Hello Bar Review (May 2024) – Pros, Cons, Features, & Pricing

If you’re looking to boost visibility and broadcast messages on your company’s website, you’ll find Hello Bar a great option to consider for your business. The web-based company provides a user-friendly service that helps businesses and organizations of all sizes and industries an innovative way to make an impression on visitors and customers of the website.

Hello Bar was established in 2011 in California and has grown into a thriving, innovative company that helps many online businesses and websites. Check out our Hello Bar review.

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Last Updated: May 21, 2024

Hello Bar

  • Convert 83% more customers
  • Over 600,000 websites already use Hello Bar
  • Customize your popups

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Is Hello Bar a Good Service to Use? How to Get Started

This Hello Bar review offers a friendly, easy website to navigate and explore, even for beginners and new business owners. It’s simple to get started, and all that’s required is entering your website URL and following each step in creating and displaying ads while choosing various options that help you customize options.

The company is highly reputable and listed in Forbes as one of the top digital marketing companies. In this Hello Bar review, you’ll learn about why Hello Bar is helpful for many companies.

The process of getting started with Hello Bar is easy, and you’ll find the guides and steps to help you as you review, purchase, and install your features. It’s a great website that offers many options for many business platforms, websites, social media promotions, and blogs.

Some of the notable features Hello Bar offers include social media sharing, proven increased traffic and followers, increased subscribers and interaction, a dashboard, and more benefits.

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Pros and Cons of Hello Bar

Hello Bar ProsHello Bar Cons
+ Google SEO and GDPR compliant
+ Preview your site before publishing
+ Boost your company via social
+ Easy to use
+ Works great with WordPress
– English only
– Ads for 1/10 visitors

This Hello Bar review offers some significant advantages for users of this service. The first benefit new users will encounter is the easy step-by-step process to get started. There’s no complex coding or expertise needed to implement ads and custom messages on your website.

Once you realize how quickly the process works, you’ll also find the whole customization process unique and beautiful, which effectively increases the interest of potential customers and visibility.

Hello Bar Advantages

Hello Bar is Google SEO and GDPR compliant, so you’ll have the benefits of increased visibility across online searches for your company’s products and services. You can create specialized messages for certain types of visitors who may be interested in a particular product or service and target users and devices with other information that can guide them through your website or invite them to investigate your business further.

If you’re uncertain how a new design or custom message will appear on your screen, you can test or preview your website before fully implementing it. This feature is considered the company’s A/B testing services and allows you to see what your visitors will experience when they encounter your website.

Social media is a beautiful way to promote your business, and this Hello Bar review indicates a strong connection between the website’s services and social media promotions. Hello Bar is compatible with Twitter, LinkedIn, Facebook, Pinterest, Buffer, and other platforms.

By using features that integrate with social media, you’ll find the boosting capabilities of your ads will increase exponentially and increase traffic to your website.

Aside from being an easy website to use, Hello Bar offers the option of using an app that works as a standalone operation with WordPress. If you have a blog or website through WordPress, this is a great advantage to explore if you choose Hello Bar’s services.

Finally, the Hello Bar review provides a free trial period, so you can test the tools and services provided without committing to a paid plan. It’s a great way to decide if the product is a good fit for your website or brand.

Hello Bar Disadvantages

While Hello Bar offers many excellent features for businesses looking for more exposure on social media and online, a few drawbacks are to consider. One of the main disadvantages is the high cost of paid plans if you decide to move from the free trial or version of the service to this option.

Another reason some customers may not find it ideal is that ads only appear or show up once for every ten visitors to your website. For some people, the prospect of reaching only 10% of potential customers and guests to the site may seem like an ineffective way to promote their brand or company.

The software offers services in English only, which is standard for many marketing systems, though you may find this limiting if your website reaches countries or regions that are multilingual.

Although Hello Bar does show promising results that indicate a higher volume of visibility from their services, it can effectively increase the reach of the one-in-ten ad and have a significant benefit overall. Overall, Hello Bar is a decent product to try, even if you decide to first go with the free version before purchasing a plan.

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Is Hello Bar Safe to Use?

This Hello Bar review offers a safe, powerful software system that keeps all your website information private, including details on social media and shared information for payment purposes.

Alternatives to Hello Bar

If you’re not sure Hello Bar is for you, you’ll find some great alternative marketing companies to explore for your website and business. These companies offer great features to curate a more substantial interest in your brand, products, and services.

