator, just like Jasper. This software offers lots of features that cater to small teams of copywriters.

The Copy.ai unlimited plan is $49 and offers unlimited projects, unlimited credits, and other features. They also offer a free plan that gives writers access to 10 credits every month.

Pros of Copy.ai

  • Offers only one subscription plan, which gives access to all features
  • Capable of  creating high-quality marketing content
  • 24/7 customer support
  • Copy AI offers a Google Chrome extension
  • It offers content tailored to a particular niche

Cons of Copy AI

  • Users can’t export their content to other platforms or download them as documents. They can only copy and paste out of the editor.
  • Copy AI doesn’t offer any third-party software integrations
  • Copy AI is incapable of creating long-form content

Similarities of Copy AI to Jasper.ai

  • Copy AI also allows you to create content in more than 25 languages.
  • It also offers its version of an enterprise plan (known as a custom plan).
  • Copy AI also utilizes GPT -3 technology to create content that looks like a human being wrote them.
  • It also offers many templates that you can use to aid your content creation.

Differences between Copy AI and Jasper.ai

  • The enterprise plan for Copy Ai is only billed yearly instead of every month.
  • Although Copy AI offers collaborative features, they’re only available for their enterprise plan.


Writesonic is an AI copywriter that also offers a variety of marketing features, like the ability to create marketing copies. This software offers four subscription plans that could meet the needs of its customers.

The free plan costs $0 and offers no redeeming features, while the basic plan is $15 monthly. Its professional plan is $45 and offers 250 long-form generations per day. The start-up plan is $95, while the agency plan is $195, allowing for more than one user.

Pros of Writesonic

  • This software also offers a plugin you can integrate with content creation software like Microsoft Word.
  • An easy-to-use text editor
  • It offers long-form content creation
  • It comes with a 7-day refund policy
  • A browser extension that’s still in the making
  • Reliable customer support

Cons of Writesonic

  • Writesonic doesn’t offer any third-party software integrations
  • It doesn’t work well for writers who want to create content about unpopular topics

Similarities of Writesonic to Jasper.ai

  • Writesonic doesn’t offer an in-built plagiarism checker, just like Jasper.ai.
  • It also offers more than 25 languages writers can use to create content, just like Jasper.ai.
  • Writesonic also offers SEO content just like Jasper.ai.
  • It also comes with writing frameworks like AIDA and PAS.

Differences between Writesonic and Jasper.ai

  • Writesonic doesn’t offer an enterprise subscription plan.
  • Writesonic comes with an in-built grammar checker, unlike Jasper.ai, which uses a Grammarly integration.


Peppertype.ai is a content writing AI designed for rapid content creation. Its content creation capabilities allow for the creation of landing pages, blog articles, and social media posts. Peppertype.ai is available at $25 per month.

Pros of Peppertype.ai

  • Easy to use and setup
  • It allows you to save your created content easily

Cons of Peppertype.ai

  • Peppertype.ai is not as developed as Jasper, causing it to offer vague suggestions sometimes.

Similarities of Peppertype.ai to Jasper.ai

  • Peppertype.ai also offers content creation templates like Jasper.ai.
  • It also offers an AI assistant for writing software.
  • Just like Jasper.ai, Peppertype AI offers no free version. However, they offer a free-trial period.

Differences between Peppertype.ai and Jasper.ai

  • Unlike the abundant templates that Jasper.ai offers, Peppertype AI offers just a few.
  • Its AI suggestions are not as advanced as that of Jasper.ai.


Anyword is an AI writer that offers similar features to Jasper.ai. However, this software is best at writing Ad copies for marketing teams. Besides this, it can also handle landing pages, blog posts, email subject lines, etc.

Anyword offers three business plans writers can choose between. Their starter plan costs $19 and offers 15,000 words per month. Their business plan costs $239, offers everything the starter plan does and allows for five users.

The business plan also allows a writer to create unlimited content every month. It also offers unique features such as predictive analytics and access to many content forms.

Pros of Anyword

  • Anyword offers a library for preset keywords.
  • It offers a predictive performance score which makes Ad creation easier

Cons of Anyword

  • It doesn’t offer any third-party software integrations
  • Its subscription plans are costly

Similarities of Anyword to Jasper.ai

  • Anyword offers a variety of subscription plans.
  • It also offers an enterprise plan that content houses can customize to fit an organization.

