Leadfeeder Review (June 2024) – Pros, Cons, Features, & Pricing

Leadfeeder is a website that offers businesses the opportunity to use tracking software to analyze trends, produce reports, and generate leads. It provides tools to help clients increase sales and productivity. The company uses a network domain from Google Analytics and offers clients the ability to find and track quality leads. Check out this Leadfeeder review.

How Leadfeeder Works and Why it’s a Good Option for Businesses

The website offers many great tools that you can use to quickly filter your leads so that you can locate the most quality options available. You can also set up alerts, automatic reporting, and other options to identify which visitors to your site are likely the best candidates for potential sales.

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Last Updated: Jun 16, 2024


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It’s an excellent service to use, as you’ll receive email notifications when specific companies or organizations visit your website. This feature allows you the option of quickly following up with them, so you can determine what they’re looking for and offer services as needed.

It’s a great way to stay ahead of the competition by becoming aware of the various companies and their needs. You’ll have access to each potential client’s information for the contact, which gives your business an opportunity ahead of others.

This Leadfeeder review offers excellent advantages for businesses, especially new companies that need to grow their client base and explore options to generate sales without costly marketing campaigns.

Pros and Cons of Leadfeeder

Pros of LeadfeederCons of Leadfeeder
+ Free trial available
+ Free lite version
+ High potential for increasing sales
+ Organize your funnels easily
+ Get valuable data and insights
– Premium is a monthly cost
– Need to make sure you have a strategy

Leadfeeder offers some decent advantages for new businesses and well-established companies looking to increase their sales or promote new products and services through their website. One of the first perks you’ll notice is the free trial offered by the website, which allows you to try the premium option for a limited time.

The Lite option is also free, and this gives you a preview of some of the services offered through the site without the full features.

High Potential for Increasing Sales and Success

While the premium costs may be considered a bit high for small businesses, at $69/month, it’s a worthwhile investment and low cost in contrast to more expensive marketing campaigns, which can easily exceed this amount in less than a month.

Social media and other online platforms are great ways to spread information about your company. Still, they don’t always target the audience’s specific interests, and you risk little to no benefits of using this service unless you have a dedicated following and group of regular clients.

Leadfeeder is very organized, so you’ll have a much easier time tracking companies, potential clients, and website traffic without extensive, time-consuming research. You’ll also save money on hiring staff to market and promote your business’ services actively, whereas this tracking software brings potential customers to your email inbox.

Each lead is scored to determine the overall quality and whether it’s an excellent option to pursue. Leadfeeder is also compatible with other software programs like Zoho, CRM, and Hubspot CRM, and allows you to organize and contact your leads in a priority manner, so you can gain the most out of leads that are considered of high quality and most likely to become a customer.

The entire system is well organized and easy to use, which saves you a lot of time and money in the long term. You’ll also find the lead accuracy impressive so that you can see immediately that leads have the best prospects of becoming successful and those which are less likely to be of high value.

Companies and potential leads that don’t appear to be a good fit for your product or line of services are easily removed, so you can focus on leads that are likely to bring about better results. The leads generated by Leadfeeder also give you an idea of which specific services are of interest to prospective buyers so that you can refine and improve sales pitches and campaigns.

Other benefits you’ll find with Leadfeeder include obtaining data and details on specific industries and geographical locations where your products and services are likely to do well, a clear list of all the organizations and businesses that visit your site, and whether visitors to your company’s site view multiple sections of your website, the specific segments, and how often they review them.

These details give you a better foundation to improve your website’s visibility and traffic flow, leading to higher contacts and closing more sales in the long term.

A Few Drawbacks to Consider

A website is a well-established tool for businesses, though some areas of improvement can boost results for businesses and their marketing strategies. There are a few drawbacks to consider when you review Leadfeeder.

One of the disadvantages is the likelihood of duplicate listings or leads, where a company or prospective client shows up more than once. This can lead to contacting a potential customer more than once, which may lead to frustration in some cases.

While Leadfeeder offers excellent tracking and lead generation software tools, some users lack overall strategy, which may result in leads that may not produce as many sales as expected. While there is no guarantee that Leadfeeder will improve sales, the software program boosts most companies’ chances of gaining success with regular use and follow-up.

Leadfeeder offers a lot of information that’s substantially helpful, though there is a lot of effort and work needed to follow up with the leads and employ proven strategies that will improve your prospects.

While all the information is well presented and easy to review, some companies find the options challenging if they want to view leads in specific categories, such as by country or other criteria.

Some companies who use the service, and have to experience with other lead generation providers, may find the fees higher than average. While the cost may be a bit more than competitors, the value of Leadfeeder’s services is excellent, and it’s a valuable service to try out, even if for a trial period.

Aside from some areas of improvement that may provide a more detailed list of leads and potential clients, Leadfeeder is by far one of the best options to consider for businesses that want to boost sales and reach a wider audience.

You’ll also have a lot of great options to connect to Salesforce, LinkedIn, and other popular websites and networks that give you easier access to contact individuals, companies, and organizations.

Customer Service and Support

This Leadfeeder review found that the company offers decent support for customers by email and live support. While Leadfeeder doesn’t provide in-person phone service support for clients and customers, you’ll find the online mechanisms and tools helpful and productive for your marketing and sales strategies.