SE Ranking

SE Ranking is a cloud-based company that serves as a marketing platform for professionals in the marketing field. It’s a cloud-based system that features guides to help you optimize your website on search engines, increase your ranking, improve your visibility, and provide an easy way to implement a seemingly complex marketing system with easy guides. It’s an excellent product for new users and anyone who is not yet familiar with how SEO works.

The company features detailed customization and checklists so that you can stay on top of promotions and marketing strategies. SE Ranking offers a free trial, so you can test the services and determine if they work well with your company’s website structure.

Google Analytics

If you’re looking for a Google-based product, Google Analytics is another option to consider. This software tool gives you a dashboard summary of data so you can create reports for marketing strategies. While this software is beneficial and a great alternative to explore, there is no free trial or version of this product.


Freshmarketer is an excellent option if you’re looking for another option that provides a full service of marketing tools and ads for your website.

This website offers a CRO (conversion rate optimization) system that helps you customize your content and increase the visibility with each campaign. You’ll also have access to analytics, which is great for marketing professionals and teams.

The website offers proven results with increased clicks, visits, and engagement, translating into high-quality leads and sales. Like many other platforms, this website offers a free trial, so you can decide if it’s a good fit for your business.


One of the top providers for online marketing strategies, banners, and ads for your website is Hotjar. This option is usually the leading choice for many users, though it compares closely with Hello Bar and similar platforms. Hotjar features a full suite of services that work with an easy installation process.

The company is compatible with Shopify, WordPress, Weebly, Squarespace, HubSpot, and more. You can use the services from your mobile device too, and it’s the perfect way to produce excellent marketing campaigns on the go.

The software offers services in approximately 40 languages, which is great if you work with international clients or online services, as multilingual ads will produce a broader audience in specific regions and countries worldwide. You’ll also be able to track visitors, their location, and engagement levels with your website.

The website offers customer service through email and a ticket system. There is also training available, a free trial period, and a free version to explore before committing to a monthly paid plan.

Sumo Smart Bar

You’ll also have the option of adding opt-in email forms, which is a helpful feature with options to add share buttons on social media platforms and create call-to-action links. One of the closest competitors to Hello Bar, with many of the same features, is Sumo Smart Bar.

While the services offered are almost identical to Hello Bar, Sumo Smart Bar is more expensive. Hello Bar, on the other hand, has traffic caps, which this software doesn’t.

You’ll find both software options offer great customization tools, though Hello Bar offers sliders and popups that help users and visitors engage with the website.

Hello Bar vs. Competitors

There are many competitors to choose from when you compare Hello Bar to other marketing software systems. Overall, Hello Bar ranks highly among these companies. You’ll find some features on Hello Bar that are missing from other software platforms, though overall, many of the top-rated systems are ideal for marketing your products and services online effectively.

One of the most significant benefits of trying them out for free and seeing which interface is your preference. Hello Bar offers a

hello bar review 3 - comparewise

Promotions and Discounts

Hello Bar doesn’t typically offer promotions or discounts, though you’ll find the free trial and free version of the software ideal for testing the product to see if it works for you.

Website Navigation of Hello Bar: Is it User-friendly?

You’ll find Hello Bar’s website easy to navigate, scroll, and find everything you need from the main screen. The website essentially gives you a tour of their services, custom options, how to use the software, and gain the most from signing up. It’s a fantastic plug-in option for many websites and platforms so that you can maximize the advantages of the software features.

Customer Service and Support

While the company doesn’t offer a direct phone line for support, the website features a live chat button and a form to request or inquire about specific information. The convenient form is located when you click the “contact” button on the top right corner, and the live chat button is on the bottom of the screen.

In most cases, you won’t experience issues with the website, its services, or products, as the online guides and help are sufficient for most users.

Hello Bar Review Conclusion

Hello Bar is one of the best options for online businesses and websites to boost their reach and visibility. The company is easily considered one of the best in the market for teams and promotional campaigns that give your business an advantage against competitors.

You’ll find many great tools and services without the need to use coding or complicated processes to use Hello Bar’s plug-in features.

Considering the price, the website’s design, and usability, among other benefits, including a free trial and quick implementation, you’ll find Hello Bar a worthwhile marketing product to try for a short-term campaign or long-term results.

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