PaySimply Review (June 2024) – Pros, Cons, Features, & Pricing

PaySimply is a company that provides online bill payment services. Using this service, you can quickly pay all your regular bills, including utilities, taxes, and other regular installment payments. This Toronto-based company began in 2014 and provided people with an easier way to manage expenses through an alternative online portal, so they don’t fall behind. Check out this PaySimply review.

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Last Updated: Jun 16, 2024


  • The simpler way to pay taxes and bills
  • Conveniently pay thousands of billers
  • Helping consumers and small businesses from coast-to-coast

An easy way to pay your bills and taxes in Canada - Claim this offer

What Makes PaySimply a Good Option

PaySimply helps streamline the process of paying your bills through a third party, so you don’t have to change payment methods for each type of bill. For example, some bills, such as taxes, can’t be paid with a credit card, and utility invoices may only accept specific payment options.

PaySimply gives you a broader selection of options to draw funds for payments, which include Interac, PayPal, and e-Transfer, as well as credit cards.

If you prefer to make more payments by credit card to earn rewards and other incentives, you’ll find PaySimply gives you more chances to use this payment option for more benefits. It’s also a mobile-friendly service and allows you to pay installments through companies such as PayBright and Alipay.

How to Get Started with PaySimply

One of the easiest ways to get started with this service is using the web-based version or mobile app. PaySimply is compatible with Android and iOS devices. Once the app is installed, you can select from an extensive list of payees to find each bill or company you need to pay.

You’ll find this process comparable to selecting payees from a list on your standard mobile banking app, which prompts you to enter account numbers and other details about the type of utility, service, or tax account.

The only requirement to register with PaySimply is to be a Canadian citizen and have an open bank account with a Canadian bank.

Pros and Cons of PaySimply

Pros of PaySimplyCons of PaySimply
+ Pay everything in one place
+ Works with many online payment options
+ Pay taxes online with ease
+ Trustworthy service
– Costs per transaction
– No credit card incentives

One of the top advantages of PaySimply is the option of paying all your bills in one place. Suppose you find it difficult to pay all your invoices and payees from your bank account, or prefer to use banking for other purposes. In that case, PaySimply gives you an alternative to draw funds from other sources, including alternatives to standard banking options and credit cards.

The payment options you can use with PaySimply include major credit cards, PayPal, Interac e-transfers, debit cards, and cash transfers at Canada Post outlets. You may also use Alipay and PayBright as payment options.

You’ll also have access to many types of bills, so you can pay everything in one place and keep the process simple. Payees include more than utilities and taxes, as you can also add university or college tuition, rent payments, childcare, and other services.

Any company accepted as a payee is available on PaySimply, and you can make high payments without some of the limitations you may experience at banks or online platforms. These high limits mean you can pay off large or overdue bills quickly with no delays.

PaySimply is set up especially for Canadians, so you’ll find all the Canadian companies and organizations you’ll need to pay and track your bills. For this reason, you’ll likely have no problem finding all or most of your bills on the app’s list of payees. The service is also available on desktop and mobile applications, so you can use one or both options to make your payments conveniently.

Another excellent benefit this PaySimply review uncovers is the reasonable fees for using various payment methods within the system. This includes just 1% for e-transfers and 2.5% for many other options. If you pay through a Canada Post outlet, there’s a low flat rate. The platform is also very secure, so you can be assured that all your funds are well protected.

PaySimply doesn’t store personal information or details in its systems and has a solid record of providing trustworthy service to Canadians since it first began. It’s also a recommended payment option by the government of Canada due to its high level of security and reliability. PaySimply is also available and accessible throughout all provinces and territories in Canada.

There are a few notable disadvantages to consider when you decide to download and use PaySimply. Firstly, if you use the service option, you won’t earn any rewards or incentives. The system is great for simplifying your payment options, though there are no benefits to using it frequently, like a credit card. However, if you pay with your credit card through this service, you’re likely to earn more rewards indirectly.

Another downside to using PaySimply is the fees. While they are relatively small and reasonable to afford, they can quickly add up, and you’ll be charged for every transaction, regardless of the payment type your choose for each bill.