You’ll also receive training to learn about the software and how it can help your company maximize the benefits of increasing sales and building a solid client base.

leadfeeder review 3 - comparewise

Website Navigation

A Leadfeeder review of the website indicates a simple, efficient interface that makes it easy to get familiar with the various services and features. The main page’s layout is easy to follow, so you can find everything you need to get started without clicking on numerous links or segments on the website.

The website is transparent and upfront about fees and offers, so you can decide to try a free trial and get acquainted with how the system works or sign up for the premium option.

The website offers a clear directory on the home page where you can find resources, company details about Leadfeeder, and various solutions and options you can use for your business. These options are listed along the top of the screen and offer drop-down lists to navigate further details quickly.

As you scroll down the page, you’ll find links and further information on compatible websites, including Mailchimp, Hubspot, Salesforce, Pipedrive, Zoho, Slack, and more.

You can also use Google-based tools to effectively communicate and interact with potential clients, including Google Hangouts Chat. Other Google-based platforms and tools compatible with Leadfeeder include Google Data Studio, Google Analytics, and ActiveCampaign.

Alternatives to Leadfeeder

Suppose you’ve tried Leadfeeder and find this service doesn’t meet your business needs. In that case, there are some great alternative companies and websites to consider for generating leads and improving your sales prospects. These companies include Oxyleads, Mattermark, FreshSales, ReachStream, WhoisVisiting, and Odegee.


Mattermark is an excellent option that rates highly in terms of quality and services. The website offers an annual subscription and a monthly fee that starts at $200, which may be a bit expensive for some businesses. You may want to explore Mattermark if you’re looking for access to millions of companies and potential sales that can result in lucrative sales.

Mattermark compares similarly to the Leadfeeder review in that the company is compatible with Google-based tools and extensions. It offers some great benefits that include saving searches, customized lists to curate a high-quality list of potential leads, and stellar customer service options: live support, phone, and email. The company caters to all business types, from small start-ups to large corporations.


FreshSales is an excellent alternative if you’re looking for a more affordable model that offers a free trial with further monthly payments or annual subscription options.

Pricing begins at $9 monthly, which is excellent for small, start-up firms and companies that want to curate a growing pool of clients and potential sales from the beginning. FreshSales is compatible with various other apps, including Google Apps, Slack, Zapier, and Freshdesk.

One of the most significant advantages of this website is the number of languages supported, which is impressive. In addition to English, FreshSales offers Spanish, Russian, German, French, Dutch, Portuguese, Swedish, Polish, and Italian services.

The website is also available on many devices, including Mac, web-based, Linux, Windows, Android, and iPhone. It’s one of the best options if you’re new to marketing software and want to try a first-class service. You’ll also find customer support helpful, with live support options, email, phone, and resolving issues through a ticket system.

FreshSales is one of the top contenders for big companies and innovative businesses that want to minimize marketing costs while getting results.

The website gives you lots of features to customize your experience, including to-do lists, marketing lists for following up on sales, tracking activities, and managing leads, with the option to customize fields, details and create modules that make your selling and marketing process more accessible.


Oxyleads is an excellent alternative to Leadfeeder, with many of the same features that Leadfeeder and Mattermark offer. While Oxyleads is very similar to other lead generation websites, the company also provides unique benefits for freelancers and sole proprietors that competitors may not provide.

All information curated for your marketing list is well-sourced, validated, and checked for accuracy and quality. The cost is average, around $50 to $60 monthly, affordable for most businesses.

leadfeeder review 2 - comparewise


Odegee is a premium service popular with large firms such as Merill Lynch, Ameriprise Financial, and New York Life. This company does offer a comprehensive platform that gives you access to millions, which helps you find many potential clients.

Odegee’s website is compatible with Mac, web-based, iPhone, Android, Linux, and Windows. While the company is expensive, there is much room for customization, with an excellent level of customer service and support for businesses.

The company offers advice specialized for each client, so there is a lot of potentials to make this platform work exceptionally well to produce quality results.

ReachStream and WhoisVisiting

Both ReachStream and WhoisVisiting offer many of the same features as most platforms, with various levels of customization, live support, and customer service through email and phone. These platforms cater to all types of business sizes and offer mid-range fees that are affordable for most businesses.

Leadfeeder vs. Competitors

Generally, Leadfeeder is a great option that offers many of the same features of competing companies and lead-generating websites. The company’s website is easy to use and ideal for any business, including anyone new to developing a marketing strategy. When comparing the various options available, Leadfeeder falls within the average, affordable range for most business models.

Conclusion to Leadfeeder Review

This Leadfeeder review uncovered some great benefits for business owners, especially companies who need to generate new sales and develop an interest in specific areas and geographical regions.

It’s a very user-friendly service for all types of businesses, including small shops and retailers. Considering the benefits of Leadfeeder, it’s a worthwhile option to consider for several reasons:

One of the best reasons for choosing Leadfeeder is the high degree of quality and performance this website provides.

The website gives you the ability to track and rate each interaction with potential clients and leads, so you can keep or store specific contacts and remove poor leads or companies so that you can maintain and curate clear, accurate, and current lists.

In general, Leadfeeder is one of the top-rated websites for businesses that want to stay one step ahead of the competition. It’s an excellent option for innovative marketing strategies and reduces the overall costs of advertising and promotional campaigns.

You’ll also find that Leadfeeder provides you with time-saving features, so you’ll always have up-to-date information that’s both accurate and relevant to your business’ services and products.

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