Differences between Anyword and Jasper.ai

  • The price differences between Anyword subscription plans are too much. From $19 for a starter plan to $239 for a business plan.

Jasper.ai Review Conclusion

This Jasper.ai review has detailed the fusion of human ingenuity and artificial intelligence that this AI writer encompasses.

Since the production involves the help of many professionals, this AI writer is capable of outputting professional content. It can handle the job of a copywriter, digital marketer, blog writer, and many other positions.

The good part is that you don’t need to pay extra or give it more of your free time. You don’t even have to worry about reducing your content quality.

All in all, Jasper.ai is the perfect writing assistant for all businesses, and it’s good at its job too. Thanks for checking out this Jasper.ai review.

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FAQs about Jasper.ai

How does Jasper.ai help you rank on other platforms?

Jasper.ai helps you rank well on other platforms by providing content that can do that. So, you can get head-turning Facebook posts, witty Twitter quips, well-structured answers for Quora, etc. With such first-tier content at your disposal, you'll be able to accrue friends, followers, and popularity on these platforms.

How much does Jasper.ai cost?

The starter plan costs $29 monthly and $288 yearly, while the boss mode plan costs $59monthly and $588 yearly.

Why did Jarvis become Jasper?

Although Jarvis is an excellent name for copywriting AI, it's also the name given to Iron Man's AI. Marvel believes that the name (JARVIS)  is their property and doesn't want another company using it. Hence, a custody battle ensued, leading the Jarvis team to accept that a name change was best.

Does Jasper.ai only read in English?

No, Jasper.ai can read and write in more than 25 languages, not just English. Due to its deep learning technology, it can read in Danish, Chinese, Italian, and many other languages.

Does Jasper.ai content rank well?

Yes, all Jasper.ai’s content ranks well on search engines. This is due to many reasons such as unique content, eye-catching headlines, accurate industry content, etc.

Do I have to edit Jasper.ai content?

When this AI writer writes for you, it will look like a person wrote it. So, there’s hardly a need to edit the content, except if you feel like doing so.

What is the refund policy for Jasper.ai?

New users can test their subscriptions for five days. If unsatisfied with the software within this period, they can simply ask for a refund.

What happens when a Jasper.ai subscription’s word limit is met?

If you meet the word limit for any subscription, you’ll have to wait until next month to continue writing. If you can’t wait, however, you can always purchase a word pack, which offers extra words.

How many people can use one Jasper.ai account?

Five individuals can use one starter plan account, while ten can use a boss mode plan account. If you want to include more individuals, you can always contact customer support.

What payment methods does Jasper.ai accept?

Currently, Jasper.ai accepts payment from only major debit and credit cards. Options like PayPal, bank drafts, and other payment alternatives are not accepted.

Is the content created by Jasper.ai original?

Yes, the content created by Jasper.ai is original. The AI system creates content by mining and analyzing data from various sources, including public databases, client-provided information, and web crawling. This process results in content that is both unique and relevant to your specific needs.

Who can use Jasper.ai?

The Jasper.ai writer tool can be used by anyone who wants to improve their writing skills. The best candidate to use Jasper.ai will depend on individual needs and preferences. However, some of the most common types of users who can benefit from using Jasper.ai include:

  • Business professionals
  • Students
  • Bloggers
  • Content marketers

Can Jasper.ai write content in all niches?

Yes, Jasper.ai can write content in all niches. The AI has been trained to write in several different industries. These include healthcare, technology, business, finance, travel, and more. That said, Jasper.ai’s policies prohibit it from writing adult content or content of a sexual nature.

What are the overall benefits of using Jasper.ai?

The primary benefit of using Jasper.ai is that it can help you improve your writing skills. The content created by this AI writer can assist you in becoming a more effective communicator. And it does so by producing content that is more engaging and persuasive.

Where is my Jasper.ai content saved?

Content created with Jasper.ai is automatically saved in the cloud so that you can access it from anywhere, anytime. Plus, your content is always backed up, and you can pick up where you left off, no matter your device or browser.

October 6, 2022
Fact Checked

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