Customer Service and Handling Payment Issues

While PaySimple is an easy and effective program to use, there are instances where you might pay an incorrect amount in error or wish to reverse a payment. Customer service representatives and online support are available on weekdays, either by online chat or phone.

There have been some reports of delays in resolving mistakes in the system, which may impact the ability to pay bills on time and avoid penalties, including extra fees. This is an area the company can improve, especially where a significant payment is made, and the customer requires the funds returned to make the correct payment.

Overall, the system works efficiently, with little or no issues. Customer service support is an excellent resource if you have any questions or concerns or learn more about the service.

Alternatives to PaySimply and their Benefits

This PaySimply review highlights many of the benefits and a few drawbacks of the company’s services. The idea of streamlining bill and invoice payments across a single platform is also available through Paytm and Plastiq, both Canadian companies that offer some of the same benefits as PaySimply, with a few differences to consider.

Paytm Canada is an excellent option for anyone who wants to earn rewards while they pay bills online. You’ll have the option of earning incentives through the payment service, alongside any credit cards and similar payment options that offer similar advantages.

The only drawback to Paytm compared to PaySimply is the inability to pay bills from payees outside the standard list of mobile bills, utilities, income, and property taxes.

Plastiq is another option you may want to consider, as it works nearly identical to PaySimply. The only drawback to this service is the lack of earning rewards, a key feature in Paytm. Essentially, all three products offer a similar product, and the decision on which app to use depends on preference.

For some people, PaySimply is used for paying personal and business taxes, without the need for any other bills, which may be handled through automatic withdrawal or scheduled payments by another means.

PaySimply is often the best choice because it’s one of the few alternative payment platforms that offer a mobile app option. It also accepts more payees than competing services, which tend to limit a set number of payees.

As more people adapt to paying all their bills online, the idea of using a centralized app is a great way to simplify the process. It’s especially great for business owners and organizations with many payees, who may accept payments and deposits from various sources and payment methods, including e-transfers and PayPal.

As more alternative options to traditional banking and credit cards continue, a centralized approach to paying off all your bills in one place will become more popular.


Website and Mobile App

PaySimply’s website offers an easy interface to navigate and register for your account. Before you begin, you’ll find some helpful information available, including the types of bills you can pay (searchable at the top of the screen), details about the company, and how the process works. Everything you need to know is contained on the main page of the website.

The mobile app is also easy to use and makes bill payment easy on the go. You’ll find the app available to download from the Apple Store and Google Play.

Great Reasons to Use PaySimply

In addition to the convenience of streamlining your bill payment process, PaySimply offers some perks when you use the app and website, including alerts of upcoming bills.

This allows you to avoid adding bill payment dates to your calendar or risking a missed or late payment. You can also schedule regular payment intervals as an alternative to automatic withdrawals taken directly from the payee.

You can quickly delete or edit these options as quickly as you set up each payee and scheduled payments. Adding and removing payees is also a simple process and allows you to keep your list always up to date.

PaySimply is also a great app to use if you have a lot of tax accounts to pay, own several properties, or use the service on behalf of a company or organization with similar payees.

Since it’s a well-trusted service, you can rest assured that all payments for income and property taxes are secure, and you can also track previous payments to confirm which items were paid.

PaySimply is a Safe Company

This PaySimply review indicates that the company’s app and website tools are not only easy to use but among the safest of alternative payment options. The company scored highly with the Better Business Bureau and among many reviews online.

To date, there have been no severe issues in using the service. The company is the top recommendation by the government of Canada and protects your data with encryption technology.

PaySimply was rated as one of the best-managed companies in Canada, and in recent years, received a lot of praise for its easy-to-use platform and overall service level.

PaySimply Review Conclusion

Generally, PaySimply is an excellent alternative to paying your bills through credit cards, online banking, and other methods that may vary in their availability depending on the payee.

PaySimply gives you a centralized approach to keeping all your bill payments in one convenient place, so you can better track and maintain a schedule of payments.

While some of the other payment apps offer a few other perks, including rewards, you’ll find most of what you need is available through PaySimply.

It’s a great way to increase incentives you might otherwise miss out on by using your credit card more often, and it allows you to pull funds from PayPal and other sources that are not typically used for paying your bills.

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